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=Legal Crap=

Disclaimer: I do not own Fire Emblem or anything. I just love the game. 

This FAQ is copyright (iam)Max(hailme). You can't post it on your site or say
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I'm not going to include the tutorial. Maybe I'll put it in a later update.
Also, I'm going to talk as though creature campaign doesn’t exist, because 
there's no script there. 

Note: This FAQ is assuming nobody died. If certain people are dead, sometimes
a few lines might not happen because those people said them.

You will also find many things that say "ephraim only". This means that you 
will only see that text if you did ephraim's route. There are also a lot of
"eirika only" conversations, but I don't have those yet. I'll soon update them

Just want to give out some credit to Dli17 for some convo information!
Gigantic thanks to for providing a lot of stuff on
Eirika's route post-scorched sand, which I didn't get as far as. 
Thanks to for the Joshua <--> Caellach Script on 
Eirika's Mode
Thanks to Tenebrys for finding the Eirika mode Valter/Cormag boss battle convo
for me, I had the wrong version there
=Some words and things you might need to know=

If I ever say "Lyon Changes", that's when he turns from normal to evil or vice
versa. To know the difference, see the "enemies" in the character's section".

Magvel is the continent they live on. There are five sacred stones countries, 
Renais, Frelia, Grado, Jehanna, and Rausten. There is another country called 

Renais and Frelia are seemingly normal monarchies. Jehanna is a desert country
where there are a lot of Mercenaries made. Grado is like Frelia and Renais, 
but there are often small earthquakes there. Rausten is a theocracy, which 
means that their political leader is also a religious leader. 

If there are words in *'s, that means it's an action. For example, if I write
*Eirika walks north*, it means that Eirika...walked north. >_>


People you can use:


The princess of Renais. She's nice and kind, just like any female main
character. She's on a quest to rescue her brother. 

A loyal knight of Renais. He's a combat veteran and one of the King's
most trusted retainers. 


An armored knight of Frelia. He's usually quiet but can kick some 
serious ass when he fights. 


A rookie knight of Renais. He's not very confident. Looks up to Seth, 
and wishes he will end up as good as Seth.


A healing priest of Frelia. He likes helping people and has a very
nice mustache. <_<


A pegasus knight of Frelia. Very loyal and kinda cute. Looks up to her
sister, Syrene. 


A young apprentice fighter from Renais. His father is Garcia and Ross 
wants to be a great fighter like him. 


An archer from Renais. Childhood friend of Colm. She's insecure and cries
a lot, but that doesn’t stop her from being an excellent bow woman. 


A thief from Renais. Childhood friend of Neimi. He's kind of mean, but 
is protective to Neimi. 


A veteran fighter from Renais. Used to be a general. Ross's dad. He
gave up fighting to protect his son. 


The prince of Frelia. Very skilled with a bow. Wants to be the best at
a lot of things. Always wants to beat Ephraim at everything. Tana's brother.


A mage from Renais. Claims to be a child prodigy and superior to 
everyone. She years for knowledge. 


A cleric from Grado. Has an important message to deliver. Very kind
and quiet.


A wyvern rider from Grado. Loyal to general Duessel. He doesn’t think
that the Emporer should have started this war. 

The Prince of Renais. An excellent fighter and tactician. Doesn't really want 
to be a king, he'd rather be a mercenary or a soldier. Sister of Eirika.


A knight of Renais. Franz's older brother. Loyal to Ephraim and Renais,
but slacks off a lot. He likes to paint. 


Another knight of Renais. Very loyal. Never slacks up and often yells at Forde
for doing so, but they're kinda friends deep down. Very deep. 

A new recruit for Grado's army. Looks up to General Duessel. She also
joins you because of Duessel and Cormag's reasons. 

A monk from Renais. He's a very religious man. Friend of Lute and vanquisher 
of evil. Has kinda weird hair. 

A mercenary leader from Jehanna. He's an awesome fighter, and extremely loyal
to Innes, who might send him over to Ephraim to help out. A great fighter.

A Dancer from Jehanna, in Gerik's mercenary guild. She's very serious
and mature. Older sister of Ewan. 

Marisa: A swordfighter from Jehanna, in Gerik's mercenary guild. She's very
confident in her abilities and loyal to Gerik. 

A sage from Caer Perlyn. He's wise, and he watches over Myrrh. Also, he
is Ewan's teacher of Magic. 

A young scholar of Magic. Playful and hyperactive. Looks up to Saleh, who
is his teacher. Younger brother of Tethys. 

Princess of Rausten. Kinda annoying. Says her light will vanquish evil. Niece
of Mansel. 

A veteran berserker of Rausten. L'arachel's Bodyguard. He says he'll do
pretty much anything for her. Laughs a lot. Gwah ha ha!

A thief from Rausten. Was hired by L'arachel, but doesn't like her. 
Apparently, a very good dancer (See L'ara/Ren supports). But Lazy. 

A veteran general in Grado's army. He loves Grado, but joins you because he
thinks his emporer is corrupt. 

The great dragon, who helped the five heroes defeat the demon king in the 
past. Now, she takes the form of a Mamkute, a dragon-human thing.

A shaman from Grado. Helped Lyon study the Dark Stone. Helps you because he 
wants to purge the evil from Lyon. 

Prince of Jehanna, but he wants to keep that secret. Gambling addict.
He's a swordfighter, like most people from Jehanna. 

A pegasus general from Frelia. Has a little crush on Innes. Big sister
of Vanessa. 

Princess of Frelia. Wants to help out, but ends up getting in the way. 
She's kinda annoying, honestly. But she's a good fighter (thought not as good
as Vanessa). 


A general from Grado. Has beliefs similar to Duessel. If Valter didn't kill
him, he'd probably join you. 

Fado: The King of Renais. You don't get to play as him. He was kind. 

Ismaire: Queen of Jehanna. Mother of Joshua. She doesn’t know where he is.

Hayden: King of Frelia. Supports Eirika. Father of Innes and Tana. 

Enemies (mostly bosses)

Prince of Grado. Extremely kind and only wants to help people. Technically,
he's not an enemy, but since you have to fight his body when he's been taken
over by the Demon King, I put him here. 

Evil Lyon: Lyon while he's possessed by the Demon King. You can tell him from 
regular Lyon from when his face looks sinister. Nobody can tell the difference
between him and normal Lyon. Becuase besides the sinister talk, the only 
change is a sinister look on his face. The game never actually call him "Evil
Lyon", but you're supposed to know because of the look on his face, and I 
can't put pictures on txt files. >_>

You get to use him for a level. He loves his wife dearly, and betrays 
Ephraim for a chance to be with her again. 

Selena: A mage knight, and a general from Grado. Yet again, someone who thinks
that the Emporer shouldn't have started the war. She's kind, but she still 
fights you, because she's very loyal to the emperor. I think she loves him.

Valter: A new general from Grado. Completely crazy psycho. Loves killing. 

Riev: A bishop who was excommunicated from Rausten. He's now loyal to the 
Demon king. His eye is messed up. 

Caellach: An Ex-Mercenary from Jehanna. Wants to be a king. I don't think he's
evil, but he is a bit amoral. You do have to fight him. Used to be Josh's 
friend, but that kinda broke when he killed Josh's mom. 

In an age long past...
Evil flooded over the land. 
Creatures awash in the dark
ride ran wild, pushing mankind
to the brink of annihilation. 

In its despair, mankind 
appealed to the heavens, and
from a blinding light came hope. 


These five glorious treasures 
held the power to dispel evil. 

The hero Grado and his warriors 
used the Sacred Stones to combat
evil's darkness. They defeated
the Demon Kind and sealed his
soul away within the stones. 

With the darkness imprisoned, 
peace returned to Magvel. 

But this peace would not last...

*Screen goes to world map*

The continent of Magvel. 
For some 800 Years, a quite peace reigned in
the absence of the terrible darkness. 
The Sacred Stones have been passed from 
generation to generation. 
Nations have been built around their power
and their legacy. 
The Kingdom of Renais, ruled by Fado, 
the peerless Warrior King. 
The Kingdom of Frelia, ruled by Hayden,
the venerable Sage King. 
The Kingdom of Jehanna, ruled by Ismaire, 
Queen of the White Dunes. 
The theocracy of Rausten, ruled by Mansel, 
The Divine Emperor. 
The Grado Empire, ruled by Vigarde, 
the stalwart Silent Emperor. 
These five countries house the power of
the Sacred Stones. 
The are joined by the emerging mercantile
republic of Carcino. 
In times of peace, tales of the past 
conflict has drifted into legend, 
and memories of the ancient dark arts
have all but evaporated. 
It is now the year 803...
In and instant, the whole of Magvel is
threatened by an unexpected atrocity. 
The Grado Empire, the largest of the 
Sacred Stones nations, 
has invaded the kingdom of Renais under
orders from Emporer Vigarde. 
A longtime ally of Grado, Renais is caught
off guard, unable to mount any resistance. 
Grado's forces move quickly, seizing one 
territory after another. 
Compounding kind Fado's worries, his son, 
Prince Ephraim, has gone missing. 
Grado's momentum carries its armies to the
gates of Castle Renais itself. 
Renais will fall...
It is inevitable. 


*Map is in Renais Castle. You see a soldier running up to the king*

Soldier: Your Majesty, I bear bad news. 
The castle gate has been breached. 
Emporer Vigarde's forces are within 
the castle walls. 

Fado: I understand. 

Soldier: The garrison has fallen. 
We've lost contact with Prince Ephraim 
and can expect no aid from his men. 
Your majesty, what are we to do?

Fado: ...What else can we do?
Order your men to lay 
down their arms. 

*Eirika appears, soldier leaves*

Eirika: Father...

Fado: Eirika. 
Are you wearing the 
bracelet I gave you?

Eirika: Yes, I have it right here. 

Fado: Good.  

*Seth appears*

Seth: Yes, Your Majesty?

Fado: Take Eirika and head for Frelia.
King Hayden is an honorable man. I trust he will keep you safe. 

Seth: Understood. 
And what of Your Majesty?

Fado: Me? I shall remain here. 
We have long held Grado among our 
dearest allies, yet now, they attack?
I must know why. 
Am I somehow responsible for this?
Have I erred in my leadership?
Renais is mine to guide...How
could I have failed her so?

Eirika: Father, you can't stay! You mustn't!
If you remain behind, then so shall I!

Fado: Go now, Seth! Ride! 
Take her to safety!

*Fado leaves*

Eirika: Father!

Seth: Forgive me, your highness. 

*Seth and Eirika leave, a bunch of enemy soldiers come up to the King*

Fado: Ephraim, Eirika...
You must survive. 

*Map changes to outside, with Franz talking to Seth*

Franz: General Seth!

Seth! Franz, ride ahead and bring word of our
coming to Frelia. 
A single rider has better offs of passing
unseen by Grado's men. 
Convey to the throne all that has happened
here and petition for rainforests. 

Franz: U-understood!

*Franz rides away*

Seth: Princess Eirika, we must--
Quickly! Behind me!

*Valter and two of his cronies appear*

Valter: You there, with the girl. Tell me, would
that be the wayward princess of Renais?
Well, this must be my lucky day.
You're a dead man. The wench goes with me. 

Seth: Never!

*Valter and Seth enter battle screen*

Valter: I am Valter, the Moonstone, 
Grado's finest general!
And you’re just a corpse who 
does not know he is dead. 

*Seth attacks and misses, Valter stabs but does not kill Seth*

Seth: Ahhh...

*Seth grabs Eirika and rides away*

Valter: Such terrible wounds, and still 
he holds to his duty?
How entertaining. 
Fly away, little man. Fly away. 
Try to outrun death. 
More time to savor the hunt...
and the kill. 

*Screen switches to another area with Seth and Eirika*

Seth: Princess Eirika! This way! I can 
see no more of Grado's men. 
If we've made it this far, we've
surely earned a moment's rest. 
Please forgive my grabbing you 
so... brusquely earlier. 

Eirika: Don't be foolish, Seth. 
If it weren’t for you, I would never
have made it out of the castle. 
You are the reason I'm still alive. 
You have my gratitude. 
And who ever that man was, he was
clearly after me...
It's my fault that you received 
such a grave would. 
Allow me to treat it, I--

Seth: Your highness, I can't allow an injury
like this to be an obstacle. 
We have more important matters to 
attend to. We must press on to Frelia. 
We must fulfill His Majesty's wishes. 

Eirika: ...
I wonder how my father fares alone in
the castle. Do you think he's safe?
And what of my brother on the Grado front?
We've heard nothing from him for days. 

Seth: King Fado and Prince Ephraim are 
both valiant and brave men. 
I doubt even the might of the Grado
Empire can hold them in check. 
More important to me, Your Highness, 
is that you look to your own safety. 
How sad the two of them would be if
something were to happen to you. 
We must reach Frelia to ensure the 
day of your happy reunion. 

