Sidequests/Extras FAQ by Agent Cube

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 11/06/06 | Printable Version

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Sidequest and Extra FAQ by Agent Cube - V 1.2 - 2006

Table of Contents

 #   Topic                                     Code     % Cleared

 1.  Introduction                              INDU     100%
 2.  Explainations                             EXPS     100%
 3.  The Sidequests                            SDQU      99%
       a.  The Rampage Rabbit                    RARA     100%
       b.  The lost cat                          LOCA     100%
       c.  The guy who loses his stuff           GUST     100%
       d.  Trading sequence                      TRSE      99%
       e.  Treasure Hunter G                     TRHG     100%
       f.  Smash it up!                          SIUP      99%
       g.  Fishing                               FSHG     100%
 4.  Other item stuff                          OIST      99%
       a. Free samples from shop                 FSFS     100%
       b. The salesman at the village            TSAV      99%
       c. The salesman at the Fire Fortress      TSFF     100%
 5.  The Bonus Dungeons                        TBDG     100%
       a. Deep Gora Labyrinth                     DGLB    100%
       b. Deep Ruined Factory                     DRFC    100%
       c. Deep Subterrean Bay                     DSBY    100%
       d. Deep Glacier Gorge                      DGGO    100%
       e. Deep Oni Hot Springs                    DOHS    100%
 6.  Extra Mode                                EXMO     99%
 7.  Version History                           VEHI    ----
 8.  Legal Stuff                               LEST    100%
 9.  Special Thanks                            SPTH    ----
10.  Contact and Last Words                    CALW    100%

1.  Introduction   INDU

 Hi everybody, thanks for stopping by. As you could read on the link you
 clicked this guide covers the Sidequests for the great game Summon Night:
 Swordcraft Story 2. I really enjoyed it so I decided to write a FAQ for it.
 I should mention that's my first one... And to make it even harder I'm not
 a native english O_o I'm learning it, but I'm still an apprentice though(Hehe
 got it?). So don't judge so hard when there's a phrase where grammar is
 total crap(I hope it happens only rarely...). Just let me know and I can fix
 it ^_^. Or if there are words that don't belong to this place...
 Why I didn't wrote in my mother tongue? Hm... first of all this game isn't
 translated to it(and it never will I suppose). And the second reason is that
 I would have to write a complete FAQ covering ALL sections... That's too much
 work for a beginning.
 Alright enough said for now. Let's start with what you're here for.

2.  Explainations   INDU

 Here are some notes of the places and things I use in the guide. So you're not
 confused about something you never heard in the entire game. You know which
 screen you are by just pressing Start. Look down and you'll see the name of
 your region. Though I suppose you don't really care how the area is called
 you're in, you won't have heard the names. So here's the list of all places
 I used, so you don't have to look in the whole village. If there are more
 things confusing you, tell me.

  This day doesn't really exist at all... After Lynn took Tatiana and Orin as
  hostages, you'll consult with Blaire and the chief. After this is finished
  the "twelfth" day starts. There wasn't a night at all, but you can do all the
  quests again, so I will consider this as day 12.

 Woodcutter's House
  It's the house most left in the south part of the village. The "cat woman" 
  and the lumberjack live here.

 Village House A
  This one is right to the Woodcutter's House. You need it for some quests.

 Village House B
  The most right house ind the south part of the village. I also like to call
  it the "Curry House", 'cause this lady who wants to cook curry lives in
  there. Again you need it for some quests.

 Village Path
  The north part of the village. 

  This is the south part of the village.

 Master's House
  The screen where Blaire's house is.

 Cliff Road
  It's the way leading to Goura's seal and the Raaaampage Rabbit.

 Monument Square
  This is the place where all this meetings are.

 Fisherman's Lake
  What is it? The lake where you can fish of course...

3.  The Sidequests   SDQU

 Ok here we go. That's what you're looking for, right? Just use STRG + F and
 the codes given at the table of contents for faster searching. Or use the old
 fashionend scroll bar if you like. The sections aren't that long ^_^"
 If you found more sidequests or have something to add just let me know. You
 will be full credited(Not a big reward, but hey... better than nothing XP)

a.  Rampage Rabbit   RARA

 Goodbye Easter Bunny, here comes the Rampage Rabbit. This guy is the first
 enemy you encounter in the game and after his defeat he trains to become even
 stronger and beat you. So give him a chance every day by challenging him. He's
 waiting at the place where your characters old house was. Talk to the guy next
 to him to start the battle. He gets stronger and stronger and even learns new
 techniques like healing. But if you use magic you'll have an easy win.
 If you loose the game isn't over. You just don't get the reward for that day.
 Try it another time the next day.
 After completing the game you can fight him a last time. If you defeat him
 you'll get a Carrot Badge and a new Extra option where you can battle several
 monsters acting as Rampage Rabbit. This is kinda fun, so try it.

