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                                        Craftsword Monogatari 2

Written by x_comp
Version 1.30b
August 2004

 1.0 Introduction
 2.0 Version History
 3.0 Menu
 4.0 Forging Weapons
 5.0 Battles
 6.0 The Shop & Fishing
 7.0 Characters
 8.0 Walkthrough
     8.1  Prologue
     8.2  Chapter 1, Breaking of the Seal
     8.3  Chapter 2, The Dark Swordsman
     8.4  Chapter 3, The Father's Memento and the Robot Brnildo
     8.5  Chapter 4, The Four Demon Blades
     8.6  Chapter 5, Mermaid Zahne and Captain Viyon
     8.7  Chapter 6, The Great Gunvard
     8.8  Chapter 7, The Blue Faction
     8.9  Chapter 8, Friends' Betrayal
     8.10 Chapter 9, Ryouga's Scheme
     8.11 Chapter 10, The Return of Peace in Cliff Village
 9.0 Omake
10.0 Credits & Contact Info

1.0 Introduction

This is the second Summon Night game for the GBA and although it's labeled 
"2", it's not a sequel. It doesn't continue the story with Cleru and the
other characters from the first game. What they've done is keep the 
same battle system, the same weapons forging and the nightly 
conversations. Here's the prologue...

The mystical world of Reinbaum.

The story begins on the top of a cliff in a small village. Our hero
(player can also play as a heroine) is a 15 year old boy who is a 
*craftsman apprentice. He lost both parents at a young age and has now 
been raised by his father's close friend, also a craftsman.

In the village exists a ruin where a horrifying beast that has been sealed. 
Only the hero is permitted to enter.

One day, the hero loses to a friend in a match and so had to guide the 
friend into the ruins. What our hero didn't know was that the friend was 
planning to revive the sealed beast. Due to our hero's trust in the friend, 
the seal is broken. Our hero must now seal it once more before it is 
completely revived.

Together with his partner, the Guardian Beast, they set off on a journey to 
find the Demon Blade that will seal the beast once more. Our hero is also 
determined to ascertain what the friend's true intentions are...

So what's new in this second game?

- A variety of interactive outdoor environments.
- Interact with the environments using all 6 types of weapons.
- Fishing mini game.
- 200+ weapons to craft.
- Weapons can now also be upgraded and repaired.
- Earn your rank as a craftsman.
- Hero/Heroine can now transform during battles.
- Take control of Gunvard, a huge mechanical robot.
- Voice samples.

Developer:    Banpresto
Release Date: 20th August 2004
Price:        6000 Yen

* Note that the Kanji actually means "blacksmith". However, since the title
  is "craftsword", I thought it be best if I left it as "craftsman" instead 
  just like I did in the first guide.

2.0 Version History

20/8 - v1.10

- Filled in Menus, Battles and Forging Weapons.
- Walkthrough up to point where we're heading to second fortress.

21/8 - v1.11

- Walkthrough up to point in retrieving the second sword.
- More info about forging weapons added.

22/8 - v1.12

- Walkthrough up to point where Edge hides the Demon Blades again.

23/8 - v1.13

- Walkthrough up to point where Edge is off to seal Goula.

24/8 - v1.20

- Completed walkthrough.
- Added "The Shop & Fishing" section.
- Added information about 'Tec' points in Forging Weapons section.

25/8 - v1.21

- Added note about Bonus option and starting new game with existing saved 
30/8 - v1.22

- Added notes about sub-quests and traveller items to the start of 
- Split Walkthrough into chapters.
- Added the stats of individual bosses to Walkthrough.
- Added more details about hidden dungeons and how to access them at end of 
- Added more info about medals and their uses at the start of Walkthrough.

31/8 - v1.30

- New 'Omake' section.
- Added list of ranks you can get.
- Added note about weapon storage boxes to walkthrough.
- Added note about the Raging Bunny re-matches to walkthrough.

3/9 - v1.30b

- Decided to change the translation for 'Ao no Habatsu' from 'The White 
  Faction' to 'The Blue Faction' after a little debate.

3.0 Menu

Pressing start will lead you to the in-game menu with the following

Assisting Equipment
Important Items
Weapon Secrets
Monster Encyclopaedia

To the right of the options will also be your character's basic stats. At 
the bottom will be the name of where you are. Usually you'll see a number 
next to the name indicating the area number.


This is where you equip your weapons. You can equip a total of 3
weapons and one piece of accessory. Use the L and R buttons to switch
between your Guardian Beast and your character. You may also equip
your Guardian Beast with spells or items.

Selecting an empty slot allows you to equip an item. Selecting an
occupied slot will give you the options to...


Assisting Equipment

Has the same effect as Equipment but the first screen you encounter
will be your Guardian Beast instead of your character.

Choosing an empty slot will allow you to equip a spell or item.
With an occupied slot, you get the extra option of emptying the slot.


A list of all the items you currently possess. Choosing an item will
allow you to...

Throw Away


A list of spells that you can equip your Guardian Beast with. You can
also use any spells such as heal outside battles here.


A list of all the weapons that you currently possess. You can throw
away weapons here. Using the L and R buttons will show your the stats for 
the selected weapon.


Gives you the status of your character and your Guardian Beast.

Important Items

A list of objects that you possess that can't be used as items. You
will also find all the event items you get in here.

Weapon Secrets
A list of the weapons you completed. Pressing R will show you what material 
it needs, special attack and effects.

Monster Encyclopaedia

Find out about all your favourite monsters here.


Everything's pretty self-explanatory here. The Move option allows you to 
choose how your character moves normally. Running or walking.

4.0 Forging Weapons

Forging weapons will play a common role in the game and you can forge
weapons by using the huge furnace in your room at the workshop. To
forge a weapon though, you will require the basic material and items to
make it.

Itemss are found by exploring the Summon Night world. Usually by 
smashing boxes and barrels. You'll also get them by defeating monsters 
too. Basic materials are usually found inside treasure chests. Leaving an 
areaand entering it again will renew the barrels and boxes but NOT the
treasure chests.

While in the first game, your weapons durability is renewed after a battle, 
this time round it isn't. You have to maintain them by going back to your 
workshop or by using special items such as the Sharpening Stone or 
Polishing Stone.

Just like the last game, you can destroy your opponent's weapon during a 
battle to learn how to forge it.

In general, the axe and drill type weapons are best in breaking
other weapons. Here is a little more about each weapon type:

Sword Type   - A weapon in which speed and attack power is normal when 
               used. But when attacked by hard mechanical enemies it'll 
               break easily. Used for cutting grass.

Axe type     - Slow weapon but effective for breaking other weapon types. 
               Using for cutting down tree trunks.

Spear type   - Long reach and attack multiple weapons at once.
               Effective for attacking enemies in the air and enemies
               that attack from a long range. Used for reaching far away 
               items such as the fruit on trees or out of reach chests etc.

Knuckle type - Allows you to hit enemies quickly and since it's designed 
               with speed, it's effective against fast enemies. It's not as 
               strong as the axe type but it can send enemies flying! Used 
               for moving boulders.

Drill type   - A tough weapon that's hard to break against solid enemies 
               and a high damage dealing weapon!? Like the axe type, it can 
               break an opponent's weapon easily. Used for drilling 
               through those weak looking walls and doors.

Now that we've explained the basics, lets explain the menu when you
access the furnace.


Both are pretty self-explanatory. Pick 'Create' and you can pick a weapon 
to make as long as you have the basic material and the items to forge it 
with. Pick the items you want to use to make it and you're away.

Repair will restore all your weapons you possess back to their original 

As your rank grows as a craftsman, you will get additional options. Once 
you get your first promotion, you'll be a general craftsman and you'll get 
'Dismantle'. You can now dismantle those old weapons to re-make them using 
new items. The options will then look like this:


The next option you get is "Upgrade" which will allow you to mix more items 
into your weapon. At first you can only add 1 out of 3. As your grade 
grows, you will be able to fill in the other 2 slots too. Upgrading your 
weapons can give it all sorts of extra attributes such as elemental damage. 
Your menu will look like this once you have this new option:


The order of craftsman ranking is as follows:

Apprentice Craftsman
General Craftsman
No. 1 Craftsman of the Village
Well Known Craftsman
Top Class Craftsman
Heroic Craftsman
Lengendary Craftsman

Apart from ATK, DEF, AGL and DUR, you'll also notice that there is a yellow 
TEC bar for your weapons. A high number of TEC points means it's 
easier to perform a critical hit, better blocking and better duration. To 
increase your TEC points for a weapon, just use it to defeat enemies in 
battles. Dismantling a weapon will not reset your TEC points.

5.0 Battles

Battles are real-time in this game and takes place in a side scrolling

At the bottom of the screen, there will be two bars. The red bar will
be your health and the green bar is your weapon's durability. When
this falls to zero, your weapon will break and it'll be gone. You'll
have to make a new one afterwards. So, be sure to keep an eye on this and 
repair it when you need to.

The yellow, spots to the right indicates how many time you may call upon 
your Guardian Beast for support such as casting a spell or giving you an 
item you equipped. They are restored after each battle.

D-Pad - Move around the screen

A     - Attack the enemies with the weapon you're equipped with. Some
        weapons will allow you to hold the A button to charge up your

B     - Use whatever's active in the row with the R.

R     - Cycle through the row of items next to the R. These can be
        items, spells and the guard move.

L     - Cycle through the weapons you're equipped with.

Start - Pause the game.

6.0 The Shop & Fishing

Apart from the travellers that are scattered throughout the game, you can 
also obtain items by going to the shop or fishing.

At the shop you can buy, sell or make. You can tell what most of the items 
you can buy do by looking at the effects panel at the right. Here's a list 
of the ones that aren't so obvious:

Diary of Memories       250b - Save anywhere you like.
Anti-Demon Charm       1000b - Harder to encounter enemies.
Anti-Demon Note        1000b - Easier to enounter enemies.

The items you can make are fairly obvious too. Pick an item you want 
to make and then you must have enough money. You'll also need the right 
items to make something. If you have any of the items greyed out then you 
can't make it.

Apart from the shop, you can also go fishing in the village.

Fishing is very simple. Start off by picking your bait then you hit A 
depending on how far you want to throw your line. Afterwards, it's a 
waiting game just like real fishing. When you see the A button flashing, 
hit A again then time it so that you have as much of the power bar full as 
possible before hitting A again. Keep doing this until you pull it in. 
There is a timer to the top left that'll show you how much time you have 
left to play.

The further out you cast, the bigger the catch but it also means it takes 
longer to lure it in. Also note that the sort of bait you get to use are 
the ones your collected during your adventure. So each time you fish, 
you'll lose one of these items.

Depending on what you manage to catch, you will get points to exchange 
items with. Just talk tot he old man and pick the second option.

Steel Ore                       50P
Leave Dragon's Thorn            100P
Beast's Crest                   150P
Accelerating Motor              200P
King Beast's Crest              250P
Iron Goula                      300P
Anti-Evil Ore                   350P
Hero's Emblem                   400P
Proof of Courage                400P
Horn of the Demon Race          450P
Crest of the Sacred Beast       450P
Scroll of Mechanics             450P
Secrets of a Ninja 1            500P
Secrets of a Ninja 2            500P
Sword Material                  520P
Axe Material                    520P
Spear Material                  520P
Knuckle Material                520P
Drill Material                  520P
High Class Fishing Tool        1500P

7.0 Characters

The Main Characters

The hero. A young man who always looks ahead although he may pay too 
much attention to others. He is known as the Demon Blade Bearer" as he is a 
descendant of the family who guards the seal to the brutal beast, Goula. 
Not only did his mother die soon after he was born, his father also died in 
a battle to prevent Goula's resurrection. Now, he is living with a close 
friend of his father's, a craftsman named Berg while helping him. He 
notices his power he possesses as the Demon Blade Bearer as he goes on his 
adventure with his craft partner, the Guardian Beast.

Voice - Watanabe Akeno

The heroine. A bright and kind but yet clumsy girl. She is known as the 
Demon Blade Bearer as she is a descendant of the family who guards the 
seal to the brutal beast, Goula. Not only did her mother die soon after she 
was born, her father also died in a battle to prevent Goula's resurrection. 
Now, she is living with a close friend of her father's, a craftsman named 
Berg while helping him. She notices the power she possesses as the Demon 
Blade Bearer as she goes on his adventure with his craft partner, the 
Guardian Beast.

Voice - Ueda Kana

The Guardian Beasts

A mechanical type Guardian Beast. A backup support, mechanical soldier 
which is good in close combat. Like a mechanical soldier, it thinks of its 
own speech and conduct with great importance and because of this, the 
haphazard hero likes it. There is also another side of it where it would go 
off on a rampage, cutting things up if it gets teased too much and it would 
go off.

Voice - Yoshimizu Takahiro

A demon type Guardian Beast. Leki is a demon that is full of optimism. It 
seems he's confident in his sword skills and he thinks he is protecting his 
master but in fact, he is still very inexperienced. In any case, he is keen 
on winning and will always be looking for a fight.

Voice - Morita Masakazu

A spiritual type Guardian Beast. In an accident, Dina is the result of a 
devil and an angel combined together. Something distinct you don't normally 
see. When Dina is a devil, she domineers over everything and uses them to 
her convenience. Contrary to her appearance and manner of speech, she 
actually has a pure heart. As an angel, she acts with the thought of others 
in mind but she will not allow anything that went against justice and 
moral. Usually, the devil wins but when not a lot of horrible things are 
done it's the other way round. Her appearance also changes then.

Voice - Shikano Jun

An animal type. A half human, half animal of the Borulu tribe. she does 
things at her own pace and there are times when others can not understand 
her thoughts. It seems she can talk to the wind and she can make her 
surroundings laugh or be quiet.

Voice - Fumiko


A craftsman master who forges weapons together with Guardian Beasts. His 
crafting skills are top class and has been in the weapons service for a 
long time. He is a serious and also a wonderful person who carries a gentle 
smile but he also has a stubborn side. He has been both a father and a 
mother to the hero/heroine.

Voice - Yoshimizu Takahiro

The son of Berg. A young man who's smart and knows what's going on around 
him. A real mood maker. His hobby is to tease our hero/heroine and enjoy 
the reaction he gets. His craftsmanship skills are better than our 
hero/heroine but, he is in the middle of learning his skills from his 
father. He's the best in the village on knowing about anything mechanical

Voice - Morita Masakazu

The daughter of Berg. She is more known as the master of the house more 
than Berg. At home, she is like a mother who does all the general housework 
but her cooking is bad. Tatan gives the impression that she is more 
reliable than her older brother. A girl full of curiosity.

Voice - ?

A close friend of the hero. 2 years ago, he had set off on a journey 
together with Rinri. Just when they were wandering and taking shelter in 
the forests, they had no place to go and ended up living at the village. 
Ryouga was found by Rinri and so has a past in which he was not raised by 
his own relatives. Due to this, he gets along well with the hero. Ryouga 
has a cool personality and will train with the hero when they are alone 

Voice - Numuta Yuusuke

A close friend of the hero and who is like an older sister to Ryouga. 2 
years ago, she was wandering and taking shelter in the forests together 
with Ryouga. It was then that she reached the village where our hero lives. 
She is someone that the hero likes who has a kind and mature manner.

Voice - Inoue Fumiko

The Blue Faction
Characters from The Blue Faction from Summon Night 2 also makes an 
appearance in this game.

A summoner from The Blue Faction. Due to a certain mission, he continues 
on his journey to investigate.

Voice - Keshio Daisuke

A summoner of The Blue Faction. Toris gets involved in all sorts of 
incidents relating to her investigation.

Voice - Asano Masumi

Nesty is learning under the same place as his master. He is Magna and 
Toris' senior summoner. Looking at his expression it seems he'll be of help 
so we'll be travelling together with him!

Voice - Midorikawa Hikaru

Someone who was a priestess of a certain village in the past, holding 
ceremonies. A kind girl who has sympathy towards her older twin brothers 
and her grandfather. Amer is also good at cooking.

Voice - Kuwashima Houko

A mechanical soldier summoned from the mechanical world of Loreiral. A 
competent and loyal warrior.

A Guardian Beast summoned from the demon world Silturn. A reserved and pure 
fox demon.

A cheeky devil summoned from the spiritual world of Sapres. He looks like a 
young man but he's actually a...

An Ajin who is a young man of the Metral Tribe. Resi lives in the animal 
world of Meitrova and is good at housework.

8.0 Walkthrough

As with the last game, you get to pick whether the lead role is a boy or a 
girl. I had thought about choosing the girl for this second game but, guess 
I'll go the boy Edge after all.

As much as I want to keep to the dialogue script, there's a fair bit of 
change depending on which Guardian Beast you pick early in the game. So, 
I'll have to stick to a bit of story writing most of the time.

So, after you choose your character, you get to enter a name. At the very 
last line of options, you will have an option to enter English characters. 
It's the third option from the left. Or you can just press R twice to get 
there. Once you're done, press Start and then confirm (top option).

Below is also a few other things you should note.

When you start a new game when you already have some saved data, the game 
will ask if you want to transfer what you have over to the new game. This 
happens once you've completed the game once. If you choose yes (top) then 
the game will let you start off with the same craftsman rank, weapon 
materials, monster encyclopaedia, money and fishing points.

There are also sub-quests in each chapters of this second game which 

Looking for a lost cat.
Looking for lost property.
Exchanging and Delivering Items

These sub-quests aren't covered in this walkthrough because you don't 
exactly get any special items. To access any of these sub-quests, just talk 
to the villagers.

Items can be exchanged for the medals you find scattered throughout the 
game. Just talk to the blue haired guy under the stairs in the southern 
area of Cliff Village. The more medals you have, the better an item you'll 

Finally, the 2 travellers you see during the game sells different rare 
items in each chapter. They also give you hints on making a new and 
more powerful weapon. Make sure you don't miss them out if you want to 
have fun forging new weapons!

- 8.1 Prologue

Edge:           Alright!
                {Air goes "Yatta!" instead of "Yoshi!" which is more common 
                 for girls. Same meaning.}

                It's gone really well so far.
                Just a little further...
???:            ...Hey.

Edge:           If he found out someone got in there then he'll be really 
                angry... I don't want that to happen...
                But I have a promise with Ryouga!
                I can't break a man to man promise!
                {Obviously Air wouldn't say the last line.}
???:            ...Heeello.