Eirika: Yes, of course. You're right. 
Until I'm reunited with my father 
and brother, I must not despair. 
Come, Seth. Let us go. 

Seth: Once we cross that bridge, we will 
be in Frelia, near Border Mulan.
Let us proceed, Princess Eirika. 
Your highness, I won't lie to you. 
This will not be an easy ride. 
Please, take this rapier. 
If something should happen to me,
you must continue to Frelia, 
alone if need be. 

*Eirika gets a Rapier, three enemy fighters appear*

O'Neill (Boss): You there! Renais Dogs! Where
do you think you're going?

Seth: Grado's men..
Stand back, Princess Eirika. 

Eirika: It's all right, Seth. 
My brother has taught me 
something of swordplay. 
I will stand with you. 

*player phase*

*When you kill 2 of the fighters*

Seth: All that's left is their leader... 

O'neill: What was that? Do you think you can
take me, wretched lording?
Come! It's time you high-and-mighty
knights learned to respect a true warrior!

*When you fight O'neill*

O'neill: You will be the first to die!

*When you kill O'neill*

O'neil: What? How?

Seth: Princess, are you injured?

Eirika: What?
Oh, no...
I'm fine, Seth. 

Seth: But you look so pale...

Eirika: I'm fine...Fine.
...This is war, isn't it?
It's not at all like the games I used 
to play with my brother or Lyon. 
I never though-- I didn’t
know it would be this...savage. 
Are words useless? Is strength
all that matters? It's so sad...
Why would the Grado Empire do this?
To what end would they start a war?

Seth: Princess...

Eirika: Don't worry, Seth. I won't
give in to sorrow .
Let's get moving. 
I'm not broken, and I won't stop
until I see Renais restored. 
I won't stop until I'm reunited
with my father and brother. 

*Chatper ends*

=Chapter 1: Escape!=

*Screen goes to a castle with Tana and her soldier inside. Enemy forces are

Soldier: Princess Tana! Grado's forces are approaching!

Tana: What? So soon? Ah, we've had no time!

Soldier: Miledy, we lack the arms to defend this 
place. You must return to Castle Frelia. 

Tana: I can't! Not yet. We haven’t found
Eirika and her companions yet.
Eirika is my friend, and she needs 
my help. I won't abandon her. 
Oh, I know! Go and ask Father--
I mean King Hayden for more troops. 

Soldier: Yes, Your Highness!

*Soldier leaves*

Tana: Eirika, please be safe.

*Screen goes outside to enemy soldiers*

Soldier: Commander Breguet, the enemy appears to 
be fortifying its position in the castle. 

Breguet (Boss): Hmph. 
They're tenacious, but they have
no hope of stopping our advance. 

Soldier: What are your orders, sir?

Breguet: Ha! Orders? You just stand here and
watch. I'll crush them myself!

Soldier: As you command, sir. 

*Breguet goes and totally owns a Frelian soldier*

Breguet: Ha! That's what happens 
when you face my lance!

*Screen goes inside to Breguet and Tana*

Tana: St-stop right there!
Call off your forces and turn back,
or you'll have me to deal with!

Breguet: Is that so? And
who might you be?

Tana: Who--? I am Tana, Princess
of Frelia. 
I will not permit you to abuse
my country any longer.

Breguet: Frelia's royal brat, huh?
How convenient...

Tana: Leave this castle immediately. 
If you harm me, my father and brother
will chase you to the earth's end. 

Breguet: Yes, I've heard of how King Hayden dotes
on his precious little daughter. 
Let's see how true that is. You’ll
make us a fine hostage, my dear. 
Seize the girl and lock her up!

Soldier: Right away, sir!

Tana: No! Let me go!

*Screen goes outside to Seth and Eirika*

Eirika: Seth, look...

Seth: I see it. It seems like Grado's 
army has already reached Frelia. 
Princess, this place is perilous. 
We should bypass Mulan altogether
and head straight into the castle. 

Eirika: But we can't just ignore this...
You were there when Renais was 
invaded... You saw what I saw. 
You saw how the people suffered
at the hands of Grado's soldiers. 
Homes were destroyed, possessions 
stolen, women kidnapped...
Anyone who resisted was executed 
without question, without hesitation. 

Seth: ...

Eirika: Please, Seth. I can't allow that 
to happen here. 
I don't want to see any more people
harmed by Grado's atrocities. 

Seth: All right, Princess. I understand. 
Perphaps we can retake Mulan.
But, Princess, you must act with 
caution. Your people need you, too. 

Eirika: Of course, Seth.
Come on! Let's go!

*beginning of the enemy's turn*

Breguet: Hm? Is that the princess of Renais?
Ha ha! It really is my lucky day! 
Fame and fortune ride to meet me!
Move on, you slugs!
Bring that girl to me!

*Beginning of your second turn, Franz and Gilliam appear*

Franz: Sir Gilliam, is that Mulan? Have 
we reached Frelia's border already?

Gilliam: Aye, we have. Her Highness Princess
Tana should be inside the castle. 

Franz: But look -- the countryside is 
crawling with Grado Soldiers!
Where's the castle guard! Has
Mulan fallen? Are we too late?

Gilliam: Too tough to say from here. 
Princess Tana's in no danger if 
they want her as a bargaining tool.
We men of the Eastern Watch will
see her to safety. 

Franz: Yes...Yes, of course. 
We mustn't give up. We must move. 
We must retake the castle. Then, we
ride forth to Princess Eirika's aid. 

Gilliam: I've strong armor then you do. 
I'll take the lead. Watch my back. 

*If you have Franz talk to Eirika*

Franz: Princess Eirika, it is good
to see you're well. 

Eirika: Franz, you made it through unscathed...

Franz: Y-yes, Your Highness!
I met up with Sir Gilliam of Frelia
and explain the situation in Renais. 
He told me that Princess Tana was
in danger as well, here at Mulan. 
We rode as swiftly as we could. 

Eirika: Tana is here?
Franz, we must hurry!

Franz: Understood!

*If Franz talks to Seth*

Seth: Is that you, Franz? I'm relieved
to see you're still in one piece!

Franz: Y-yes... and you as well, General. 
As long as you lead is, sir, the
Knights of Renais cannot lose!

Seth: Franz, you and I must work together
to protect Princess Eirika. 
I want you to ride with us. 

Franz! Sir! With honor, sir!

*If you visit the lower house*

Man: The rumors are true, aren't they? The 
Grado army's taken over the castle. 
It looks like they've seized the 
castle gate, too. 
Smart work--The fate provides defense 
and heals wounds to boot. 
They must be fierce warriors to have
taken the gate. Watch yourself. 

*If you visit the higher house*
Man: That knight encamped at the castle was
wearing the finest armor I've ever seen. 
It looked like it could turn aside almost 
any blade you swing at it. 
I know my armor, though. I wager a good
rapier or armorslayer could get through it. 

*When you attack Bruguet*

Bruguet: Bah, what a worthless lot of
curs I've been assigned!

*When B. dies*
Burguet: This...this can't be...

*At he beginning of turn 4, some enemies appear*

Soldier: I've found them! Stragglers from Renais! 
Don't let them get away!

*When you capture the gate, the screen goes in the castle*

Gilliam: Princess Tana. 

Tana: Sir Gilliam...
I’m sorry, I never meant 
to cause you such trouble. 

Gilliam: It was no trouble. I live
to serve, Princess. 

Eirika: Tana!

Tana: ...Eirika?!?
Is that really you?

Eirika: Tana, what are you doing, 
so far form Castle Frelia?

Tana: I heard that Renais had fallen,
and I was so worried...
But I'm glad to see that
you're safe...
Wait! Where is Ephraim? 
Is he well?

Eirika: I wish I knew. 

Tana: You haven't heard from him? Oh, I
hope he's not been harmed...
Come, we must go to Castle Frelia. 
My lord father may know something. 

Eirika: Thank you, Tana. 

*Screen goes to world map*

Eirika and her companions have liberated
the border castle. 
Alongside Princess Tana of Frelia, they ride
to the Frelian capital. 

*screen goes inside castle, with Tana and Hayden*

Hayden: Of, Tana... I'm grateful to see that
you're safe and home again!
You've no idea how I worried when I heard
you were under attack at Border Mulan. 
You are not to leave again without my
permission. Do you understand?

Tana: Don't be mad, Father. Look,
I come bearing good news. 
Eirika! Come out now!

Eirika: King Hayden, I am please to see you
again, even in these sad times. 

Hayden: Ah, Eirika! It does my heart
good to see you safe.

Eirika: Thank you. I was able to escape the
castle before Renais fell. 
But I'm not sure if my father...

Hayden: Yes. I. have received 
word of your father. 

Eirika: Your Highness? Please tell me. 
If my father well?

Hayden: ...My friend King Fado...did not
survive the fall of Renais Castle. 

Eirika: ...No, it cannot be...

Seth: ...

Hayden: Rest assured, Grado will be punished for 
its cowardly act. This is Frelia's promise. 
Eirika, please stay here and rest. I cannot
imagine how exhausted you must be. 

Eirika: .....

Seth: King Hayden. 
You know of Prince Ephraim's
disappearance, do you not?

Hayden: Yes, we hear the prince and his men 
hound Grado at every turn. 
It's said that he's left his forces 
into the empire itself. 
Reports suggest he's crossed the 
border and now fights in Renvall. 

Eirika: My brother...
He fights on? Even now?

Hayden: Yes. My pegasus knights bought 
this information at a great price. 
Even though Renais has fallen, he 
charges into the enemy's heart. 
He is truly Fado's son...
What a valiant youth. 
I wish I knew whatever he 
remains unharmed, but I do not. 

Eirika: King Hayden, I thank you for
your offer, but I cannot stay. 
I intend to ride to my brother's
side with reinforcements. 

Hayden: I cannot allow it. I know how you
feel, but this plan is suicide. 
I would be betraying Fado's memory if
I allowed any harm to befall you. 
Stay here. Rest and mourn. Leave
this war to the warriors. 

Eirika: I know you mean well, Your Majesty. 
However, I have lost my father, 
and my twin brother is in peril.
My brother, he is a part of me...
I cannot rest here in peace while
he risks his life.

Hayden: No. Renais has no more army. 
Grado's forces decimated it. 

Hayden: I wish Frelia could provide you 
with support, with soldiers, but...
My son, Innes, is on his way to meet
the empire's forces. 
We cannot spare a single brigade. 
Your own retinue of knights cannot
possibly face Grado alone. 
Are you so determined to go?

Eirika: Yes. 
...With apologies. 

Hayden: As resolute as your father, eh?
What am I to do in the face of such 
foolhardy determination?

Vanessa: Here, your highness!

Hayden: Moulder.

Moulder: You called, my king?

Hayden: Gilliam. 

Gilliam: Yes, sire?

Hayden: You are to accompany Princess Eirika of
Renais into Grado territory. 
I expect each of you to provide aid 
and support for her brother. 

Gilliam: Hmm. Quite a grave responsibility 
you've given us. 

Vanessa: No matter the obstacles, 
we will perform our duty. 
Gilliam: Our lives are yours. 

Hayden: These are some of my most trusted
and stalwart vassals. 
They will, no doubt, prove themselves
quite valuable on your journey. 
Remember, you are venturing behind
enemy lines. You will need supplies. 
I have a supply convoy readied to 
carry your weapons and provisions. 
It will remain at your side, no matter 
how far afield you venture. 

Eirika: King Hayden, I... Thank you. 

Hayden: No, save your thanks for your return...
with your brother, Prince Ephraim. 

Eirika: Yes, Your highness!

*Got 500 gold, screen switches to corridor with Tana and Eirika*

Tana: Eirika, you don't really intend 
to go through with this, do you?
I can't guess how you must feel, 
but its' just too dangerous. 
What would happen if you were
captured by Grado's men?

Eirika: Thank you for your concern, Tana. 
But I have no choice. Don't you
see, Tana? I have to go. 

Tana: Eirika...
Oh, why is this happening? What's
gone wrong with the world?

Eirika: Tana...

Tana: Why would Grado invade?
Emperor Vigarde is a man of peace. 
His people adore him. 
And you and Ephraim are friends 
with Prince Lyon, are you not?
What could be behind this madness?
Why is this happening... 

Eirika: I have no answers for you, Tana. 
I don't want to believe it, but the
reality is that we are at war. 
If I do nothing, I mat lose my
brother as well as my father. 
This is why I have to fight. 
It's the only answer I have. 

*Chapter ends*

King Hayden apologizes for being unable to
spare soldiers. 
However, he does provide Eirika with a small
but trusted party of vassals. 
Eirika is grateful for the king's aid. 
Chasing rumors of her brother, she sets out
for Grado. 
The group's first stop is the remote village 
of Ide, which was, until very recently, 
a part of Renais. 
Here, Eirika sees the devastation of Renais
with her own eyes. 