   Day  X: Money Reward
            Item you get

   Day  1: 30 Boam
            Kicker Potion

   Day  2: 35 Boam
            Heartleaf Potion

   Day  3: 40 Boam
            Anywhere Diary

   Day  4: 45 Boam
            Med Kit

   Day  5: 50 Boam
            Anywhere Diary

   Day  6: 55 Boam
            Med Kit

   Day  7: 60 Boam
            Anywhere Diary

   Day  8: 65 Boam
            Med Kit

   Day  9: 70 Boam
            Anywhere Diary

   Day 10: Though you don't have your GB you can't fight

   Day 11: 75 Boam
            Med Kit

   Day 12: 80 Boam
            Anywhere Diary

   After beating the game:
           85 Boam
            Carrot Badge

 And if you managed to beat him this time you'll have another chance. Then
 he'll become Super Rampage Rabbit with golden hair(woah just like a Super
 Sayajin :o ). He's really hard, but if you win you'll get lots of EXP, 100
 Boam and some Rabbit Boots(gives you +30 AGL).
  *Special thanks to Tootles for this info*

b.  The lost cat   LOCA

 As I think the cat doesn't like her master. Or why else would she run away
 every single day? Nah... who cares, let's search her...
 To start this sidequest you have to talk to the old woman in Woodcutter's
 House(the most left house in downtown). And you have to do it each time you
 want to do this quest or else the cat won't appear. To get a hint where the
 cat is hiding you can 'talk' to the dog who's behind that house. Or just look
 at this list... Yeah ok the rewards are mostly crap, but come on be a kind
 person and help that grandma. Each day a good action, you know...
 You'll get a Cat Paw Figurine if you return her cat every single day and
 completed the game. Isn't this nice? You can make a nice Kitty Sword of it ^_^

   Day  X: Which screen, where there
            Your Reward  

   Day  1: Village Path, near the waterfall
            Small Worm
   * Accessable after breaking your second selfmade weapon

   Day  2: Master's House, in front of the stairs

   Day  3: Neighborhood, Chief's House
            Kicker Potion

   Day  4: Neighborhood, under the right stairs

   Day  5: Cliff Road, near the blue haired guy
            Hardboiled Egg

   Day  6: Monument Square, left corner

   Day  7: Neighborhood, at Lynn's House
            Seafood Soup

   Day  8: Neighborhood, Chief's House again
            Lure Charm

   Day  9: Fisherman's Lake, look at the right
            Grinding Stone

   Day 10: Village Path, at the shop
            Fire Ring

   Day 11: Master's House, in the right corner
            Ninja Scroll II

   Day 12: Neighborhood, in front of Chief's House
            Wind Boots

c.  The guy who loses his stuff   GUST

 This guy is really stupid. He loses his... er... 'thing' every day. Don't ask
 me what it is, but why not searching for it? He'll reward you(yeeeeah...).
 The problem is that you can't see his 'thing', it lies invisible on the floor.
 But the trick on it is that he loses his stuff where he stood the day before.
 So if he's standing in front of the shop on Day 1 and he loses his 'thing' on
 Day 2 just press A around the shop and you'll find it. Easy right?
 If you return his 'thing' each day he'll reward you with a Mechanical Box
 after completing the game.

   Day  X: Which screen, where there, just press lots of A there
            Your reward

   Day  1: Neighborhood, Village House B
            Anywhere Diary
   * Accessable after breaking your second selfmade weapon

   Day  2: Neighborhood, near Woodcutter's house
            Kicker Potion

   Day  3: Village Path, near the entrance to Fisherman's Lake
            Anywhere Diary

   Day  4: Village Path, near the Transhift Monument
            Heartleaf Potion

   Day  5: Neighborhood, next to Village House B
            Anywhere Diary

   Day  6: Neighborhood, next to Lynn's house
            Med Kit

   Day  7: Neighborhood, near Woodcutter's House
            Anywhere Diary

   Day  8: Neighborhood, next to Village House A
            Med Kit

   Day  9: Village Path, near the shop
            Anywhere Diary

   Day 10: Neighborhood, near Village House A
            Water Ring

   Day 11: Neighborhood, near Village House B
            Anywhere Diary

   Day 12: Village Patch, left side of bridge
            Med Kit

d.  Trading sequence   TRSE

 Lets do some 'get this item and carry it there'-stuff for the villagers. As
 always they'll reward you...! The system is easy: One person in the village
 found an item he never ever needed but he keeps it just for you. So find this
 one, talk to him and get it. And there's another person in the village who
 wanted this item his whole life long. Why not playing the postman for him?
 Maybe because the reward isn't that good...

   Day  X: Which screen, and where to get the item you need
            The name of that item
           Which screen, and where your target person is
            Your Reward

   Day  1: Neighborhood, woman in Village House A
            Broken Watch
           Neighborhood, man in Village House B
   * Accessable after repairing Rocky's broken weapon      

   Day  2: Wind Fortress, Rocky
            Rocky Autograph
           Village Path, girl near the Transhift Monument
            Anywhere Diary

   Day  3: Neighborhood, man in Woodcutter's house
            Eerie Mask
           Neighborhood, man in Village House A
            Hardboiled Egg

   Day  4: Water Fortress, the salesman
            Extra Hot Spices
           Neighborhood, woman in Village House B
            Anywhere Diary

   Day  5: Neighborhood, woman in Village House B 
            Wheatgrass Juice
           Village Path, the Gatekeeper
            Seafood Soup

