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                                               Dead to Rights  Namco/Hometek

                    THIS GUIDE USES A U.S./NTSC GAME VERSION                    


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                    | Table of Contents              |             00.00
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Easier navigation through this guide has been made by the use of Find Codes.
You can use the Find tool in your browser (Ctrl + F) and type in the correct
code listed by what you wish to find from the Table of Contents below.

Table of Contents- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 00.00
Introduction - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.00
     About Me / Donations- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.01
     Controls- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.02
     The Story of Jack Slate - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.03
Logbook, A History of Changes- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 02.00
Walkthrough- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.00
     Construction Site - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.01
     Den of Iniquity - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.02
     The City Streets- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.03
     Bay Bell Hotel- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.04
     Grant City Prison - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.05
     Pipe System - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.06
     Chinatown - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.07
     Black Orchid- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.08
     Chinatown Part 2- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.09
     Graveyard - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.10
     Shipping District - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.11
     Gold Smelt- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.12
     The Mines - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.13
     Construction Site - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.14
     Grant City Prison - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.15
     Police Station- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.16
     Airfield- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.17
     Bay Bell Hotel- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.18
Weapons List - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.00
Credits- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.00
Legals, Copyright and Info - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 06.00

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                    | Introduction                   |             01.00
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| About Me / Donations                                             01.01 |

Hi; the name's Duane! I started writing some video game guides/FAQs when
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| Controls                                                         01.02 |

Directional Pad = Move Jack Slate
A Button = Attack/Shoot
B Button = Switch between gun/melee
L Shoulder = Combination Button, i.e. L + A while targeting unleashes Shadow
             to attack the enemy
R Shoulder = Target enemy
R Shoulder + B Button = Cycle weapons
Select = Cycle weapons
Start = Pause game

| The Story of Jack Slate                                          01.03 |

Jack Slate is the main character of the game. He is the person you control
throughout the game. He is a cop, framed for a crime he did not commit. He
becomes fugitive and is chased by the cops, thugs, and crooks alike. He has
minimal friends, and only one companion, his K-9 partner, Shadow.

While on routine patrol, Grant City K-9 officer Jack Slate takes a "shots
fired" call from dispatch. What Jack discovers is a scene that leads him
through a downward spiral of crime and corruption.  A model officer turns
fugitive and is now hunted by cops, thugs, and crooks alike. With pitifully
few friends and his K-9 partner, Shadow, Jack battles the criminal element that
continues to rain crime and heartbreak on Grant City.

With his father mysteriously murdered, framed for a crime he did not commit,
and forced to go on the run, Jack will wage this war until its explosive
conclusion, when he finally catches those responsible...

***Official story off of http://www.deadtorights.com/
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                    | Logbook, A History of Changes  |             02.00
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VERSION 0.10 - Began work, added Table of Contents,
Introduction, History of Changes. Added Stage 01, Stage 02, and Stage 03.

VERSION 0.50 - Added Stage 04, Stage 05, Stage 06, Stage 07, Stage 08, Stage 09
and Stage 10.

VERSION 0.70 - Added Stage 11, Stage 12, Stage 13, Stage 14, Stage 15, and
Stage 16.

VERSION 0.75 - Added Stage 17.

VERSION 1.00 - Added Stage FF. Added Weapons, Credits, and Copyright/Legals.


VERSION 2.00 -  Update contact information, guide info, copyrights,
some stylistic changes and so on. Making a revival of my guides!

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                    | Walkthrough                    |             03.00
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                                 [NOTE 1]
ONE HUGE NOTE: if you are afraid of spoilers, then be wary! I will likely
divulge some things along the way, if not good portions of things.


  Grant City. Hardest place on Earth. People aren't born here. They're forged
  out of broken bones and blood money. Fortunes are lost and found on a daily
  basis, and if you're not one of the lucky finders, you're probably dead.

  That's not to say there's no justice here, it's just hard to reach sometimes.
  Under the layers of crime and corruption that stretch between the gutter and



  It was another grey autumn. The leaves were changing from go-green to
  caution-yellow. Pretty soon they'd be danger-red, then dead-brown.