=Chapter 2: The Protected=

Eirika: Seth has mapped out a route for us. 
We'll travel south of Renais and pass
through Serafew into Grado territory. 

Moulder: Hmm...
That would seem a sensible plan. 
Assuming, of course, that we can avoid
any run-ins with Grado Soldiers...

Vanessa: Princess Eirika, may I have your leave
to scout ahead?
From the sky, I'll have a better chance 
of spotting any nearby troops. 

Moulder: We're yours to command, Your Highness. 
Will you give your permission?

Eirika: Yes, of course. 
Keep an eye out for enemy 
bowmen, though, Vanessa. 

Vanessa: Yes, Your Highness, I shall. 
I shall prove myself worthy 
of the honor of your trust. 

*Vanessa leaves*

Eirika: She seems very...sincere. 

Moulder: Sincere...yes, quite. 

*Map goes to Vanessa over a mounting, watching some bandits near a village*

Bone (Ugly bandit boss): Hey, Boss! We've found more
villages ripe for the picking. 

Bazba: (Another bandit, he'll be a boss later): One, two, three...
Ha ha ha! I love a good war!
With all these soldiers preoccupies,
we're free to pillage as we please!
Right, Bone--you're in charge.
Grab everything that's not nailed
down and bring it to the hideout. 

Bone: I'm on it. 

*Screen goes into the village with Ross and Garcia*

Ross: Dad! Bandits approaching!

Garcia: Hmmm...
I'm getting you out of here,
Ross. You stay close to me!

*Screen goes back to Vanessa and the bandits*

Bone: Let's start with that village there!
Go to it, boys! It's all yours. 
Cut down anyone fool enough to get 
in your way. 
I'm heading west around the
mountains to the other villages. 

*A bandit destroys the northeast village, Ross and Garcia run out as NPCs*

Ross: Unnng!

Garcia: Ross? What is it?
What's wrong?

Ross: It's nothing! It's just a scratch!
You're a warrior, Dad, and I am your
son. I won't be beaten so easily. 

Garcia: Don't risk yourself so foolishly...
We need to get you some help. 
Please! Someone help my son!

*The rest of your crew rides up near Vanessa*

Vanessa: Ah! This looks serious.
I must report back to 
Princess Eirika at once. 

*Vanessa flies to Eirika*

Vanessa: I have bad news. 
The village to the east is
under attack by bandits. 

Eirika: Bandits?!

Moulder: We have arrived at our first dilemma. 
We must move quickly and attract as
little attention as possible, but...

Eirika: But I cannot stand by and watch 
innocents be harmed. 
Vanessa, how fare the villagers?

Vanessa: I spotted one injured person. 
He appeared to be just a child. 

Eirika: Father Moulder, can
your staff help him?

Moulder: Well, yes, I can heal his
injuries with my staff, but...
I cannot do it form here. He's 
too far away. I must be near him. 

Vanessa: Princess, please leave this to me. 
I shall bring the boy here. 

Moulder: All right, Vanessa. 
It's up to you. 

Vanessa: Very well. I'm off. 

*When you visit the southernmost village*

Man: Hm? What is it? What's with 
all the ruckus?
What? B-bandits?!
Spread the word, everyone!
Close the village gates!
Thank you for your warning. 
Please, accept this small token. 
*Got pure water*

*When you visit the northwest village with Eirika*
Woman: This is terrible...What are we going
to do? The Bandits are so close. 
If we can't find some way to protect
ourselves, the village is doomed. 

Selena: Perphaps...

Eirika: People, listen to me! You must close
the village gates immediately. 
Hurry, before the bandits arrive!

Selena: Who are you? You aren't from one
of the neighboring towns, are you. 
And your weapons give you away...
You're no peasant. 

Eirika: I am Er...
My name is Erina. 
I'm a mercenary. 

Selena: A mercenary named Erina, is it?
There's more to to you then that, I feel. 
But don't worry--it's none of my affair. 
I haven't told you who I am yet, have I?
I am Selena, a general in Grado's army. 

Eirika: Ah!

Selena: Is something wrong?

Eirika: No...uh, nothing. 

Selena: It looks like these villagers
have some bandit problems. 
I would like to help, but
I have orders...
I'm to leave for the capital
immediately, and I cannot stay.
You're armed, and you claim to be
a mercenary. Will you help them?

Eirika: Um...

Selena: Is there a problem?

Eirika: No! Of course I'll help them!
It's just...You're one of 
Grados' generals...Why...

Selena: These aren't soldiers. 
They're people. 
Should they suffer because 
their leaders fight?
I've petitioned your aid. 
Take this as payment. 

*Selena leaves*

Eirika: ...
*Got red gem*

*If you visit the northwest village with someone that's not Eirika*

Selena: And who are you? You don't look
like one of the local peasantry. 
As you can see, the villages
have some bandit troubles. 
I would like to help, but I have
orders to follow...
I am required to quit this area at once. 
I would ask you to aid them in this fight. 
I will pay you for your trouble, of course. 
*Got red gem*

*If you visit the north village*

Girl: The most wonderful man rescued me. 
He was dressed like a mercenary, but 
he had an air of elegance about him...
He gave me this elixir. I'm sure it
will help you on the battlefield. 
*Got Elixir*

*If you talk to Ross with Eirika*

Ross: Hey, listen! My village is
being attacked by bandits. 
My name's Ross. 
Come on! You have to help
me wipe those thugs out!

Eirika: All right, just... Just take a
deep breath and calm down, Ross. 
Leave the villages to us. 
We'll dive off the bandits. 
Seth, take the boy somewhere safe.

Ross: No! Wait! I'm going to fight, too!

Eirika: But...

Ross: My father is out there all alone,
fighting those bandits. 
I've got to get back to him as
quickly as possible!
I'm the son of the great Garcia!
As long as I have my axe, no 
bandit will ever defeat me!

Eirika: All right, I can see you're
not going to be swayed...
But you must promise that you
will stay close to us. 

*Ross joins your team*

*If you talk to Garcia with Ross*

Ross: Dad!

Garcia: Ross?! Boy, what did I tell 
you?! What are you doing here?
Don't worry about me. Hurry up 
and get yourself to safety!

Ross: Did you really thing I could just
run away while you fight, Dad?
You taught me that fighters fight
for what's important to them!
There's no way I'm leaving!
I'm fighting just like you!

Garcia: Ross...
All right, listen to me. We'll cut
our way out of here together!

*Garcia Joins your team*

*When you fight Bone*

Bone: Wait a minute! Wh-who are you?

*When you kill Bone*

Bone: Urgh...Blast...

*When you win the chapter*

Garcia: You saved my son. 
I owe you my thanks. 

Eirika: It's not necessary. 

Seth: ...Hold on a moment...
Aren't you..the great Garcia?
You fought for Renais, didn't you?

Garcia: ...

Eirika: Seth, do you know this man?

Seth: He was a troop commander for Renais
until around ten years ago. 

Seth: When I was a recruit, the soldiers
used to tell so many tales about him. 
They called him a daring and fearless 
fighter for Renais. 
Master Garcia, you must know the peril
our homeland faces right now...
Can we impose upon you to lend your 
strength to Renais once again?

Garcia: ...I'm sorry. I'm retired now. 
I'm not a soldier anymore. It's...
a decision I made long ago. 

Seth: Master Garcia...

Garcia: ...When I was a soldier, I lived my
life fighting for my country's honor. 
I left no time for my family. 
I spent my life fighting for faceless,
uncaring nobles. 
When my wife fell ill and died, I met
the child she had left behind...
At that moment, I finally realized
what my duty had cost me. 

Eirika: ...

Garcia: I stood at my wife's grave and promised
her I would be a father to our son. 
I'm done with armies. I'm done with 
fighting, except to protect my son. 
I've no regrets. I'm the boy's father. 

Seth: ...

*Seth and Eirika leave, Ross appears*

Ross: blasted fool!
Father, what's all this nonsense I'm hearing?

Garcia: Ross!

Ross: If you're not going to help, then I will!

I'm a fighter! I know I can do this!

Garcia: Ross, what are you saying?

Ross: Dad, please! Listen to me!
I respect you more then any 
other man in the world. 
I know you gave up being a 
soldier for me. I know that!
But how can you throw away 
such a big part of yourself?
You're a warrior at heart! You
can't give that up and be happy!

Garcia: ...

Ross: Look at me, Dad! 
Have you seen me fight?
I'm not a child anymore. 
I'm a warrior, like you. 
You’re free to worry, but
I can survive on my own!

Garcia: Ross. 

Ross: You want to challenge me, Father?
I'm a fighter! The best in all of Ide!
I'm not gonna lose to you!
I'm not gonna lose to anyone!

Garcia: ...You're right. 
You're a good soldier, Ross. 

*Seth and Eirika re appear*

Garcia: Sir Seth...
If these old bones of mine can
still serve, I'd like to join you. 

Ross: Dad...

Garcia: Looks like my boy grew up while
I wasn't looking...
He's tougher then I thought. 
He doesn’t need my help. 
I've raised him as best I could, 
but he's right. 
I've nothing to hear. I should 
fight. I will fight.

Ross: Dad!

*Screen goes to village with a man and Eirika*

Man: Thank you so much for your help.
Please, stay the night and rest...

Eirika: We would if we could, but we have
much to go and far to travel.
Your safety is reward enough. 

Man: Ah, well...
My, that is a splendid
bracelet you're wearing. 

Eirika: Thank you. My father 
gave this to me. 

Man: It's a wonderful gift. 
But you should be careful, wearing
such a valuable item so openly. 
Since Renais was invaded, things have
become so dangerous around here. 
There are gold-hungry thieves and
bandits everywhere. 
The most wicked are Bazba's Bandits. 
They are...cruel beyond words. 
If you have something they want, your 
life is worth less then nothing. 
Just the other day they assaulted some
travelers, and...Oh, it was awful. 

Eirika: I..I can't believe such things...

Man: Oh, Renais is finished, mark my words. 
They Grado Empire's stolen our future. 
Our only hope against them was that 
Prince Ephraim would prevail, but...
Rumor has it that he's on the verge of 
being crushed by Grado's vast numbers. 
These are dark days. Travel with care. 

Eirika: .....

*Screen goes to Eirika standing in front of a forest at night*

Eirika: Ephraim...

*Flashback to a castle with Eirika and Ephraim*

Ephraim: It's time to start. 
Are you ready, Eirika?

Eirika: Yes, Ephraim. 
Let's begin. 

Eirika: Tell me, though: why do you want
me to teach you to fight?
I thought you didn't care for 

Eirika: I do not like uncivilized behavior. 
I can think one can solve one's problems 
without fighting. 
And yet...

Ephraim: And yet what?

Eirika: I've always relied on you to 
protect me, Brother. 
I would rather not be such a 
burden to you in the future. 
So, I thought maybe I should
learn to protect myself...

Ephraim: I'm your brother. Brothers are
supposed to protect their sisters. 
It's nothing for you to worry about. 
it's no cause for concern. 

Eirika: Yes, but...
I am your sister. Sisters are supposed
to worry about their brothers.
So I would like to learn something of
swordplay, if only a little. 
And maybe, someday, I can protect you
in your time of need...
So please, Ephraim. 

Ephraim: All right, all right. How could I say no?
Honestly, once you get an idea into your
head, that's it. I might as well give in. 
It's agreed. I'll teach you, but won't
hold back because you're my sister. 
And I want no complaining once we've 
started, Eirika. 

Eirika: Complain? Me? Never!

*Eirika snaps back to reality*

Eirika: .....

*Colm appears behind Eirika*

Colm: Oops! Beg your pardon. 

Eirika: Hey!

*Colm leaves, Seth comes*

Seth: Princess, are you all right?

Eirika: Y-yes... Someone bumped into 
me is all. I was jarred. 

Seth: Hm? Your Highness, where is your bracelet?

Eirika: My bracelet?
Where could it be?
Did that man--

Seth: I'll find him!

Eirika: Don't worry about it, Seth. 
That bracelet was a gift from my 
father, but Ephraim needs our help. 
I can let sentimentality get in
the way of my duty. 

Seth: No, Princess... We must retrieve
your bracelet regardless of cost. 
You cannot lose it. Let's go. 
We must hurry. 

*Chapter ends*

*Eirika is on the world map*

Eirika and company pursue the thief who
stole her bracelet. 

Thief chase leads them into the mountains,
where Bazba's Bandits. pillage at will. 

Eirika cannot ignore her countrymen's pleas
for help. 
She leads her group in search of the
bandit's stronghold. 

=Chapter 3: Bazba's Bandits=

*Screen is of Seth and Eirika near a forest*

Seth: The local villagers tell me that
Bazba's Bandits keep their lair nearby. 
A few of them saw a lad matching the
description of our bracelet thief. 
It seems a fair guess that the youth
is one of these bandits. 