Edge:           And I'm a craftsman...
                A "craftsman"!
                A craftsman's promise is harder than steel!
                No matter what happens, I will keep my promise!
Ryouga:         WATCH OUT!

Edge:           Wha?

                Ryouga... Huh?!
Ryouga:         Edge!

                You... You alright?
Edge:           Uhahahahaha!

                I'm alright, I'm alright!
                Really I am!!
                Craftmen now only forges their weapons but their bodies 
Ryouga:         Before you forge your body, watch where you're going!
                You're really still just an apprentice who's helping Berg-
Edge:           What?
                A craftsman is a craftsman.
Ryouga:         Well... Your work just gets re-done by Berg-san 
                anyway right?
Edge:           It has nothing to do with my master!
                Leading you here to the Gates of Goula was my promise...
Ryouga:         Yeah. It's your fault for losing to me so badly.

Edge:           That's too far!
                Just one more move and I would have won!
Ryouga:         No matter what you say, a loss is a loss and a promise is a 
                Even though, it's only authorized people who are allowed 
                in, you have to guide me there.
Edge:           I said I know.

Ryouga:         Then don't just space out.
                It's a cliff so it'll be bad if you fall off.
Edge:           Ah... Sorry, I made you worry.
Ryouga:         ...Uh-!
                Who would be worried about you!
                Lets go!
Edge:           Ah, wait Ryouga...

So hurry on up after him.

Ryouga:         Hurry up.
                Without you, I can't get into the Gates of Goula.
Edge:           I said sorry.

                You're the one that went on ahead.
Ryouga:         ...Hmmm.

Edge:           The Gates of Goula is ahead...
                Ryouga... Do you really want to go inside?
                There's a terrifying sealed beast in there.
Ryouga:         Like I said, I want to see it.
                The monster from another world that may have the power to 
                destroy this world...
                And don't you think it's unfair that you can see it as many 
                times as you want? It's amazing.
Edge:           Amazing you say...

Ryouga:         What...?
                Could it be...
                You're afraid of the seal of Goula?
Now you have the option of choosing:

I'm not afraid of some seal.
I'm really scared...

Either way, Edge goes onto looking at the memento of his father and Ryouga 
will ask if he's not happy staying with Berg. Edge says he is happy and 
thinks of Orca and Tantan just like his own relatives. Ryouga says that he 
envies Edge but so does Edge since Ryouga's with a beautiful girl named 
Rinri. Suddenly they hear a voice coming from the direction of Edge's old 
home. So head on up.

Ryouga:         Look, Edge.

Edge:           Someone's passed out!

Ryouga:         Look carefully. It's not human!
                It's a summoned beast!
Edge:           ...Ah, that's...

At this point, you get to choose what your Guardian Beast for this game is 
just like the first game. It will then stay and help you throughout the 
rest of the game. View the Characters section to read up about the 4 you 
can choose.

What's passed out?
A robotic soldier
A demon child
A demon
A animal being

Afterwards, you'll find the Guardian Beast (I'll refer to it as GB from 
here) on the ground. Something must have attacked it. A weak looking bunny 
sort of creature pops out. It couldn't be...

Suddenly, it attacks!

| BOSS: Raging Bunny                            |
| HP:   45                                      |
| EXP:  50                                      |
| b:    25                                      |
| ITEM: F Eido                                  |

Note that after defeating the Raging Bunny, you can fight a stronger 
version of it again in the later chapters.

Just hammer the Raging Bunny to death. Afterwards, the dialogue 
will change slightly depending on which GB you chose. I chose the robot. 
There should be a barrier around the village that prevents any such 
summoned beasts from entering so Ryouga figures one of the keystones have 
been destroyed. Better let the village chief know.

They also find out that the beast is stray which are not allowed in 
the village. The beast understands and tries to leave but its injured. Edge 
invites it over to his home.

After a bit of self-introduction, you'll get to name your new GB. Then 
you're in Berg's house. After some commotion over the GB (again, depends on 
which one you chose), Berg decides to show it your the underground 

There, Berg asks the the beast if it will become Edge's Guardian Beast. 
Normally, he would will just make use of a Summon Night stone to forge 
weapons but, with the way things are the beast can't stay in the village. 
If it was a Guardian Beast then it could. Besides, gathering materials is a 
dangerous business so it would be great if Edge had one as his partner.

Once things are agreed, it's time for the oath ceremony. Berg and the 
others will be waiting in the open grounds in front of the stone slab. At 
this point, you can go to the sword next to the stairs to save your game. 
You will be told about it just as you go down the stairs.

Head on out the house and down the stairs then to the west. Go past the guy 
with blue hair and up to find them. Now they just have to wait for the 
chief who eventually comes to start the ceremony. Just like Edge, he is 
also a summoner. In fact, his people was the ones who worked together to 
seal Goula. Then he goes onto a rant...

After his rant, the oath is done and Berg asks Edge to come to the 
workshop. Ryouga reminds Edge about his promise and to go to his house to 
find him once you're ready to set off again.

So head on back to the workshop. It's time for Berg to explain about the 
basics of crafting and he will ask Edge if he knows:

Of course!
I'm not really too confident...

After explaining the importance of gathering material to forge weapons, 
Berg also says the most important thing is the hammer. He then makes the 
new GB practice by striking 100 times. Since Edge is the master, he must do 
it together with the GB.

A while later, it's time to make an actual weapon. For a moment, Berg had 
Edge thinking that he had to go out and collect material. But, since this 
was a special occasion, Berg gives them material to make a sword. He also 
hands them some iron stone that will strengthen the sword.

Now head on over to the huge furnace. Pick the first option to "Create". 
Keep hitting A to select the sword and the stone then watch your characters 

Once the forging's done, Berg inspects it and gives it an OK rating. The GB 
and craftsman will have to work better together to improve themselves. With 
that, Berg orders Edge and his GB to sleep in the workshop. As for him, 
he'll make good use of Edge's room. He also hands them over some pastry 
that Tatan made.

Night falls and Edge is awake with his GB. The GB suggests to go for a walk 
and you have the option of:

Yeah, lets go got a walk.
Too bothersome, lets sleep.

From this point onwards, these nightly conversations will popup now and 
then. While not essential to the story, it helps with the character 
development. Just like the last game, your choices will expand as the game 

- 8.2 Chapter 1, Breaking of the Seal

Next morning, it's time to head to Ryouga's place.

Before heading downstairs, you might want to save. Once downstairs, head up 
the stairs to the left. Go up to the sparkling point to find 200b. After 
that, leave the house and go west. Go down the long stairs south then head 
on down. Go down the stairs to the right of the old man to find Ryouga. 
Talk to him and he'll say he'll go explain to his sister about it first. 
Edge is to go on ahead first.

Return to the area where the blue haired guy was earlier. At this point, 
you may want to buy another healing item with the 200b you found. You'll 
also want to equip the sword you made earlier. See the Menu section for 
more info. After that go left past the shop. Go on north pass the girl with 
the red clothes. Continue north and turn left where another blue haired guy 

As you arrive at the gate you will be reminded about equipping yourself if 
you haven't already. Ryouga also arrives. As Edge explains there's a spell 
to unlock the gate, a mysterious man appears who calls himself Gedor. He 
wants in and grabs Edge's GB to force him to open the gate. Ryouga stands 
by quietly.

Inside, it turns out Gedor also wants the sealed beast, Goula so he tries 
to force Edge to tell him how to break the seal. Seeing that Edge doesn't 
know, he decides to use his own power to break it. Meanwhile, he summon a 
monster, Kyatan to keep Edge busy.

| BOSS: Kyatan                                  |
| HP:   200                                     |
| EXP:  50                                      |
| b:    50                                      |
| ITEM: Iron Ore                                |

After you defeat the Kyatan.

Edge:           Get away from the seal!!!

Gedor:          Damn it!
                Why won't this seal break!!
                Now that it's come to this...
                I'LL SMASH IT OPEN!
Edge:           !!

Gedor:          Under the pledge of Gedor, come forth!
                Servant of the other world, Kyatan!
Edge:           Again...!

GB:             {???}

Gedor:          Shut up...!
                Deal with them...
Ryouga:         Stop...

Gedor:          KILL THEM ALL!

Ryouga:         STOP IT!

Edge:           UWAH!

GB:             {???}

Edge:           ...Ryouga?

Ryouga:         ...

Gedor:          You...
                You're a summoned beast...!
                What's happening?
Edge:           What?

                My heart... it hurts...
Ryouga:         The seal...
                Reacted to that attack there?
                So that's how it works...
                I must praise you, Gedor!
Gedor:          He's...
                Transmitting power to Goula?!
Edge:           Wha-!
                What are you doing, Ryouga?!
Gedor:          He's reviving it!

Edge:           What!

Gedor:          He's reviving...
Edge:           Gak!

GB:             {???}

Edge:           What...?!
                What is this feeling...!
Berg:           WHAT ARE YOU DOING!

Orca:           Edge!

Edge:           Orca...
                Stop Ryouga...
Ryouga:         ...

Orca:           He's... Ryouga?!
                That's Ryouga...?!
???:            I have been... Waiting...
                For this moment...
Berg:           Goula's seal...!
                Stop it!!!
???:            Don't... interfere.

Edge:           The sword...!

Sword broken.

Edge:           Ma... Master...

GB:             ....

Edge:           Master...

GB:             {???}

Ryouga:         Oh...?

                A Shift huh...
And we have the opening credits and title in English!

???:            ...So...

Edge:           ...Da...ddy...?

Greame:         Sorry...
                I've given you... the burden of a...
                Tough fate...
Edge:           What's wrong...
Greame:         But...
                That's all I could do... to... save... you.
                Only... with this power.
Edge:           What's wrong?

                Wake up, daddy!
Greame:         Edge...

Edge:           ...

Greame:         ...

Edge:           DADDY!

With that, Edge wakes up in bed. Berg doesn't seem to be badly hurt and is 
resting on the second floor while Ryouga has disappeared somewhere now. 
Edge is to go see Berg after he wakes up. So go up and find him.

You can't say Berg is doing well but he's not dead either. Since Tatan 
doens't know anything, she's shocked when she hears about what Ryouga 
really was and what he done. It's now up to Edge to seal Goula again by 
finding the Demon Blade. The safety mechanism in the place where the seal 
is has been activated and is acting as a barrier between Goula and the 
village. But, it's only a matter of time before he breaks out. Being a 
descendant of the only ones who can use the Demon Blade, Edge is the only 
one who can seal Goula again.

Berg also goes onto explain why Edge transformed back at the ruins. It was 
because of how the Summon Night stone inside him was reacting to Goula's 
power. Edge gets worried about it happening again but Berg tells him not to 
be afraid of his own power. For a second, it looked like Berg was dead but 
it turns out he's just tired. Orca comes running back to say he's reported 
what happened to the chief and now they're going to hold a meeting. So head 
to the area where you had the ceremony earlier.

Villager:       Chief!
                Edge is here!
Chief:          I see...
                Then we shall begin.
Villager:       Goula's seal has been broken...?
                How can that happen...!
Villager:       It's a lie...
                That Ryouga was a summoned beast...?
Rinri:          Ummm...
                I... should...
                Apologize to everyone...
Villager:       No...
                Rinri-san didn't know.
Villager:       Didn't know?

Villager:       Hey you...
                Think of Rinri-san's feelings!
Chief:          Everyone, quiet...
                Now is not the time to dispute...
                As the ones who live in this village, we must prevent Goula 
                from being released to the world!
Villager:       ....

Chief:          Now... As I said.
                We have need of the Demon Blade again to seal Goula...
                We know nothing of it after its disappearance since the 
                Glen incident that happened 12 years ago...
GB:             {???}

Chief:          But, thanks to the barrier of the ruins, Goula won't be 
                able to make a move for a while...
                During that time, we must find the Demon Blade and seal 
                Goula once again...!
Villager:       Seal Goula...

Chief:          But the Demon Blade can only be yielded by the Demon Blade 
                Lets leave the searching to Edge.
                We will have to guard the barrier and discharge all the 
                evil energy from the ruins to prevent Goula's revival!
Edge:           ...

Chief:          I'm sorry, Edge...

Edge:           Village chief...

Chief:          But we...
                We can only depend on you, the Demon Blade Bearer...
Edge:           ....

Leave the Demon Blade to me.
I'm not too confident...

Whatever you pick, the villagers will start being suspicious of Edge. Well, 
no one can blame them since it was Edge who brought Ryouga there in the 
first place. The villagers start getting angry and blames Edge saying that 
he might just run away or it was him that wanted to revive Goula in the 
first place. Just then, the GB will stand up for Edge. Thanks to that, 
Olca, Tatan and the village chief also stands out to say they trust Edge.

Now to go find the Demon Blade. Edge suggests going to the place where it 
was being held long ago, The Sealed Blade Fortress of the Wind. The chief 
tells you it's some ruins in the forest. Due to the evil energy that 
Goula's been releasing, the animals have gone on a rampage. Now that Edge's 
sword has been broken, guess he'll have to go with a hammer... Just then, 
Orca comes out to give him some new material. So, go back to the workshop 
and forge the sword the same way you did before.

This time however, the GB complains that it done most of the work. You have 
two choices to reply:

You were a great help.
Actually, we've got a long way to go.

Either way, the sword you make snaps. The GB thinks it's its fault for not 
being able to forge good weapons. Remembering what Berg said about working 
with one another, Edge tries to cheer the GB up so that they can if it 
another go. But, since there's no materials left, they'll just have to go 
collect some. Just as they're about to leave, Berg comes in to give them a 
reminder of how a craftsman should make his own weapon and then toughen 
himself up. So, in the end Edge is just left with his good old hammer.

Leave to the area with the shop. Just as you're about to go past it, Rinri 
appears to thank Edge for what he's doing. I don't know what she says if 
you picked Air but, with Edge she was going to give him a kiss because she 
thinks saying thanks isn't enough.

Anyway, go all the way to the west end of the area past the guard and into 
the hole. You'll reach the forest at the bottom of the village now. To the 
right, you'll find a Teleportation Pad. They're used the same way as they 
were in the first game. Hit them with your hammer to activate them. At the 
moment, it's the only spot you activated so it's not much use right now.

Smash the boxes and barrels to your left then head on to the south area. 
You'll find the sword formula you need in the treasure chest there. Once 
you have it, you can return to your workshop to make your sword.

This time, they will be successful. If you need to, you can use the bed to 
revive your HP before we head to the forest again. Also, save if you need 
to and equip your new sword.

Now that we have a sword, we can cut through the grass that was blocking 
our way in the second area of the forest where the chest was. Change to 
your sword and cut through into the third area to find another chest with 
an axe formula in it. Collect it, smash up the boxes and barrels then 
return to the workshop again. Create the new axe then return to the forest. 
Be sure to equip it too if you want to use it in battle.

Go to the area where you got your sword formula and smash the trunks to the 
west. Go into the new area to find a spear formula to the top right. Go 
back to the workshop to make the new spear. You'll need it to reach the 
chest with the knuckle formula later. Once you're ready, go back to where 
you got the spear formula and go west where a hound is. Defeat it and move 
on to find another teleportation point.

Outside the fortress, Edge will suggest going in to search for clues. So go 
inside and then towards the stairs. They hear a voice and your GB will go 
in first to investigate. It turns out to be a bunch of children who calls 
themselves the wind team. It seems they were gathering stray monsters until 
they went on a rampage. A lot of them got hurt so the leader's gone off to 
get some medicine. Edge gets handed a sword to get fixed so, take it back 
to the workshop, fix it and return here. Use the teleportation point 
outside to make a quick jump back if you don't want to fight monsters. 
On your way, you'll find Orca there. He leaves to find some medicine to 
lower Berg's fever.

Before you leave for the fortress, you might want to go to the shop to buy 
a few of those F Eido items that restore 100 HP to prepare for the boss 
fight later.

Once you return the fixed sword to the children, Edge will ask about the 
place where some herbs known as Hononasu is growing. They tell him that 
Orca came along to ask too. The plant grows in a place just straight ahead 
of the fortress. There's a huge plant that gives off a sweet scent but it's 
actually dangerous. That's where the Hononasu is.

So, leave the fortress through the back and into the next area. Head on 
west past the travellers. In the next area, follow the path down to 
the bottom. To your left, you'll see a path in between some trees. Go 
through there to find a drill formula and 3 other chests. Return to the 
other area and go up the slope to your right. Use your spear to hit 
the chest to get a knuckle formula. Now go to the next exit to the 
left that's just under the trees. Before you go through here, notice 
there's another medal gleaming towards the south. After you collected 
it, go through to the new area and you'll find a HP recovery point. Good 
place to start boosting your hero's (heroine's) level by the way.

Head down south and climb down the vine. Go right through the trees to find 
a medal. Now, where there's a HP restore point it must mean there's a boss 
fight in the next area. So be prepared by equipping your GB with healing 
items and spells.

Going into the next area to the southeast, you'll find Orca along with 2 
summoned beasts. Looks like they're in trouble with that big plant those 
children were talking about.

| BOSS: Grass Dragon                            |
| HP:   500                                     |
| EXP:  250                                     |
| b:    100                                     |
| ITEM: Leaf Dragon's Thorn                     |

For this fight, I had my GB equipped with 2 spells, Guard and Heal. Didn't 
take long to finish the Grass Dragon with an axe.

After the fight is over, you'll learn the summoned beast's name is Gabrio, 
the leader of the wind team. They're alright but it seems they haven't 
found the Hononasu herb yet. Go over to the right and inspect the plant 
underneath the tree to find it. After everyone's gathered their share...

Orca:           Wow... Boiling down the roots to make medicine.
                Looks real bitter...
Edge:           Yeah...
                Anyway, now we have the herbs lets get back to the fortress 
                for now.
???:            And the spirits are here...

Edge:           Yo- You're!

Gedor:          Hello.

Edge:           Ryouga...

Ryouga:         ....

Edge:           Why are you together with the likes of Gedor!

Gedor:          Heeheehee...
                Because I helped Ryouga-sama.
Edge:           What?

Gedor:          It's just a matter of time before Goula-sama makes it to 
                the surface right?
                That's why it's obvious best to stay on this side.
Edge:           I won't let you do such a thing!