  All cars, gunshot reported in the vicinity of Chinatown subway construction

  This is Slate, I'm on it.


| Area 1: Construction Site                                        03.01 |

You start off here in the construction yard, out of your car. Run down a little
to get a message. Do as it says and nab the pistol. Use the B Button to select
it and move down. As the worker comes up, press R. Now shoot him, twice to kill

Let's go on. Get some more hints, then grab the goodies: armor and health. Now,
do not do what this next hint says. You can if you want, for kicks, but you're
likely to lose more armor than if you shoot him. Kill the two guys here; one
is up on the top cliff, another on the blue/red freight train crates.

Run down and shoot kill the guy on the red crate. Getting used to this? Good.
Carefully look down and shoot the guy below. Collect the pistol ammo and the
shotgun to the left. It's your choice whether to use it but I say not for the
time being.

Run up the ways and kill these guys, collecting ammo. Run left and up the
bridge for another tip. Use this tactic carefully. Before you even see the guys
you must double tap L while running forward. Make sure you have your PISTOL out
before doing this. While in dive, hit R to target the canister, and press
the d-pad right. Shoot the canister and KABOOM!

Go up and right to grab some armor/health. Now head left to the forklift. Now,
use the timing skills. Look at the very left circle, and press A when the red
bar is in the right space. After it's locked, keep going, following along in the
row. After it's done, the forklift starts. Stay away from the gate when it
crashes into it or you'll take damage.

Go down and kill the two guys, then follow along and kill the next bunch. Keep
on the path killing guys in your war, and beware the shotgun-wielding ones.
You can obviously use your shotgun too, if you want.

Continue along, after going up the cliff, follow left and down. Go to the
gate. Another hotspot challenge, so fit the red rods in the right spaces. Go
down and left for armor/health. Continue right, kill the guy, and go on.

Go right and kill these two. Pick up the new gun, which seems to be the M4
Carbine except faster. Shoot the box and grab the key, QUICKLY. It will
actually vanish if left unattended, and you lose.

Use it on the below gate, then dispose of these three. Grab the key and go back
out and left. Dispose of this ambushing bunch, then use the key on the other





  Slate! I have a gunshot victim, no pulse, I need an ambulance immediately!

  Roger that, will notify Hope General. Any ID?

  Victim's name is Slate, Frank Slate. My dad.

  Sorry Jack.



  Go home Jack, we've got this scene covered.

  I want this case.

  No chance. Go home and get some rest.

  Somebody shot my dad and I'm going to find out who!



  You know your old man only had one real enemy.

  Augie Blatz!

  You might want to be careful of any wild accusations. Don't do anything
  stupid Slate.



  Justice might not be smart, but it should be honest. I was about to do
  something really stupid.



  Augie Blatz had a regular room at the Den of Iniquity, a prime hotspot for
  criminals ever since the Flaming Mamba Lounge got struck by Italian
  lightning. It wasn't the sort of place you'd expect to find a beloved
  philanthropist like Augie Blatz, but then most people didn't know him like
  I did.


  What are you doing here?

  I should be asking you the same question.


| Area 2: Den of Iniquity                                          03.02 |

Run up and around the dance floor on the left side. Do not attack any guards.
Go up and press the alarm, everyone moves and you go onto the dance floor.
The crook lets Hildy go and you must duke it out with him and some of his
insta-spawning buddies. Take 'em out and go up to get the key. Go through the

You meet Augie and say you want to ask some questions. How friendly. He runs
off and leaves his thugs to handle you. After whooping them, use the button
at the bottom right to unlock the door. You can just punch the goon that
comes through it. Follow into it.

WINNER! Quick level, no?


| Area 3: The City Streets                                         03.03 |

Immediately equip the gun and shoot the guy. This level is straightforward.
Follow the street, shooting guys, and collecting goods. Within a couple seconds
you will lose control of Jack, and you will see Augie. Augie will run, then you
are pitted in fight again. Keep moving.

Keep going until you see Augie a second time. Immediately dive and shoot these
goons. Now keep running and shooting along the streets.

The third time he runs into a building. Dive again and shoot these thugs
toting shotguns and M4 Carbines. Grab the key from the dead guy on the right
and go inside.

WINNER! Wow, short levels! :(


| Area 4: Bay Bell Hotel                                           03.04 |

Grab the pistol and equip a gun. Run up shooting these thugs, and grab the
armor/health. Run right and destroy this room of crooked humans. After
everyone is eliminated, then the elevator opens. Enter it.