Eirika: Bandits...Here in Renais, our homeland. 
I had no idea...
Burning out villages...Stealing from
out people with no fear of reprisal?

Seth: It wasn't always like this. The knights 
used to protect the citizenry...
However, with Renais in ruins and her army
tattered, law and order are hard to find. 
It doesn’t look like the Grado army 
is interested in maintaining order here. 
If nothing changes, Renais will continue
this sad plunge into savagery. 

Eirika: .....

Someone offscreem: Uh...Hello?

*Neimi runs up to you*

Neimi: Pardon my for asking...
but are you all some sort
of...mercenary troop?

Eirika: Why do you ask?

Neimi: P-p-please, you have to help
Colm. You have to!
I told him it was too dangerous, 
but he wouldn't listen to me!

Eirika: Please, you must calm yourself. Start
at the beginning, and speak slowly. 

Neimi: All right...Sniff. 
I'm Neimi. 
I'm from... I used to be from 
a village named Lark...
Except the village is gone. 

Eirika: Gone? What
do you mean?

Neimi: Bazba's Bandits burned it down. 
Only Colm and I escaped. 
The other villages...
The bandits attacked them and...

Eirika: ...

Seth: Neimi, what are you doing here?

Neimi: Bazba's Bandits... They have a
hideout here in these mountains.
That's where Colm...
Uh, Colm's my...uh...We've known 
each other since we were kids. 
He went to steal back something
the bandits took from me...

Eirika: He went alone? That's a 
very dangerous thing...

Neimi: Yes, I know. Th-that's what I told
him, but he wouldn't listen to me. 
If I lose Colm, too, I don't know...
I...I'll... sniff...

Eirika: Wait, please don't cry. 
Don't worry. We'll find your friend
and see that he's not harmed. 

Neimi: Really? Really and truly?
Oh, thank you! Thank you!!!
I don't have much money, 
but.. I'll do anything to help. 

Seth: Your Highness? What will it be?

Eirika: If the thief we're after has gone
to the bandit's lair as well...
Well, it semes as though we share
a common cause with Neimi. 
She is a citizen of Renais, after all. 
And isn't it our duty to defend our
I"m only sad that we weren't here to 
protect her friends and neighbors...
So, yes, I feel we must help her. 

Seth: Very well. Neimi, I trust 
you can lead the way?

Neimi: Er, yes... 
It's this way. 

*Screen goes to you at the entrance of the Bandit's place*

Neimi: Um, Is there anything I can do
to help? I feel so...
When I was little I used to go 
hunting with my grandfather. 
What I mean is I can--
I'm not bad with a bow. 

Seth: Really?

Neimi: Uh-huh. 

Seth: I see. 
You should remain behind and
protect Princess Eirika. 

Bazba (At the other side of the hideout)

Bazba: Hm. Not sure who's out there, but 
it looks like we've got guests. 
Let's give 'em a warm welcome, lads. 
You see a stranger, stick an axe in him!

*At the end of turn 1, Colm appears fromt he west stairs as an NPC*

Colm: And here we go!
Ha! And not a soul saw me. These
bandits are easy picking. 
I guess I might as well start 
with these chests here. 

*If you talk to Colm with Neimi*

Neimi: C-Colm...

Colm: Neimi?! 
What are you doing here?
I told you to wait for me, 
didn't I?

Neimi: I couldn't... It's too dangerous. 
C'mon, let's go home. 

Colm: We don't have a home! Don't you get it?
Look, just leave everything to me. 
I can take care of it in a flash, but I don't
need a clumy oad like you tagging along. 

Neimi: But...but...

Colm: Oh, this is ridiculous. 
We'll talk later. Don't
leave my side, Neimi. 

Neimi: I--All right. 

*When you fight Bazba*

Bazba: I'm the head of this bandit
pack, the mighty Bazba!
Hope you've enoyed your life, 
'cuz it's about to end!

*After you own that bastard, I mean defeat Bazba*

Bazba: I'm the...mighty...Bazba...This...ain't--

*When you win the chapter, the screen is on ruins of the building*

Neimi: C-Colm...

Colm: What now? I told you not to worry. 
I could have robbed these bandits blind
on my own, thank you very much. 

Neimi: I was...

Colm: H-Hold on! I'm sorry!
C'mon! Don't start bawling!

Neimi: Aaah...sniff...
No more...dangerious stuff...
by yourself...

Colm: Fine, fine. I promise. 
But you have to stop crying
all the time. All right?

Neimi: Uh-huh...

Colm: Oh, yeah. take a
look at this. 

Neimi: Hm?

Colm: I got your mirror back. 
Remember how you cried when we left
Lark? You thought you'd lost this. 
I knew it was your mother's, and I 
knew thsoe thugs had taken it. 
So I went and got it back!
See what happens when you give
me a job? Gauranteed results!

Neimi: Colm...

Colm: Hey Wh-why are you 
crying this time?
C'mon! Stop! Knock it
off! Please, Neimi...

Seth: ...This is quite touching, but...
I think you'd best return Priness
Eirika's bracelet to her now. 

Colm: Wh-what are you talking about?
Are you trying to say that I--

*Seth moves towards Colm*

Colm: Whoa! Whoa there! Hold it!
It's right here! Talk it!

*Colm backs off*

Seth: ...
Tell me, boy, is this the path
you've chosen for your life?
If this girl matters to you, 
you must quit this dark road. 

Colm: Um, yeah...Right. 

Seth: We're leaving. Do not expect
to be rescued again. 

Colm: ...Hey, wait!
Let us go with you. You
can't just leave us here. 

Seth: Pardon?

Colm: Neimi and I... We've got no home
to return to. 
No matter where we go, there's 
just gonna be more fighting. 
You're mercenaries, rght?
Well, then take us with you. 
I'm a handy guy to have around. 
I know I can help you out. 

Seth:  would prefer not, but I'll agree
with Eirika's decision. 
Our duy is a grave one however. We've
no time to waste shepherding you. 

Colm: That's fine with us 
You just wait-- I promise you
won't regret your decision. 

*Screen goes outsied the building with Seth and Eirika*

Seth: I retrieved your bracelet from
the bandit's stronghold. 
Here you are, Princess. 

Eirika: Thank you, Seth. 
You know...Father gave me this
bracelet when I was a child. 
It has only one match in the
world, and my brother wears it. 

Seth: Lady Eirika, you must take care never to
lose that bracelet. 
It is proof that King Fado entrusted
the future of Renais to you, his children. 

Eirika: Seth...What is it you're 
not telling me?

Seth: ...I apologize, Your Highness. 
When the times comes, I will tell
you what I knwo. Until then, I...

Eirika: I see. 
If you tell me it must wait, 
then it can wait. I trust you. 

Seth: Then we should get moving again. 
We're safe from bandits for now, 
but I can't guarantee for how long. 

Eirika: This... Tis is just the beginning, 
isn't it?
If we hope to free out homeland, it 
will take battle after battle...

Seth: I'm afraid so, Your Highness. 
They day you and Prince Ephraim win back
the freedom and honor of Renais will come. 
But I fear it lies at the end of a long 
and treacherous road. 

Eirika: I know. I must fight for that day. 
In the names of all those I could
not save, I'll lead us home. 
Let's go. My brother awaits!

*Screen goes to inside Grade Castle, Selena, Duessel, and Glen are there*

Selena: General Duessel.

Duessel: Selena. Have you been back long?
Tell me, how fares the campaign
in Renais?

Selena: Signs of chaos abound. 
Brigands ride without fear, and
the peasant's cries fill the air. 

Duessel: Hmm...
If Grado's troops do not enfore public
order, the situation wil only worsen. 
And still, His Majesty has given us 
no orders. 
Perphaps, jsut this once, I should
take the lead...

Glen: What could His Majesty be thinking?
Breaking our long-held alliance with 
Renais--invading without warning...
He's never been this way before. He
abhors violence. 

Selena: .....

Glen: And have you noticed the recent
promotions? Who they are going to?
Certainly not to the soldiers who
have Grado's best interests at heart. 
I feel this invasion is the prelude 
to a much larger war. 
I feel as though His Majesty is no
longer the man we knew him to be. 

Selena: Glen, it dones' tmatter what any
of us might think of our orders. 
We are his servants, and we will not
question His Majesty's intentions. 

Glen: I know that, Selena. 
And yet...

Duessel: That's enough. Both of you. 
His Majesty summons us. 
Let's hope we can learn a 
little during our audience. 

*Screen goes to the throne room. Vigarde, emperor of Grado, is here now*

Vigarde: ...I appreciate your work in
fulfilling your previous orders. 
You are the hammers that drive
the nails of the empire's will...
You will continue to operate
...wihtout hesitation...
wherever I send you. 

Duessel: By your command. 

Selena: In Your Majesty's name. 

Glen: Yes, sire...

Vigarde: ...However, I know this...
You, my Imperial Three, lack the strength
to conquer the remaining nations alone. 
In the invasion of Renais, certain
soldiers performed beyond expectation. 
I have chosen them to join you as
new generals in the empire's service. 

*valter, Riev, and Vaellach enter*

Vigarde: ...The performance of these 
men surpassed even your own. 
With the addition of these three...
The empire will have six generals
strong enough to conquer this land. 
Do you understand?

Riev: Heh heh heh...
I am Riev, given the name 
Blood Beryl by His Majesty. 
I know I am a newcomer, but 
I pray for your favor. 

Duessel: ...Understood. 

Caellach: I'm Caellach. I was a mercanary, 
fighiting in the desert. 
Seems I'm to be called
Tiger Eye...
You're a fine lookin' lass, arne't you?
Yeah, I'm gonna love working with you. 

Selena: .....

Valter: So we meet again. You knoww me as General
Valter, but you will call me the Moonstone. 
I'll save you worthless dogs from your 
pwn incompetence. You'll thank me later. 

Glen: Valter..You scum!

Duessel: Peace, Glen. 

Vigarde: Selena. Caellach. You will
bring me Frelia. 

Selena: Yes, sire. 

Caellach: Sure. Good as done. 

Vigrade: Riev. Duessel. You are chargerd wiht
the defense of the empire. 
...I will speak to you individually
with more details later. 

Riev: Heh heh heh...
Understood, Your Majesty. 

Duessel: By your command, sire. 

Valter: And me?

Vigarde: Valter, Glen...
I have other duties for you...

Glen: Yes, Your Majesty?

Vigrade: Renais has fallen, but Princess Eirika
still eludes us...
Her brother, Prince Ephraim, leads
a resistance within our borders. 
Bring the siblings to me. 

Valter: Ha ha.. Of course. 

Glen: .....

*Chapter ends*

*On world map*

With her bracelet recovered, Eirika sets
out wirh renewed determination.
Passing through the ancient forest Za'ha
brigns them close to Grado's border. 
As they near the town of Serafew, Eirika's
fears are assuaged by the lack of troops. 
BUt never-before-seen terrors crawl in the
shadows of the trees. 

=Chapter 4: Ancient Horrors=

*Screen is in a forest with Seth and Eirika*

Seth: We're approaching Serafew, at the
borders of Renais and Grado. 
Once we cross, we'll be in Grado...
Renvall won't be much farther. 

Eirika: That is, assuming we can cross the
border wihtout mishap...

Oh! Look over there!

*Screen goes to map, with monsters and stuff everywhere*

Eirika: Those strange figures...
What...What are they?
Are they...human?
I've never seen anything like 
it. What could they be?

*Screen goes to a southern village with Artur and Lute*

Artur: What have we done to deserve the trials
before us? What is happening to us?
How could such abominations walk out lands
while the Sacred Stones protect us?

Lute: ...

Artur: Lute, please, it's dangerous outside
the walls. Stay here in the village. 

Lute: Those are revanants, aren't they?
They were the vanguard of the Demon 
King int he days of darkness. 
The Tome of Nazania describes them in 
chapter 2, section 7, paragraph 8. 

Artur: You know of them?

Lute: Duh! I'm a prodigy. I can recall 
most everything I see or hear. 
According to the book, revanants
attack using razor-sharp claws. 
Sounds painful, wouldn't you say?

Artur: Yes, er well... Be that as it may, I
must go aid those travelerse outside. 
You should stay here withing the 
safety of the village.

Lute: Very well. I don't mind staying here. 
In fact, it seems that smarter choice. 

*Artur leaves*

Lute: Magic iss far more powerful then any 
monster's claws. 
The thickest hide and the strongest armor
are useless against magic's power. 
Yes, I supposed I could have studied 
swords, but only magic is worthy of me. 
Even if this village were to be assaulted
by monsters, I could defend it perfectly. 

*Artur runs up to Eirika and crew*

Artur: Travelers, you must listen to me! The
ancient forest of Za'ha is dangerous. 
Head south and pass through this place 
before the fiends surroung you!

