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Asked: 6 years ago

Magic Level Question?

I just started the game, and I am at Elfheim. Now I am level 9. Because of this, I am a Level 4 Black Mage and a Level 4 White Mage. Unfortunately, I didn't have enougn time, knowledge or gil to buy the level 3 magic spells. Is there any way to rebuy them, or are they gone forever to me?

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From: LeviathanMist 6 years ago

You can still buy them. Level 4 means you can buy any magic up to level 4, including level 3.

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Yes, you can buy any level spell at any time. Not al shops sell the same spells though, so you'll have to go back to the previous cities to buy them. I think that there are magic shops in Elfhiem though, two with level 4 and two with level 3.

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Yes, frankly you'd have to be able to go back later for magic, actually. There's two classes that don't get magic until much later in the game...

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