WINNER! This is ridiculous...




  End of the line, Augie. Do us both a favour and go for your gun.

*Loading gun sound*

  What the?

*Bullet hits Jack*

  You're welcome to fall at any time.

  Thank you. You have made the process so much easier for me.

*Jack shoots*

  Good shot officer. I'm amazed Mr. Blatz was able to squeeze a shot off in
  self defense.

*??? kills Augie*

  Just relax officer. Hopefully the ambulance will arrive in time.
  Unfortunately, they'll be bringing in many, many more cops, but what can I

  My client wants you alive. He says killing cops is bad for business. Oh, and
  because you may find it of interest, Augie Blatz did not kill your father.



  Today is the execution day for Jack Slate, convicted murderer of Augie Blatz.
  Mayor Pinnacle fast tracked the proceedings in court. Slate apparently
  suspected Blatz of his father's murder and took matters into his own hands.
  His executions is scheduled for 8pm this evening...

  Only a few hours to go - I've got to figure a way out of here. Only problem
  is, I had a hand putting a few of these guys in here. I'm not going to be
  very popular.


| Area 5: Grant City Prison                                        03.05 |

Your cell door is magically open. Hoorah! Let's blow this joint.

Run out and fight all the inmates. They're all easy except the other one with
the white shirt, who seems to have triple to toughness. Now, follow the path,
and dive out this door. Kill this guard, and if you're lucky, you'll get a gun.

Go to the workshop (follow the yellow lines). If you can't find it, its door
is a double door, the only door that opens. Follow from right where you
started and down, left to the door. Beat up these guys and go through the
single door. Talk to him and get the Cell Block C card. Go back out and right.

Press the button to unlock Cell Block C. Kill these guys. Go around killing
every inmate and getting their comic books, plus any ones in the cells. You
should have 15 before leaving Cell Block C. Go out and backtrack towards where
you started. But stop at the place before your Cell Block, the Gymnasium. Go in
and beat all the inmates. Talk to the one on the left to play Weightlifting.

The slider moves towards the left, and you must repeatedly tap A to keep it
in the orange meter area. Don't press it to quick or it'll go past the orange.
On easy mode, you must only do 2 rounds. Collect his comics, you should have
18 before leaving the Gymnasium.

Go back to Wireboy a.k.a. the comic collector. He'll give you the Cell Block B
card. Go to Cell Block B. Go in there and crush these guys. You should have
all 25 before leaving. You may need more on higher difficulties. I found up to
31 before going back to Wireboy. (There are more than just the remaining books
to get to 25.)

Go back to Wireboy again and he gives you the explosives. He says to visit
Tattoo for a map of the place. He usually hangs in the Shower Room. Go there,
beating the inmates ambushing you along the way.

In here, follow the path, but eliminate any inmates on the way, even though
they are non-hostile now, they will become hostile if they are living still.

Tattoo states you'll get the map over his dead body. Let's make it happen.

Just flat out attack Tattoo. Beware of his kicks, they pack a punch. After
beating him, or if any other inmates interfere during the fight, kill them.

That wasn't really a boss fight, but more of a superpowered enemy. Go through
the door and plant the bomb. Go out the room, and come back in after the
bomb goes off. Go down the hole.

WINNER! That level wasn't so short, hoorah!




  Tattoo's map wasn't half bad. It traced a route through the shower drain and
  a bunch of underground tunnels and ancient drainage pipes.


| Area 6: Pipe System                                              03.06 |

Grab the gun, and dispose of the escaping convict. Grab the nearby goodies and
pursue on. Kill the next couple of convicts and grab more armor and things.

When you come to the fourway intersection, go right and kill the inmate. Grab
the health, and go back the opposite way. Kill these inmates and follow along.
Go left and shoot these two, taking your rewards. Go all the way back right,
then down, then a little right again. Kill this guy on the other side. Now
go back up, then left, then up at the next turn. Dispose of these guys.

Now choose any pathes you want, because I was confused here as well. Dispose
of any inmates along the way, and grab prizes for killing them, too. But your
main objective is to head up and right as far as you can. You'll know you're
there when you get to a room with actual floor tiles, two grates on the ground,
and a bunch of inmates. Kill them all, then go to the door on the right.

