Question from LooLoo1995

How do i get to the Mount Crenal mines?

I watered the green bean and climbed up the vine, but i dont know how to get to the mines from there.

LooLoo1995 provided additional details:

I didnt get it yet, how do i?

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Kirby_Pink_Ball answered:

Buy the grip ring first on the shop at the right part, and you'll need to climb on the left part
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barkowi answered:

Did you get the grip ring yet? if so work your way to the left and up.
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Camden answered:

You can buy the grip ring on Mt. Crenel for 40 rupees.
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bunnybunch answered:

You need the grip ring on Mt Crenel, i think you buy it off a business shrub or some other guy.
If you still need help, you can always use one of the FAQs that people made.
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