   Day  6: Village Path, Rocky after invastigating the Wind Fortress
            Kitty Badge
           Neighborhood, the girl near Woodcutter's House
            Anywhere Diary

   Day  7: Subterrean Bay, talk to Sarin, then find Byron some screens further
            Shiny Seashell
           Neighborhood, the woman and the bridge
            Enduro Boots
           *Special thanks to Zaigar for this info*

   Day  8: Water Fortress, the salesman
            Milder Spices
           Neighbirhood, woman in Village House B
            Anywhere Diary

   Day  9: Subterrean Bay, Sarin & Byron
           Village Path, Gatekeepeer
            Chicken Shoes
           *Again special thanks to Zaigar for this info*

   Day 10: Neighborhood, girl next to Village House A
           Neighborhood, old woman in front of Chief's House 
            Anywhere Diary(just what I needed...)

   Day 11: Neighborhood, old man in Woodcutter's House
            Blue Waterbottle
           Water Fortress, the salesman
            Ninja Scroll I

   Day 12: Neighborhood, woman in Village House A
           Neighborhood, cat in Village House B
            Super Ring

e.  Treasure Hunter G   TRHG

 Does this Sidequest have something in common with the mentionend game?
 Erm... no not a bit... I just like it...
 So there's this guy at the bottom of the village who's seeking for Rare
 Medals. Somehow he needs 100 of them, noone knows for what(maybe some kind of
 Payback points...). And yes he worked very vell, 'cause he already found 65 of
 them. Your task is it to find the rest of them(which makes 35). They are
 hidden in the several dungeons you come across and sometimes very well.
 Look for small gold and shiny pieces on your way, that's what you need. For
 every 5 medals you return to this guy you'll get a reward, a material for
 weapon forging or an accessory.
 So here's a list of where to find them. If the hint isn't exact enough let me
 know, I maybe explain it more detailed.  

 #  ... Where to find
        * Hint 

 01 ... Entry Woods Area 3
        * Just to the right after going down

 02 ... Entry Woods Area 4
	* In the down left corner

 03 ... Forest Outskirts Area 2
        * Go all down and look between the trees

 04 ... Forest Outskirts Area 3
        * Climb down the vine and go through the trees to your right

 05 ... Roaring Cavern Area 3
        * Near the healing spot

 06 ... Roaring Cavern Area 6
        * Use the drill on the right wall in Area 8

 07 ... Lost Woods Area 2
        * Walk through the trees near the exit

 08 ... Lost Woods Below Ground 2
        * Fall into the hole in Lost woods Area 3 and walk right

 09 ... Forgotten Wood Area 3
        * Just enter from Area 1 and walk down

 10 ... Forgotten Wood Below Ground 2
        * Use the stairs in Forgotten Woods Area 2 and follow the path

 11 ... Ruined Factory B2 Area 2
        * Use a drill at the wall in Area 3

 12 ... Ruined Factory B4 Area 1
        * Use the most left conveyor

 13 ... Subterranean Bay Area 8
        * Use the left exit at Area 6 to find it

 14 ... Subterranean Bay Area 14
        * Just hit the purple switch

 15 ... Ruined Factory B6 Area 1
        * Use a drill in Area 2

 16 ... Ruined Factory B6 Area 3
        * Use the second conveyor from Area 2

 17 ... Glacier Gorge Area 5
        * It's the middle exit from Area 4. Drift diagonally to access it

 18 ... Glacier Gorge Area 12
        * Just take the most right exit from Area 10 and follow the path

 19 ... Vanishing Forest Area 3
        * Run through these trees near the hole

 20 ... Vanishing Forest Below Ground 8
        * Use a drill at the left wall in Area 7

 21 ... Oni Hot Springs Area 4
        * Top left corner

 22 ... Oni Hot Springs Area 10
        * Down right corner

 23 ... Goura Labyrinth B2 Area 1
        * Move down from Area 2

 24 ... Goura Labyrinth B4 Area 2
        * After entering Area 1 walk down the stairs to your left

 25 ... Goura Labyrinth B8 Area 1
	* Top left corner

 26 ... Goura Labyrinth B9 Area 2
	* In a small room near entrance

 27 ... Ruined Factory B7 Area 2
        * Use the right conveyer near the exit

 28 ... Ruined Factory B7 Area 4
        * Take the right way at the fork in Area 3 and follow the path

 29 ... Subterranean Bay Area 17
        * Use the green, then the purple switch

 30 ... Subterranean Bay Area 20
        * Hit the green switch and walk to the right

 31 ... Glacier Gorge Area 18
        * Just slide down from the left side

 32 ... Glacier Gorge Area 20
        * Slide north east from the middle to reach it

 33 ... Oni Hot Sorings Area 18
        * Near that water fountain

 34 ... Oni Hot Springs Area 24
        * Look in top right corner

 35 ... Oni Hot Springs Area 25
        * You only have to beat the final boss. It's easy