A hotspot challenge again, so line up the red rods. Now, go through it, and
you'll close the door. Tattoo runs up by and shoots at you, but misses. He
says he'll get you yet.

WINNER! No, more shortness.




  They say that every criminal returns to the scene of the crime. So,
  apparently, do the good guys. I decided to hole up in Blatz's apartment for
  the time being. I also needed some clothes as I was too conspicuous as an
  escaped prisoner. I figured Augie wouldn't be needing his any time soon.



  I had plenty of work ahead of me. Solve my father's murder and find the guy
  who set me up. To do that, I was going to need guns and information, more or
  less in that order. There was one place where both existed in profusion,
  Chinatown. A visit to Fat Chow was on the menu.


| Area 7: Chinatown                                                03.07 |

"Hey Fat Chow! I want to talk to you!" Real smooth, Jack. Smooth.

He runs off and of course, you face the henchman. You now get a new gun, some
new powerful type of pistol. Use this until you run out of ammo, then use
any other gun. Or if you prefer, use the shotgun above all others.

Keep moving along the streets, fighting crime. These goons never give up. After
killing countless of them, you'd think they'd wisen up and leave. But nope, the
idiots continue to torment you. Take them all out, keep going on, it's a long
but simple process.

You finally catch up with Fat Chow, although his name implies that you should
have caught up way sooner. He freaks out, then takes a couple steps away, and
stops. Henchmen then surround you. Take them out and go over to Chow.



| Area 8: The Black Orchid                                         03.08 |

Fat Chow leads you to a oriental restaurant called the Black Orchid. Now, this
is straightforward too. Just go along the place and kill the thugs.

Go to the door with the green target on it, and he says he needs to find his
guns first. Go down, which leads you into the room you were just in, and
magically the room is filled with thugs again. Now, make your way to the sumo
circle and fight the leader goon. After he's fallen, the two Chinese henchmen
come to kill you. Easily dispose of them. Kill any other stragglers and grab
some guns. Go back to the door.

Complete the next hotspot puzzle with red rods again. Now, you will see Patch.
He was our mystery "???" before, who killed Augie. You interrogate him on who
did kill Jack's father, and just as he's about to say, he's shot dead. The
shooter is a femme-fatale by the name of Eve. She runs in, says to follow her,
and leaves. That's smooth too. You take Patch's pager, and leave.

You now must protect her on the way out. Just kill anyone in your way, like
before. Go back to the entrance.

WINNER! That wasn't so bad.


| Area 9: Chinatown Part 2                                         03.09 |

You must protect her, so follow her after killing each batch of goons. Pretty
simple. Keep going.

Finally, you reach Fat Chow. He complains and attacks. If you're lucky, one
of the grenade launcher henchman will shoot and kill Fat Chow plus his sidekick
which spares you a fight. Just shoot the two grenade launcher guys, if that's
the case.

WINNER! Despite the description, this level's medium-length, not short.



  With all that had been happening, I hadn't had much time to say goodbye to
  my dad. As I sat there, I tried to piece together the growing puzzle.
  Where would I go next from here?


  I didn't know who they were, but I knew they were out for me. Perhaps this
  would be my next lead...

| Area 10: Graveyard                                               03.10 |

Now, we're in the graveyard... Time to fight.

Grab the armor if needed and proceed left. Kill these 3 skeleton type guys. Go
back around and to where the first guy was, and up the stairs. Flip the switch
on the left to open the gate. Backtrack and press on through it. Follow the
path to run into another enemy. Shoot him, then go on to another one. Then look
above and shoot the 3 up on the cliff. Keep following the path.

Soon you find another, so dispose of him. Go up the stairs. Pay no mind to the
other enemy across the way on the other cliff; he can not reach you now, nor
can you reach him. Follow along, and grab the armor by the little crypt thing
towards the bottom. Go up and across the bridge, and now kill the previously
seen skeleton man. Grab the health and flip the switch on the left. Backtrack
and go through the gate.

Go under the bridge and dispose of these two. Move up and shoot the other one.
Go up the stairs. Go down, grabbing armor on the way, and left across the
bridge. Between a crypt thing and a wall, a skeleton man is hidden, so shoot
him. Go left and shoot the guy up on this cliff, then up the stairs, and shoot
another guy. I highly suggest using the M4 Carbon in this area, as it's quick
and powerful.