Gedor:          Oh?

Edge:           I will seal Goula with my own hands!

Gendor:         By obtaining the Demon Blade huh?

Edge:           How do you know that?!

Ryouga:         Edge...

Edge:           ...

Ryouga:         Please...
                Please don't get in my way.
Edge:           Ryouga...
Gedor:          Obvious isn't it!

                Once Goula-sama is revived, he maybe able to return to his 
                own world using his power.
                And he can take revenge on humans.
Edge:           Revenge?!
Gedor:          You know that most summoned beasts hate humans.

                Being summoned by humans against their will and sworn to 
                follow their commands.
                It's natural that they're annoyed since their freedom has 
                been taken.
Edge:           No...

Gedor:          And most important of all, Ryouga-sama was a stray summoned 
                beast. Do you know how he has been treated...
Edge:           But...
                We're friends!
                Aren't we, Ryouga!
Gedor:          It's just an act to keep on living.
                A summoned beast is a summoned beast...
                They will not mix with humans.
Edge:           It's a lie...!

Gabrio:         Only a stray summoned beast understands the feeling of 
Edge:           Gabrio...

Gedor:          Those two over there stray beasts too?

                Then you can join us too.
                We might be able to grant your wishes.
Gabrio:         ....

After that, your GB says something and Ryouga will leave. Now it's time to 
return to the wind team. Back at the fortress...

Gabrio:         ...Alright, that's the treatment done.
                It's alright now.
Rakulu:         Thanks, Gabrio.

Kulmin:         Are you alright?

Gabrio:         Yeah, I am.

                Well, we should get back to the village today.
                Leave this place to me.
Kulmin:         But...

Orca:           Yeah.
                It's best if you do that.
                Since I've got the herbs now, I'll be going back too.
                I'll take you two with me.
Kulmin:         ...
Gabrio:         Thanks, Orca.

Orca:           What are you going to do, Edge?
                You still going to look for clues to the Demon Blade?
Edge:           There's no clues here and master's probably worried so...

                Oh yeah, Gabrio.
                It seems there was a sword here.
                Do you know anything about it?
Garbrio:        No...

Edge:           I see...

Zeride:         Now you mention it...
                There's another fortress that looks like this one deep in 
                the forest...
Edge:           Really?

Gabrio:         Yeah.
                Just near where the Bolzak was.
                But you should be careful.
                Along the way, I heard some howls from underground.
Edge:           Howls...
                But that's the only clues we have right now...
                We'll go look for the fortress after we hand over the herbs 
                to master!
Orca:           Then I'll go take the children home first.

Edge:           OK.

                Well, lets go hand the herbs to master.
Return to Cliff Village and you'll meet Tatan along the way. Seems she was 
praying at the open grounds. Continue back to Berg's home to find Rinri 
there too.

Rinri:          Ah, Edge-kun.

Edge:           Rinri-san?
                Why are you here...
Rinri:          I came to visit Berg-san.
                Then I heard that the fever wouldn't go away...
Edge:           It's alright.
                I've brought some herbs.
Rinri:          That's Hononasu!
                Amazing, Edge-kun!
                Well, we must boil it right away and make the medicine.
Tatan:          I'll help!

Edge:           YOU?!

Tatan:          What...

Rinri:          We'll keep the talking til later!

Edge:           OK...

Afterwards, it seems the Hononasu worked. Berg's fever died down. Rinri is 
thanked for her help and is invited to stay for dinner but she says she 
needs to get home. Looks like what happened with Ryouga was quite a shock 
to her. Meanwhile, Edge feels it's his fault that Berg ended up like this 
but there's no time to feel down now. He must find the Demon Blade.

Night falls and Edge's GB goes out for some fresh air. He decides to go for 
a walk too so your choices are:

The place of memories {Where you went the first night.}
The open grounds in front of the stone slab.

- 8.3 Chapter 2, The Dark Swordsman

Next morning, just as Edge was about to leave for the second fortress. He 
hears Tatan's voice. Go downstairs to see what's going on.

Edge:           What's wrong?

Orca:           Well, it seems there's some stirup at a place nearby the 
Edge:           What is it?

                Could it be one of Ryouga's people...
Orca:           We don't know so I've been asked to go investigate...

Tatan:          I'll help too!

Orca:           ...She says.

                I don't know what will happen and I'm worried about leaving 
                father alone...
Berg:           What's all the fuss about...

Edge:           Master!
                Is it OK if you don't sleep?
Berg:           Yeah.
                Thanks to you, I'm pretty much better now.
Tatan:          What about your fever?

Berg:           Still have a little...
                It's nothing terrible.
Tatan:          Thank goodness.

Berg:           Thanks to the herbs Edge brought back.

Edge:           Eheheh. Not at all...

Tatan:          Then I can go out too?

Orca:           I said no!
                It could be one of Ryouga's people...
                We don't know if it'll be anything dangerous!
Tatan:          Like I said!

Orca:           Understand, Tatan.

                Come on, Edge.
                You tell her too...
Edge:           Hmmm...

It's best if Tatan stayed home.
Maybe she can go too?

Either way, Tatan will end up going with Edge anyway. You're to guide her 
back to the first fortress where the wind team was. So, head out the 
village down to the forest to find Rinri there.

Edge:           Huh?
Rinri:          Oh?
                What's the matter, Edge-kun?
                And Tatan-chan is together with you too.
                Could it be a date?
Edge:           No!

Tatan:          You don't have to answer with that much feeling!

Edge:           Uh...
                So... Sorry.
GB:             {???}

Edge:           Quiet...!

Rinri:          Uhuhu... You're so popular.

Edge:           Stop teasing me!

                Anyway, I'm just guiding Tatan to the Blade Fortress on my 
                way to finding the Demon Blade.
Tatan:          Just on your way?

Edge:           Well...
                That's another matter.
                So what are you doing here, Rinri-san?
Rinri:          I was...
                Looking for Ryouga...
Edge:           Looking for Ryouga?

Rinri:          Because you met him again here too, didn't you...

Edge:           Huh?!
                Uh... Yes...
Rinri:          So I thought he maybe nearby...

Edge:           I see...

Tatan:          But you have to be careful.
                There seems to be some suspicious people around here.
                Orca and the others are looking into it...
Rinri:          I just met them.
                I was going to catch them but...
Edge:           No way...!
                It's dangerous so you should...
Rinri:          Oh... I'm quite strong.
                I did travel with Ryouga long ago after all.
                But yes...
                I'll stay in the village for today.
                Since Tatan-chan's with Edge-kun, I don't have to worry.
Tatan:          Yeah.

Rinri:          Edge-kun, be careful.

Edge:           I will.

So, use the portal if you don't want to fight a bundle of random battles. 
Once you arrive, you'll find the Rakulu and Kulmin there again. But 
Gabrio's gone out so Edge is a bit worried leaving them here alone. Tatan 
volunteers to look after them so Edge decides to go off in search of the 
second fortress.

Go through the back and make your way to where you fought the giant planet, 
Balzak. You'll find Gabrio there looking for some suspicious people 
who's been lurking about. He's also been staying around these parts because 
the smell reminds him of his home. He tells Edge that at night, some of the 
flowers glow and it's really beautiful (hint for another night spot to go 
to?). Edge would like to stay and help look but he has to make his way to 
the second fortress. Gabrio understands and reminds him to be careful 
because he heard those great howls from underground. With that, he leaves 
to go back to the fortress.

Now climb on down the vine to the south and go on east. Enter the cave here 
and save. Head on pass the travellers into the next area and then follow 
the path east through into the next area. Here, you'll find a HP restore 
point hidden under a bunch of barrels and boxes just southeast of where 
enter. Once you've healed, go on east towards the exit and Edge will hear a 

Head on in and you'll find a huge robot along with Orca. It seems it's the 
source of those big howls. A girl appears saying that the robot won't do 
anything even though it's so big and scary. You have 2 choices.

(Lets try trusting Volgano.)
(That look... I can't trust it...)

Either way, the girl Ninnya will guide you to the second fortress. But, if 
you chose not to trust the robot Volgano, you'll have to hand the robot 
some oil first before she'll guide you. When you're ready, talk to Ninnya 
(if you didn't trust Volgano) and answer yes (top). Follow her until you 
reach a wall. She forgot she's in a ghost-like form and that Edge can't fly 
up walls like she can. So, she decides to try another route. Exit the area 
the way you came and you'll find her to the north exit.

Before you follow her through into the next area, you might want to return 
to the HP point to replenish your HP. There's a boss fight coming up.

Once you're ready, go up to find Orca hurt. Someone in a dark suit is there 
and he tells Edge to to go any further. Ninnya says she can't see the dark 
person's soul.

| BOSS: Dark Swordsman                          |
| HP:   450                                     |
| DUR:  150                                     |
| EXP:  450                                     |
| b:    200                                     |
| ITEM: Crest of the Beast                      |

This one's not too tough of a fight. Just block and then counter attack. 
Watch out for those 3 strike hits.

After the fight, Orca's in bad shape so Edge decides to take him back home. 
Ninnya says she'll wait with Volgano in the caves for them.

Back home, Berg wonders what happened and where Tatan was. Just as Edge is 
about to leave to get her, Orca asks him to keep it a secret. Excuse being 
that it's not cool for such a thing to happen but he really doesn't want 
her to worry. After helping Orca to his bed, Berg suddenly collapses with a 
terrible fever again. There must be some Hononasu left but Edge doesn't 
know how to use it. So, before we go find Rinri, you'll want to heal up and 
repair those badly damaged weapons now. Also, forge the knuckle weapon if 
you haven't already. Go to the Gates of Goula to find her.

Edge:           Here you are, Rinri-san!

Rinri:          Ah, Edge-kun!
                Ummm... I was here to...
                Well... Calm myself down... So...
Edge:           Ummm...

Rinri:          ...Hmm?
                What's wrong?
                Did something happen?
Edge:           Ummm...
                Master's got a...
                Terrible fever again...!
Rinri:          Oh no!
                Lets get back quick!
                It's died down for now.
Edge:           Thank goodness.

Rinri:          Orca-kun's wounded too I see...

Edge:           Sorry...

Rinri:          It's nothing for you to apologize about.

                More importantly, there's something you must do right now 
                isn't there...?
Edge:           Rinri-san...

Rinri:          Leave this to me.

Edge:           But...

Rinri:          There's nothing you can do here apart from watch if you 
                Is it OK for you to be doing something like that?
Edge:           Yes... You're right...

                I understand.
                I'll go. I'll leave the rest to you.
Rinri:          Leave it to me.
                Good luck finding the Demon Blade.
Edge:           I'll find it.
                Lets go.
So, make your way back to the caves by going through the Blade Fortress 
where Tatan is. She'll ask what happened at the second fortress but Edge 
says they haven't found it yet. Just as the GB was going to explain why, 
Edge interrupts to stop it because of their promise. It seems Gabrio hasn't 
returned yet either.

Return to where Ninnya is and before Edge sets off again, they'll explain 
what's happening and how that dark person could have been linked to Ryouga. 
After the brief conversation, go east then head south at the crossroad. Use 
your knuckle weapon here to knock the boulder out the way then go west to 
find a chest with another sword formula in it. Make your way to where you 
fought that dark person then follow the path. You'll find Ninnya at the end 
along with a HP restore point. Ninnya feels something terrifying ahead and 
tells edge to be careful.

Exit the caves and you'll find another the 3rd teleportation point. Now 
you're at the Sealed Blade Fortress of Water. Now's a good time to prepare 
yourself before you go in to face Gedor and another one of his summoned 
beasts again. While you could get away with not upgrading your old weapons 
to fight the previous bosses, you'll need to for this one. By now you'll 
have some new materials for creating stronger weapons. So, return to your 
workshop and dismantle a few old weapons then use the new tougher materials 
to re-forge them. Your rank should also go up after this and you get access 
to the "Upgrade" option at your furnace.

Inside the fortress, Gedor tells Edge how he's just playing along with 
Ryouga at the moment since both their goals are the same. He's one 
step ahead of Edge and tells him he's too late. But there's nothing here 
anyway. Then he summons Metal Horse to attack you.

| BOSS: Metal Horse                             |
| HP:   600                                     |
| EXP:  750                                     |
| b:    150                                     |
| ITEM: Diary of Memories                       |

After you win, Gedor says he has no time to play around so he leaves. 
Ninnya appears saying she heard a lot of noise above ground so she came to 
see. Since Gedor was here, this must be the fortress Edge is looking for. 
It appears to be used by a summoner long ago too because in one of the 
rooms, there's a lot of books about summoning. Ninnya goes in to check 

Go into the next room and use the bed to recover if you need to. Try to 
leave the fortress and Edge's GB will remind him it's getting dark. He 
should go get Tatan home before then. Well, there's no clues here so 
they might as well. Just then, Ninnya remembers there's another fortress 
deeper into the forest. But, it has flashes of lightning around it so 
she didn't dare go in. So, use the teleporter outside to get back to the 
wind fortress.

Gabrio's back and he says Tatan has been a great help looking after the 
children. The children thanks her by giving her a summoning stone although 
it can't be used until a ceremony's been done. In exchange, Tatan suggests 
she'll make pastry for them... Well, it's time for Tatan and Edge to go 
home too.

Returning home, we find Orca is better now while Berg is still in bed. As 
promised, Edge keeps how Orca got injured a secret and avoids the topic. 
Tatan complains that she's a cute girl so they should protect her well. 
Orca says he'll leave it to Edge and as usual he acts like it's not a very 
pleasant task so it ends up like they're arguing again. Since Berg's fever 
has died down, it's time Rinri went home too.

Night falls and now you have 2 more places you can visit:

The place of memories.
The open grounds in front of the stone slab.
The flower garden of Bolzaks.
The gate of Goula.

- 8.4 Chapter 3, The Father's Memento and the Robot Brnildo

Next morning, Orca comes to see Edge. It appears he's concerned about 
something and asks Edge to go with him. He says he'll be waiting at the 
place near the waterfall next to the shop. So leave the workshop and go 
downstairs. Tatan will stop Edge for a few minutes and asks if Edge knows 
anything about why Orca acting so strange.

I know something.
I don't know anything.

Either way, they won't tell her anything because of the promise they made 
with Orca earlier.

Go onto where the shop is and head down the path that's to the left of the 
lady in red. You'll find Orca there.

Orca:           Sorry I made you come here, Edge...

Edge:           It's OK.
                So, what is it?
Orca:           I had a lot of matches with you here.

Edge:           Uh... Yeah.
                We compared how strong the weapons we made were.
                I lost a lot.
Orca:           And you cried.

Edge:           But you made my cry!

                I really didn't like losing.
                So when I won for the first time, I was really happy.
Orca:           Then you cried.

Edge:           That again!

Orca:           Hahaha...

                So, how about another match since it's been such a long 
Afterwards, he summons his weapon and a fight breaks out.

| BOSS: Orca                                    |
| HP:   600                                     |
| DUR:  180                                     |
| EXP:  1750                                    |
| b:    250                                     |
| ITEM: Aceleration Motor                       |

After you win, it turns out Orca is losing confidence in what he can do. 
Edge beating him there just points things out even more. But being Edge, he 
cheers him up saying that he's got great mechanical skills and without him 
here... who would help him eat Tatan's cooking together? With that, Orca 
decides that he's caused quite a bit of trouble with Ninnya so he's going 
to apologize to her later after he's had some rest. Now we can head to the 
water fortress again.

Back in the water fortress, it looks like Rinri's here too. She's here 
because she heard one of Ryouga's people appeared here so he might be 
nearby. On the other hand, Ninnya says she can't guide Edge to the next 
fortress because she found it by chance and there's no big landmark like 
Volgano there. Edge tells her not to worry and says he'll find it himself 
somehow. He asks what Rinri's going to do and she replies she's staying to 
look for clues. With that, Ninnya wishes Edge good luck and returns 

Leave the fortress into the forest and then continue your way until you 
come across a cave you come across. Go down the ladder and into the east 
area. You'll find a chest with a Fire Ore in it along with a medal in the 
corner. The Fire Ores are very common to get when you beat the fiery Demon 
Fire Masks in here. Leave the cave.

Exit via the exit to the southeast. You'll find a hole here. Be sure you 
don't fall in because you'll end up where you were earlier. Go on into the 
3rd area and drop down the hole there. Exit north and continue on until 
you're out of the caves. Go east here, follow the path and you'll 
eventually come to the Sealed Blade Fortress of the Lightning.

Don't worry about fixing up your weapons or healing up for now and go in. 
Looks like neither Gedor or Ryouga is here but Edge hears a mechanical 
voice. It appears to be some sort of security robot. You have 2 choices:


Either way, it'll tell you to wait and say that it detects that 95% of 
Edge's life signs are of a Demon Blade Bearer. The robot's name is Brnildo 
who's been waiting for the Demon Blade Bearer for a long time. In other 
words, he may know the whereabouts of the Demon Blade. Edge asks Brnildo if 
it knows and it replies it will only answer if he is 100% sure Edge is the 
Demon Blade Bearer. He then flies towards Edge and takes his father's 
memento. Saying that there's not enough energy for a shift, it eats the 
memento and starts charging up Edge. With that, Edge changes again. Now the 
battle really begins. You'll have no trouble finishing the other robot in 
no time.

| BOSS: Clock Knight                            |
| HP:   1000                                    |
| EXP:  2000                                    |
| b:    20                                      |
| ITEM: First Aid Kit                           |

After you beat the robot, Brnildo will hand Edge back his memento as a 
stone. Now you can equip your GB with it by selecting the second option 
in the menu when you press Start. Then you can change into the second form 
to fight during battles. Now that Brnildo is 100% certain Edge is the Demon 
Blade Bearer, he ready to listen to Edge.

First off, Edge tells it to talk in a casual manner before asking about the 
whereabouts of the Demon Blade. Brnildo's manner is a lot different now and 
says it can guide them to it. But first, it will have to prepare the 
teleportation function. To do that, it'll need to have 4 stones which he 
doesn't have. You have two options:

We don't need any guidance then...
We'll just have to find the stones...

Either way, you still need to go find the 4 summon night stones to get to 
your destination because that's the only way Brnildo knows. It seems Edge's 
father had arranged it this way so that Edge must go find the stones and 
Demon Blade himself. Brnildo doesn't seem to know why he done this.