   5 Medals: Beast Crest
  10 Medals: Beast King Crest
  15 Medals: Wyvern Claw
  20 Medals: Kishin Horn
  25 Medals: Thunder Bracelet
  30 Medals: Magic Ring
  35 Medals: Angel Ice Statue

f.  Smash it up!   SIUP

 Let's play Rampage Rabbit... without a rabbit dress... This time your task is
 to smash everything you can find in a specific area. That means each barrel,
 each bush, each tree stump and each tree. I'm not sure if you need to find
 all chests too, so I better listed them. If you got it visit the old man in
 Woodcutter's House(again the most left house in downtown). He'll give you
 some nice material.
 I also don't know yet if he rewards you for smashing everything in the
 dungeons Bruno takes you to. They are even longer 'cause each one has a bonus
 part in it. Maybe I will add them later but now I just let them away...
 But I know that you don't need them to get the Mecha Medal. Therefore you
 only need to complete the game and finish all forest and cave areas. If you
 get it you'll be able to play the GUNVALD vs. Borgrim battle whenever you
 whish via the Extra Mode. It's also possible to play as Borgrim there. So you
 need to think twice about it? Better not...

 ///Which area I mean\\\

    | |
    D U

 This is a small map of that area, the numbers represent the name of each part.
 A '-' or a '|' means screen change. 'S' is the start point and 'N' the end
 (stands for 'next' XP). A D means there you'll get one floor down and at an U
 you'll get one up. I'm not quite sure why I made this maps... Maybe someone
 finds them useful...

 Area X
   X Boxes
   X Bushes
   --> There is shown how much of each type you'll find in this room, so watch
       for all of them
   X Chest(Item X)
   --> If there's one or more chest the item it contains is written in brackets
     * Hint

 Ok here's the list:

 ///Entry Woods\\\

     N 1
     | |

  Area 1
    5 Boxes

  Area 2
    2 Boxes
    4 Bushes
    2 Stumps
    1 Chest(Axe Shapestone)

  Area 3
    2 Trees

  Area 4
   13 Bushes
    3 Stumps
    1 Chest(Spear Shapestone)

   Charged Ore

 ///Forest Outskirts\\\

      3-2 |
        2 S
      3-2 N
      3   |

  * Appears at Day 8

  Area 1
    6 Bushes
    5 Stumps

  Area 2
   13 Bushes
    3 Stumps
    1 Chest(Fist Shapestone)
      * Reach it with a spear

  Area 3
    6 Boxes
    4 Bushes
    1 Tree
    3 Chests(Rubstone, Anywhere Diary, Drill Shapestone)
      * Take the first entrance to the left from Area 2 

  Area 4

  Area 5
    2 Trees

   Leafwyrm Thorn

 ///Roaring Cavern\\\

   S     55555 7
   |     |   | |
   1 3-B-444-666
   | |   4 | 6
   222   | 8 |
 Area 1

 Area 2
   5 Boxes
   3 Bushes

 Area 3
   6 Boxes
   6 Bushes

 Borgrim's Cave

 Area 4
   5 Boxes
   1 Chest(Sword Shapestone)
     * You can access them by entering from Area 8

 Area 5
  12 Bushes

 Area 6
   4 Boxes
   1 Chest(Axe Shapestone)
     * You need a drill to get in from Area 8

 Area 7

 Area 8
  * You need knuckles to get in

  Beast Crest

 ///Lost Woods   Below Ground\\\

      D             U
      |             |
     222  N         1-2
     | |  |           |
     1 3D-5           3
     | D3
     S  |

 Area 1           Area 1
  Nothing           3 Bushes

 Area 2           Area 2
   7 Bushes         1 Chest(Blaze Ore)
   2 Trees   
                  Area 3
 Area 3            * Fall down form Lost Woods Area 4 to get in
   5 Boxes          5 Bushes
   8 Bushes
   2 Stumps

 Area 4
   3  Bushes
   1 Stump

 Area 5
   7 Bushes
   2 Stumpd

  Gale Ore

 ///Forgotten Woods    Below Ground\\\

     D   D                U U
     | D |                | |
     2D222   D N          111
     |   |   | |          |
     1-333DD-555          2-3
     |   |   |
     S   44444

 Area 1             Area 1
   4 Bushes           6 Bushes

 Area 2             Area 2
   7 Boxes           4 Bushes
                     1 Chest(Fist Shapestone)
 Area 3                * Fall down the first hole in Forgotten Woods Area 3 
  10 Bushes            
   1 Stump          Area 3
                     * You need knuckles to proceed
 Area 4               1 Chest(Gale Ore)
   2 Trees            
   1 Chest(Spear Shapestone)

 Area 5
   3 Bushes

  Boost Motor

 ///Vanishing Forest    Below Ground\\\

        S                     U
        |                     |
        1-2 6               5-6
      D-1-2 |            U2 | |
          | 4-5          || 111-3-4
          3-4            111111-3-4
                              8 3
                              | |

 Area 1                  Area 1
   4 Bushses               3 Bushes

 Area 2                  Area 2
   5 Boxes                  2 Chest(Heartleaf Potion, Anywhere Diary)
   2 Stumps                   * Use a drill at Area 1 to access

 Area 3                  Area 3
   2 Bushes                4 Bushes

 Area 4                  Area 4
   3 Boxes                 3 Bushes
   5 Bushes                1 Chest(Whetstone)
   2 Stumps
                         Area 5
 Area 5                    8 Bushes
   3 Bushes                1 Chest(Fist Shapestone)
   2 Stumps
                         Area 6
 Area 6                   Nothing
                         Area 7
                          5 Bushes

