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Asked: 5 years ago

Knight's Crest: Amelia or Franz?

I know more come up later, but should i use the first one on Franz and make him a great knight, or should i use it on Ameilia and make her a general?

Accepted Answer

From: ablu2 5 years ago

Whichever one is higher leveled at the time, if Amelia make her a general, as there are only two possible ones in the entire game including her, if Franz make him a Paladin because it generally suits him.

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Amelia would benefit more from the extra Mov, Con and weapon types, but her growths aren't good at all and she requires too much effort to train up. Also, in the end, she becomes average at best. As such, I recommend using the Knight's Crest on Franz, as he is of more importance to your army.

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Amelia would be the better candidate. She would be better as a Great Knight due to the higher movement than a General would have.

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Amelia as a general generals a awsome

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