Well anyway, the first stone is upstairs in the room to the right. Take it 
and give it to Brnildo. It tells Edge to install the stone inside but he 
forgets that he's not good with machinary. He causes a bit of an explosion 
and Brnildo passes out. A few minutes later, it wakes up and won't let Edge 
touch it again. This time it wants someone good with machinery to install 
the stone. So, lets go back to the village and find Orca.

Now, before you get all excited and use the new Red Demon Stone, note that 
just like spells, it'll need recharging after use. While most spells 
recover quickly, this takes a LONG time until later in the game. Apart from 
being able to transform Edge into his beast form, it also acts as a sort of 
revival stone. If you have it equipped and charged during a battle, it will 
revive you in beast form when you die. ONLY if you can still summon your GB 
to help.

Back home, you'll find Rakulu together with Tatan. Seems he likes her 
pastry... Edge remembers that Tatan has a summon night stone that Rakulu 
gave to her before, so he asks for it. Tatan asks Rakulu if it's OK if she 
gives it to Edge first though and he says it's OK. Edge thanks her but she 
says it should be Rakulu who should be thanked. Now what could they give 
him as thanks... Just then, the GB suggests a kiss from Tatan. Since it's 
her first kiss, she blurts out it has to be someone she loves. Hearing that 
hurts Rakulu and he runs out the house. Now Tatan's mad so Edge runs out 
the house.

Now to find Orca. Edge remembers he said he was heading to Ninnya's place 
earlier on.

Before heading there, lets pick up another stone somewhere else first. Use 
the teleporter to go to the water fortress first. Rinri is there and it 
appears she found a summon night stone while she was looking for clues. She 
hands it over to Edge and once again, thanks is in order... A kiss from 
Edge! As Rinri moves closer, Edge backs off blushing bright red. Since it 
seems he doesn't want to at the moment, Rinri says they'll leave it for 
next time when they're alone. Then she leaves.

Exit the fortress and use the cave entrance. Go into the west area and use 
the muddy waterfall to get down. Continue on west until you find the big 
robot Volgano again. Once you find them, Orca will go with Edge right away 
even though he doesn't know what's going on. When he finds out that he can 
work with a mechanical soldier again, he is really happy.

Now that we have another 2 stones, hand them over to Brnildo. One left now 
and it says there maybe one deeper into the forest as you leave the 

Exit through the back and into the Forgotten Forest. Head to the area to 
the east to find another medal then return to the first area where the 
travellers are. Go on north to area 2 and we have more holes. Just like the 
last time though, enter the underground cave first through the entrance in 
the cliff side. Go into the the furthest area to find a medal. Exit the 
cavern and fall down the hole in the top right. Head on out through the 
exit then go south into area 3.

Follow the path down until you reach the exit to the south. Go north to 
find a hole and fall down it. Here, you'll find a chest to your left that 
contains a knuckle formula. Return to the point before you fell down the 
hole and exit south into area 4. You'll find Gabrio there. Hearing about 
the damaged Brnildo, they decide to go see if there's anything they can do 
to help. Once again, Gabrio's wild senses tell him there's something 
dangerous up ahead.

Go to the top right corner of this area to find a chest with a spear 
forumula in it. Then exit north and follow the path through into area 3 
again. Fall down the hole you find at the end.

Go on into the area to the right. I suggest pushing the first stone to the 
left first if you want to get hold of a green Gale Sstone. You can 
exit the area and come back to reset the stones again. Otherwise, punch 
the one to the right all the way up until you reach a horizontal 
passageway. Go left from here and punch the next stone up then exit into 
area 5 of the forest. Follow the path round until you reach the Sealed 
Blade Fortress of Fire.

Now would be a good time to return to the village to get some rest and 
forge some stronger weapons with the new material you gathered.

| BOSS: Durahan                                 |
| HP:   1280                                    |
| EXP:  2500                                    |
| b:    250                                     |
| ITEM: Acceleration Motor                      |

Just use the usual strategy. Block and hit. Watch out when it swings its 
sword back for a big strike. Just run and jump just as it's about to hit 
the ground.

Afterwards, a girl named Pasu will appear who looks like Ninnya. In fact, 
it really is her body but it's been taken over. Pasu's claims she's 
Ryouga's lover and says she was planning to investigate this fortress but, 
because of the big giant creature she couldn't. Now her mission's complete 
thanks to Edge, she's away. Wondering what it's all about, Edge decides to 
go ask Ninnya but before that, they must collect the last stone. The GB 
goes up first to find it then asks for something as thanks... Guess what 
that is. Well, it's back to the lightning fortress.

Note that you can now use the 5 empty chests in the fire fortress to store 
weapons you want to keep. The weapons you store here can also be 
transferred to a new file once you complete the game.

Back at the fortress, everything's all setup and ready to go thanks to 
Gabrio and Zeride. With the final stone in place, Edge can set off the next 
day. Orca suggests they go home now but Edge says he must go see Ninnya 
first. Orca goes on home first.

So make your way to find Ninnya. It appears her body was stolen from her 
when she passed out in the forest. Originally, she was on an errand from 
the royal city and a student studying under the Blue Faction. Later, when 
she was looking for some shops on a map and because she's not good with 
maps, she lost her way. Eventually, she passed out because of fatigue and 
hunger. The moment she woke up, she was already in form of a ghost-like 
body. With her knowledge, she can retrieve her body but lately, Pasu hasn't 
appeared so she can't. Now Edge promises to bring Pasu to her.

Now you can return home. There you'll find Tatan, Orca, Rinri and the chief 
too. It appears Berg's fever has flared up again. The reason why it won't 
die down is because of Goula's curse. The only way to undo it is to seal 
Goula once again. Just before night falls again, Tatan seems to have 
something to say.

It's nightly conversation time again:

The place of memories.
The open grounds in front of the stone slab.
The flower garden of Bolzaks.
The gate of Goula.
Waterfall front.
Where Volgano is.

- 8.5 Chapter 4, The Four Demon Blades

Next morning, it's time to go to Brnildo's place to go find the Demon 
Blade. Head on downstairs to find Orca and Tatan. Orca was just going to 
leave too because he wants to help seal Goula. Tatan wants to go too but 
Orca doesn't let her. He's worried about leaving their father alone. Just 
then, Berg wakes up saying he doesn't need any looking after. Still 
worried, Rinri comes in saying she'll stay so Tatan can go too.

Off to the lightning fortress. Looks like Gabrio's been using his great 
sense of smell again because he knew Edge was coming. Now that he's here, 
Tatan suggests they set off. Suddenly, Ninnya appears in her usual way. 
Having not met her before, Tatan gets a little surprise. Edge explains what 
happened to Ninnya and because he seems to know so much, Tatan suspects 
there's something going on between them. Edge ends up being teased. Ninnya 
then mentions about her body being taken and she's counting on Edge. Tatan 
goes off on another of her "funny" thoughts until Edge explains that he 
needs to get it back from one of Ryouga's people.

Now go upstairs and talk to Brnildo. Tatan and Orca seems to be planning to 
go with Edge too since they're worried what might be ahead. But, being the 
brother Orca is, he doesn't let Tatan go. So, Tatan acts all cute and asks 
Brnildo nicely to see if it can teleport her to the place too. Brnildo 
answers that it can only teleport the people the Demon Blade Bearer 
permits. So, before that, Edge asks what kind of place they're going to and 
Brnildo answers in encrypted code. Having no way of decrypting it, they 
don't know what's ahead so Edge decides only he and his GB goes first. If 
anything happens, he'll let them know through Zeride and Brnildo's 
communication abilities.

Now you can talk to Brnildo to teleport back and forth from this unknown 
place (top), charge your Demon Stone or cancel. MAKE SURE you have a 
drill weapon ready before you go!

Once you're ready, pick teleport and pick the unknown "???" destination - 
The Rusting Mechanical Dungeon.

Arriving at what appears to be a mechanical labyrinth. Edge contacts the 
others to let them know he arrived. Edge explains he's arrived but he's 
still to find the hidden Demon Blade. Puzzled why Brnildo won't go with 
them, it says that it's best if it stays behind so that he knows if Edge 
gets attacked. Also, what would they do if it was attacked and they lost 
the teleportation function?

Now, if you examine the pillar to the side, you'll find someone's journal. 
It says there's conveyer belts here and that they can be reversed by using 
switches. Head on north to area 2 then up the left conveyer belt and 
continue right into area 3.

Take the top conveyer over and you'll notice the first of those direction 
changing switches. Go on right a little bit more and take the conveyer 
opposite the exit in the wall down to find a drill and some Soft Iron. 
Return back up using the conveyer to the left then go through the exit in 
the wall down to level 2 of the dungeon.

Switch to a spear and take the top conveyer to the left. Use your spear to 
smash the boxes to the top while you're being transported. Go south and 
take the conveyer nearest the wall. Again, have your spear ready to smash 
the boxes to your right. At the end you'll find 2 chests. Take the conveyer 
back up then the one to the south just further to the right. Once you reach 
the end, ignore the conveyer to your left and continue south on another 
conveyer. Now take the only conveyer left and enter the door at the end. 
Prepare for a boss fight inside. I used a hit and run strategy for this 
one. You might want to save your Demon Stone for the fight with the dark 
warrior again later on.

| BOSS: Dark Swordsman                          |
| HP:   950                                     |
| DUR:  200                                     |
| EXP:  4000                                    |
| b:    300                                     |
| ITEM: King Beast's Crest                      |

After defeating it, the floor will give way. Edge falls and his GB grabs 
onto him but they both fall down. Later, they find themselves in a room 
with a huge robot in the background. They hear Tatan's voice then she and 
Orca arrives at the scene. Since Edge didn't contact them for a long time, 
they came to look for them. Obviously, Orca's amazed at the huge robot in 
the back again and tries to talk to it. But, now that they've made sure 
they're safe, Orca and Tatan leaves.

Exit the area by going right. There's nothing in the left but a locked 
door. Go into the left door first if you need to heal. Then return and use 
the right door down to level 4. Take the left most conveyer down then go 
right at the bottom to find a chest, medal and switch. Use the switch then 
return to the same conveyer to go back up. Take the middle conveyer down 
now and have your spear ready to smash a barrel. At the end take the 
conveyer again to go right. Hit the switch you find at the end with your 
hammer then take the conveyer to the left. Once you reach the platform, go 
northeast to find a chest with a lightning horn in it.

Use the conveyer to the left then use the middle conveyer again to get back 
to the switch. Hit it again then use the south conveyer this time. At the 
end, don't use the right conveyer. You'll be using it later so don't worry 
about not being able to get those boxes later.

Now head on right to area 2. Use the HP point if you need to here. If you 
ready the pillar again here, you'll find that you need a drill to smash the 
door. So smash the door and prepare to fight the dark warrior again.

Inside, Edge will find a floating sword. He picks it up and a name comes to 
mind immediately... Demon Blade of Lightning. Edge doesn't know how he knew 
the name but, it just came to mind. Just then, Ryouga and Gedor appears. 
Ryouga thanks Edge for the hardwork. They couldn't touch the sword at all 
because of the barrier. Now they want it. Since Edge won't hand it over, 
Ryouga commands the Black Swordsman to take it by force.

Once you defeat him, Ryouga shows what power he has and says Edge can't 
beat him the way he is right now. He lets Edge off for now and tells him to 
get stronger then leaves without the sword. Now you must make your way back 
to level 1 where Brnildo is. Once back, talk to him then choose the first 
option to go back to lightning fortress.

Returning, Edge gives everyone the good news. Edge thought they could now 
seal Goula but Brnildo says there's actually 4 Demon Blades. Well, there is 
4 fortresses so there must be 4 in total. For now, everyone decides to go 
home. Orca and Tatan goes on ahead while Ninnya stays behind to ask if Edge 
met Pasu again. Unfortunately he didn't but since Ryouga's persistent in 
getting in their way, he's sure he will see her again. With that, Ninnya 
leaves too. So, make your way back home.

Back at Berg's place, everyone's eager to see the what the Demon Blade 
looks like. Orca asks if Edge can use it but he can't. There seems to be 
some sort of seal on it. Berg points out that there's a seal on the sword. 
One that was made by his ancestors to limit the great power. The power's so 
great that the average human will be in trouble just by going near it.
Rinri goes onto ask what Edge is going to do with it for now and he says 
he'll hide it. He'll be keeping it a secret from everyone even from Orca 
and the others.

Night falls and Edge hides the Demon Blade under his bed. It's that time of 
night to go for a walk again.

The place of memories.
The open grounds in front of the stone slab.
The flower garden of Bolzaks.
The gate of Goula.
Waterfall front.
Where Volgano is.

8.6 Chapter 5, Mermaid Zahne and Captain Viyon

Next morning, it's off to find the remaining Demon Blades. Go downstairs to 
find Orca about to go out.

Orca:           Well, I'm off.

                Oh, Edge.
Edge:           What's wrong?

Tatan:          Looks like some strange people arrived.
                They're arguing at the village entrance.
Orca:           That's why I'm going to to have a look.

Edge:           Oh.

Orca:           Well, look after dad, Tatan.

Tatan:          Leave it to me.

Orca:           It would be great if you were always so obedient.

                Right, Edge?
Edge:           Huh?!

Tatan:          I'm always obedient!
                Right, Edge?
Edge:           Hmmmm...

Tatan:          Right?!

Edge:           Yeah yeah.

Tatan:          "Yes" is enough.

Edge:           Yes.

Orca:           Hahaha...

Edge:           That's mean.
                You're the one that started it.
Orca:           Sorry!
                Well, I'm off.
Since it might be Ryouga's people, best to go take a look too so head onto 
the village entrance.

There, a man who calls himself Toumei says he sensed great evil here so 
he's here to take care of it. He's from the temple of Myouji in Siltan 
which is still incomplete. Hearing the name Siltan, Orca says he must be a 
summoned beast. They go onto say that such beasts are forbidden in the 
village and are blocked out by a barrier. Toumei remembers he came across 
something like that and he made nothing of it. He continues on about how he 
received a message from the heavens while he was sleeping to use his power 
to vanquish evil and how he has travelled the world to resolve many cases. 
Now he's arrived in Cliff Village. He also senses an energy coming from 
Edge too. Thinking that he maybe sensing Edge's power to use the Demon 
Blades, Orca says it's best if he left.

Leave the village to find Kilmin and Rakulu who are on their way to their 
"secret base". Seems Rakulu got over the thing with Tatan and now he likes 

Head on over to the lightning fortress to find Rinri, Ninnya and Gabrio 
together. Once again, Rinri is looking for clues to Ryouga's whereabouts 
but this time she has Gabrio there to help her using his sense of smell. 
Gabrio asks what did Edge do with the Demon Blade and he says he hid it. 
Ninnya goes onto say how she always forgot where she put her own stuff so 
she warns Edge to be careful. Edge jokes they could always depend on 
Gabrio's sense of smell if does forget.

Now head on up to find Brnildo. Talk to him for your next destination and 
pick the "???" option again - The Ever Summer Beach Caves.

This time you're after the water sword and you arrive at the shores. Read 
the pillar to the side to find out there will be coloured switches later 
that'll allow you to raise platforms to help you cross the waters later. 
You'll also find that this is the Ever Summer Beach Caves. Head on right 
into area 2 now.

Continue forward and Edge will hear a voice. It turns out to be a mermaid 
summoned beast named Zahne. Edge introduces themselves then Zahne asks what 
are they doing here:

We're looking for a sword.
Just taking a walk.

Either way, Zahne will think Edge is looking for the treasure, deep within 
the water dungeons and it's shaped like a big sword. She tells them to be 
careful and wishes them good luck before she leaves.

Continue east past area 3 and into area 4. Continue forward as before until 
you hear another voice. A man is calling Edge over. He introduces himself 
as Captain Viyon and needs help hitting the pink switch there. He won't ask 
the mermaid Zahne to do it for some reason. So hit the switch and help him 

Afterwards, they'll find out that Zahne was the one who hit the switch so 
that Viyon got trapped on the other side. He couldn't swim across because 
of all the terrifying monsters in the sea. But now that he knows Edge is 
after the treasure he hurries off, despite hearing that Edge needs the 
sword to save a village.

Don't bother with the chest to the right. It's empty. Instead follow the 
path into area 5 til you reach 3 coloured switches. Hit the green button 
first then follow the new path to a chest with Sandstone Ore in it. Return 
back to the switches.

Hit the pink button first then cross the platforms that rise til you reach 
another pink button. Go left into area 7 then go all the way to the exit at 
the far end and into area 8. You'll find 2 chests there. Return to area 7 
and take the other path going north that's just near the entrance into area 
6. Go left at the pink coral here to find a medal.

Return to area 6 to find Captain Viyon and Zahne again. Seems he's having 
trouble getting past a big sea creature. It wants them to say "Please" in a 
really... Amorous way before he'll let anyone pass as Zahne kindly 
demonstrates. He doesn't care if it's a girl or a boy. So, you have 2 

Try saying please in an amorous way.
I can't do that...

This part's pretty funny and will probably work differently if you picked 
Air the heroine.

You pick the first choice, your hero Edge will copy Zahne but if you decide 
not to do it, it'll be your GB that does it. Either way, it doesn't work. 
Edge gets angry and says they can't get slowed down like this. Hearing 
that, the sea creature gets all upset thinking they're going to fight it. 
It won't fight back so, if they're going to force their way through, they 
can just kill it. Edge decides to play along with the "please" thing after 
all and so does Viyon since they can't fight anyone that won't fight back. 
So, Viyon comes up with an idea to dress like a sexy girl. Now who would 
have clothes like that...? Tatan? No, so it must be Rinri. So off we go to 
find her. Make your way back to Brnildo and teleport back to the fortress.

Back at the fortress, Ninnya wonders what happened. Edge says she won't 
have any amorous clothing obviously in the form she's in and then Rinri 
comes in. Edge asks aloud that he needs to have clothes to make him look 
amourous which surprises everyone. Ninnya asks if he's serious and Rinri 
asks if he's feeling alright. So, Edge explains what's going on.