                         Area 8
                           2 Chest(Med Kit, Rubstone)

  Lion's Crest

g.  Fishing   FSHG

 A great way to get some materials and even fun too. But I won't occupy this
 section, 'cause there's already a great FAQ for it here at gamefaqs. Just have
 a look at it.
 I just wanted to mention this Minigame ^_^

4.  Other Item stuff   OIST

 Not really sidequests I think, but worse to mention. There are several guys
 selling or giving away some items. Why not visiting them, huh?

a.  Free samples from shop   FSFS

 Yeah I want such a shop here at home too. Everytime they offer a new item you
 can talk to the man and get one for free. Ok, they're not soooo neccessary,
 but hey it's for free. I will list which item you'll get an which day.

   Day  X: The item you get this day

   Day  1: Anywhere Diary

   Day  2: Kicker Potion

   Day  3: Rubstone

   Day  4: Heartleaf Potion

   Day  5: Whetstone

   Day  6: Repellent Amulet
   After Day 7: Nothing more

b.  The salesman at the village   TSAV

 You're looking for materials? Well, this guy can help you. Each day he offers
 a different one for a really low price(though you have lots of money in this
 game...). So just look for him, he's somewhere in Cliff Village.

   Day  X: Item he sells...
            ...and the price for it

   Day  1: He tells about having an item for me, but he doesn't sell...
           There's the theory: I suppose he'll sell a special item after 
           beating the game and also buying on each day(like the guy in the
           Fire Fortress does). So if you buy from day 2 - day 12 and then he
           sells this item, it would be proven that there's no item for
           day 1... Though i missed it the first time, I'll look for it the
           next try ^_^"

   Day  2: Aqua Ore
            300 Boam

   Day  3: Gale Ore
            350 Boam
   *Look at Chief's House*
   *Special Thanks to Jon, ZaxaPac & Tand0 for this info*

   Day  4: Fulgur Horn
            400 Boam

   Day  5: Vortex Crab Claw
            450 Boam
   * He's hiding at Chief's House

   Day  6: Diffusion Device
            500 Boam

   Day  7: Wyvern Claw
            550 Boam

   Day  8: Dragon Ring
            600 Boam

   Day  9: Crimson Horn
            650 Boam

   Day 10: Monger Bracer
            1500 Boam

   Day 11: Ninja Ring
            750 Boam
   * Again hiding at Chief's House

   Day 12: Tyrant Soulstone
            800 Boam

c.  The salesman at the Fire Fortress   TSFF

 This guy is really helpful. Since you have access to the Fire Fortress you can
 visit him. He will offer a tip of how to upgrade your weapons, this means he
 will give you a good combination of materials you can add. After his
 explainations he'll hand over the materials he talked about. And as before for
 a fair price.

   Day  X: Item(s) you get
            Money you have to pay

   Day  4: Leafwyrm Thorn
            600 Boam

   Day  5: Boost Motor
            800 Boam

   Day  6: Diffusion Device
            1000 Boam

   Day  7: 2 Beast Crests
            1200 Boam

   Day  8: 2 Vortex Crab Claws
            1400 Boam

   Day  9: 3 Hard Shells
            1600 Boam

   Day 10: You can't go outside the village...

   Day 11: 3 Demon Horns
            1800 Boam

   Day 12: Beast Crest, Beast King Crest and Lion's Crest

   After completing the game and buying at each day:
           2 Marks of Courage, Bushido Scroll

5.  The Bonus Dungeons   TBDG

 I suppose this could be considered as Sidequests, too. So I will have a look
 on them. After beating them game you'll see a short scene where the spot in
 Gora's chamber starts to glowing. This is the entrance of the first Bonus
 Dungeon you can enter so walk down Gora Labyrinth and start.

a.  Deep Gora Labyrinth

 New Monsters:
  84 Bolt Striker        85 Sparquid            86 Chrono Knight
   Item 1: Rubstone       Item 1: Rubstone

  87 Greezly             88 Dark Dragon         89 Charger
                          Item 1: Black Dragon Fang

  90 Onigumo             91 Kijo Spider

  B6: Grinding Stone     B8: Anywhere Diary     B9: Grinding Stone(2x)
      Seafood Soup           Tyrant Soulstone       Heartleaf Potion
                             Rare Medal             Rare Medal
  B10: Med Kit           B11: Grinding Stone
       Heartleaf Potion       Startup Switch

 If you're down there stand in the middle of this circle and press A. So now
 you're in Gora Labyrinth B6. To your left are two boxes and 1 chest which
 contains a Seafood Soup. Move diagonally over this red soup to reach it. The
 same goes for the right side, but there's a Grindingstone in the chest.
 Choose one of this sides to reach some stairs and go down to B7.

 Now there's a little stone puzzle. First thing to do is hitting the stone in 
 the middle of the room from the left so there's enough room for the left
 stone to get through. So punch both remaining stones on the switches an
 proceed to the next room.

