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Hi this is a question about zelda the minish cap can anyone help? 1
How do i enter mr left's house?! 1
How do i get into the house of Dr. Left? 1
How do I get into the library? 3
How do I get onto the island in Lake Hylia with the picori mushroom between the 2 trees? 1
How do i get past the smoky room in the cave of flames? 1
How do I get the old guy to move? 1
How do I get to the cave with the Gorons in it? 1
How do i get to the Mount Crenal mines? 4
How do i get to the temple of droplets? 1
How do I solve Dr. Left's book? 1
How do I swim through the water at the Deepwood shrine? 1
How do you brack the sand at the swamp place? 1
How do you open the door in the hotel in Hyrule town that leads out to the balcony with the chest? 1
How to find all the blade siblings??? 2
How to get the red shoe on the shop with the big shoe on the roof to talk to the minimish in the shop???? 1
I can't get some characters to Kinfuse? 1
I did all the kinstone fussions but don't have all the gorons...what do i do? 1
Im missing one kinfusion and ive went everywhere exept the library b/c a soldier wont let me in , have any ideas? 7
Is there any way to get back in the library after it's sealed near the end of the game? 1
Rocs cape? 1
Shhrinking in hyrule town? 1
The Locked house? 2
What is the light force and how do i find it? 1
Whats the point of the cask missions? 1
Where is the Wind Element found in The Legend of Zelda- The Minish Cap and how do i get it? 2
Where to find all the Gorons? 1
Which kinstone fusion opens the crack below the stump in Lake Hylia? 1

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