Eirika: Who are you?

Artur: My name is Artur. 
The temple has assigned me the task of
cleansing the forst of these...things. 
There are so many of the fiends, though. 
I wonder if I stand much chance alone. 
So if you owuld, please flee now while
you have the chance. 

Eirika: Fiends?
You're not talking about the same fiends
that served the ancient Demon King?
That can't be right... They're nothing but
legends and fairy tails...

Artur: Yes, I felt the same say when I heard. 
And yet here the are. This place 
is filled with them. 
I wonder how far they're spread...
Sureley they're not in Renais alone. 

Eirika: But..why are they here? How

Seth: Beware, your Highness! 
Something approaches!

*A mogall (flying eyeball monster) flies up towards Artur*

Artur: Please allow me to deal with this. 
Evil shade! May the blessed light drive 
you from this land!

*Artur goes and kills the mogall*

Seth: We ought to help. We can't fight 
them all alone. Do you have orders?

*When you start the battle*

Artur: One of my companions is in that village
to the south. 
If you can get there swiftly, 
I implore you to watch over her safety. 

*If you visit the northern village*

Man: Do you see that old snag to the
south of here?
Bet it would make a handy bridge 
if you could knock it over. 
Take a weapon to it and give it a 
few good whacks. That should do it. 
Here, take this and give it a try. 
It ought to do the trick. 
*Got iron axe*

*At the beginning of turn 3, L'arachel, Dozla, and Rennac appear at the top of
the cliffs in the northeast*

L'arachel: Oh, my!
Those travelers are being besieged
by the agents of evil!

Dozla: Ha ha ha! Right you 
are, Lady L'arachel!

L'arachel: I cannot allow this to happen!
We must charge down these cliffs
and rush to their aid!

Rennac: We charge down these cliffs, and the
only thing we'll be rushing to is death. 
How aobut we find us a nice, gentle
path down, hm?

L'arachel: Ah...Yes, well...Let us
hurry nonetheless. 
I simply cannot abide those 
wicked beasts running amok!

*If you visit the southern village with Artur*

Artur: Lute, help has arrived. 

Lute: .....

Artur: Lute?

Lute: Your flesh shows no sign of putrefaction. 
It seems you're not a revnant. 

Artur: Well, I should hope not!
I wanted to let you know help has arrived. 
Please be patient a little longer...

Lute: No, no. I insist on joining you in combat. 
I've been reading up on these revenants. 
They are, quite simply, no match for me. 
I am superior, after all. 
*Lute joins your team*

*If you visit the southern village with someone who's not Artur*

Lute: .....

Person you go with: Hm?

Lute: Your flesh shows no sign of putrefaction. 
It seems you're not a revenant. 
I've decided to join you in battle now. 
My name is Lute. I"m a mage of superior 
wisdom and rare ability. 
I've been reading up on these revenants. 
They are, quite simply, no match for me. 
I am superior, after all. 

*Lute joins your team*

*When you win, the screen goes to outside a forest with Lute, Artur, Eirika, 
and Seth*

Seth: We've killed all the monsters. 
Still, we'd best burn the bones to 
ash to be sure they don't return. 

Eirika: I sitll can't believe what we've
been fighting here...
I thought those fiends nothing
more then myth and legend. 

Seth: Those revenants are said to be the
least of the dark creatures. 
And yet, the weakest of them could
outmatch any normal man. 
We cannot take this enemy lightly. 

Lute: Oh, yes. There are much worse then those
revenants and the entombed...
Let's see, there's the bonewalkers, 
mauthe doogs, gargoyles, baels...
Why, I'll bet you just about any creature
of lore could be walking again. 
Yes, we're in for some trouble. Even my
fabulous power may not be enough. 

Artur: O divine light, show me... Is this
a sign of dark days to come?

Eirika: By all that's holy, 
what is happening?

Seth: Princess Eirika, perphaps it would be 
wise to return to Frelia and regroup. 
Pressing forward seems foolish in 
light of recent events. 
We cannot fave both Grado's forces 
and more of those terrible things. 

Eirika: Seth, I follow your point, and nothing would
plase me more then running for safety. 
But what of my brother? He and his men
are still trapped in the same situation as we are. 
I know full well that I my be leadin us 
into even greater danger, but...
Please try to understand. 

Seth: I do, my princess, and I vow to 
see you through this safely. 

*L'arachel and her gang ride up*

L'arachel: Aha! Foul creatures, beware!
I, L'arachel, bestow upon you the honor
at banishment at my blessed hands!

Eirika: .....

L'arachel: Oh...Where are the monsters?

Eirika: Welll, we just finished...

L'arachel: Ah, glad tidings indeed!
The heavans must be rejoicing!
I am.. a tad disappointed however. 
After all, I did rush all the way here
to show you the splendor of my might. 

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! It's a real shame, 
innit, Lady L'arachel?

Rennac: What's shameful is the way you
drag us around the countryside. 

Eirika: Pardon me, but...who are you?

L'arachel: Me?
Since you ask, please allow me 
to introduce myself. 
It is I, the truie light and glory
of the sacred realm of Rausten...

Dozla: Stop! Lady L'arachel, you 
mustn't continue!
You cannot reveal your true identity here!

L'arachel: Oh, yes, you're right. Og, I get 
so careless sometimes!
Now, I must ride off in anonymity. 
Oh, how beautifully romantic!

Eirika: Uh... right. 

L'arachel: Fare the well, strangers. 
Perphaps our paths will cross again. 
Come, Dozla! Rennac! We ride!

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Let's go, Rennac!

Rennac: All right, all right. 

*They leave*

Eirika: ...What was that about?

*Chatper ends*

*Screen goes to world map*

An ominour wave of dark creatures washed
over the continent...
Eirika's journey to find her brother, Ephraim, 
grows ever more perilous. 
Still, she presses on despite the danger. 
Her will is strong. 
The town of Serafew, located on the border
of Renais and Grado. 
The poeple of both countries have long used
the town as a metting place. 
It stands as testimony to the friendship the
two nations have shared these many years. 
Now, however, Serafew is teeming with
Grado troops. 

=Chapter 5: The Empire's Reach=

*Scren goes to a town, showing Joshua*

Joshua: Well, well. There's an arena in this town. 
Perfect. My pocket's feeling a bit light. 
Say, is that a cleric? It is! 
And a gorgeous one at that. 

*Natasha runs past Joshua*

Joshua: Something amiss, Sister?
You look flustered. 

Natasha: Ahhh!
P-pardon me. 

Joshua: No, pardon me1 I never meant
to startle you. 
May I offer my apologies....

Natasha: No, it's not necessary...
It was my fault. 
Excuse me, I must be going...
Good day to you. 

*Natasha leaves*

Joshua: ...And there she goes. 
Not my lucky day...
She was quit the beauty, too. 
Ah, such is life. I thinl I've time
still to visit the arena, though. 

*Map goes a bit north of Joshua, to Glen talking to Saar, the boss*

Glen: Captain Saar of the Serafew Border 
Guard. How fare you?
I bring orderes from His Majesty. 
Rumor has it that Princess Eirika of
Renais is making her way to Grado. 
You are to find her ane to place 
her in custody immediately. 

Saar: Yes, sir!

Glen: One more thing...
A traitor to the empire has fled
Castle Grado. 
We've recieived reports she's hiding 
somewhere here in Serafew.
I don't care if you have to tear this
town apart. Find the turncoat. 

Saar: Yes, sir, General Glen!
If she resists, do we have 
premission to execute her?

Glen: ...Yes. Permission granted. 

Saar: Understood! Grado's will be done. 
The Grado Empire will repay the 
debt of betrayal with blood!

Saar: ...His majestey relies upon you, captain. 
Be sure his trust is not mispalced. 
That is all. 

Saar: Yes, sir!

*Saar leaves, Cormag comes*

Glen: Such loyalty to the crown. 
If only I could hold such conviction 
in the righteousness of our emperor. 

Cormag: Something troubling your, Brother?

Glen: No...Pay no mind to me. 
Come, Cormag. Let's go. 
From here, we ride northeast, 
back to the fort. 

Cormag: Very well.

*They fly off, repalces by Seth and Eirika, a little outside town*

Eirika: It's been so long since I last visited Serafew. 
My brother and I used to pass 
thrgouh here en route to Grado. 
I remember the harmony in which the
poeple of both countries lived. 
No walls divided our borders. No
soldiers stood guard in high towers. 
The border town... It was to me a sunbol 
of the trust between Grado and Renais. 

Seth: ...And now, it is firmly under 
the thumb of Grado's emperor. 

Eirika: The peace I remember in this city...
It seems like something from another 
time. It seems lost now... Forever. 

Seth: ...The city dones't seem to be very
heavily patrolled. 
They must feel it's not worth guarding
with Castle Renais under their control. 
We must try no to draw attention to 
ourselves. The west gate is undermanned....

???: Pardon me, may I ask you a question?

*Saleh appeares*

Eirika: What is it?

Saleh: I'm looking for someone. 
Have you seen a young girl
with indigo hair?

Eirika: Indigo hair?

Saleh: Hmmm...
Thank you. Sorry
to intrude. 
*He leaves*

Eirika: There was something very odd about
that man, wouldn't you say?

Seth: He did seem unusual. He dind't 
strike me as a Grado spy, but...

Voices from off screen: Catch her! Don't let her escape!
That way! She
went that way!

Eirika: What's that?

Seth: It's coming from over there. 

Eirika: Let's see what the commotion is. 

*Screen goes to town, there are some soldiers surrounding Natasha*

Soldier: Traitor Natasha! 
Surrenfer peacefully. 
Come quietly, and you may have the chance
to exlain yourself before His Majesty. 

Natasha: Wait, plase. 
You must listen to me!

Soldier: Take her. 

Natasha: No, you must believe me!

The emperor is not himself. YOu
MUST be able to see that!

Soldier: Impugn the emperor at your peril!
We've been orered to execute you 
if you offer any resistance. 
But your words comdemn you!

Eirika: That cleric is a traitor to
the throne of Grado?
What madness is this?

*Natasha runs up to Eirika*

Natasha: Ah...

Eirika: Are you all right? 

Natasha: Who are you?

Eirika: I'm from Renais. Why are
these Grado men after you?

Natasha: You're from Renais...Oh!
I have something I must tell 
you. It's about Grado--

Eirika: Wait--Grado soldiers are coming
this way. 
We'll have to talk later. 
Now we must fight!

*When you start the battle*

Joshua: So much for my dreams of making
my fortune here...
First the girl, now my gold. 
It really isn't my lucky day. 

Soldier: You there! Mercenary! What are
you doing here at the arena?
Get back to the staging area now!

Joshua: C'mon, why don't we both hit the arena?
It'll be good training,
If you're going to risk your life anyway, 
you may as well try to earn some gold. 

Soldier: I'm reporting you to the captain! You'll
be lucky if he jsut docks your pay!
Don't forget--You can be replaced in 
an eyeblink, you filty sellsword!

Joshua: Don't worry, little man. 
I won't forget. 
Work's work, but I don't 
like fighitng women...
Now then, what's the rest of
the day got in store for me?
...tails huh? That's nothing
but back luck and more back luck...

*Camera goes back to your gang*

Natasha: They may not want to haer what
I have to say, but...
I must speak with one of the 
Grado soldiers. 
Oh, if only one of them will
listen to my words...
Please! Grant me strength.

*When you visit the southermost village*

Tethys: Oh, hello. 
Did you come to see me dance?
I'm sorry, but I just finished a
few moments ago. 
Oh, by the way...Would you be interested
in one of these items?
A wealthy patron left me a small random
in gifts after watching my performance. 
You can sell one for gold if you'd like
or use them to improve your skills. 
I simply cannot carry all of this by
muself, so please, take one. 
Wealth is useless if you can't use it 
to bring happiness to others, right?
Thanks for dropping my. Perphaps we'll
meet again someday. 
*Got a Draognshield*

*At the beginning of turn 2, two brigands apper under the west wall*

Brigand: Come lads! 
Let's steal our way through this pathetic town!

*When you visit the village right under the arena*

Man: Life in Serafew's been harder since the
grado occupaton force took over here. 
Serafew's got Renais citizens as well as
Grado, but it's been hardest on us. 
They've singled out families from
Renais for the most awful atrocities. 
Please, traveler, take this sword. 
It's an armorslayer. It'll but through 
even the strongest armor. 
Take it and strike down that 
blackheart, Saar. 
*Got an armorslayer*

*If you talk to Joshua with Natasha*

Natasha: You...You're that man I met...
Are you here to capture me? You've been 
hired to silence me, haven't you...

Joshua: Yeah, Grado's paying the bill. 
They want you dead, you know?
But don't feel bad. It's not personal. 