Flip the switch and through the gate we go. Up to see more enemies, one on the
left. Go up to kill another, then grab the armor/health. Go right and dive
here. I HIGHLY recommend the M4 Carbon here, though. Now, quickly target the
skeleton guy, shoot him dead. And if you're quick enough, you can target and
kill the first thug of the level, that's on the bridge. If not, you'll land
and probably get hit by one of his grenades from his grenade launcher.

Mystically, if you pass under the bridge, even though the grenade launcher is
on top of it, you still get it. It may be a glitch it my game, but who knows.
Follow up the stairs, kill this guy, then go through the path. Shoot these 2
skeleton guys up here, grab the health, and flip the switch. Double back and
through the gate.

Through here is another enemy, then up the stairs is another. Go right more and
down below is yet another enemy. I'm sure you've got use to this game by now,
right? Good. Go right more, and kill the guy below. Health is at the top right.
Down more is another grenade-launching thug, so you know what to do. Go down
more to greet one more thug, then 'round the corner is a skeleton man.

Follow the path and be sure to nab the health and armor. Across the bridge is
3 skeleton men, then further up is a grenade launcher, but he's a skeleton guy.
So once you see the grenade coming, DIVE FORWARD. Follow the path again to
kill another thug with grenades, around this corner is a shotgun-toting
skeleton man, then up here is a M4 Carbon wielding thug and a skeleton man
with the same weapon. Down and left around the crypts is another skeleton man
and armor. Now go back up and follow to the left. You get paged on Patch's
pager, and now have to go meet someone who isn't expecting you.

WINNER! That level was a doozy.


| Area 11: Shipping District                                       03.11 |

"Hey, you're not Patch!" - *Runs off* - "Don't make me chase you!"

Another smooth moment with Jack. Grab the pistol and follow the man called
Gopher. Shoot this thug, then go through the gate and shoot the other. The
enemies start taking a lot more hits to kill from now on, so it'll be tough.
Move down until you see the red canister and target it. Somehow, you'll shoot
the boxes and after one breaks, they explode magically. Now quickly shoot the
canister to dispose of the thug that appears. Go down and left for some
rewards of ammo, health, and armor.

Go down a little and shoot this thug. Go right into the alley, dispose of him,
and grab the key. Go back and down, and watch the boxes explode. Two thugs are
down here. Off to the left is a FEAST of ammo, health, and armor.

Go back up and to the right alley, then down into the building. You tell
the bad guy to stop, he runs, and you have more thugs on you. Kill them and
follow Gopher. Go down to the bottom left for a key before leaving. Go out
the door at the bottom right. Shoot the thugs and follow around the left path
through the alleys, killing thugs in the way. Go down and shoot more thugs,
then grab some ammo and armor.

Go back up and right, then shoot the boxes. The thug comes around the corner,
so kill him. Go down through the path and shoot the next crook. Go up and grab
the health plus the ammo, then back down and right. Shoot the box then the
canister for a quick kill. Keep going right then shoot the thug, not the
canister, as the explosion won't touch him.

Go into the building and kill the thug ahead, and the one coming from the left.
Go up to see Gopher run out. Follow him and kill the enemy outside. Head left
and break the box, then beat up the thug here. Collect the ammo, armor, and
health. Go back up and hang a right. Keep going right. Shoot the box and kill
the crook behind it. Go down and shoot the grenade launcher here, then go right
and kill these two thugs. Go up into the building.

Kill the thug here, then the one on the left. Go up and shoot the next guy.
Backtrack back out, and destroy the two crates on the left, and grab the health
and armor if needed. Go back in and to the door with the green objective icon
on it. Unlock the hotspot puzzle.

Go right and see Gopher be killed(?)





  Fahook Ubduhl, the most twisted and elusive criminal in Grant City. Nobody
  knew where his hiding hole was, at least nobody alive. His name was
  legend - what was he doing involved in this mess?



  Dead end again. Everyone I tracked down seems to wind up dead. That's when
  it happened...

  It's only a matter of time before someone tries to kill me. I now have a new
  path to follow through.


| Area 12: Gold Smelt                                              03.12 |

Grab the pistol then go down. Shoot the construction worker on the platform,
then go right and shoot the other two. Don't forget to kill the one on the
platform. Go right and down, then shoot the crate. It explodes on the worker.
Follow the path and kill the next one, then keep going. Shoot the next guy,
then go up. Go across the bridge and kill the two on the right. Time for
the hotspot challenge.

