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Location of all 8 Tiger Scrolls?

I'm wondering, where can I find all Tiger Scrolls?

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Distant_Rainbow answered:

Swiftblade of Hyrule Castle Town has 4 of the Tiger Scrolls, and he will give them to you one by one as you progress along in the story.

As for the other four, Grimblade of Hyrule Castle Garden, Waveblade of Lake Hylia, Grayblade of Mt. Crenel, and and Swiftblade the First's ghost in Castor Wilds each hold one. However, these four's locations are hidden, unlike Swiftblade's dojo, so you'll have to find them first. As a final tip, Swiftblade the First won't give you his Tiger Scroll until you have all 7 of the other scrolls.

Extra: Fuse Kinstones with Grimblade, Waveblade and Grayblade to open three more dojos(and three more -Blade masters) where you can get sword skill upgrades without requiring Tiger Scrolls.
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