Natasha: Wait, please...
It doens't matter what happens to 
me, but you must hear my words. 
The emeror of Grado is changed. 
He is not the man he once was. 
The other nations must be warned before
he extinguishes all light fomr out lands. 

Joshua: Hey, no offense, but I'm just a Mercenary. 
I don't care about Grado or its emeperor. 
Everything you say may be true, or it may
be lies. I don't care either way. 

Natasha: But that's...

Joshua: Even so...killing a beautiful lady like
you would leave bad taste in my mouth. 
Tell me, do you like to gamble?

Natasha: What?!

Joshua: Gambling's what I live for. Even 
when I lose, I never want to stop. 
Let's have a little wager. 
if you win, I'll belive you. 
Heads or tails, you call it. 

Natasha: You can't...
This is no time for games....

Joshua: Would you rather I get on with the 
job I was hired for?

Natasha: .....
Um, heads...
No! Tails!

Joshua: All right. So I'm heads, 
and you're tails. 
Here we go. 
... ... ...

Natasha: .....
Which...Which is it?

Joshua: What do you know?! 
It's tails. You win. Figues. 
I haven't won anything all day. 
Well, Lady Luck has spoken. 
Guess I'm on your side now. 

Natasha: Are you serious?

Joshua: Yeah. Sure, I might cheat, but I never
worm out of a bet. It's a rule of mine. 

Natasha: Oh, thank heaven! Thank you, blessed 
light, for your protection!

Joshua: I have nothing against heaven, but I"m right
here if you want someone to thank...
No? Well , get behind me, then. I've 
got to take care of these fools. 

*If you visit the village a little west of the arena*

Man: In my youth, I was a knight of some
renown, I'll have you know. 
I've even crossed blades wiht one of 
Grado's most famous generals, I have. 
Ah, but I'm an old man now...
I'm starting to worry... What if I die
without passing on my techniques?
So, I decided to write down what I've 
learned in a book. I have it here. 
You seem like a strong warrior. I'd
be honoroed if you would accept it. 
*Got a secret book*

*If you sit the northernmost village*

Amelia: Hope everyone' well back home in Silva. 
Just a bit more, and I'll be in the empire. 
Let's see, I've got vulneraries, antitoxins...
Oh! And I can't let myself forget torches
for when it gets dark. 
Yep! I'm all set! 
Now I just need to get to the capital. 
I'll be the finest soldier the
Grado army's ever seen! I swear it!
*Amelia leaves*

Person you are visiting with: Hm? What's this...
*Got torch*

*When you fight Saar*

Saar: Enemy of the empire!
Death's too good for you!

*When you kill Saar*

Saar: Emperor Vigarde...
Glory to His...Mejesty...

*When you win, the camera goes to town with Eirika, Natasha, and Seth*

Eirika: That was a right spot. 

Natasha: Yes, yes it was... 
Thank you so much. 
I don't know how to repay--

Seth: You're from Grado, aren't you?

Natasha: Yes...
My name is Natasha. 
I was a servant of the people
at Grado's Imperial Temple. 

Eirika: Then why the trouble with the soldiers?
Would you tell us your story?

Natasha: Of course...
A few days past, my mentor was
arrested without warning. 
They executed him. 
They said he as a traitor...
But those were false accusations. 
The emperor had him kiled--A holy
man!--to keep him silent. 

Seth: Keep him silent?

Natasha: Yes. My mentor told me with
his final breath. 
The emperor plans to destroy 
the Sacred Stones. 

Eirika: The Sacred Stones? Destroy them?

Natasha: As you know, the Sacred Stones drove 
back the power of evil long ago. 
Even now, each of our nations is home
to one of these legendary treasures. 
There's one in my homeland, Grado, and
one in your Renais...

Eirika: Yes, the Sacred Stone of Renais is
still housed in our royal temple. 

Natasha: The emperor plans to destroy the
five stones, one by one...

Seth: Why would he do such a thing?
Legend says the Sacred Stones are
even now all that keep evil at bay!

Natasha: I cannot begin to guess his motives...
You must know, our emperor was a gentle
man. BUt one day, he changed. Utterly. 
Before my mentor died, he said the keepers
of the Sacred Stones must be warned. 
I tried to slip across the border, but
the soldiers spotted me...

Eirika: Is that what happenend...
What do you think, Seth?

Seth: I think we can trust no one form Grado. 
Not in times like these. Not wihtout proof. 
However,if what she says is true, we 
cannot ignore the danger we face. 
Destroying the Sacred Stoens...
We cannot allow that to happen. 

Eirika: I agree. If only we knew if there were
some reason for the emperor's actions.
I must tell you, her story chills me to
the bone. I pray it is false...

*If you saved all the villages, read this convo. If not, end chapter*

Man: A moment, please. 
Are you perchance...
Princess Eirika?

Eirika: I am.

Man: Oh... Thank goodness you're safe! 
I can't tell you how happy I am. 
And please acept my gratitude for
driving off that Captain Saar. 
That Saar treated all the citizens of Renais
with such contempt and brutality....

Eirika: Not here...not in this city. 
My brother and I spent such 
happy times here wiht Lyon...

Man: I beg your pardon, but it will not be
long before Grado sends more troops. 
Please, you must go quickly. 

Eirika: I'm so sorry. 
There's nothing I can do for you now. 
Please forgive me.

Man: Do not be troubled. 
Princess Eirika...
We will survive and wait for the
day of liberation to come. 
There will be a day when you, Prince 
Ephraim, and all of Renais rise up...
Until that day of glory comes, we will
wait unbowed and filled with hope. 
*Got guiding ring*

*end chapter*

=Chapter 5x: Unbroken Heart=

*Screen goes to a throne room in a Grado fort, Tirado and Valter are there*

Tirado: What a pleasant suprise. 
It's Master Valter. 

Valter: What's the situation, Tirado? You
have captired Ephraim, haven't you?

Tirado: No. Prince Ephraim still fights
in the lands north of Renvall. 

Valter: And why is that?
What has happened to all
those mercenaries you hired?

Tirado: They've proven to be less then adequate. 
Ephraim's clever. His band strikes quickly
and then vanishes into the woods. 
We more then double his numbers, and yet
he uses the terrain wisely to fight us. 
He has no army--just a small force
of knights loyal to Renais. 
Prince Ephraim's reputaion as a supard
strategist would seem to be well earned. 

Valter: Hmm...
How interesting. The lad's beginning 
to whet me appetite. 
Tirado...Bring him to me as quickly 
as you can, will you?

Tirado: As you command. 
Just grant me an army, and
I'll bring him dowm swiftly. 

Valter: What sort of plan do you have?

Tirado: Master, I am your loyal adjutant, 
and you are my general. 
For you, my lord, I have many
plans ready and waiting. 

Valter: Really? Well then, 
let me hear them. 

Tirado: Very well. 
First, you and I will leave this
fort and head north. 
Then, we will find Prince Ephraim
in his leafy playpen. 

Valter: But he's not easily found, is he?

Tirado: Do not worry. 
At Prince Ephraim's side is...
a friend, shall we say. 
When the time is right, our friend
will move on your behalf...

*screen goes into a forest with Ephraim, Kyle, and Forde*

Ephraim: Forde, how are we on 
supplies and equipment?

Forde: It's not looking good. 
Our weapons are in abd shape, 
and we're running low on food. 
We can probably restock at a 
nearby village, but--

Ephraim: No, that's not an option. 
We're in enemy territory. I will not
involve innocents if I can avoid it. 

Forde: Yeah, I knew you'd say that. 
I mean, it's becuase of stuff lik that
that we've stuck with you so far. 
But eventually, we do need to face
reality. What are we going to do?

Kyle: Word of mouth has it that the invasion
of Renais has progressed quite far. 
I've heard that the capital has fallen. 

Ephraim: Hm...So soon...
Still, my father is in the capital, 
and we won't surrender easily. 
Forde, Kyle. 
Our mission here is to harry the 
troops, to distract their eye. 
Hopefully, we'll be able to give my
father and Eirika time to escape. 
Kyle, have you heard anything from 
Orson? I sent him ahead to scout. 

Kyle: No word yet, and it's about
time he returned...

*Orson appears*

Orson: Reporting in, Prince Ephraim. 
I can confirm Grado presence at
several points around our camp. 
Also, a large battalion of soldiers
has been dispatched from Renvall. 
We shouldn't tarry here any longer
then necessary...

Ephraim: I see. 

Forde: Seems as though we've certainly 
caught Grado's eye this time. 
Should we retreat back to the 
capiral, Prince Ephraim?

Ephraim: No. We press onward. 
We're going to capture Renvall. 

Forde: Wh-what?!?

*They ride up to Renvall*

Ephraim: So this is Renvall, is it?
All right, let's go. 

Forde: Um...Are you...sure you're
quite sane, Prince Ephraim?
We've an entire army after us, and
you want to charge their stronghold?

Kyle: Forde! Watch your tounge! This
is our prince you're adressing!

Ephraim: Kyle, please, it's all right. 
We've heard nothing from home, 
So what harm could a little 
reckless besieging cause?

Kyle: Prince Ephraim...

Ephraim: Don't worry. I havne't lost all sense
of self-preservation. 
Renvall holds an important place in 
Grado's national defense. 
If we can get the uppre hand 
and take control of it, 
then Grado will waste many valuable
soldiers trying to take it back
I hope our attack proves useful
to my father and Eirika. 

Forde: I understand what your'e saying, but...
Can we do it with out current strength?

Ephraim: Every soldier in this area is
trying to find us. 
The enemy has us vastly outnumbered. 
Attacking the castle is a ridiculous idea. 
It the enemy thinks the same...
then we may have our opening. 

Forde: You have a point. I'm sure renvall won't
expect us to attack with these numbers. 
Either way, we can't run forever. 
And we're running out of supplies. 
What've we got to lose?
Shall we get ready to go?

Ephraim: Yes. If we don't move quickly, we
May never get another chance. 
Trust me. I don't pick fights I 
cannot win. 

Kyle: Yes, sir!

*Ephraim walks into castle with friends*

Zonta (Boss): An attack? By Ephraim's troops?
To arms! Prince Ephraimn's circled around
and brought the fight to us!
If we capture the prince here, we can
line our pockets with gold...
Do you understand? We'll be rich!

Ephraim: Orson.

Orson: Yes...

Ephraim: Your wounds still haven't healed
from that last battle, have they?
Don't push yourself. 
If we're defeated, you must return
to Frelia. Understood?

Orson: Understood...

Ephraim: Let's go! Kyle! Forde!

*When you fight Zonta*

Zonta: Do you truly thing you 
can take us with those numers?
Imbecile! You'll learn the
error of your ways. 

*When you kill Zonta*

Zonta: L-lord Tirado...It can't be...
Were we...merely pawns?

*When you win the battle*

Kyle: We've secured the entire castle. 
You were brilliant, Prince Ephraim!
What a plan! What a battle!

Ephraim: I estimate at least half of the
enemy troops are in the field. 
We took the tcastle, but we don't have the
manpower to hold it in a seige. 
There's no point in lingering here. 
Let's continue on the Grado Keep. 

*Forde rides up*

Forde: Prince Ephraim, things have 
taken a turn for the worse. 
I took a look around the castle preimeter...
We're surrounded. 

Kyle: What?

Ephraim: Grado's sent reinforcements?
So quickly...

Kyle: What should we do?

Ephraim: .....
We must escape!

*They run outside. Valter and a crapload of Grado troopers are there*

Valter: So, you've captured Renvall, have you?
And with such a small force! Impressive!
You're earned your reputation. I must say, 
I quite admire your work. 
I take it you're the leader of this
pack--the misguided Prince Ephraim. 

Ephraim: I am. 

Valter: I'm General Valter, the Moonstone 
of Grado's Imperial Army. 
Catching up to you has caused me
no small amount of trouble. 
We've reduced your wretched home
of Renais to ruin, and yet...
You and your little band of bravos
continue to be a thorn in our side. 
But that all ends here. 

Ephraim: We'll see...You claim you've
taken the capital of Renais...
Tell me, how did you know 
I would attack Renvall?

Valter: Ha ha... Patience. You'll have
your answer soon enough. 
Now, be good lads, and drop 
your weapons, will you?

Kyle: Prince Ephraim, let us attack!

Ephraim: .....

Valter: Listen to me, Ephraim. You're a smart
man. You know it's futile to fight me. 
You cannot win.
You cannot escape. 
Accept the reality of your situation, 
and surrender to me. 

Ephraim: Surrender?

Valter: Heh heh heh... That's right. 
If you do, I'll let you live. 
I hold your life in the palm of my
hand. Do not test my good humor. 
Now, come over here, bend your 
knee, and beg for your life. 
Show me how Renais dogs grovel. 

Ephraim: I think not.

Valter: What?