Hearing what happened, Rinri agrees to lend him her clothes but she thinks 
that just dressing up isn't going to cut it. Just like how sweets have a 
nice wrapping, the inside must also be good too. Edge doesn't really get it 
but asks how is he going to be like an amorous girl from the inside too. 
Rinri answers he must ask someone that is amorous about that but Edge 
thinks she's amorous enough. So, she decides that it'll be quicker for her 
to go talk to the creature herself rather than get Edge all dressed up.

So, talk to Brnildo when you're ready to teleport back to the second 
place, the beach.

Before that, you might want to go back to the village to repair your 
weapons and forge new ones. Also, make sure your Demon Stone is charged 
because you will have 2 boss fights on your hands when you're back at the 
beach. The first one will be with the creature. The second one won't follow 
straight away but, making your way back afterwards will take a long time so 
you should be prepared now.

Once you're back at the beach, return to the creature and answer yes (top).
Rinri does what Zahne done earlier and it seems to work. The creature lets 
Edge pass but not Rinri. It asks her to go out with it but Rinri refuses. 
It asks why and she says she already has someone she likes. Thinking that 
it's Edge, the creature decides to have a match to see who's better.

| BOSS: Aqua Element                            |
| HP:   2000                                    |
| EXP:  5700                                    |
| b:    350                                     |
| ITEM: Whirling Lobster Pincers                |

For this fight, the creature's fairly quick with his attacks so I used 
single strikes with my axe so that I have enough time to block.

You will get a material called the lobster's pincer after beating this 
boss. I know you'll want to experiment with it and see what cool new weapon 
you can forge from it but, here's the thing. You'll need it further on into 
the game so it's up to you if you decide to use it. If you keep it til 
then, it'll save you time and trawling through random battles. If you're 
lucky enough, you might pick up a few more from monster no. 48.

Afterwards, the creature will give up on Rinri and let them pass. Edge says 
it's best if Rinri goes home first since they don't know what's ahead. 
Rather than have Edge take the trouble of escorting her, she asks the 
creature to do it and it happily obliges.

Head on up and use the restore point then continue on pass area 8 and into 
area 9 where you'll find 3 switches again. Use the pink first if you 
want to go cut some grass to gather materials. Then return and hit the 
green button and follow the path upwards. You'll find a chest 
containing a Diary of Memories item. Make your way back down and take 
the other path west, pass a second set of buttons and to the end where 
there's another single green button. Enter the area to the left to find a 

Return to the second set of buttons. Hit the blue button if you want to go 
find a bundle of boxes and barrels for material. Otherwise, hit the pink 
button and follow the path west once again. Go all the way west past area 
10 and 11 to find Zahne again along with the Demon Blade of Water.

Just then Viyon arrives dressed up like a girl... He took all the trouble 
to do that but the sea creature was obviously gone. Just as he thought Edge 
beat him to the treasure, Zahne says the Hisume Stone is required to undo 
the seal on the sword before it can be pulled out. No problem. Edge has the 
power to break the seals without the stone anyway but Zahne makes another 
excuse. She tells them the caverns will collapse if they don't get the 
Hisume Stone first and she'll be in trouble because her home is here. 
Being, the nice Edge, he decides to go for it. Viyon makes goes on ahead 

Continue on west and you'll meet Pasu in a swimsuit. Obviously it was to 
get pass that sea creature and she's here to grab the sword too. Head onto 
the next area with the green and pink buttons. Use the pink one first and 
use the new path to the right. You'll find a sword formula and another 
medal. Return and use the green one then again, follow the new path til you 
reach another 2 buttons. Use the blue one here then use the path towards 
the top to go west. Go all the way west to find a chest with a Sharpening 
Stone in it.

Now exit from the north to find Viyon down on the ground. Pasu also lets 
out a scream seeing how big the Lobster Dragon is and runs away.

| BOSS: Lobster Dragon                          |
| HP:   3000                                    |
| EXP:  6700                                    |
| b:    400                                     |
| ITEM: Steel Goula                             |

For this one, I used the Demon Stone after I done a fair bit of healing and 
lowered its HP about half.

Afterwards, Viyon admits defeat and together they go back to where Zahne 
is. Edge hands over the stone and she tells them the truth about what 
happened. She dropped the Hisume stone when got startled by the Lobster 
Dragon. Since she was too scared to go get it back, she made up the lie to 
get it back. Then she transforms into a human girl. Seeing how cool, strong 
and nice Edge is, she wants Edge to take her too. Just then, Viyon steps in 
and confesses his love to Zahne. Edge has no idea what's going on but 
decides to leave them and go back.

Now you have the Demon Blade of Water, make your way back to Brnildo. It 
turns out he's the one who hid the Demon Blade here. Once back at the 
fortress, Edge thanks Rinri for her help and also tells Ninnya that he met 
Pasu again. Unfortunately, he let her get away so he apologizes. Ninnya 
tells him to worry about it because she's sure there will be another 
chance. But, she wonders how Pasu knew about where the Demon Blade was 

So, time to let everyone know the good news. Return home to find out that 
Berg and the others already heard about it from Rinri. It turns out she 
also told them about the dressing amorously part too so they all demand to 
hear the details...

It's that time of night again:

The place of memories.
The open grounds in front of the stone slab.
The flower garden of Bolzaks.
The gate of Goula.
Waterfall front.
Where Volgano is.

- 8.7 Chapter 6, The Great Gunvard

Next morning, there is a huge sound and the ground shakes violently. 
Perhaps something's happening with Goula? The swords react by making a 
high pitched sound for a while and Edge collapses. They decide to go to the 
gates to have a look. Head downstairs and Edge will hear from Tatan that 
something really has happened at the gates. Orca has gone off to take a 
look. So head for the Gates of Goula.

At the gates, it turns out Toumei was trying to exorcise the evil energy 
and failed. As a result of that, his magic went out of control, breaking 
part of the ruins. This released a huge burst of evil energy out into the 
open which caused the Demon Blades to react. Suddenly, they hear a roar. It 
sounded like Volgano so Orca asks Edge to go take a look while they repair 
the damage.

So, leave for the village entrance. On your way, you'll meet Kilmin and 
Rakulu who's worried about the stray beasts at the fortress. The forest is 
more dangerous now because of the evil energy so they can't go out. They 
ask Edge if he could go check for them.

Continue on into the forest where the first portal is and another 
earthquake will take place. Since we're going to use the portal anyway, 
lets go check on those beasts first. Head to wind fortress and go inside to 
find out they're OK. Return to Rakulu and Kilmin to tell them this and 
they'll give you a Cat Badge as thanks. Now head onto where Volgano and 
Ninnya is.

At the caves, the stray summoned beast Volgano is out of control. Just as 
things seems they couldn't get any worst, Gedor appears to provoke it more 
and parts of the roof start falling down. They decide they need something 
that'll be able to suppress Volgano and they remember the robot they saw 
when they went to retrieve the first sword. They also need something to get 
rid of the evil energy that's got into Volgano so they Edge decides to go 
consult Toumei. So, return to the Gates of Goula.

At the gates, Edge asks if Toumei can do anything about Volgano. Feeling 
it's partly his responsibility, he says he'll think of something after the 
repairs at the gate are done. Edge then explains to Orca about fixing the 
giant robot they saw and obviously, Orca is more than eager to help. But 
then, there's the gate to repair. The chief steps in and gives him 
permission to go so off he goes with Tatan.

Return to where Brnildo is at the lightning fortress to find they've both 
been transported already. So, pick teleport then the first destination to 
get there. Then make your way to where the robot is. Don't forget to charge 
your Demon Stone if you've used it already.

Finding Orca, he apologizes for not waiting for Edge but he just couldn't 
get his hands on the Gunvard. Everything seems to be going fine except they 
need to replace a few parts. They ask Edge to go collect it while they 
continue with repairs. Zeride already contacted the robot that has the part 
so all Edge has to do is talk to it and he'll get it. It's possible he may 
attack though. The robot is on the 6th floor and Zeride has already 
unlocked the door to the left area.

So, head on down to level 5. Take the south exit and follow the path until 
you reach another one of those journal pillars. Use your drill to drill 
through the door. Go into area 3 then down into level 6.

Go to the left to find 3 conveyer belts and a switch. Go down the centre 
one first then follow the path to find some boxes and a medal. Hit the 
switch there to reverse the belts. Make your way back to the belt you came 
down on then use the switch just above the 3 belts. Take the right belt 
this time then drill through the door at the end. Inside you'll find 2 
chests and a medal. Return outside and reverse the direction of the belts 
again. Once you're back at the 3 belts, take the left one and follow the 
path to go find the robot for a boss fight.

| BOSS: Search Eye                              |
| HP:   3200                                    |
| EXP:  7200                                    |
| b:    450                                     |
| ITEM: First Aid Kit                           |

An easy fight. Just keep attacking the robot and watch out for his quake 
attacks. Jump when he does one of them. He'll also fire a missile at you 
now and then.

Now that you have the parts Orca needs, hit the switch you ran by in area 3 
to reverse the belts and then get back to level 5. Go right to the belt 
there and open the chest to find another axe formula then make your way 
back to the Gunvard.

There, Edge will hand over the parts and since there's nothing else Edge 
can do, he can go. Orca suggests he goes see how Toumei is doing and see if 
the repairs are done now. Once he's finished repairing the Vangard, he'll 
take it to where Valgano is. So, make your way back to the Gates of Goula.

At the gates, talk to Toumei. Looks like the repairs are done and he's also 
figured out how to clear the evil energy from Volgano. He'll use a Fu 
(a piece of paper with a symbol on it commonly used in buddhism to vanquish 
evil) and he'll need some of Edge's energy. But, since Edge knows nothing 
about his techniques, it's just not going to workout. Just then, he 
remembers Edge is a craftsman and he forges weapons so he asks Edge to show 
him them. Having looked at Edge's weapons, he sees that they have Edge's 
energy too so he can cast the spell on a weapon that Edge makes. However, 
Toumei has 2 conditions to be met. One is that it's made of Anti-Evil Ore 
and it must be a sword. He warns that once the sword is used, the sword 
will be gone. The old man by the pond will have some Anti-Evil Ore.

So, lets go to the pool in the village. Talk to the man fishing there and 
pick the second option to see a list of the items you can exchange fishing 
points for. You'll find the Anti-Evil Ore as the 7th item down and it costs 
350 points. Looks like we'll have to do some fishing. Exit, and talk to the 
old man again. Pick the first option to start fishing. Refer to the Fishing 
section if you're not sure how to fish.

Once you have 350 points, talk to the old man and pick the second 
option. Exchange your points for the item I mentioned above. Go back to 
your forge and make a sword using the new Anti-Evil Ore which should be at 
the bottom of your items list.

Return to the pool and talk to Toumei. He asks if you have it ready so 
answer yes (top) then pick the sword and pick yes again (top) to confirm 
and hand it over. Toumei will cast the spell on it and will tell Edge that 
he needs a fighting spirit to use it to vanquish the evil energy. Edge 
doesn't quite get it but he's going to try anyway. Have your Demon Stone 
and your weapons ready because you'll be fighting one of Gedor's beasts 
later. There's no need to equip the enchanted sword.

Leave the village and you'll come across the Dark Swordsman again. But, 
Edge has no time to fight him as he hears the yell of Volgano again. Hurry 
back to Ninnya's place and you'll find he's gone. Gedor appears as he 
laughs evily saying that he's gone off on a walk. He used one of his 
summoned beasts to lead it out into the open and now it's heading for 
Cliff Village! Gedor continues onto say that their Gunvard won't come 
either thanks to the Dark Swordsman. Just then, Gunvard arrives on the 
scene. Gedor can't believe it and call them cheaters. He's should be the 
only one who can cheat. Then he leaves.

Edge and his GB are let onboard but then Orca realises that it's all 
machinary inside. He's worried Edge might end up breaking something again. 
So, while everyone works with the different parts of the control system, 
Edge is to give out commands. Now it's time to save Volgano.

| BOSS: Volgano                                 |
| HP:   32000                                   |
| EXP:  N/A                                     |
| b:    N/A                                     |
| ITEM: N/A                                     |

Another easy fight. Just shoot Volgano with the 2 shots of the Gunvard 
Laser that you have then a few more punches and he's done. After that, 
you're up against Gedor's summoned Blade Wing before Edge can use the sword 
to get rid of the evil energy in Volgano.

| BOSS: Blade Wing                              |
| HP:   3400                                    |
| EXP:  7700                                    |
| b:    500                                     |
| ITEM: Diary of Memories                       |

This thing's quick and deadly. I stayed in close range and used the hit and 
block tactic. It also stops you from being hit by its diving attacks. 
Finally, after taking off some of its HP, I used the Demon Stone to finish 
it off.

Afterwards, Edge will take out the enchanted sword and he will yell out 
loud together with his GB to achieve the fighting spirit Toumei mentioned. 
Just as the Gunvard was struggling to hold Volgano, it works and Volgano 
collapses, sleeping. During that time, Gedor makes a quick escape too. Next 
moment, Ryouga and Pasu appears. Ryouga says Edge must still become 
stronger if he's going to stop him. Orca says there shouldn't be a problem 
since they have the Gunvard in their hands now. But, Pasu does something 
and causes the whole Gunvard to shatter. Everyone decides to call it a day 
and go home. After they take care of the remains of the Gunvard.

It's that time of night again:

The place of memories.
The open grounds in front of the stone slab.
The flower garden of Bolzaks.
The gate of Goula.
Waterfall front.
Where Volgano is.

- 8.8 Chapter 7, The Blue Faction

Next morning, Edge decides to go thank Toumei for what he done for them. 
Head downstairs and you'll hear from Orca that Toumei's doing something at 
the gates again so head on over there.

At the gates, Toumei will say that he's investigating Goula's evil energy 
again. Edge thanks him for the enchanted sword but he says it was really 
Edge's fighting spirit that done the work. Edge goes onto asking him 
whether the same sword could help him get summoned beasts out of people's 
bodies too. Toumei answers that it can't but there are other enchantments 
that will do the trick. He'll help them as long as the weapon to be 
enchanted is a sword and that they tell him where this evil energy is 
coming from. The chief says he'll explain it and asks Edge to go find the 
next Demon Blade.

So, guess where we're heading? Off to the lightning fortress again. On the 
way, you'll meet Rinri with the 2 children again. They're off to visit 
their beasts again. Kulmin says that once Rakulu was so scared, she had 
to sing to him once to calm him down. Once you arrive at the fortress, Edge 
will tell Ninnya what Toumei told him. So, Ninnya goes off to find Pasu and 
Gabrio gives her a hand. Go upstairs and talk to Brnildo about the next 
destination once you're ready. Once again, pick the ??? destination - 
Antartic Snow Valleys.
Weapons enhanced with fire damage will be useful here.

You arrive at a snowy place. Read the journal pillar at the side and you'll 
find that you can slip on the grounds here. Head on south pass area 2 and 
into area 3 to find 2 children. They mention something about some evil 
summmoners and mistakens Edge as one of them. Hearing that, Edge thinks 
that Ryouga and Gedor maybe here already.

The trick here to make sure you slide in the right direction is, hold 
down the direction key(s) you want before you collide into something. Then, 
once you get stopped, you'll slide in that direction next.

Head on right to area 4. Here slide towards the right just where the patch 
of grey ground ends and before you hit the cliff, hold the down and right 
buttons of the D-pad so that you slide southwest next. Slide east from 
here, smash through the trunks into the next area to find a medal and 
a chest with a Water Crystal in it. Go back to the last area then go to the 
very top before sliding to the east. Go into the next area and continue 
east. Edge will hear a voice:

Sounded like a man's voice...
Sounded like a girl's voice...

Which you pick will decide who your next opponent will be but both of them 
will use a sword type weapon. It will either be Magna or Toris. The girl 
seems to be faster at attacking, though so it's up to you.

Continue into the next area and Edge will come across a large piece of ice 
so he stops to marvel at its beauty. Just then, 3 people appears. They look 
like summoners so they might be those evil summoners the 2 children were 
talking about. They're even dressed like Ninnya too for some reason. Edge 
is suspicous of them but so is Nesty because Edge has a summoned beast 
tagging along. Edge gets out in front of his GB to protect it and the other 
team thought he was going to attack so a battle starts.

| BOSS: Magna or Toris                          |
| HP:   1400                                    |
| DUR:  150                                     |
| EXP:  4600                                    |
| b:    350                                     |
| ITEM: Hero's Emblem or Proof of Courage       |

Afterwards, they summon a beast but the girl Amer stops it. Edge then 
explains he's not a summoner but a craftsman. So it gets cleared up that 
the beast he has with him is a Guardian Beast. On the other hand, Edge 
tells them that he thought they were evil summoners and it turns out it was 
just the kid's imagination. They're looking for one of their friends and 
also investigating the source of the evil energy they sense here. Now that 
everything's cleared up, both sides decide to hurry on.

Go right into area 7 then go to the very bottom before sliding across. Then 
do as you did last time and press the D-pad diagonally so that you slide 
northwest into the patch of snow. Then slide east into area 8. Go to the 
right and slide upwards into area 9 to find the 2 children again. Get ready 
for a short fight with some Rikaon wolves.

It turns out one of them was actually a summoned beast. Which beast it is 
will depend on your choice earlier. It was investigating something together 
with its master then it got lost. Now it's trying to protect a boy it 
found. Seems the beast is the friend who the people earlier were looking 
for. Suddenly, wolves attack.

Afterwards, the other kid seems afraid of Edge's GB. Edge remembers what 
Kulmin said earlier so he gets his GB to sing that song they heard the 
children singing. With that, the kid isn't scared anymore. The kid says 
quietly to go back to a huge block of ice so, head back there.

After returning the kid to his brother, Edge can go on looking for the next 
Demon Blade. Heal up if you need to and return to the place where you 
picked up the kid. Go north into area 10.

First, go to the far right and slide upwards. Continue north until you come 
to an area with 3 trees. To the right of them, you'll find a medal. Next, 
follow the path to the left until you reach the point where you started 
off. Now go the the right again and slide north from where the left 
side of the patch of grey ground just ends. You'll reach 6 barrels. Smash 
through them and on into the next area to find 3 chests with a diary, 
a spear and a healing item. Return to the sliding point again and slide 
north from the far left this time. Head on up into area 12 with the boxes 
then continue into area 13. Continue onwards and Edge will sense the Demon 
Blade nearby. In the next area, you'll meet Pasu and Gedor again.

