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How do I find the level 3 dungeon from the start point?

I am at the start point where you get the first sword and if the level 3 dungeon is one of the ones off of the shore where you have to go on the raft, can someone please tell me how to acquire the raft?

AdamLambert100 provided additional details:

I need some one to provide help for getting to dungeon 3 from where you get your first sword.

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Name_of_User answered:

I know this is old and all but....

To get to the third dungeon, go up one screen from the start, then go left 4 screens (the trees should change color from green to brown), then down one screen, then to the right one screen. The third dungeon is probably the closest one to the start, so as long as you venture across the river to the left of the start you'll probably find it.
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Project_885 answered:

Dungeon 3 does not require the raft. I may be wrong, but I think dungeon 4 is the only dungeon that you need the raft for. In fact, I think that the raft is in Dungeon 3.
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NyansIsAPyro answered:

Alright. I think I got it correct.

From start - Go up one screen, left four screens, down two and right one screen. That should be it, but it has been forever since I've played it.
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