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Harlan King/ Daddy Bigbucks?

I've beaten the game, except for the Streeties rep mission where you have to get -50 relationship with Daddy Bigbucks, but I can't find or call him. It would be also nice to contact Harlan King.

rockerdood64 provided additional details:

Ok, but then why have the option to invite him over? There has to be a way...

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Felonyman answered:

You can find him on that island where you found the
dancing nutria around 3-5am after the end of the game.
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rockerdood64 answered:

cool, but what about Mr. King?
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Felonyman answered:

I've never found him other then the times that are related to the story.
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xiaoxiaoIO answered:

as I have read from one of the faqs, you can use the sizzle "Nemesis" to get his points to -100, save the game before using it and restart if it does not affect him.
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Jgamerster answered:

Daddy Bigbucks is normally found only at Paradise island at certain times as for Harlan King, you never ever see him again and even if you try to call or invite him over so many times, it'll always say he didn't answer.
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