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Switches issue?

I'm in Babidi's ship on the third stage, where i'm supposed to find three switches. I found the first and last one, but can't find the second one. I was in the place where it is supposed to be, but can't find it. Is it a bug, or should i just try to play it over from the start?

Leonard77 provided additional details:

why are you posting what I'm supossed to do with the switches, WHEN I ALREADY WROTE THAT I CAN'T FIND THE SECOND ONE?!?!?!

Accepted Answer

Kheldre answered:

This is a second-stage copy protection. If you are playing on a rom, and change your save type to get past the 'Will Not Run On This Hardware' error when entering Grand Kai's mansion, and then set it back to 'Automatic', then the second switch at that point in the game doesn't spawn.
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leegoku answered:

With all three switches, make your way back to the room south of the Save
Circle -- Take the time to save again, if you want -- then head to the room
on the right. Take out the Laser Turret on the top half of the room, then
walk forward and take down the Destroyer. Take out another Laser Turret on
the right-half of the room, Head to the next room. You'll find a small crowd
of Majin Shield Soldiers there. Rush into the room as a Super Saiyan, and
they'll fall extremely fast. The room south of there, holds the first switch
machine, that you can now press. After pressing it, head back to the room
south of the Save Circle, and take the path on the left. Fight your way past
a couple of Majin fighters and Majin Shield Soldiers, and the second machine
is just past them, in the next room.
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