Ephraim: You said your name was Valter, didn't you?
Well, I"m sorry, Valter, but I don't have
time to waste playing games with you.
We, we're going to knowck you louts about a 
bit and then make our way out of here. 

Valter: Fool... Have you gone mad?
Do you truly believe you can fight
your way past my wyvern knights?

Ephraim: Watch and see. I don't pick
fights I can't win. 
Kyle, Forde. 
Are you ready?

Kyle: My life has been yours since the
moment I took my chivalric vows. 

Forde: It's moments like these that
keep me by your side, my prince. 

Valter: What idiotic wretches you are...
Prepare yourselves to be
destroyed utterly!

Ephraim: We break to the east. GO!

*Chapter ends*

*Screen is back with Eirika at the world map*

Eirika suppresses her feelings of unease
and continues to search for her brother. 
Passing through Serafew, the group crosses 
into the Grado Empire. 
From here forward, there is no doubt that
they are walking through hostile territtory. 
In hopes of avoiding unnecessary trouble, 
Eirika and company head for a sparsely
populated reigon of Grado. 
However, it is too late. Their movements are 
already being tracked. 

=Chapter 6: Victims of War=

*screen goes outside a forest with Riev and Novala*

Riev: So, tell me...
You have ascertained Eirika's 
whereabouts, have you not?

Novala: I have. 
I sent some of our men to follow 
the princess as she fled Serafew. 
They tell me Eirika and her friends
will be coming this way shortly. 
Our ambush is ready and waiting. 
There's no way they can escape. 
Like rats in a sack, as they say. 
Heh heh heh...

Riev: Very good...
Won't that wretched Valter be delighted. 
Now about this Princess Eirika...
I hear she's quite a handful. 
They say her paladin withstood
Valter's lance...
Tell me, Novala, are you certain
you can handle this assignment?

Novala: Don't worry. Everything
is under control. 
I've brought along a certain
something from Renais. 
It will negate whatever futile
resistance they offer. 
Ha ha ha...

Riev: Heh heh heh...
Pray it goes as you say. 
Very well. Do what you must. 
I must return to the capital. 

Novala: Will you not stay and see how
Eirika looks in captivity?

Riev: Unlike two other layabouts I know, 
I do not have such time to waste. 
I have much to do for out master. 
A mountain of tasks awaits me. 
My time is far too precious to waste
on the likes of that royal whelp. 
Trifles such at these are best left in
the hands of servants...such as you. 

Novala: Y-yes, of coures... well. 

*Riev leaves*

Novala: Hmph...
Freakish old man. 
You should have watched. You might
have learned something. 
I will capture the princess, and I will
replace you at our master's side. 
You will stew in regreat, and I will
enjoy every moment. 

*Eirika and her group ride up*

Novala: Ha ha ha...
Princess Eirika of Renais!
Accept your fate. You have
nowhere to flee!

Eirika: What?! 
Who are you?
And where...where did 
you come from?

Novala: You're as beautiful as I'd heard...
And you're even wearing your brcelet. 
I suppose we should begin there. Would
you surrender your lovely little trinket?

Seth: Ah!

Eirika: My bracelet...
Why do you want it?

Novala: His Majesty desires it. 
That's reason enough. 
Once I present it to him, he will make
me a general, and I will be famous. 
Come, hand it over. Do it quickly, 
and I'll leave you alive. 

Seth: Princess Eirika, you will do no such thing. 

Eirika: Of course not. 

Novala: Obedience will save you pain. 
You came all this way to aid 
Prince Ephraim, have you not?
A fool's erand. Ephraim fell before
the empire's might. 
As we speak he wastes away ina cell in 
Renvall, meekly awaiting his execution. 

Eirika: My brother?!
You like! A pitiful worm like you 
could never defeat my brother!

Novala: Bah. Protest all you like. 
It does not change the truth. 
Ephraim has lost, and it was
Grado that defeated him!

Eirika: .....

Novala: You're not going to acquiesce, 
are you? Very well. 
Bring me the child. 

*A little girl comes on screen*

Girl: H-help me...

Eirika: Ah!

Novala: Look familiar? She's a citizen 
of your precious Renais. 
Now give me the bracelet!
Do it, or the child dies!

Eirika: No, please...
You win. But I must have your word that
the child will suffer no harm. 

Seth: Princess, wait. 
That bracelet--

Eirika: It's not worth a child's life. 
Forgive me, Seth. 

Novala: Yes...there can be no mistaking it!
Next, your weapons. Take them off 
and hand them over. 

Seth: No. 
Surrendering our weapons would be
tantamount to suicide. 
You demand too much of us. 

Novala: I see years of peace and idleness have not
dulled the wits of all Renais's knights.
Well then, my hostage has no more use to 
me, does she? Ah, such a waste. 

Novala: Wait a moment...
I've just had a delicious idea. 
Have you heard of the giant spiders prowling
about  this reigon?
They'd appreciate a nice, hot meal, wouldn't 
you agree?

Eirika: You can't--

Girl: Nooo!

*Girl leaves*

Novala: Ha ha! This will be a delight to watch
These fools will curse the day they
were born to Renais!

Eirika: Why...why would you...
How can you do such a thing?

Novala: This is WAR! There are no rules here!
In war, you can do anything! Anything!
You curs of Renais have lost! Your
idiotic ravings mean nothing...

Eirika: Enough. Hold your tounge. 

Novala: Wha...what?!

Eirika: I...
We, the people of Renais, have long honored
out alleigednce with the Grado Empire. 
And you invaded wihtout warning. YOu
ravanged our land. You killed my father...
Even then, I told myself, I must not hate
Grado or her people. 
If I gave into my hate, the bond between
our lands would be lost forever. 
I refuse to hate. Instead, I lived for the
day our nations would know peace again. 
If this is Grado's true face...
If you could extinguish Renais without
pity, without remorse...
If this is the case, then there is no room
in my heart for forgiveness. 

Novala: Impudent girl!
Do you expect your words to save
your countytmen? They will not. 
Your beloved people will all die, 
as you will. 

*Novala warps to the far side of the map with the girl and her family*

Novala: Ha ha ha!
If you must curse someone, 
curse your dear princess. 

Mother: Help, someone!

Novala: Cry! Scream! 

*Novala warps away into the fog*

Girl: Are we gonna get eaten?

Mother: We're going to be fine. 
Someone will rescue us. 

Father: .....

*Battle starts*

*When you visit the lower village*

Boy: I heard there are monstrous spiders
living in the mountains to the east. 
They're said to be poisonous, so I 
stocked up on antitoxins...
This antitoxin's strong stuff. No need
to worry about poison with this around. 
Hey! Why don't you go ahead and take 
one. Go on, you may need it. 
They might still eat you, but at least
they won't be able to poison you!
*Got antitoxin*

*Beginning of turn 7,if you havn'et killed the spider yet*

Girl: N-noooooo!

*Beginning of turn 8, if the spider still lives - On turn 9, it will kill her*

Girl: Eek! S-s-spider!
Noooo! Go away!
Please, somebody, help!

*When you fight Novala*

Novala: No! It can't be...
They've made it this far?!
Grrr... Must I do everything myself!?

*When you kill Novala*

Novala: Aah...Is this...the end?
No fame? No...glory--

*Screen goes to field with Eirika and the little girl if the family all lived*

Girl: .....

Eirika: You're safe now. 

Girl: Wa...
I was so scared...
So very, very scared...

Mother: Thank you. 
You saved us both. 
If you would like, please
take this...
And thank you again.
*Got orion's bolt*

Seth: Your late father, King Fado...
He ordered to keep me silent untill
the proper time arrived. 
However, with all that has happened, 
with Emperor Vigarde's actions...
I feel it imperative that I tell
you everything, Princess Eirika. 
Are you ready to hear the secret 
of the bracelet you wear?

Eirika: I am...

Seth: As you know, Princess...
Renais houses one of the 
legendary Sacred Stones. 

Eirika: Of course. It's in the temple. It's
supposed to be a ward against evil. 

Seth: Yes, the true stone is. But the stone
in the temple is nothing but a forgery. 
The real Sacred Stone of Renais lies 
beneath the royal castle. 
Guarding it is a powerful seal, an 
infinitely complex lock of sorts. 

Eirika: What?
Is this true?

Seth: Yes. King Fado confided in me himself. 
The Sacred Stoned banished evil long ago
and possess power beyond our ken. 
The ancient kings of Renais felt it 
prudent to seal ours away. 
They feared its power could be misuesd. 
They thought to remove the temptation. 
They keys to break the seal were hidden, 
too... Foreged into bracelets...
...They very ones that you and your 
brother, Prince Ephraim, wear. 
Eirika: Our bracelets?
How could Father keep this a
secret from me for so long?

Seth: "They must know nothing of the bracelets.
Tell them only if some great peril strikes". 
Those were King Fado's exact orders. 
Prince Ephraim knows nothing of the
bracelets's secret, either. 
The king told me this out of fear that
something might happen to him. 
So that, when the time came, the two of you
would learn the truth.

Eirika: The bracelets have such meaning...

Eirika: Yes. And we are the only living souls who
know the secret of the Stone of Renais. 
At least, that's what I was given to 
believe. And yet...

Eirika: Yet the Grado army has made it clear
that they want me only for my bracelet. 

Seth: Yes, quite clear at that. 
I don't know how, but Emperor Vigarde
must have learned the secret somehow. 
And now, his troops pursue the bracelet, and
we are no closer to knowing his motives. 

Eirika: He would use the bracelets to unlock
the Sacred Stone and destroy it in secret...

Seth: Perphaps. 

Eirika: Which means that my brother...
and his bracelet...

Seth: If he's been captured, they may have the
bracelet already, and he may be--

Eirika: Ephraim...

Seth: We must take Novala's words to
be true. We must hurry to Prince Ephraim. 
The enemy soldiers who fled the battle will
have reported our location by now. 
If the prince is being held prison
at Renvall...
I fear they might execute him once they
learn of our approach. 

Eirika: You're right. We've no time to waste. 
We must hurry to Renvall!
Let's go rescue my brother!

*Chapter ends*

*Screen is on Eirika on the world map*

Rumors say that Ephraim has been defeated
and taken prisoner. 
Now Eirika must find a way to rescue her
brother from beneath enemy eyes. 
Eirik's company rushes towards Castle
Renvall, where Ephraim is being held. 
Surrounded by Lakes, Renvall is a natural
fortess, all but unassailable. 
A lone bridge, held by the enemy, is its
only entrance. 
Eirika has only one choice. 

Eirika decides to confront Grado's soldiers 
head on...

=Chapter 8: Waterside Renvall=

*Eirika and crew are near Castle Renvall, there are many guard troops*

Eirika: My brother is somewhere
inside that castle...

Seth: Renvall is surrounded by lakes. 
The only entrance is the bridge to the
main gate, and it's well guarded. 
Castle Renvall is a natural stronghold, 
easy to defend and difficult to assault. 
We must plan our attack carefully. 

Eirika: I agree...

Franz: Princess Eirika!
Please allow me to fight beside you. 
My elder brother, Forde, is in there with
Prince Ephraim, Sir Kyle, Sir Orson...
Let me help you set them free!

Gilliam: There is nothing to discuss. 
We will fight. 

Moulder: The hour of your reunion
is not far off niow. 

Vanessa: I am yours to command, Your Highness. 

Ross: We're with you all the way!
Right, Dad?

Garcia: Don't work yourself into a lather, Ross. 
In the heat of a good abttle, a good warrior
remains calm where lesser men do not. 

Colm: You need anything stolen, I'm your man. 
'Course, my blade's no joke either. 

Neimi: I'm sure I can help you if you'll 
let me... I'll keep you safe. 

Lute: You can't possibly consider fighting
without my genius at your side!

Artur: I have yet to repay you for helping 
me fight those abominations. 
Please, let me stand by your side 
a while longer. 

Joshua: This has trouble written all over
it. Bet you it's all a trap...
Ah, well... My luck's gotta turn 
around sometime, right?

Nataha: May the sacred light surround 
us and protect us all. 

Seth: Well, Princess, let us
prepare for battle. 

Eirika: ...Brother, I'm on my way. 
Let's go!

*Beginning of enemy's turn 1*

Murray: We're under attack! Rouse yourselves!
General Valter's adjutand, Lord Tirado, 
has charged us wiht defending tha castle!
Show them the might of Murray's brigade!
Don't let anyone near the castle!

*When you fight Murray*

Murray: Our ballistae have failed?
How could this be?
Grrr... I guess it's up to me!

*When you kill Murray*

Murray: Lord Tirado...

*When you capture the throne, you see Seth and Eirika running to a bridge*

Eirika: My brother is somewhere in this castle...
Seth, we must go inside!

Seth: Hold, Lady Eirika. Look, 
in the shadows--a figure...

Eirika: Ah! An enemy soldier!