Gedor complains how they were just one step away and tries to get Edge to 
go home. This time, it's Pasu's turn to summon something. She summons an 
Ice Golem.

| BOSS: Ice Golem                               |
| HP:   4500                                    |
| EXP:  10000                                   |
| b:    550                                     |
| ITEM: First Aid Kit                           |

My usual strategy. Knock down the golem's HP with my fire enhanced weapons 
first before transforming to finish it off. Mainly it uses ice spikes that 
spring out from the ground. You'll know when it lifts its arms into the 
air. Sometimes it will fly into the air before trying to crush you or try 
using its ice breath. Just don't let it sit on you and you should be fine.

Afterwards, Gedor will be angry that Edge defeated Pasu's summoned beast. 
Just as he was about to summon his, the Demon Blade reacts and the ground 
starts shaking violently. Edge goes up to grab the Demon Blade but it 
doesn't seem to stop. Suddenly, Edge hears a voice and in a flash, 
everything goes back to normal. It turns out to be the summoners from 
earlier on. Thanks to Amer's powers, the shaking stopped. The little guy in 
brown asks who they are and then the 2 children appear to explain to their 
dad what happened. Finding out that Gedor and Pasu are the real bad guys, 
he runs off in a rage. The children thanks everyone by giving them sweet 
potatoes then goes off.

After eating the potatoes, the summoners examine the huge crystal. It seems 
it's the source of the evil energy around these parts but it's not related 
to what they're looking for. On the other hand, Edge found what he was 
looking for and Nesty asks him what is it. But, since they both have 
their secrets, there's no point asking more. Just then, Edge hears them 
mention the name Kasura. Nesty gets angry again because he/she let 
something important slip. Both groups say goodbye, and they seperate.

Time to go back home. Make your way back to Brnildo and teleport back to 
the fortress. Edge will let Ninnya know they came across Pasu again and 
also a group of people who were dressed just like her. Ninnya wonders if 
it's the Blue Faction so, Edge continues telling her the name of the 
person he met (varies depending on what you picked) and how they're on a 
secret mission. None of it seems to ring a bell.

Return home to let Berg and others know Edge retrieved the 3rd Demon Blade 
then Tatan will decide to cook for the night. Night falls and Edge hides 
the Demon Blade. It's time for a nice walk again:

The place of memories.
The open grounds in front of the stone slab.
The flower garden of Bolzaks.
The gate of Goula.
Waterfall front.
Where Volgano is.

- 8.9 Chapter 8, Friends' Betrayal

Next morning, there's a bit of commotion downstairs. After you go down, 
Rakulu is there. It seems Gabrio is wounded and he's in the forest at the 
village entrance right now. Orca and Tatan hurries on ahead to see what 
happened. So, head on down to find them.

Looks like it's Pasu's doing again. She's at the Bolzak Garden and Gabrio 
thinks she's up to something. Orca and Tatan takes Gabrio back to their 
home to treat him and leaves Pasu to Edge. So, head to where you fought 
that giant Grass Dragon plant earlier in the game. Be prepared to fight 
another one of Pasu's beasts again.

Once you arrive, Edge finds Ninnya there too. She found out Pasu was there 
so even though she can't be in bright places, she came. Edge asks Pasu what 
she's up to and she answers she'll tell him only if her beast doesn't lose. 
Then, she summons Death.

| BOSS: Death                                   |
| HP:   5200                                    |
| EXP:  12000                                   |
| b:    600                                     |
| ITEM: Horn of the Demon Race                  |

This thing may seem tough but he's actually really easy. Run up to him with 
an axe then just keep jumping up and hitting him. He won't be able to 
strike back and even when he does, he misses.

Afterwards, Pasu tells Edge that it was all part of Gedor's plan so that 
they can go after the Demon Blades while Edge is out here. Ninnya seems 
very weak but she says she's OK and returns underground. Edge must hurry 
back to the village now.

On your way back, Edge will hear the guard muttering how late he is. 
Continue back to Berg's place to find the chief there too. Too late... 
The plan's succeeded and the Demon Blades have been taken by the Dark 
Swordsman. Now everyone's suspicious of Edge because only he knew where the 
Demon Blades were hidden. How could Ryouga and the others know? Everyone's 
starting to think Edge was working with Ryouga in the first place and no 
one wants to speak to him anymore. It's up to Edge to go find the Demon 
Blades and get them back from the Dark Swordsman.

Have your equipment ready and return to the Bolzak Garden. Go down the vine 
there and Edge will talk to the Dark Swordsman. It turns out he's handed 
them over to Gedor already. He asks why Edge needs them and you have 2 

To clear my name.
To seal Goula.

Either way, the Dark Swordsman will try and turn Edge's feelings against 
the villagers but he doesn't succeed. Edge is determined to retrieve the 
swords to save everyone and a battle breaks out.

| BOSS: Dark Swordsman                          |
| HP:   1650                                    |
| DUR:  250                                     |
| EXP:  6000                                    |
| b:    400                                     |
| ITEM: Crest of the Scared Beast               |

Afterwards, the Dark Swordsman turns out to be... Gabrio! It was him who 
had been helping Ryouga all along and it was thanks to Zeride that they 
could teleport to the places Edge could. Gabrio was told that reviving 
Goula will allow him to go back home. He didn't really believe it but there 
was hope. That's why he decided to help them. He goes onto tell Edge that 
the villagers isn't turning their backs on him. They're acting like that 
because Zeride helped sneak in one of Gedor's summoned beasts. All Ed has 
to do, is defeat it now. Before that though, Gabrio says that Gedor seems 
to be planning something else deeper into the forest and it's best Edge 
goes there to take a look first. With that, he returns one of Tatan's 
pastries to Edge and leaves.

So, head into the area where Zeride appeared from then continue east til 
you reach the area with a vine going down. Climb down it then go west and 
go into the cave. Drill through the patch of small rocks to the right to 
find a healing item and a diary inside then go back out. Go down the stairs 
then go all the way east past 2 waterfalls until you find a chest with a 
blue Grinding Stone in it. Return to the two waterfalls and go south. Use 
your knuckle weapon to knock the boulder out of the way then go west. Drill 
open the patch of small rocks and inside you'll find a medal, sharpening 
stone and a first aid kit. Leave the cave now and return back outside to 
the vine you climbed down earlier.

Head south from the vine into area 3 and continue into area 4. Go to the 
far right where there's 3 barrels. Smash them then go in between the trees 
to fall down the hole to the right. Follow the path left all the way to the 
end then drill through the wall. Inside make your way all the way east 
until you exit the caves into area 5 of the forest. Follow the path west 
now to find Gedor with Orca under his control.

There will be 2 battles up ahead. One with Orca then another with Gedor and 
his summoned beast together.

Since Orca's under Gedor's control, he continues to believe that Edge 
betrayed them. Edge can't do anything since his opponent's Orca. Just then, 
his GB reminds him what Gabrio said earlier. The way Edge fights conveys 
how he wants to protect everyone so Edge's GB is sure that Orca will wake 
up when they fight him.

| BOSS: Orca                                    |
| HP:   2500                                    |
| DUR:  250                                     |
| EXP:  6500                                    |
| b:    450                                     |
| ITEM: Scroll of Mechanics                     |

Orca's not that hard to beat. Just block and counter attack and that'll do.

Afterwards, Orca wakes up but Gedor gets his beast to control him again. 
Edge thinks of an idea and stuffs the pastry Gabrio returned to him earlier 
into Orca's mouth. For a moment, he passes out then wakes up again. He's 
back to normal again and takes the Demon Blades back from Gedor. Now that 
it's turned out like this, Gedor gets his Gedo Gunner to attack so that he 
can take the Demon Blades back by force.

| BOSS: Gedor                                   |
| HP:   1700                                    |
| DUR:  265                                     |
| EXP:  7300                                    |
| b:    600                                     |
| ITEM: Scroll of Mechanics                     |

This battle's a pretty tough one because there's two to take care of. But, 
you'll take them out quickly enough using the Demon Stone.

Afterwards, Gedor gets very upset because of all these "cruel" things 
happening to him. He then blames Edge saying that he's the one that'll be 
taking away his happiness. Just then, Ryouga arrives and asks Gedor angrily 
what he is doing. Gedor replies that he's doing all this to help revive 
Goula. Ryouga can't stand him using such methods against Edge so he scares 
him off. Even so, he has no intentions of letting Edge get away with the 
Demon Blades. Orca steps in saying they can't go back to the village then 
so Ryouga changes his mind. He says there's no point having the Demon 
Blades if all 4 of them isn't here. In that case, Edge thinks he wins and 
tells Ryouga that Gabrio will no longer be working for him. Ryouga thinks 
up of a counter plan and says he'll go destroy Brnildo the next day then 

For now, Orca decides they should get back and have a good night's rest. He 
apologizes for treating Edge the way he did. Edge then bursts into tears 
because of how lonely he was when everyone turned on him. Afterwards, Orca 
decides to go ahead first. If anyone isn't back to themselves yet, he'll 
force them to eat some of Tatan's pastry...

Time to head on back home. At the foot of the cliff, Edge will meet Rinri. 
It appears she wasn't in the village during the time everyone was being 
controlled. She was off to look for Ryouga as usual. Seeing Edge's troubled 
face, Rinri asks what's wrong and says he's always welcome to talk to her 
about his troubles.

Continue back to Berg's home and along the way, the guard will apologize 
too. Back at Berg's place.

Orca:           Oh...
                Edge is back!
Edge:           I done it!
                I got the Demon Blades back!
Tatan:          Ummm...

Edge:           Hmm...?
                What is it?
Tatan:          I'm sorry!

Edge:           Hey, what for...?

Berg:           We're really sorry, Edge.
                We distrusted you.
Chief:          I said such harsh words even though I'm the village 
Edge:           It's OK.
                It was all because of Gedor's summoned beast.
                You don't have to mind.
Chief:          Thank you...

GB:             {Says they must thank Tatan too.}

Tatan:          Huh...?
Edge:           Well... All sorts of things happened...
                You were a great help.
                Right, Orca?
Orca:           Ah, yeah.
                It's all thanks to Tatan just this once.
Tatan:          Hu... Huh?
                I don't get it but you're welcome.
Orca:           Well, Edge.
                Lets get some rest for today so that you can fight 
Edge:           Yeah...
                But before that, I have to hide the Demon Blades again.
Tatan:          Now that you mention it, where did you hide it before?

Edge:           Heheh.
                I can't tell you.
Orca:           A secret is it?
                We know about the dummies you put under your bed.
Berg:           I knew about it too...

Tatan:          That's our Edge.
                No one would fall for a trap like that.
Edge:           Uh!
                Ye- Yeah...
                That's right...
Tatan:          So where did you hide it?

Everyone tries to get Edge to tell them but obviously he can't so he runs 
off saying "Sorry!".

Night falls and Edge's GB suggests hiding it under the bed again. No one 
will believe it's the real thing...

So, time for a nightly walk again:

The place of memories.
The open grounds in front of the stone slab.
The flower garden of Bolzaks.
The gate of Goula.
Waterfall front.
Where Volgano is.

- 8.10 Chapter 9, Ryouga's Scheme

Next morning, both Orca and Tatan arrives in Edge's room to check if he was 
ready to go. Since there's no time to waste, they both hurry on ahead to 
where Brnildo is. So, get your weapons ready and head on downstairs. Before 
you leave, Berg asks Edge to come back safely. Continue on to leave the 
village and you'll meet the 2 children again. They ask if there's anything 
they can do to help retrieve the last Demon Blade and mentions Rinri left 
just a while ago too.

Go on over to the electric fortress. Everyone's gathered but it seems 
nothing's happened so far. Toumei's also there saying that it's his lucky 
place today. Since he's here, he might be able to retrieve Ninnya's body 
for her. Orca suggests Edge makes haste to go get the last Demon Blade 
while Ryouga isn't here yet. That way, he won't go for Brnildo anymore. 
Orca, Tatan and Rinri then goes out to check to make sure Ryouga doesn't 
get anywhere near the fortress.

Go upstairs and talk to Brnildo to find out your next destination. Just 
then, an explosion is heard. Everyone runs upstairs and Tatan says they're 
here. Pasu is attacking the fortress now. They rush Edge to get to the next 
destination while they hold Ryouga off. As before, pick the last option ??? 
and you'll be teleported to a hot looking place - Boiling Waters of Hell.

As with the previous 3 dungeons, there will be a pillar at the side with a 
hint about the workings of the dungeon. This one says you can hammer any 
spouting spring water to stop it.

Go right into area 2 then into area 3. From there, go north into area 4 and 
you'll see why you have to stop those springs. Hit the chest to the left of 
the waterfall first then go up the steps. Go right and you'll find the 
spring you need to hammer along with a medal next to it. Next continue 
right into area 5 and go downwards into area 6. Continue on into area 7 and 
Edge will hear a voice so go on into area 8 to find a girl in the hot 
springs. The girl screams and her brother goes off to get their clothes.

The girl's name is Kohina and her brother is Kuuya. She gets angry at Edge 
for seeing her naked but Edge replies asking what she was doing naked in 
such a place anyway. Then Kuuya answers there's no one who would go into a 
hot spring dressed now is there? Since Edge acts like he doesn't know it's 
the hot springs, the brother and sister gets angry and attacks together.

| BOSS: Kuuya and Kohina                        |
| HP:   1750 / 1700                             |
| DUR:  150 / 130                               |
| EXP:  7500                                    |
| b:    500                                     |
| ITEM: Secrets of a Ninja 1                    |

Both of them are fast and pretty strong with their Ninja weapons but 
nothing a few spells like Omega Burst (blue burst of energy) can't handle.

Once you defeat them, Edge will find that both of them are cursed and 
wounded by a beast. The hot springs here help them a little because of 
their medical attributes. To break the curse, they must defeat the beast. 
Now it's their turn to ask Edge why he's here. He answers he's looking for 
a sword. At first, they mention a sword and decide not to tell him but 
since both sides had their mistakes, they let things go by. Kuuya tells 
Edge that there's a sword deeper into the area in front of a large rock. 
But, Kohina warns him to go there because the beast that cursed them is 
there. Even so, Edge is keen on going.

Go east into area 9. Move along while you can see and you'll find a path 
going north. The spring for this area is to the top right. After you hammer 
it, there will be 2 chests to the left with a sharpening stone and first 
aid kit. After you collected those, return the way you came and go east 
again into area 10.

Follow the path up the first flight of steps then take the stairs to your 
right to find the spring and a medal. Return back up and go to the top 
right corner to get the drill formula in the chest. Use the exit to the top 
left corner now to go into area 11. Once you've cleared all the boxes, 
barrels and chest, continue into another misty area 12.

Once again, go up the first flight of stairs then take the ones to your 
right to find the spring. Return up the stairs and continue left until you 
come across a waterfall. Slide down the waterfall to find a chest with a 
diary in it. Head on down into area 13 now then continue left into area 14 
and then into area 15 where you'll find Kohina again.

She tells Edge that she came to see him get beat by the big beast that's 
up ahead but Edge doesn't get irritated at all. He says he wants to help 
them remove their curse by defeating the beast. However, since the most 
important thing is to get the sword, they may run away with it if things 
turn out bad. Kohina reacts like she couldn't care less.

Well, you heard what's up ahead so prepare for at fight. At first, it seems 
it's not there but then it suddenly jumps out at Kohina. She shouts out to 
Edge telling them to run away. It was her fault that her brother got cursed 
too because he came to save her. She doesn't wishes it never happened and 
thinks the same thing will happen to Edge if he fights it. Just before Edge 
fights the beast, he tells her she should apologize to her brother.

| BOSS: Demon Shrine Monkey                     |
| HP:   6700                                    |
| EXP:  16000                                   |
| b:    700                                     |
| ITEM: Horn of a Fierce God                   |

Quite a tough beast this Shrine Monkey. I used a bundle of spells to weaken 
it first before attacking it with my weapons. Saving the Demon Stone for 

Afterwards, Kohina will pass out so Edge carries her to the springs where 
her brother is. A few moments later, Kohina wakes up. Hearing that Edge 
brought her here while she was unconcious and put her in the springs, she 
gets the idea Edge done something. Edge quickly replies that he didn't and 
goes red. Kohina's brother lets it pass this time round and thanks Edge for 
defeating the beast and rescuing his sister. Now it's time for Kohina to 
make that apology. Hearing that, Kuuya also apologizes for not being able 
to protect her and they both decide to get stronger.

If you remember, Edge never took the Demon Blade before he went to save 
Kohina so you now have to go back to where you fought the Shrine Monkey 
again. Be prepared though, because you will have to fight with Ryouga 
himself this time.

Once there, Ryouga appears to collect all the Demon Blades from Edge. Even 
though Gabrio isn't helping him anymore, he managed to "borrow" Zeride for 
a while. Edge refuses to hand the swords over so Ryouga changes, prepared 
to take them by force. Just then Gabrio bursts in and wounds Ryouga. 
Ignoring that, Ryouga attacks.

| BOSS: Ryouga                                  |
| HP:   2500                                    |
| DUR:  150                                     |
| EXP:  8000                                    |
| b:    550                                     |
| ITEM: Horn of a Fierce God                    |

Ryouga's quick with his claws in demon form but you can take him out easily 
with the Demon Stone.

Afterwards, Ryouga is back to his human form again but he's persistent on 
fighting Edge. As long as Edge still wants to prevent the revival of Goula, 
he will keep fighting. He then attacks Edge and the Demon Blades fly to the 
ground. Gabrio runs over to collect them and refuses to hand them over to 
Ryouga for Edge's sake. Ryouga gets angry hearing those words and just as 
he was about to destroy the swords together with Gabrio, Edge changes. Then 
there is a blinding flash of white light.

A moment later, Edge wakes up to find Kuuya, Kohina and the others around 
him. Everyone was there apart from Ryouga. They don't know what happened to 
him after the great energy Edge released because they lost conciousness. 
Thinking it's his fault that his friend Ryouga is gone now, he starts to 
hate his power. Kuuya then steps in to say that he must be responsible for 
his own power and decide what to do with it rather than be depressed. Then 
he leaves. Gabrio also feels sad now that it's turned out like this and 
feels it's his fault that Edge changed. It's time to return home with the 
swords now.

