Boss FAQ by Chosengamer

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-----------------------------------------------------BOSS FAQ-----------------
                  Game: Crash Bandicoot purple: Riptos rampage
                           Type of FAQ: Boss FAQ
                            Author: Chosengamer
                              Version: 1.00
                       Guide started: August 25th 2005
                       Last updated: August 25th 2005

-----------------------------------------------------BOSS FAQ-----------------

                              Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Version history
3. Controls
4. Bosses
 a. Spyro the dragon
 b. Tiny the tiger
 c. Nina Cortex
 d. Ripto's magical mystery tour
 e. Space chase - Final battle
5. Copyright
6. Credits

1. Introduction

Hi one and all and welcome to my Boss FAQ for Crash Bandicoot purple for the 
Game boy advance. Here in this FAQ you will find a detailed description of 
the bosses attacks and also how to damage the boss. Well since this isn't a 
long FAQ lets make the introduction even shorter, on with the guide.

Well that technically isn't true because I will tell you what kind of FAQ 
writer I am. I chosengamer will try and bring you the best guides around, My 
best games company is Nintendo although I have A PS2 and I used to have A 
X-box. Enough about me and on with the guide (Really this time). 

2. Version history

Version 1.00, August 25th 2005

I have finished everything in the guide probably the only ever version.

3. Controls

These controls are only for Crash bandicoot in general in the overworld.

Control Pad
     Left  - Move Crash Left
     Right - Move Crash Right
     Up    - None
     Down  - Crouch

A Button - Jump
B Button - Spin
         - Talk
L Button - None
R Button - None

These controls are for Crash in the Spyro the dragon battle

Control pad
     left - move left 
     right - move right
     up - none
     down - none

A button - jump
B button - Repair part of bridge
           throw molotov cocktails

L button - none
R button - none

These controls are for the Tiny the Tiger fight.

Control pad
    Up - move up
    Down - move down
    Left - move left
    Right - move right

A button - Fire cannonball
B button - None

L button - Rotate turret left
R button - Rotate turret right

These controls are for the fight against Nina Cortex.

Control pad
    Up - none
    Down - none
    Left - none
    Right - none

A button - Jump
B button - Charge

L button - none
R button - charge

These controls are for when you fight Ripto's magical mystery tour.

Control pad   
      Up - Go up
      Down - go down
      Left - go left
      Right - go right

A button - Fire missiles (Chargable attack)
B button - Bomb attack (Chargable attack)

L button - None
R button- none

These controls are for the last fight against cortex.

Control pad   
      Up - Go up
      Down - go down
      Left - go left
      Right - go right

A button - Fire missiles
B button - fire missiles

L button - None
R button - None

4. Bosses

A. Spyro the dragon

Hit points: 1
Difficlty: 2 out of 5

Ok so this is our first boss and it is one of the easiest in the game. To 
start off with let us look at spyros attacks and what he can do with them.

Ok Spyros only attack involves him throwing molotov cocktails at you (Why 
would he have these anyway?). This attack will not do any damage to you 
but will do damage to your bridge, you will now be like oh no not the bridge 
saying it like it is not important but the bridge is the only thing keeping 
you from your certain death. If the unfortunate thing happens that one of 
your planks does fall off you will have to repair it by pressing the B button.
all that is all we need to put on His attacks.

All we need to do to kill him since he only has one hit point is to break his 
side of the bridge. To do this you must throw some of your molotov cocktails 
on to his side of bridge. One throw will make a part of his bridge crumble 
and another throw will make it fall. To get rid of Spyro you must firstly 
crumble any piece of his bridge and then when he is on that part of the 
bridge make it fall and he will fall with the bridge, Easy.

B. Tiny the Tiger

Hit points: 3
Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Ok so this our second bosss, yay. Tiny the Tiger is a tiny bit harder than 
Spyro the dragon so let us see his attacks.