After the door opens, go in, shoot the worker, then grab the armor and health.
Shoot the next one on the left and grab ammo. Go through the door. Shoot the
two workers and collect the ammo. Go right then up. Shoot the three surrounding
you, then go right and up, then left. The guy runs off so deal with the two
workers, then go and shoot the crates. Grab the key and health.

Go up through the door and make quick work of these two. Go right some, shoot
him, then go and kill the three at the end of the hall. Follow down, then
do the hotspot challenge. Go down through the door. Follow down and right,
shoot the two guys, then go left and kill him too. Shoot the other one after.
Go up and shoot him, then go left and down. Follow the path and destroy the
next worker. Go right and kill the next guy. Go down through the door.

Prison scrubs? What? Kill these two, then the white shirted one. (I just fought
him hand-to-hand for added effect.) Follow the path, and kill the next two
inmates and the worker. Grab the armor, etc. then go down and kill the next
two inmates beyond the door. Follow the path yet again. Move the crate and
shoot the worker. Head left. Shoot the worker, then break the box. Grab the

Follow the path to the top right and kill any other workers/inmates. Go through
the door. Kill the workers and inmates, then go into the next room and do
the same. Go around and kill the inmates. Go to the objective door. Unlock it.

Go through it and kill the inmates. Go up and you see Tattoo. Kill all the
inmates around, including Tattoo. Now go up and right, killing remaining
inmates, and head down the stairs and go around to where Tattoo was. Go through
the objective door.



| Area 13: The Mines                                               03.13 |

Shoot the inmate. Follow the tunnel. Go left, shoot the workers and inmates.
Keep following left and blast anyone in the way. Shoot the guy across the hole.
Now, go across the bottom wood plank. Shoot the two inmates. Head left. Kill
these two, then go up and kill the inmate and worker. Continue to the left.

Dispose of the inmate and worker, then shoot the one across the hole. Go up
and kill these guys. Then head right for another feast of ammo, health, and
armor. Go back and continue left. Shoot the worker then go down. Now hang a
left, and kill these three. Shoot the guy across the way. Now, continue down
across the plank and dispose of the guys here.

Go left and take out these ones too. Go up this plank. Take them out and go
right. Kill this guy. Continue your way up. Dispose of the three up here
and cross the plank on the left. Shoot the next guy who's across this hole.
Go down, grab the armor on the right, then shoot the inmate on the left. Follow
to the left. Shoot the two guards and go into the room.



| Area 14: Construction Site                                       03.14 |

Here we are, back to square one. Time to finish this and defeat Mayor Pinnacle.

Right at the start, beat up the two workers. Then head right and finish off
the others. Continue right, and shoot the canister with an objective marker
on it. The gate is blown open. Go in and defeat the workers. Grab the key
and armor. Backtrack out again. Go all the way up and left, then take care
of the five construction workers here. Go up again and through the gate.
After which, take care of more workers.

Continue along the whole tire track path, getting rid of any worker in your
way. Go down the hill and keep following the tracks. Go right and up this
hill, then keep going up and right, killing workers. You find another pair
of tracks so keep following it. Go past the red crane and follow the tracks to
cross the bridge at the east area of the site.

Still following the tracks, go down the hill and dispose of the workers. Follow
the tracks to the left. Follow it all the way up and around the cliff. Go under
the bridge and keep moving. Finish off the last worker, and we have escaped
the dangers once again. In the words of Jack:

"I know just where that snake Pinnacle is, and that's at his office at the
jail. They say criminals return to the scene of the crime, and now the good
guy has to return to the scene of his escape."



| Area 15: Grant City Prison                                       03.15 |

You see fat Mayor Pinnacle run off, and now you have to fight again.
Immediately grab the blue keycard then dispose of the guards here. Follow to
the right. Shoot the workers, then use the keycard post. Unlock Cell Block C
and go into it. Run in here and kill all the inmates and workers. Grab any
health if needed, then the key at the right side of the Cell Block.