 Move diagonally again to reach a sand platform. From here you can reach a
 chest with an Anywhere Diary in it to your left. Take it or not. Just continue
 sliding from one sand platform to another. In the upper left corner you can
 also find a Tyrant Soulstone and a Rare Medal(should be number 25). Smash the
 boxes at the end if you like an go down the stairs.

 So walk through this small labyrinth and you'll reach two exits. Take the left
 one to get a Grinding Stone. Take the right one to proceed to Area 2. Now go
 left and down to reach a chest with a Heartleaf Potion. Move right and up to
 find another Rare Medal. Now just run south to enter the next room. And noth
 this time. Now turn down if you want another Grinding Stone. Else follow the
 path to the north. Heal yourself at the healing spot and enter the next floor.

 At the following fork take the right way to reach a chest with a Med Kit in
 it. Then take the left one. Smash through all these boxes to enter the next
 room. If you go straight on you'll encounter the boss. So I suppose you want
 the treasure chests to your left and right first. They contain a Heartleaf
 Potion and a Witchstone. Prepare yourself for a bossfight and take the middle

  |Death Reaper
  | 20.000 HP
  |  Money: 1.000 Boam
  |  Item : Onyx Lifestone
     Axe Strike:  He takes his axe and strikes towards you. Hits very hard but
                  it's also easy to avoid. Simple jump over him if he charges
                  his arm.
     Energy Ball: Also easy do dodge. His eyes get blue if he attacks so jump
                  over him again to avoid it. Then attack from behind.
     Dark Ball  : He hits you with a dark energy ball if you stand in front of
                  him. It's casted very fast so block early.
    Strategy:                                                                 |
     Just avoid his attacks by jumping over him. Better equip a sword or      |
     knuckles for more agility. Attack while jumping und this should be ended |
     soon. Use one of your Red Demon Gems if you want.                        |

 After defeating him grab the 2 chests. One of them contains a Startup Switch.
 This is the item you need to enter the next Bonus Dungeon. So leave this one
 and head towards Bruno.

b.  Deep Ruined Factory

 New Monsters: 
  92 Jumper              93 Pighonker           94 Catapulter

  95 Interceptor         96 Quadtanper          97 Beefy Giant

  98 Elespark            99 Heavy Metal
   Item 1: Fulgur Horn    Item 1: Eye of Truth

  B7: BlackDragon Fang        B8: Onyx Lifestone
      Heartleaf Potion(2x)        Seafood Soup
      Grinding Stone              Spark Bracelet
      Rare Medal(2x)              Water Bell

 So with this Startup Switch in your inventory head down to B6 just where you
 have been before to get the parts for GUNVALD. Insert the switch into the
 small console at the back wall. A bridge appears and you can enter.

 Hit the warp with your hammer so you can come back any time you want. Follow
 the path over the conveyers to enter the next area. Again drive this
 conveyers. At the fork take the left one. Then walk a little bit south to
 find a BlackDragon Fang in a chest. After that move on. Use the right conveyer
 and you'll get a Heartleaf Potion and a Rare Medal. Proceed by going south.
 Use the healing spot and move on. If you take the east way at the fork you'll
 find a Rare Medal and a Grinding Stone. The north way will take you further.
 There is Heartleaf Potion in this room so get it. Take the stairs and enter

 Now just drive this conveyers again and enter the next room. There's a chest
 with an Onyx Lifestone here. Follow the path and you'll also get a Seafood
 Soup. Enter the last room and prepare yourself for a upcoming boss.

  |Satellite Eye
  | 32.000 HP
  |  Money: 2.000 Boam
  |  Item : Mechanical Box
     Missile    : He aims with a red circle and then attacks with a bomb. Easy
                  to avoid 'cause you see when he starts charging.
     Earth Smash: This attack is annoying. All you need is the right timing.
                  When he raises his arm jump into the air to dodge his attack.
                  Attack while doing so.
    Strategy:                                                                 |
     He has mass of HP and you make only less damage. That's the problem of   |
     this fight. So try to avoid his Earth Smash and attack while in the air. |
     If your weapon is nearly broken use your Red Demon Gem to monoshift. So  |
     you can deal much more damage.                                           |

 Again grab the two chest containing a Spark Bracelet and the Water Bell. Your
 key to the next Bonus Dungeon. Leave and teleport to Subterranean Bay.

c.  Deep Subterranean Bay

 New Monsters:
  100 Octapot             101 Ikarocky            102 Aquanare

  103 Mermarion           104 Frogmarine          105 Elehyde
                                                   Item 1: Vortex Crab Claw
  106 Giant Serpent       107 Filleon
                           Item 1: Tyrant Soulstone

  Area 17            Area 18            Area 19            Area 20
   Grinding Stone     Grinding Stone     Mechanical Box     Gale Boots
   Seafood Soup       Seafood Soup                          Rare Medal
   Rare Medal

 Go to where you found that opal Sarin wanted you to get and  invastigate the
 waterfall. The new area will open.

 Follow the path. Hit the purple switch in the next room to get a Grinding
 Stone and Seafood Soup. Use the blue switch to find another Seafood Soup.
 Use the green then the purple switch to find a Rare Medal and proceed.
 Again hit the switch and move on. This time there's a Grinding Stone. Now hit
 the green switch and follow the new path. In Area 19 the purple switch will be
 your next choice to find 3 other switches again. Hit the green one to make
 the right path appear. You can hit the blue switch on your way to gain access
 to a chest with a Mechanical Box in it. Then you have to walk back to the
 first purple switch and hit it again. Walk on to Area 20.