Tatan:          Welcome back, Edge!

Edge:           Yeah...
                I'm back...
Orca:           Great...!
                You've got the last Demon Blade at last!
Edge:           Yeah...

Orca:           What's wrong...?
                You don't seem happy...
Toumei:         During an intense battle with Pasu, I've found a way to get 
                her to leave the body. Now you just have to gather the 
Ninnya:         Oh... I don't mind if you do that later.
                It's more important we seal Goula...
Toumei:         But it seems Pasu's bond with your body is growing 
                stronger. She must be taken out as soon as possible.
                It seems Pasu has a reason for really desiring that body...
Tatan:          The reason's Ryouga, right?

Edge:           No need to worry about that now...
                I've defeated... Ryouga...
Orca:           H- Hey, Edge...
                You defeated him...?!
                You serious?!
Edge:           Yeah...

Rinri:          Tell us, Edge-kun...
                What happened over there.
Edge:           OK...

Moments later...

Rinri:          ...
                So that's what happened...
Edge:           ...

Orca:           The Demon Blade Bearer's power went out of control huh...

Tatan:          But...
                Edge was protecting everyone...
Ninnya:         That's right...
                It's not Edge-san's fault...
Edge:           No... It's my fault...
                Sorry... Rinri-san...
                I... Killed Ryouga...
Rinri:          I'm sorry, Edge-kun...
                But I... don't know what to say right now...
Edge:           Rinri-san...

Rinri:          But... All I can say is this...
                You weren't wrong...
                You done well...
Edge:           ...

Rinri:          Thanks...
                {Name of GB} too...
GB:             {???}

Edge:           ...

Rinri:          Anyway...
                That's all the Demon Blades gathered...
                Lets get back to the village...
Tatan:          Yes.
                Dad's waiting for us to get back...!
Orca:           I'll make you something good.

Ninnya          Cheer up...
Toumei:         Hmmm...
                Which way home is the most fortunate...?
Head back to Berg's place.

Berg:           Welcome home, Edge...
                I've heard it from everyone...
                Good work...
Edge:           I've gathered all the Demon Blades now...
                Now... We can seal Goula...!
                Then lets do it quick!
                Like now...!
Tatan:          What's wrong, Edge?
                Calm down...!
Edge:           I'VE HAD ENOUGH!

Orca:           Edge...

Edge:           ...
                I've had enough...
                Enough of this...
Berg:           I see...

Edge:           But... I'm the only one...
                Who can use the Demon Blades to seal Goula right...?
                So I want to get it done and over with...!
                Then I won't need the power of the Demon Blades again...
                And everyone in the village will be happy right...?
Berg:           What...?

Edge:           Master...

Berg:           Thanks for those thoughts but, there's no way you can 
                seal Goula right now...
Edge:           Why?!

Berg:           Right now, the Gates of Goula are acting as a barrier...
                To seal him, you must pass through the labyrinth that's 
                full of Goula's evil energy...
                But the way you are now, you'll be dead before you get to 
                seal him.
Edge:           Really... I've managed it somehow all this time!
                I'll be all right!
Berg:           What can you do when you're afraid of your own power?!

Edge:           Uh-

                But... What should I...
Berg:           The power of the Demon Blade Bearer is the same as the 
                swords. If you're a craftsman then you'll figure it out 
                When that time comes, I will tell you the key to open the 
                Gates of Goula...
Edge:           But...

Night falls and Edge hides the last Demon Blade. Edge looks at his father's 
memento and asks why it all came to this. He already knows how to make use 
of the power of the Demon Blade Bearer. Edge's GB suggests he goes for a 

This time round, several different events can happen the next morning 
depending on your choice. The character you choose to meet will be 
the character you end up meeting towards the END of the game so picky 

Here's what to do for each of the choices:

Go to the ceremony area. Guess who your GB's praying for?

Meet Tatan downstairs. She's cooking something and asks if you want to eat 
it now (top) or later. Tatan's made some curry and for the first time, it's 
actually good!

Just head on out of the village and Edge will automatically make his way to 
the wind fortress. The Gabrio who had always planned to leave decides to 

Head out the village and Edge will meet Rinri where he last saw Ryouga. She 
cheers Edge up by saying how she can feel Ryouga is still alive and so, 
Edge believes in his friend too.

Go to the fishing spot where Orca will tell Edge that he's not alone. He 
doesn't need to worry about losing control because they'll be there for 

Exit the village and Edge will go to where Ninnya is. Ninnya talks about 
her past and gives Edge some oily seeds to eat.

And, that's the event for the day. At night, Edge will talk to Berg.

Edge:           Master...!

Berg:           Oh... That look...
                Looks like you've caught onto something...
Edge:           The power of the Demon Blade Bearer is the same as the 
                swords... In other words, it's decided by the person who 
                uses them...
Berg:           Well, that's something you can understand if you think 
                about it. So, how will you use them?
Edge:           It's obvious.
                To seal Goula!
Tatan:          Edge!

Berg:           Oh...
                You're not afraid of losing control of the power now?
Edge:           Not at all!

                ...or that's what I want to say but, I'm scared actually...
Orca:           Edge...

Edge:           But I know...

Berg:           ....

Edge:           I know that I'm not alone...
                Everyone's here to support me...!
                I'll be alright!
                I can fight!
Berg:           Edge...!

                Well said!
                Yes... You're not alone!
                Don't forget that I'm with you too!
                Go on with all your might!
Edge:           Master...!
                Thank you!
                Well, please tell me what the key to open the Gates of 
                Goula is!
Berg:           It's late now so we'll do it tomorrow.

Edge:           WHAT~?

Berg:           What are you saying, Edge?!
                You'll forget it while you're sleeping right?
Edge:           No- No way...

Orca:           It's possible.

Edge:           Hey...

Tatan:          Possible.

Edge:           You too...

GB:             Possible.

Edge:           I give up.

- 8.11 Chapter 10, The Return of Peace in Cliff Village

Next morning, just as Edge thought they could learn the secret to unlock 
the gates, they hear a cry. Head downstairs to find the 2 children Rakulu 
and Kulmin there. It seems Ninnya is disappearing! Zeride had come to tell 
Rakulu that. Now everyone hurries over to where Ninnya usually is. So, head 
on over to where Volgano is.

Upon arriving at the caves, you'll hear that Pasu was here asking Ninnya 
what happened to Ryouga. Hearing how Ryouga maybe dead must have 
strengthened the link between Pasu and Ninnya's body. That's why she's 
disappearing now. Gabrio's already off after Pasu so Orca decides to go 
help. In the meantime, Edge is to go find Toumei to make the right weapon 
to get Pasu to leave Ninnya's body. But, just as Orca leaves they hear a 
loud voice.

Continue east until you find Toumei. Seems he's been wandering around for a 
while while he was working out the most fortunate way of travelling. Edge 
tells him what's going on and as usual, he's very picky about what sort of 
things he need to prepare what they need. He needs a sword made out of 
material that Pasu doesn't like. Edge thinks back to the time when he had 
to get the Hisume Stone back for Zahne and remembers how Pasu reacted to 
the big lobster. So, he decides they'll make a sword out of lobster 

Well, if you haven't been doing a lot of experimenting with weapon making 
then you should have one of those. You get it after defeating the Aqua 
Elementwho wanted people to dress amorously. The icon of the material is 
blue and is in the shape of a lobster's pincer. If you have used it, don't 
worry. It just means a bit more work for you. For those of you who still 
have it, you can skip the next paragraph.

That's right. You need to head back to the Ever Summer Sea Caves (the 
beach) to get it. Get into random battles and look for a big purple monster 
holding a trident. The monster is no. 48 in the monster encylopaedia. You 
might have come across it. Beat it and hope that it'll drop one of those 
pincers you need.

Go back to forge the sword with the pincers then go to the fishing area 
again and give it to Toumei. He'll say Edge's skills have improved and that 
you use the sword the same way as before. Head on out the village and 
Zeride will be there to pick Edge up. He'll teleport you to the outside of 
the lightning fortress where Edge will hear Pasu's voice. Be ready for a 
fight with Pasu and one of her beasts.

Inside, you'll find Pasu trying to force Brnildo to teleport her to where 
Ryouga was. She refuses to believe he's dead and when she see's Edge, she's 
even more angry. Edge tries to apologize but he knows he won't be forgiven 
but he still needs to get Ninnya's body back.

| BOSS: Pasu                                    |
| HP:   1500                                    |
| DUR:  270                                     |
| EXP:  8800                                    |
| b:    700                                     |
| ITEM: Highly Demonic Life Stone               |

Their attacks are very pesistent but nothing a quick transformation can't 

After you beat Pasu, Edge will force her out of Ninnya's body then take it 
to where Ninnya is. Just in time too because she seems a lot weaker than 
before. She returns into her body then for a moment, nothing happens. 
Suddenly she wakes up and is jumping with joy. She gives Edge a hug and 
thanks everyone too but then, she collapses again. She must be tired after 
nearly disappearing completely. It's time for Edge to prepare himself to 
seal Goula now. On the other hand, Orca said he saw someone suspicious 
while he was looking for Pasu. Someone that looked like Gedor so he's going 
to go check it out. Meanwhile, Gabrio looks after Ninnya and Rinri escorts 
Tatan home.

Return home to find that Tatan's back but Orca's still out. Go upstairs to 
your room and examine the bottom of your bed to retrieve the Demon Blades. 
Just then, Orca will be back. Go downstairs to meet him along with the 

Edge:           Ah! Village chief-san.

Chief:          It's nearly time to go seal Goula.

Edge:           Yes...
                I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused the villagers...
Chief:          We're the ones who should be sorry...
                Having to put the fate of the village on a young 
                person like you...
                It is shameful...
Edge:           It's OK...
                I'm the Demon Blade Bearer after all.
Chief:          Edge...
                I shall thank you on behalf of the villagers... and...
                We're counting on you!
Edge:           Yes sir!

Berg:           Well, it's time to tell you how to open the Gates of Goula.

Edge:           Yes.

Berg:           The key is you, the Demon Blade Bearer and the 4 Demon 
                Blades... And that red demon stone.
Edge:           Dad's memento...

Berg:           First, go to the Gates of Goula then face the red demon 
                stone towards the crest on the door and say this...
Edge:           A... Akaunt...?
                Is that a spell...?
                Feels kind of embarassing...
Berg:           Akaunt!

Edge:           OK OK...
                "Akaunt" right?
                I got it!
Berg:           Then the Gates of Goula will open.
                You then have to undo the seals on the 4 Demon Blades.
Edge:           Now you mention it... How do I seal Goula?
                I can't use magic or anything...
Berg:           Don't worry...
                I'm sure your memory as a Demon Blade Bearer will know.
Edge:           My memory as a Demon Blade Bearer...?

Orca:           Well...
                You'll know whe you get there.
                We're counting on you.
Edge:           Orca...

Tatan will then make Edge promise that he'll come back safely and goes out. 
Probably to pray in front of the stone says Orca. Edge asks him what 
happened with the suspicious person and Orca replies he couldn't find him 
again. He hopes he just made a mistake. Everyone hopes for the best for 
Edge and leaves.

So, head on over to the gate and talk to Orca. He'll ask if you're ready so 
pick the first optioin to say Yes. Be prepared for another fight with 

Edge takes out his father's memento and shouts out the word Berg told him 
too and symbols appear on the gate. Just as they're about to go in, Ryouga 
appears. Edge is glad that he's alive while Orca wonders how he got through 
the barrier around the village. Obviously the barrier was ineffective 
against him long ago. Once again, Ryouga asks if he's still persistent on 
going to seal Goula and of course, Edge answers yes. No matter what waits 
ahead, he's going. So, a fight breaks out.

| BOSS: Ryouga                                  |
| HP:   3000                                    |
| DUR:  180                                     |
| EXP:  9000                                    |
| b:    60                                      |
| ITEM: Life Stone of a Fierce Demom Boy        |

As before he's very quick but, keep your distance when attacking him and 
you should be fine.

After the fight, Ryouga still doesn't let Edge go and Gedor appears holding 
Tatan hostage. It appears Ryouga knows nothing about it, though. Orca tries 
to rescue his sister but gets knocked away. Gedor still thinks everyone's 
trying to take away his happiness, getting the power of Goula. Just then, 
Ryouga senses a demon in him and Toumei also arrives at the scene. With 
Tatan hostage, they can't really do anything so Edge does as Gedor says and 
goes towards him. Just as he was going to get killed, chains of lightning 
strikes the area and Rinri appears. Everyone passes out apart from Edge, 
his GB, Ryouga and Rinri.

Rinri goes onto say something about how Ryouga's purpose was to gather the 
Demon Blades. Then he had no need to come back to the village. She goes 
onto saying about returning the Demon Blades to Goula-sama saying that 
they're the source of Goula's power. So, they can't forgive humans for 
using Goula's own power to seal him. Even the power of the Demon Blade 
Bearer that has been passed down from generation to generation is part of 
Goula's soul. Now, Rinri must return them all back to Goula because of the 
link between her and her master, Glen. While Ryouga wants the power of 
Goula to break that link, Rinri now needs Edge's life and the Demon Blades 
to revive Goula. All this time, Ryouga had been trying to save Edge by 
keeping the Demon Blades away from him. Just then, Goula's booming voice is 
heard and a burst of his evil energy sweeps Gedor away. Rinri grabs Orca 
and Tatan then tells Edge that'll she'll be waiting where Goula is.

Back home, Edge understands why his father apologized to him now when he 
was younger. Ryouga lays in bed and without Gabrio's help, Edge couldn't 
have carried him home. Edge still can't believe what Rinri really was and 
what she's doing now. Also how all this time Ryouga had wanted to help him 
and his sister. Next, Edge's GB comes up to tell him his master's calling.

Go downstairs to talk to Berg and he'll ask if you're finished with Ryouga.
Answer yes and Edge will explain about what happened to everyone. They also 
learn that to revive Goula, they need a body to tranfer his energy over 
too. That's what Ryouga wanted so he could break the link between Rinri and 
the man named Glen. They also learn from the chief that Glen is the man 
that attacked the village long ago and got defeated by Edge's father using 
the Demon Blades. Now he's using Rinri to take vengeance.

Legend has it that a group of summoners had tried to summon Goula long ago 
but failed. Part of Goula remained in one of the summoners and since they 
had no way of sending him back, they stole the source of Goula's power, the 
Demon Blades to defeat him. Even so, his energy did not get destroyed 
completely so the Demon Blades were also used to seal him. Since they knew 
that a person couldn't possibly live with Goula's energy in them, they 
added in a summon night stone to seal the energy within. It turns out Edge 
and the chief knew about it all this time but said nothing of it. Now Edge 
wants to go save Orca and Tatan but, knowing it's a trap the chief doesn't 
let him. Even Berg says the same thing and says the sealing Goula is more 
important right now.

Once you're ready, head on back to the gates. You'll have to fight 
Berg there. Along the way, the children will ask Edge where Orca and Rinri 
is. Edge just answers they're out. Continue to the gate to find Gabrio and 
the others gathered together. It seems they were thinking of saving Tatan 
and Orca in place of Edge. Edge thanks them but says he must go himself. 
Being Toumei, he says he won't let Edge go but then Berg appears. He tries 
to talk Edge out of it but since Edge won't listen, he summons his weapon 
and attacks.

| BOSS: Berg                                    |
| HP:   2500                                    |
| DUR:  290                                     |
| EXP:  9500                                    |
| b:    700                                     |
| ITEM: Real Iron Orb                           |

He's not too hard but watch out for his spinning axe attack. It can take a 
lot of your HP away in one go.

Afterwards, Berg will understand Edge's feelings and tells him that his 
skills as a craftsman has gone up. He's no longer just an apprentice now so 
he decides to let Edge decide his own future. Seeing what a wonderful 
battle it was, Toumei also praises him and says he'll let them through. Now 
it's just how Edge is planning to save Orca and Tatan. He's only thought 
about finding them and having thought about how to bring them back. Gabrio 
suggests getting Zeride to help to teleport them back and hands Ed's GB a 
communication device so that he can contact them. Then they help Berg back 

Once you're ready, go into the gate into Goula's dungeon. Head on up and 
into the first area. Follow the path and you'll come a cross a button and 2 
boulders. If you go to the door, it'll say light up the 2 eyes so, use your 
knuckle weapon to punch the 2 boulders onto the switches. Next, continue 
through the door into area 2. Follow the path round til you get into area 

Head on south here until you come across 3 sentries. Enter the door there 
and continue into the room to the right to find 2 chests with a diary and a 
first aid kit. Exit the way you came back to the sentries then head on 
down. Ignore the door for now and slide to the right. Follow the path then 
fall down the hole at the end into level 2 of the dungeon.

Go to the top right for some goodies then take the left path and go up the 
centre into area 2. Follow the path along the wall and exit through the far 
southwest corner. Follow the path down to find a door going back up. Go on 
up to find yourself back where the patch of red ground is. Hit the first 
boulder you come across upwards until it just passes the one to your left. 
Then slide your way across and punch the left boulder so that it's lined up 
with the button above. Now you can punch the 2 boulders up easily then into 
level 2 of the dungeon again.

Go on left into area 3 where you'll find a healing point. Go to the far 
left wall and slide north. Next, slide to the boulder to the right and hit 
it south until it lines up with the wall. Slide on back to the HP point and 
now the boulder will be there so that you can slide to the centre then make 
your way up through the door and into level 3 of the dungeon.

Go to the left where there's 2 holes and into the door. You'll find a medal 
inside. Leave the room again and make your way to the door in the 
southeast. You'll find a chest to the left with a first aid kit. Go down 
into level 4. If you go up to the door on this level, Edge will feel weak 
for a moment. If you then go up to the door, it says "The searcher will 
know the eye of truth". In other words, you need to know the right button 
to hit in the middle.

You can either follow my instructions in the next 3 paragraphs to go see 
for yourself where the hint is or, you can just skip them and hit the 
right switches right away. Up to you.