Backtrack out and go up-right. Make your way back to the Gymnasium. Take care
of the workers and inmates around, and grab the health lying here. Backtrack
all the way around and go to the Workshop, the area where you found the
comic collector. Unlock the door and take care of the guards. Unlock the single
door and shoot the workers here.

Grab the key and backtrack out. Go left and into the Storage room. Shoot the
workers around, and grab the skeleton key. Grab all the health, armor, and
ammo you need. Now go back right.

Pinnacle can be found in the room protected by a single door, that's above and
a little to the right of the Workshop. Unlock the door with the skeleton key.
Sadly there's a hotspot puzzle.

Complete it, and it's time to face Pinnacle.

Stupidly, Jack just lets Pinnacle run out and lock the door on him. Now we
face a real beast, a real boss. Pinnacle's bodyguard, Rafshoon, doesn't pick
daisies as a hobby. He's packing a grenade launcher and can take your health
away fast. The easiest thing to do is to equip the M4 Carbon, and get near
him. He will withdraw his weapon and try to fight hand-to-hand. Back up quickly
and shoot. After a couple seconds, he will bring the grenade launcher out again
so dive the grenade, since he automatically will fire, then get close again.
Repeat the close in, back up, and shoot process, and you should make quick work
of Rafshoon.





  Not bad Jack, I'm impressed. Perhaps I should have hired you to head up this

  Why not? I already know where your tunnels lead. Maybe I can give the Feds
  a guided tour when they get here. I'll even show them where I buried your

  Relax, junior! I didn't kill your father. If you hadn't figured it out by
  now, you're not half the detective I take you for. I may be involved some
  questionable activities, but not murder.

  Who did then?

  Who was the first cop to show up at the scene of the crime?

  Hennessey, why?

  A little of his beat, isn't it?



  You're saying that Hennessey killed my dad?

  You've underestimated him. He's black mailing half the city! He's got the
  power to frame good cops like you, and your father...

  I knew he was a loser, but why my father? He was already off the force.

  He knew about my gold mine and knew Hennessey liked to dip into it from time
  to time. Hennessey was just looking out for his money tree.

  As distasteful as it sounds, I want to propose an alliance. My plan involves
  retrieving some files from the police compound which could ruin me, but will
  prove my story. In return, you'll have your revenge and I'll see that your

  I'm on it.


| Area 16: Police Station                                          03.16 |

Shoot the cop right at the beginning. Go around the place in circles, killing
the cops and grabbing armor, etc. Go to left and up the stairs, and around the
catwalk to the bottom left. When you're ready, enter the door. Kill everyone
here and press the button. Backtrack all the way to the bottom and kill the
two SWATs. Go through the door.

Go around and kill all the SWATs then make your way to the bottom left. Enter
the door and shoot everyone here. Go up and grab the key. Go back up, right,
then up, then right and finally unlock the door here. Shoot these two and press
the button. Go to the top right and into the storage. Shoot the guys here, and
continue on. Go to the right and down the stairs.

Go down and shoot the SWAT, then target the red alarm and shoot it. Go right,
and shoot the other guy. Go right and down, then right again. Shoot the SWAT
and the alarm. Now go through the lasers when they are up against the wall, and
not shooting out. Shoot the two guys up at the top and go right. If you need
health, ammo, and armor, backtrack a ways, then go down from the four-way
intersection. Kill the SWAT and go left for another feast.

Anyway, back to where we were, and go right. Shoot the guard here down below,
then go up. Shoot the laser alarm thing, and go up for health. Go back down
and left, kill the guy and shoot the alarm thing here. Go up, and shoot the
guys here. Shoot the next alarm thing to the left, and go down. Kill these
two here, and go left. Shoot the alarm, grab the health, and go up.

Kill these guys, then go left, then up and kill these guys here. Go right and
kill him too. Press the button and go inside.





  This is where Hennessey kept his treasure cleverly disguised as evidence. You
  know civilization is collapsing when there's nobody policing the police.

  This city is rotting from inside out.

  This looked like what I came for, and more. Hennessey had been trying to kill
  me since I had escaped from prison.

  Pinnacle had called and asked me to meet him at the airfield. He said we
  could conclude our business, and that he had a surprise waiting for me. I
  still didn't trust him, but I had nothing else to go on.

