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Asked: 5 years ago

When can I do the class change?

Just wonering what I have to do before I can change my characters' classes. (IE Thief->Ninja)

Also, are there any classes that you don't recommend changing?

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From: an_ass734 5 years ago

In order to perform the class change, you need to have the rat tail. In order to get the rat tail, you need to go to the Citadel of Trials. In order to get to the Citadel of Trials, you need to get the airship. In order to get the airship, you need to get the levistone. In order to get the levistone, you need to go to the ice cavern. In order to get to the ice cavern, you need to get the canoe. In order to get the canoe, you need to beat Lich and then talk to the sages at Crescent Lake. So yeah, it's pretty much a long process, but really worth it if you do it right after defeating Lich.

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Also, I'd recommend changing classes no matter what. At worst there is no improvement, and at best the benefits are incredible.

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When you get the rat tail,talk to Bahamut,Then he will change it Automatically

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To find bahamut go to the Dragon caves.

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You can do it as soon as you beat lich, which the lowest possible level for this is level 11. All you need is the ship and canoe, as soon as you beat lich, go to crecent lake and get the canoe, do the river maze to the ice cavern and get the levistone, sail to the desert take an airship to Bahamuts island and you got yourself an early class change!, I used this and got the class change around LV 15.

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Forgot about the rat tail, but really, getting the airship will just make getting to the citadel of trials easier.

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