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"Uh ... hey, wanna play baseketball at my house?"


In recent years we have seen a couple of backyard stuff ... like backyard football, wrestling, ... how about cat fights? Right, and now the gaming companies developed a backyard basketball targeting the kids audience. And this is what the game is about: basketball for kids! Not that there is anything wrong with that ... its just that this game is a bit simplified with no real depth. Oh well. On the plus side, you got lots of cartoony graphics and nice kids with big heads shooting the hoops.

Game Play

Basically you play on a 3 vs 3 gameplay. This is like the most basic and primitive basket game there is. Very similar to the heydays of the NES basketball. You can shoot the ball, pass it and jump. That is all. I told you this is for under aged kids! There is no real thinking in this game -- only reflexes. On the side note, when you doing the three pointers shoot, you have to double tap the button to gauge the power of the shoot, which can affect the accuracy. And that is the most complicated part of the game. I thought being able to slam dunk in the game would be a plus ...

However, all isn't lost. You can link this game up and play with your friends, have some mini-game or start a season.

Whats also nice about this target market niche (little kids) is that your basketball players aren't 6 feet 5 black guys with bear size paws nor a 7 foot Chinese guys. You play as little kids, often from different backgrounds and gender. You have a nerdy kid, a fat kid, a geeky girl, a black ghetto kid, a chinese girl, an Indian girl, and a midget. Pretty awesome eh? I like the diverse group!

And another thing that compensated for the poor gameplay is you get to play in different baseball court. I don't know, but the idea of playing near your garage door with a mounted baseketball net highly amuses me. And did I mention you get to play as Yao Ming?

Sound / Music

There is no background music in this game, strangely enough. However, the thumping of the basketball and the 'yay!' sound everytime you score can get tedious and somewhat annoying at times. However, there is the chirping of birds and car noises when you're playing outdoor.


I like the graphics! Very nice cartoony feel in this game, very friendly. Its nice and 'flash like' kind of like Samurai Jack. The players in the game itself look very distinct in itself. The background and textures for the game is okay.


Hah! Buy this game for your five years old cousin. Anyone over the age of 5 is too old for this game.

Reviewer's Score: 6/10 | Originally Posted: 08/01/05

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