  I'd given the evidence to Hildy to look after. I was under too much fire at
  the moment.


| Area 17: Airfield                                                03.17 |

Kill the three thugs here. Continue down the hill. Kill the guys down below
and the ones to the right. Go down the bridge and kill the ones on the right
and the other ones down here here too. Continue right then go down. Shoot these
three down here and cross the bridge to the left. Go around the hills and over
the next bridge. Go left and down the stairs, kill him then the two on the

Continue on right, then down and kill the thugs here. Now, go left, then
down and kill the ones here too. Go right, then down the steps. Go right and
kill the guys, and get the ammo. Go back left and to the door.

Complete the hotspot puzzle to unlock it, go through it, and head right.
Go down, then kill all the thugs here. Go right and grab the dynamites. Go back
and go straight left. Kill the thug, go down and kill them, then grab the key
card. Go back up and right, then go down. Kill all the thugs, then follow the
winding path. Kill every thug in your way, then get to the end room. Grab the
key card, then go back and through the door.

Go up and kill everyone. Go down the stairs and set the two dynamite. Go back
up and right down the hall. In this room, kill everyone then set the other
dynamite. Grab the key card, go back up, left, down, then left and through
the door.

Go up, then all the way right for ammo. Go left a little, then go up.

You see Pinnacle. His bodyguard kills Hildy and infuriates Jack. Shoot the thug
to the left, then follow the catwalk around. Kill everyone in your path, go
down the stairs, grab the health and armor, then go around to where Pinnacle
is. Kill the two thugs, go up and kill the bodyguard. Don't worry about
Pinnacle, just dispose of any thugs. Pinnacle does minimal damage and is slow.
After all the thugs are gone, kill Pinnacle. Go up and right, then through the

With Pinnacle dead, the final leg of this whole stunt is about to begin.
It is time for you to take Hennessey down.





  I was bone weary and had the urge to mourn, but I couldn't be satisfied until
  I had taken care of Hennessey.


| Area 18: Bay Bell Hotel                                          03.18 |

We're back to the scene of the crime, for the third and final time. Eliminate
everyone here, and grab all the ammo at the top. Go right and into then next
room. Kill everyone here.

Kill all the people from the elevator, then go through the door on the right.
Go around to the top...

Hennessey runs out, and you must fight in the circle area in the middle of the
run. Best thing to do is move right when the fight starts, because he will kick
you and you'll drop your weapon.

Equip the Shotgun, and blast away. One problem will be that your surrounded by
a SWAT at each side, so instead of attacking Hennessey, since he only chases
you and kicks/punches, take out every SWAT first. Now have fun whooping the guy
responsible for this nightmare.

Oh wait... halfway through, he wusses out and runs. Chase him now...

This is easier than before. His armor and health is back up and your in a much
smaller area. Just run around the room constantly shooting him, and he should
die soon.




  With a crack and a sizzle it was over. The truth was in the air, and I didn't
  want to stick around to see which way it landed. It would take an atom bomb
  to rid this city of crime, and I was fresh out of plutonium. I'd had enough,
  but I had to believe that being the good guy had some kind of karmic benifit
  down the road, somewhere other than here.



  This is Grant City. They call it the hardest place on Earth.

  People aren't born here. They're forged out of broken bones and blood money.
  Fortunes are lost and found on a daily basis, and if you're not one of the
  lucky finders you're probably dead.

  Well, I can tell you this for a fact.

  Jack Slate is about as far from dead as you can imagine!


                    ------------THE END------------
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                    | Weapons List                   |             04.00
O===================|                                |===================O

|9mm Pistol                              |

The 9mm is the weakest weapon in the game, and isn't a recommended choice, but
it's good if you run out of ammo for other weapons.

|Silenced Pistol                         |

This is not recommended either, but c'est la vie. You should use it in case of
ammo loss.

|Shotgun                                 |

Most powerful weapon in the game. It's recommended on bosses, and some enemies
but not hordes of them as it's slow reload time.

|M4 Carbon                               |

Best weapon, in my opinion. Strong and quick. Use it against tough enemies and
a lot of enemies.

|Grenade Launcher                        |

I never used this in the game. It's slow and misses easily. Others will have
different opinions, though, no doubt.
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                    | Credits                        |             05.00
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Thanks to Namco for making this game.

Thanks to GameFAQs and Cheat Happens for hosting this. :)

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