 So there's only one switch so push it. Walk to the right to find a Rare Medal
 and Gale Boots. Use the blue switch to the left to proceed. You can already
 see the boss monster then. So hit the last switch for this dungeon and walk
 the whole way back. Prepare for the battle, save and then run into him.
  |Lobsta Supreme
  | 42.000 HP
  |  Money: 3.000 Boam
  |  Item : Cat Paw Figurine
     Bite Attack  : He will move one of his heads to bite you. This is a long
                    range attack so be careful.
     Double Bite  : If you're close to him he will bite with his 2 heads. It's
                    not as strong as his Bite Attack but it's faster. Do a
                    quick back jump to avoid it.
     Water Bubbles: He stands up and shoots some bubble. Easy to avoid just
                    run away of his range. Or you can jump behind him to
                    attack his back.

     Again too much HP and too less damage. So better bring your best weapon.
     Equip both Red Demon Gems you have, you'll need them. So attack him with |
     the 'jump over and strike back' - strategy again until your weapons is   |
     nearly broken. Then get killed so you monoshift. Now attack with all you |
     have. After your weapon is broken do as before and wait for the second   |
     shift. This should give him the rest.                                    |

 This time there's only one chest with Snowmelt Powder in it. That's the one
 your here for, right? So leave again and enter Glacier Gorge.

d.  Deep Glacier Gorge

 New Monster:
  108 Death Head          109 Sneivel             110 Arc Demon

  111 Boulderhide         112 Elegale             113 Grudge Fish
                           Item 1: Wyvern Claw

  114 Metal Crab
   Item 1: Eye of Truth

  Area 18            Area 19            Area 20            Area 22
   Rare Medal         Grinding Stone     Grinding Stone     Cat Paw Figurine
                                         Med Kit(2x)
                                         Rare Medal

  Area 23
   Aqua Ring
   Unlock Talisman

 Puh... only two left now and it doesn't gets easier. Head back where you found
 the third Demon Edge and examine the dark blue crytal to the right and move
 on. Ok, do you see this curve of snow to your left? If you go north there
 you'll reach an exit but there isn't much expect of some boxes and 2 trees.
 So drive north east from his curve to enter the right exit. The next ice is
 a bit trickier. Slide north from the most left then east and south east. At
 last slide north east and then south. With a little luck you'll reach the
 exit. Oh... a sea of ice again. Glide south from the left to find a Rare
 Medal an a healing spot. Use it if you need. Then exit to the right.

 Get the chest containing a Grinding Stone if you want. Just try it different
 times to get the right place to start. Then go down and slip over to the
 right and then north to reach the next exit. Yes there's even more ice...
 Slide north west to reach 3 chests containing 2 Med Kits and a Grinding Stone.
 If you move north east you'll get another Rare Medal(yeah nearly all done).
 So now glide over to the north exit. Go through the next area and you'll meet
 some ice again. There's a chest which contains a Cat Paw Figurine. Then head
 to the north exit and get ready for the next boss fight.

  |Ice Doll
  | 52.000 HP
  |  Money: 4.000 Boam
  |  Item : Angel Ice Statue
     Clapping Hands: His close range attack. If you stand next to him he'll
                     hit you twice.
     Ice Breath    : 3 icicles will fall down after he breathes a cold wind
                     that hits you two. Block early enough,
     Bounce Attack : He will fly into the air and then land on you. Hurts
                     really hard if hit so down stand under him.
    Strategy:                                                                 |
     Not much to say here. As before use your 2 Red Demon Gems or you'll only |
     make less damage. I hope you have enough agility to jump over him... You |
     can use fire magic as well to hurt him a bit.                            |

 Puh... not easy. Alright grab this two chests and leave for the last dungeon
 in the game. Bring your best weapons in and maybe train a bit, if you had
 problems here.

e.  Deep Oni Hot Springs

 New Monsters:
  115 Flying Lizard       116 Gothboy             117 Ghost Fox

  118 Kero Oyabun         119 Flame Mage          120 Giant Monk

  121 Death Manty         122 Eleflare            123 Omen Fish
       Item 1: Doji Soulstone  Item 1: Crimson Horn    Item 1: Witchstone

  Area 18            Area 20            Area 22            Area 23
   Grinding Stone(2x) Heartleaf Potion   Hardboiled Egg     Cat Paw Figurine
   Onyx Lifestone     Mechanical Box                        Grinding Stone
   Rare Medal

  Area 24            Area 25
   Angel Ice Statue   Bushido Scroll
   Grinding Stone     Flare Bracelet
   Rare Medal         Rare Medal

 Again go to where the Demon Edge was and examine the back wall.
 So we finally reached the last dungeon. Lets finish it!

 You'll meet Toumei again, but ignore him and exit to the north. It's full of
 mist now. So find the water fountain down the secon stairs and stop it.
 There's also a Rare Medal so grab it. If you go back now you'll find a
 Grinding Stone in a chest. Proceed and you'll also find an Onyx Lifestone and
 a second Grinding Stone. Just pass the next room and heal.

