• Credits

    Enter in the password screen


    Contributed By: ACowWithaDS.

  • Passwords for Easy Mode

    Fifth Megazord levelOZH
    Fifth Red Ranger Level160
    First Blue Ranger levelQVB
    First Megazord levelLZC
    First puzzleBGW
    First Red Ranger LevelGBV
    First Yellow Ranger levelBXB
    Forth Blue Ranger level9XJ
    Forth Megazord level24!
    Forth puzzle4ZH
    Forth Red Ranger levelYXO
    Forth Yellow Ranger level8VG
    Second Blue Ranger levelL60
    Second Megazord LevelG0Y
    Second puzzleLOY
    Second Red Ranger levelQXX
    Second Yellow Ranger levelG60
    Seventh Megazord Level121
    Sixth Megazord level50K
    Third Blue Ranger level28Z
    Third Megazord levelL21
    Third PuzzleG4K
    Third Red Ranger levelXVZ
    Third Yellow Ranger levelG8J

    Contributed By: Mykas0 and hockeyguy8.

  • Passwords for Hard Mode

    Fifth Megazord LevelX!H
    Fifth Red Ranger LevelY70
    First Blue Ranger LevelLWB
    First Megazord LevelQ!Y
    First PuzzleGHC
    First Red Ranger LevelBCV
    First Yellow Ranger LevelGYX
    Fourth Blue Ranger Level5YJ
    Fourth Megazord Level65H
    Fourth Puzzle8!1
    Fourth Red Ranger Level1YJ
    Fourth Yellow Ranger Level4WG
    Second Blue Ranger LevelQ7J
    Second Megazord LevelB1Y
    Second PuzzleQ1F
    Second Red Ranger LevelLYX
    Second Yellow Ranger LevelB7Q
    Seventh Megazord LevelY31
    Sixth Megazord Level91!
    Third Blue Ranger Level69G
    Third Megazord LevelQ3K
    Third PuzzleB5K
    Third Red Ranger Level0WG
    Third Yellow Ranger LevelB9J

    Contributed By: hockeyguy8.

  • Passwords for Normal Mode

    Fifth Megazord Level0ZT
    Fifth Red Ranger Level166
    First Blue Ranger LevelQVN
    First Megazord LevelLZP
    First PuzzleBG5
    First Red Ranger LevelGB4
    First Yellow Ranger LevelBXN
    Fourth Blue Ranger Level9XQ
    Fourth Megazord Level249
    Fourth Puzzle4ZT
    Fourth Red Ranger LevelYX6
    Fourth Yellow Ranger Level8VS
    Second Blue Ranger LevelL66
    Second Megazord LevelG03
    Second PuzzleL03
    Second Red Ranger LevelQX2
    Second Yellow Ranger LevelG66
    Seventh Megazord Level127
    Sixth Megazord Level50R
    Third Blue Ranger LevelZ88
    Third Megazord LevelL27
    Third PuzzleG4R
    Third Red Ranger LevelXV8
    Third Yellow Ranger LevelG8Q

    Contributed By: hockeyguy8.


  • Unlocking the Auxiliary Zords

    To unlock the 4 Auxiliary Zords, you must complete the following puzzles (on any mode):

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AnkyloZordComplete Puzzle #4
    CephalaZordComplete Puzzle #1
    DimetroZordComplete Puzzle #2
    ParasaurZordComplete Puzzle #3

    Contributed By: StarFighters76.

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