Return back up to the area where there's 2 holes and drop down the bottom 
one. Go north and up the stairs. Next, go south and fall through the 
first hole to the left. Now follow the path west and go through the door to 
the north. Fall down the hole to the left and go through the door in the 
area you arrive in. Fall through the hole and then make your way to the 
next door. Do the same again and fall through the hole into level 4 of the 
dungeon, area 3.

To the north you'll find two chests here. Once you opened them, head on 
through the door you passed by at the bottom into level 3, area 3 of the 
dungeon. Go on up to find 2 sentries and a row of eyes we came across 
earlier. So, that's the code to opening that door.

Continue south and fall down the hole there. Go up the stairs in the next 
area then fall down another hole to the south. Go on up through the door 
then fall down the hole in the south again into level 4, area 3 of the 
dungeon. Continue on by going up the stairs here. Go over the hole to the 
right and fall down it then up the stairs in the next area. To the north, 
you'll find a chest with a diary in it. Collect it then fall down the hole 
to the right again. Now go to through the door to the right then drop down 
the hole to the south in the next area. Go up the stairs then follow the 
path round to where the boulder is. Move the boulder out the way and follow 
the path round to the next door. Go up it to find the area with the locked 
door again.

OK, if you went to see the hint yourself then you should know what buttons 
you should press. If not, number the eyes 1 to 5 from the left and turn on 
eyes number 1, 3 and 4. The door will unlock and you will be able to go 
down to level 5. Now for a bit of puzzle solving. Go south and you'll find 
a boulder. Knock it out the way first then have a good look at the maze and 
workout how you're going to push it upwards to where the narrow slippy 
passageway is. Otherwise, you can't get to Rinri. If you make a mistake, 
exit the area and go back in again.

Once you're at level 6 of the dungeon, Rinri will appear with Orca and 
Tatan. Edge will try to reason with her again and get her to stop but she 
can't as long as she has a link to Glen. She then gets Edge to open the 
door and into where Goula is. Inside, she will tell Edge that because Goula 
was taken from them, their race's power got weakened and hearing that, Glen 
decided to revive Goula. Even though they don't know what Goula will do to 
humans once he's revived, she's going to do it anyway. Then she gets Orca 
to undo the seals on the Demon Blades while Tatan is still unconcious. Orca 
apologizes to Edge but he says it's not his fault. Then he remembers the 
communication device Gabrio gave them.

Now, as you throw the Demon Blades in one after the other. You will have 2 
choices first:

Signal to {GB's name}
Unseal the Demon Blade.

If you do pick signal, watch for your GB's reaction. If it's an exclamation 
mark then your GB will get what Edge is hinting at. Afterwards, you won't  
have to signal to it again or Rinri will find out what you're doing and 
destroy your communicator. So, just keep unsealing the Demon Blades after 
your GB understands. Keeping the communicator intact will allow you to 
fight Gabrio too in the Bonus mode once you complete the game.

Either way, Gabrio will appear just as Edge was going to throw in the last 
Demon Blade and wounds Rinri. Then he and Ninnya helps Orca and Tatan away. 
Rinri will no longer need Edge now that all the Demon Blades have been 
unsealed so a fight breaks out. As long as there is a link between Glen and 
her, she can't stop.

| BOSS: Rinri                                   |
| HP:   3500                                    |
| DUR:  300                                     |
| EXP:  10000                                   |
| b:    750                                     |
| ITEM: Life Stone of a Demon Girl              |

A few Omega Bursts and then finished her off with the Demon Stone.

After the fight, Rinri will understand Edge's feelings about how he has to 
defeat her to save everyone. Yet, he still wanted to save Rinri too 
somehow. Rinri thanks him but she still needs the Demon Blade and so she 
takes it from him and uses it. Since only the Demon Blade Bearer can use 
them, she wears herself out and Goula is revived.

Suddenly, Edge will hear someone's onimous voice inside him. It says it 
will get its soul back and also Edge's body then break out of the dungeon. 
Another voice appears and asks the other one who he is. It turns out the 
onimous voice is Glen Goula while the new one is the piece of Goula's soul 
that's inside Edge. A moment later, Edge will get woken up by his GB then 
Goula attacks.

You won't be able to beat Goula. Just keep yourself alive until the story 
moves on.

After trying to attack Goula, Edge will realise his attacks are no use. 
Just as Goula was about to get a hold of Edge's body, Edge's GB jumps in to 
stop it and there is a blinding flash of light. Gabrio appears afterwards 
and tells Edge to run. Goula tries to get them but Toumei sets up a barrier 
to hold it while they run.

Back outside, Tatan and Orca seems to be OK. Edge explains that Glen's evil 
spirit is attached to Goula too and they're both about to be revived. Now 
Toumei understands how he sensed 2 flows of evil energy in the village. 
Ninnya then goes onto say that Rinri maybe linked to Glen's spirit so, if 
they destroy him, that will free her too. Edge asks his GB what that light 
was and the GB answers it's a crystal that a boy gave to him. It just 
suddenly gave off light. Then it comes to mind that they can make a weapon 
out of it since Goula seems weak against it. In the meantime, Toumei gets 
Gabrio and Ninnya to help him enforce his barrier. Orca goes back to report 
to the chief and Tatan goes back to where Berg is.

So, head back to the workshop to forge that weapon with the crystal you 
received. Once back in the house, Berg will also thank you for saving Tatan 
and Orca. Continue upstairs and for the weapon of your choice with the blue 
crystal. It should be at the end of the list.

Head on downstairs to find Brnildo's here. Edge learns that its orginal 
purpose was to govern the teleportation facility in the village. Edge 
doesn't know where it is so the chief tells him it's the big stone in the 
gathering area. One day, when Glen attacked the village, Graeme had ordered 
it to go and hide in a safe place. That's how it ended up in the fortress. 
The chief decided to call it back now so that in case Goula gets revived, 
they can use Brnildo to increase the power of the facility to destroy it.
It will destroy the village and everyone in it but that's the only choice 
they have if Edge fails. With that, everyone wishes Edge good luck in 
defeating Goula and finding Rinri then leaves.

Once you're ready, head to the gate to find everyone gathered there helping 
Toumei with the barrier. Edge says there's no time for that and tells them 
they should leave because of how the chief is planning to use the facility. 
But, they all believe that Edge will win so they will stay. Talk to Zeride 
and he will transport you to where Goula is. Don't forget to equip that 
weapon you made or you won't be allowed to fight Goula. You will have to 
fight him twice in 2 different forms.

Once there, Edge will find Rinri is all right. Glen had helped use Goula to 
suppress her so that she doesn't get out of control. Edge then tells her 
that Glen's thinks nothing of her and is only using her to get a hold of 
Goula's power just like Gedor. But, Glen continues to deceive Rinri saying 
that she shouldn't believe him and Edge attacks while Toumei's barrier is 
keeping him in place.

| BOSS: Glen Goula (First Form)                 |
| HP:   12800                                   |
| EXP:  17000                                   |
| b:    1000                                    |
| ITEM: None                                    |

Goula's first form is pretty hard because there's pretty much no room for 
you to avoid it's rush attack. So, stay close to it and most of the time it 
will just use it's swords to attack you. Don't forget you need to use the 
weapon you forged with the crystal to attack or you won't inflict much 

After you defeat Goula, Glen says he needs more power and decides to absorb 
Rinri's body. Even though he couldn't absorb Edge's body like he planned, 
he seems satisfied enough with his current power. He then says he can hear 
the suffering voices of Edge's friends outside and lets him hear them.

Orca:           You still need time, Edge?

Ninnya:         I'm... reaching my limits...!

Toumei:         At this rate, we're going to...

Gabrio:         The... The power...!

Tatan:          Edge...

Glen goes onto say that he's given up on making the piece of Goula's soul 
part of him too now but, he's going to take Edge's life. Just as Edge feels 
he can't win, Ryouga comes in to wake him up. He hears the voices of the 
others outside cheering him on.

Orca:           Edge... We believe in you...!
                We always will...
Ninnya:         Edge will defeat him...

Toumei:         I'm with you...
Gabrio:         I'm sure... you can do it...!
Tatan:          You'll come back to us...!
Villagers:      EDGE!

The barrier strengthens once again. Edge decides to fight on for everyone 
including Rinri and Goula. Hearing that, the piece of spirit of Goula 
within Edge agrees to lend him his power and Edge changes into his second 

| BOSS: Glen Goula (Second Form)                |
| HP:   40000                                   |
| EXP:  19000                                   |
| b:    1000                                    |
| ITEM: Red Demon Stone                         |

Glen has all sorts of spell attacks so all you can do is counter as best as 
you can. You'll have access to all your spells this time round even though 
Edge is in demon form. But, you still can't change weapons. Your weapon 
will self-repair itself though.

After you defeat Glen, his spirit will leave Goula's body and Goula gets 
out of control. Edge decides to give the soul he has back to Goula's body. 
His GB is worried it will destroy the village but he says don't worry. 
After returning the soul, Goula returns Rinri again. They then find Goula 
is actually a very small looking beast but Goula shouts angrily don't call 
it small. Now that Goula lost his host, he's back to his normal self again. 
He'll be returning to the world of Siltan later but it'll take some time. 
In the meantime, he will stay in the village and watch over them. He'll 
stay in hiding so that there won't be too much disturbance. Then everyone 
comes in.

Graeme:         I'm sorry...
Edge:           It's OK, dad...
                I'm really glad that I had the power of the Demon Blade Bearer.
                Thanks, dad.
Graeme:         ....


After the credits, Edge and Ryouga meets up at night...

Ryouga:         This was the place where I first met you...

Edge:           Yeah...

Ryouga:         I'm sure that...
                You were crying when you thought about your dad...
Edge:           No...
                I wasn't crying...!
Ryouga:         Thank you, Edge...
                You believed in me no matter what happened.
Edge:           I should be the one saying thanks.
                You've been thinking of me all this time...
Ryouga:         Uh...

                You say that sort of thing without hesitating huh...
Edge:           But it's true!

Ryouga:         Heh...!

                But in the end... My sister and I caused the villagers a 
                lot of trouble...
                Well, my sister's waiting so I should be going...
Edge:           Ryouga...

Ryouga:         This place is where I see you for the last time in the 
                village too huh...
Edge:           Ryouga...

Ryouga:         Hey hey...
                Don't cry...
Edge:           Like I said...
                I don't cry...
Ryouga:         Man...!
                It's not like we'll be seperated for life...
Edge:           Yeah, you're right...

Ryouga:         Oh yeah... Here...
                It's from my sister...
Edge:           A letter...?

Ryouga:         Listen...!
                I've given it to you now!
Edge:           Uh...
Ryouga:         Well...

Edge:           Ryouga...

Ryouga:         We'll meet again someday... OK!

Edge:           Yeah...!
After that, Edge will meet up with the person you chose to meet up 
with at night, just before chapter 10. I chose Rinri so here's the ending 
for her.

At the fire fortress...

Edge:           Rinri-san...

Rinri:          Thanks, Edge-kun.
                I'm really happy that you came to see me again...
Edge:           Not at all...
                I wanted to see you too...
                You disappeared for a while...
Rinri:          I'm sorry...
                I just can't go see everyone again...
                But I wanted to apoligize to you.
Edge:           Not at all...
                It was only because you had a link to Glen...
Rinri:          But it can't be forgiven just because of that.
                I done such horrible things...
                I'm really sorry...
Edge:           No...
                I should be the one who really has to apologize...
Rinri:          Apologize...?
                To me?
Edge:           Well... My ancestors caused you guys so much trouble...

Rinri:          Edge-kun...
                Just those feelings are enough for me...
                If you were the one who summoned me back then, I maybe full 
                of happiness now...
Edge:           If I could become a summoner now, I could make you happy 
                couldn't I?
Rinri:          I'm happy enough now.
                Being able to meet such a kind person like you...
Edge:           Rinri-san...

Rinri:          Your blushing face is really cute too.
                I love it.
Edge:           Come on, Rinri-san.
                Don't tease me.
Rinri:          I wanted to see that face of yours.

Edge:           Oh...

Rinri:          I'm going now.
                Bye, Edge-kun.
                Take care of everyone.
Edge:           Rinri-san!

                We'll meet again, won't we...!
Rinri:          Yes...

                Free now...
Finally, you will be told that a new passageway has opened up in the centre 
of a magic circle and you will get to save the game. Now you can do what 
you like and re-visit all the areas if you want. Brnildo will now be in the 
assembly area but unfortunately, he can't teleport you to the new 
"hidden" dungeon areas that's opened up. You'll find that there will 
now be new floors in Goula's Dungeon where the magical circle appeared.

You will also have an extra Demon Stone now which is no different from the 
one you already have.

You have now completed the game! =)

- 8.12 The Hidden Dungeons

As you can guess, the first hidden area can be accessed by going to where 
you fought Glen Goula, where the circle is. Stand in the middle and 
press A. After defeating the boss Death Heat at the end of the secret 
areas, you'll find an Activation Switch in one of the chests. You'll need 
it later.

The other 4 hidden areas are accessed by visiting the 4 places that only 
Brnildo can teleport you to. These are in the order of:

1. The Rusting Mechanical Dungeon
2. The Ever Summer Beach Caves
3. The Antartic Snow Valleys
4. The Boiling Waters of Hell

You MUST clear these new areas in the dungeons in order to be able to gain 
access to the other dungeons. The reason for this is because you need to 
find key items in the chests long the way.

1. With the Activation Switch in possession, visit level 6 of the dungeon 
   and go to the area where you obtained the core parts for the Gunvard. 
   You'll find the robot you fought with before there along with a smaller 
   robot. Inspect the console there next to the smaller robot and a new 
   area will open up.
   | BOSS: Satellite Eye                           |
   | HP:   32000                                   |
   | EXP:  2000                                    |
   | b:    2000                                    |
   | ITEM: Mystery Box                             |
   Obtain the Calling Child of Water from the left chest afterwards to 
   access the next dungeon's secret area.
2. You'll meet the two love birds, Zahne and Viyon again just as you enter 
   the dungeon.

   Go to the area where you fought the lobster dragon and stand in front of 
   the middle waterfall then inspect it.

   | BOSS: Crayfish                                |
   | HP:   42000                                   |
   | EXP:  42000                                   |
   | b:    3000                                    |
   | ITEM: Cat's Paw Ornament                      |
   Collect the Snow Melting Powder in the chest behind the boss 
   afterwards for access to the next dungeon.
3. Go to the area where you found the Demon Blade. To the right of the big 
   snowflake-like object you'll see some ice that's a different colour. Go 
   up to it and inspect it and the powder from the last dungeon will melt 
   it away.
   | BOSS: Ice Doll                                |
   | HP:   52000                                   |
   | EXP:  52000                                   |
   | b:    4000                                    |
   | ITEM: Ice Statue of an Angel                  |
   Collect the Seal Breaker from the chest in the top left corner to access 
   the next area.
4. Again, go to the area where you found the Demon Blade. Apart from seeing 
   Kuuya and Kohina again, you'll also meet two other familiar people 
   here. One of them wanted to go to the springs here because... He 
   won't go into the details but, he's red in the face.
   Anyway, examine the rock in the back to gain access to the new areas. 
   Inside you'll find Toumei doing his usual rounds of exorcism. He senses 
   great evil deep within the dungeons.
   | BOSS: The Real Demon Shrine Monkey            |
   | HP:   62000                                   |
   | EXP:  62000                                   |
   | b:    5000                                    |
   | ITEM: Knowledge of a Samurai                  |
And that about sums everything up.

9.0 Omake

Just in case you don't know, 'omake' means extra or bonus in Japanese. This 
is the third option at the title screen and only appears after you 
completed the game and saved.

The first option you're likely to unlock after completing the game is Rival 
Battle where you must defeat your opponents as quickly as possible. Keeping 
the communicator intact while facing Rinri will allow you to fight Gabrio 

The following can also be unlocked:

Sound Mode            -         Complete all weapons then talk to the man 
                                in green at the fire fortress about the 3rd 
                                topic. He's give you a sound test machine.

Summon Night 2 Battle -         Get the highest craftsman rank in the game, 
                                "Legendary Craftsman" then talk to the man 
                                in green at the fire fortress. Choose the 
                                second topic to obtain the Hero's Hammer.
                                Again, a time attack mode but playing 
                                as Magna or Toris.
Rabbit Battle         -         Go beat the Raging Rabbit after you've 
                                completed the game to get a Carrot Medal.
                                Another time attack mode, playing as the 
                                Raging Rabbit itself.
Boss Battles          -         Complete your monster encyclopaedia then 
                                talk to the man about the 4th topic to get 
                                a Boss Medal.
                                Fight through all the bosses in the game as 
                                quickly as you can.
As for the last Omake, I read that you get to use the Gunvard again. To 
unlock it, you must destroy all the objects that the old man in the village 
tells you to. Once that's all done, you get a Spectator's Ticket. The old 
man's home is in the south area of Cliff Village where 2 children are 
standing facing each other at the front.

The second last option in the Omake menu allows you to save your times and 
the last option exits Omake mode.

Just out of interest, the BGMs you can listen to are:

Title Theme
Opening Theme
End Title
Go Fight
Activate! Mono Shift
The Messenger who Hinders our Goal
The Descend of Goula
What can I do?
The Song of the Wind and Waterfalls
To the Savage Forests
The Cave where the Giant Beast Dwells
An Ancient Robot Factory
Ever Summer Beach
The Ice Valleys that Make a Wood Spirit
Boiling Fumes of the Springs
The Puzzling Goula's Dungeon
To a New Adventure
Back in Business
You and I, The Situation of a Certain Novice Craftsman
Peaceful Days
A-O-ZO-RA (Blue Sky)
Investigation of Sadness
Burst of Anger!!
Emergency Situation!
Crossing Hearts
Whirlpool of Evil
Strategy Conference
Feelings that Won't Die
Onwards!! Gunvard!
The Curry Palace
Proof of Victory
Requeim of a Loser
Onwards!! Gunvard ~Battle Ver.~

10.0 Credits & Contact Info

All information about the game is taken and translated from the official
site for this game at:


Credits goes to ASCII Generator for the Summon Night logo:


If anyone wants to use this FAQ on their own site or for any other purposes,
please leave everything in this guide intact. Questions, comments, 
suggestions are welcome or if you just want to contact me about other 
things, feel free to drop me an e-mail to kaworu_sangaku(at)lineone.net.