 So there's mist again. Go down the last stairs and stop it. Then there'll
 appear two chests with a Heartleaf Potion and a Mechanical Box in it. The next
 two areas are clear so just pass them and grab the Hardboiled Egg on your way.

 It's dusty again and the fountain to stop that is to the north. Again there'll
 appear some chests at the entrance. Exit to the east to find some more items.
 Hit the water fountain in the low right corner to get rid of this mist. Then
 grab the two chest in the left corner and the Rare Medal to the east.

 Finish all and exit west twice. Get ready for the last boss fight. But don't
 be scared it's very easy.

  |Monkey Extreme
  | 62.000 HP
  |  Money: 5.000 Boam
  |  Item : Bushide Scroll
     Necklace Hit: A very long range attack. He will grab his necklase and
                   attack with it. There is no real place to escape so better
                   block or jump into the air.
     Scratch     : He'll use his claw to attack you. It's long range too so
                   stay on distance.
     Evil Spirits: He'll summon some spirits in front of you and each can hit.
                   Before doing so he forms his finger(just like in Naruto
                   you know :D). So use this time to jump over him or get out
                   of distance.

     Man this one is easy. If you're good he'll never hurt you. Just jump over|
     him and attack in the air. Then do it again and again. From one side to  |
     another. He trys to hit you with his necklace but won't hit 'cause your  |
     in the air. So keep on hitting and use your Red Demon Gems before your   |
     weapon breaks                                                            |

 Congratulation you beat the last Bonus Dunegon and so the game too. Grab the
 last Rare Medal and the 2 chests containing another Bushido Scroll and a Flare
 Bracelet. So now you should have all Rare Medals, your Bestirary will be
 completed and you have at least one of each materials(ok expect of the Gem of
 Light). So do what ever you want now. Clear that 'Treasure Hunter G' quest
 and get your Ice Angel. Or visit the merchant at the Fire Fortress and ask
 him about the bestiaty. You'll gain a Boss ID Card and a new Extra option.
 Only if you found all summon creatures of course. Or forge every weapon, level
 to maximum level, make other crazy stuff. Do as you wish, I've finished for
 now :D.
 Ah yes only one last thing: You can challenge all the bosses again if you
 leave and reenter the dungeons. So you don't have to start a New Game+ to
 access enough of all materials.

6.  Extra Mode   EXMO

 After beating the game this will appear at the title screen. Depending on
 what you got during your maingame there will be different options you can
 select. Here's a list what you're able to unlock:

 Rival Rush
  You'll get this for just beating the game. It's a chain of different boss
  battles you fought. Only the ones against enemys with weapons are here. You
  can equip with everything you collected in your savegame. The best 3 times
  will be stored.

 Boss Rush
  Complete your bestiary and visit the merchant in the Fire Fortress. Ask him
  about it and you'll get a Boss ID Card and this option.
  This includes all none human bosses unil the monkey in Oni Hot Springs(the
  first one not the second...).

 GUNVALD vs. Borgrim
  After completing the 'Smash it up!' quest and obtaining the Mecha Medal this
  option will be added. There you can fight the story battle as often as you
  wish. This time you can also choose to fight as Borgrim. Again the 3 best
  times will be saved.

 Summon Night 2: Cameo Battle
  Reach the craftman rank "Legend" and talk to the merchant in the Fire
  Fortress. He'll give you a Hero's Hammer and so this option too.
  There you'll fight several monsters again, but this time you can choose
  between Magna and Toris(the guys you met at Glacier Gorge). 

 Gabriel Mode
  If the radio you got from Gabriel didn't broke this option will be opened. To
  do so give your GB a signal until a '!' over his heads appers. Then stop it
  and just continue breaking the seal.
  There you'll fight as the black swordsman against some monsters and bosses.

 Rabbit Rampage
  After completing the game beat the Rampage Rabbit again to obtain a Carrot
  Badge and this mode too. You have to fight some monster playing as Rampage
  Rabbit. What a pity you can't fight as SSY Rampage Rabbit...

  This allows you to save the recent best times. It's always accessable.

 At least one option is missing...

7.  Version History   VEHI

 This is the last list of this guide. Really you can trust me!

 0.4 - 25.10.2006
       Started writing. All finished until day 5.

 0.7 - 27.10.2006
       Finished sidequest and item section. Some infos may be added later.
       Started the Bonus Dungeon section.
       Started the Extra section

 1.0 - 28.10.2006
       Yeah finished all sections. Some minor things are missing though...
       But this will be the initial release.

 1.0.1 - 31.10.2006
         Made some corrections and minor sentence changes. Also gave the permission of hosting this guide.

 1.1 - 02.11.2006
       Added info for SSY Rampage Rabbit and the Trading Sequence days 7 and 9.
       So now there's only less left to do.

 1.2 - 06.11.2006
       Added the "Explainations" section, 'cause I got some e-mails about this
       Also added the "Salesman in the village" day 3 info(thanks for all your
       Added one option in the "Extra Mode" part.

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10.  Contact and Last Words   CALW

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Sidequests and Extra FAQ - Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2
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