Tiny has two different attacks as well as a sheild, his first attack involves 
him firing a ball of energy at you. You must dodge this attack as this will 
actually damage you unlike the last battle. To dodge this attack all you need 
to do is move away, now let us go onto Tiny's second attack. Tiny's second 
attack involves him firing a cannon ball into the air and trying to hit you 
with it. The cannonball that he fires will firstly go so high you will not be 
able to see it it will then start to come down you will be able to see where 
it is going to land due to the fact that you see its shadow, make sure you 
get a distance away from it otherwise the afterfire will hit you.

To actually damage Tiny you must shoot him when his sheild is down, his 
sheild will go down when he fires an energy ball. You will notice that the 
wall in front of him will go down for a split second this is your chance to 
shoot. So when he is about to fire shoot him when the wall and the sheild is 
down. This will not work for the big cannonballs because they go over the 
wall so the walls will not go down. Repeat this method three times to 
destroy The tiger, two down three to go. 

C. Nina Cortex

Hit points: none
Difficulty: ? out of five (depends on your reflexes)

Cortex's niece is our third boss and can be difficult if you don't have very 
good reflexes let us see her attacks.

Nina Cortex doesn't have any attacks really, the only thing she can do is 
touch you when you try and get away. If she touches you you will turn into a 
little angel and fly away this means that you are dead yuo can't dodge this 
all you can do is turbo away from her.

To damage Nina we must firstly get away from her, to do this we must firstly 
turbo away from her and jump over the pits and repeat this until you get to 
the end of the level. Once at the end Nina will get caught inside a cage that 
Spyro drops on he. Once this is done you have finished the level. 

D. Ripto's mystical magical tour

Hit points: 3
difficulty: 3 out of 5

Ripto, Spyro's arch enemy and our fourth boss is relatively easy so let us see 
what he can do.

Ripto has three attacks the first one is when he launches bats at you, these 
you can destroy but it is advised that you don't because if you destroy them 
they will launch three little fireballs at you, so just dodge them. The 
second attack involves Ripto firing three massive fireballs you must dodge 
these because they are hard to dodge, to dodge these simply go into the gap 
between the flames. Ripto's third attack involves him sending a pitoc in a jet 
pack to stop you, just ddge this thing. Oh yeah there is one more attack that 
comes from the ground and it isn't Ripto's, flames come up from the ground to 
dodge them keep at the edge of the screen.

To damage Ripto you must firstly look at his first attack when he launches 
the bats at you, when they come to you you must look for a arker version of 
them, this is the one you are meant to shoot because it will make Ripto do 
his second attack. When he launches his second attack his sheild will go down 
this is your chance to hurt him, repeat this method three times to stop him 
once and for all. 

E. Space chase

Hitpoints: three
Difficulty: 3 out of five

Our last boss has three hit points, not hard. There is an extra thing to this 
boss fight though... You have a timer. Let us see Cortex's attacks. 

Cortex has three attacks the first one is when he uses his jet boosters to 
damage you. They will shoot flames at you to dodge this simple attack move 
into the middle of the boosters. His next attack involves him firing a gun 
this shoots in every direction so just constantly move about to dodge it. 
His last attack is when he uses his arms, these are pretty big. To dodge them 
you mus stay near the bottom of the screen, and that is it for the last 
boss's attack.

To damage Cortex you must firstly shoot his jet boosters, shoot them after 
their attack they both take four hits each. Once this is done shoot the gun 
that you see before it shoots you this also takes four hits and then Cortex 
will launch his hands out. To get rid of these you must shoot the three parts 
to them, wait for them to swing and then go up close and shoot them. Each part
will take three hits each, once all this is done you have completed the game.

5. Copyright

This guide may be put onto your site as long as you keep me as the author and 
do not change any of the guide cotent.

6. Credits

I wish to thank the following people:-

Me, for writing this FAQ
CJayC, for hosting this FAQ
You, for reading this FAQ

If you have any queries, questions, Noticed guide mistakes or critisicm 
please e-mail me at and please send me constructive 
critiscm which means you say whats wrong in a polite way. That is all I have 
to say.