*Orson appears*

Eirika: Princess Eirika And...
is that you, Seth?

Seth: Sir Orson...
Why are you here? You should 
be with Prince Ephraim.

Eirika: Are you all right, Orson?
If you're here, my brother
must be here as well, right?

Orson: Yes...
Prince Ephraim and I were broth captured by
Grado Forces and held here as prisoners. 
I just managed to escape my cell...
A chance to escape--
It's what I had prayed for...

Eirika: Orson... Are you well?
Your face is so pale. Grado's men, 
don't tell me they've--

Orson: No, it's nothing.
But Lord Ephraim... I cannot say
whether he's still unharmed. 

Eirika: What?! Where is he? 
Where is my brother?

Orson: If he still lives, he will be in one 
of the deeper cells, where I was held. 
Head down this corriedor to the dungeons. 
Quickly, before reinforcenemts arrive. 

Eirika: Thank you...

Seth: ......

*Chapter ends*

=Chapter 8: It's a Trap!=

*Eirika is in the castle with Orson and Seth*

Orson: This way, Princess Eirika. 
Prince Ephraim is being kept
in a cell back here. 

Eirika: Very well, let's go. 

Seth: ...Sir Orson. 
How long ago were you 
taken prisoner?

Some two weeks past. Prince Ephraim
and I were forced to surrender. 
We've been held captive here in this
dungeon since that black day. 

Seth: Did you gain any news from your
captors during that time?

Orson: Unfortunately, no. Not a word...
Our Daily meal was brought to us by
servants from the neighboring village. 
They were instructed not to speak to
us, and we heard nothing of the war. 
Tell me, Seth. 
How fares Renais?

Seth: ...Renais has fallen. King Fado...
The king is dead. 

Orson: Dead... My King...
My apologies, Princess Eirika. 
I have served you poorly....

Eirika: You're not to blame, Sir Orson. 
We must look to the future, not
to find fault in the past. 
The Grado army pursues me in
hopes of acquiring my bracelet. 
My brother wears this bracelet's 
twin, and he is in danger, too. 

Orson: Bracelet?
Ah, I remember... Prince Ephraim
still wears the bracelet. 
And Grado is after them?
If that's the case, Princess...
Perphaps you should entrust the 
bracelets to someone else. 

Eirika: Perphaps, but...

Orson: Give them to me or Seth. Let
someone you trust guard them. 
If the empire desires you bracelet, you
are in danger as long as you hold it. 
For your own safety, Your Highness, 
please. What say you?
We must not allow the Sacred Stone 
of Renais to be taken. 

Eirika: Everything you say is true
and sensible, yet...

*Seth steps in front of Eirika*

Seth: ... Sir Orson. 
I am sorry for this, but
please give me your weapons. 

Eirika: Seth?

Orson: What are you talking about, Seth?
Can't you see I'm unarmed? Do you
think they allow prisoners weapons?
What kind of injury have you taken
that you suggest such foolishness?

Seth: If I mistaken, then I will give
you all due apologies. 
However, there are questions I have
that I cannot answer. Too many questions. 
Why did no enemy reinforcements come from
the castle during our battle outside?
Why would you escape your cell and yet
leave Prince Ephraim in chains?
How do you know of the tie between the
bracelets and the Sacred Stone?

Orson: Seth, there is some misunderstanding
here. I...

Seth: And why...
Why do you conceal a blade 
within your doublet?

Eirika: ...What?

Orson: ...Very well. 
You haven't changed a bit, Seth. 
If only Eirika had been alone. You, 
however, simply will not be decieved. 

Eirika: Orson! What is the--

Seth: Orson. Why did you
betray Renais?

Orson: My fondest with will be granted...
To spend the rest of my days in the 
embrace of my loving wife once more...

Eirika: What are you saying?

*Some enemies and Tirado come up to Orson, Seth, and Eirika*

Tirado: That's enough. You've done 
well, Orson. 
I'll take over now. You may
return to your beloved wife. 

*Orson's sprite turns red, it means he joins the enemies, then he runs*

Seth: Who are you?

Tirado: We've never met. I am Tirdao. 
Loyal and talented aida to Valter, 
general of the Grado army. 

Seth: You're that monster's--

Tirado: And you are General Seth of Renais, yes?
I thought to catch a little bird in my net, 
and it seems instead I've snared a hawk. 

Eirika: Where is my brother?!

Tirado: Ah, yes. Your brother. He's not here. 
The coward fled Lord Valter's pursuit...
Somehow, he escaped the castle. 
And escaping under these conditions...
Tch! Such stubbornness is quite annoying. 
It was my cunning that led us to turn this
unfortunate blunder to our advantage. 
I spread the rumors myself. I led the
villages to believe he was our prisoner. 
What better trap with which to catch
his sweet, devoted sister?

Eirika: My brother escaped?

Tirado: Yes, but your no-doubt emotional reunion
will have to wait until the afterlife. 
Let's end this, shall we?
First, to destroy the bridge and cut off
your only avenue of escape...
All soldiers to arms!
Kill the princess! Take her bracelet!

*The bridge collapes, Tirado goes to the throne*

Seth: Princess Eirika, we have
to get away from this place!

Eirika: But how? The 
bridge is gone!

Seth: Blast!

Eirika: Oh, Brother...
I'm so sorry... I...

*Battle begins*

*At the beginning of turn 2, Ephraim, Forde, and Kyle appear from the hall in
the southwest*

Ephraim: Eirika!

Kyle: Prince Ephraim, I hear sounds from the
east corridor. Sounds like fighting. 

Forde: Do you think it could be General
Seth and Princess Eirika?

Ephraim: We have to goals here, men: save
Eirika and vanquish the enemy. 
Kyle, Forde. Are you ready?

Kyle: Yes, Your Highness. 

Forde: As always. 

Kyle: Lord Ephraim, we should join forces
with Princess Eirika first. 
We should be able to reach them
by way of the eastern corridor. 

Forde: Come now, Kyle. 
That seems like a lot of trouble when
we could jsut crush Grado between us. 

Kyle: "A lot of trouble"? Forde, you're as
insolent as you are careless?
If anything were to happen to Princess
Eirika, we Knights of Renais would...

Forde: Fine, fine. I see where you stand. 
Calm down, before you boil over. 
Prince Ephraim will decide. How
shall we proceed, Your Highness?

Kyle: We await your command, Prince Ephraim. 

Ephraim: Both of you, follow me!

*If you talk to Ephraim with Eirika*

Ephraim: Eirika, are you well?

Eirika: Brother?! Is it really--
You're alive! You're alive!

Ephraim: Well, of course I am. 
After we escaped Renvall, I thought I'd
strike a blow against the emperor himself. 
When I heard that you'd been waylaid by the
enemy, however, I turned back to find you. 
Looks lime my timing was impeccable. 

Eirika: I'm so sorry. The irony is that 
I was trying to rescue you. 
All I did was interfere with 
your plans...

Ephraim: What are you talking about? 
You came to help me, didn't you?
Your efforts alone are enough
to inspire me. 
Come, Eirika! The enemy awaits. 

Eirika: All right!

*If you talk to Ephraim with Seth*

Seth: Prince Ephraim. 

Ephraim: General Seth!
You're safe!

Seth: Princess Eirika is safe as well. 
I'm afraid I have much news to 
relate to you. 
That will have to wait, though. For
now, we must cut our way out of here. 

Ephraim: Yes. Let's conclude business here
before we talk of other matters.
Come on!

Seth: Yes, sire!

*If you talk to Forde with Franz*

Franz: Brother!

Forde: Ha! Franz!
How've you been?

Franz: I should ask you!
We'd heard you were captured
by Grado's men. I was worried. 

Forde: Worried? I ride with Prince Ephraim, 
little brother. 
Death will have a tough time batching
anyone who rides with our prince!
Forde: But it's not like we've avoided 
trouble altogether, that's for sure. 
Hm? Say, have you grown taller on me?

Franz: I have. I've also finished my training. 
I'm now a sworn Knight of Renais. 
You just watch!--I'm going to be on par
with General Seth one day!

Forde: You want to be like the general, eh?
...What about me?

Franz: Oh I... I still want to be
like you, too, Brother!

*If you talk to Kyle with Seth*

Kyle: General Seth!

Seth: Well met, Kyle. 
I never thought for a moment that
you could be bested easily. 

Kyle: No, sir! And I never doubted 
that I would see you again. 

Seth: Kyle. About Orson...

Kyle: We heard it all. 
Unbelievable, isn't it?
But facts are facts. 

Seth: Yes. If Orson can turn his
back on Renais...
We remaining nights will have to work
all the harder to prove ourselves!
Let's go, Kyle. 

Kyle: Yes, sir!

*When you fight Tirado*

Tirado: Hmm... My men were unable to 
finish the job, were they?
It falls on me to show you my 
own special brand of power. 

*When you beat Tirado*

Tirado: Very...impressive...
I expect you'll wish you'd 
died here on my steel. 
Lord Valter is...not nearly
as merciful as I...

*When you take the throne*

Eirika: Brother...

Ephraim: I worried you, didn't I, Eirika?
And you as well, General?

Seth: Not at all. We're happy you're safe. 
But tell me, Prince, do you know of Orson's
treachery against you and all of Renais?

Ephraim: Yes, though I learned of it all too late, 
after we'd been trapped at Renvall. 
I still find it difficult to believe that
after all his years of srevice to Renais...
I am morally responsible for his plight. 

Eirika: Ephraim...

*Myrrh walks up*

Myrrh: ...Ephraim
Ephraim: What is it, Myrrh?

Myrrh: Something's coming... It's drawing near. 
Dark...big...and great in number. 

Ephraim: I understand. It looks like 
we should get out of here. 

Eirika: Um, Brother?
This girl...
Her hair is indigo...
Where did...

Ephraim: Ah, that's a long story. 
For now, we must move. 
Suffice to say Emperor Bigarde has 
enlisted some... otherworldly powers. 
We must warn everyone of the danger. 

=A New Journey=

*Eirika is on the world map, she walks to Serafew with Ephraim*

Eirika: .....

Ephraim: What is it, Eirika?

Eirika: I was thinking about Lyon.
The last time we saw him was
a year and a half ago...

Ephraim: You're right. 
It was at Grado Keep.
...Has it really only been a
yearr and a half?

*Flashback to 1 1/2 years ago*

Eirika: Ephraim! Lyon!
Where are you two?

???: We're over here, Eirika. 
You'd better be quick. Epraim 
says he's tired of waiting. 

Eirika: Oh, please, I'm sure you could 
wait a few moments longer...

*Eirika walks up to Lyon and Ephraim*

Ephraim: You're late. How does it take you so long
to prepare for such a simple trip?

Lyon: Rest easy, Ephraim. There's no need
to be so curt with your sister. 
After all, a king must learn how to treat
women with honor and discretion. 
That's what Father Macgregor says. 

Eirika: Thank you, Lyon. You, unlike my dear 
brother, are a true gentleman. 
I was up far too late thinking about 
my prayer to the temple flame last night. 
And I'm afraid I... I overslpet...

Ephraim: Your prayer? What are 
you babbling about?

Lyon: Come now, you kow that the flame has been
burning since the time of darkness ended. 
You must know the story that the flame
will answer the prayers of any pilgrim!

Ephraim: Really? I didn't know that. 

Eirika: Oh, Ephraim... Father MacGregor is going to 
schold you for neglecting your studies so. 

Ephraim: ...Don't even joke about that. 
So tell us, what hae you decidede to 
pray for, Eirika?

Ephraim: I, uh...
It's a secret. 

Ephraim: I should've known. 
You're so boring. 

Lyon: Well, how about you, Ephraim?

Ephraim: Me? Let's see...
I guess I'll pray to become 
a stronger fighter. 

Lyon: That's just like you, Ephraim. 

Eirika: Just like you inded, Brother. 

Ephraim: ... I can never tell if you're
complimenting me or mocking me. 

Lyon: Praising you, of course!
Right, Eirika?

Eirika: Hee hee...
Yes, that's right. 

Ephraim: And you, Lyon?
What will you pray for?

Lyon: What? Me?
I suppose all I really want is
for all our people to be happy. 

Ephraim: ...That's very, uh...
That's very mych like you. 

Eirika: Very much so, Lyon. 

Lyon: ...Now, I'm the one who cannot tell
if he's being praised or...

Ephraim: You're being praised, as always, Lyon. 

Eirika: Tell me, why the sudden decision to visit
the temple?
Did my brother do something again?

Ephraim: Now listen, you...

Lyon: Oh no. It's now what Ephraim's done. 
It's what he hasn't done. 
He's learned nothing at all aobut the
sacred Stones and the temple flame, so...

Ephraim: Father MacGregor became angry. 
He said "One destined to become
king and rule over a nation...
must know the history of his kingdom
and must respect the Sacred Stones."
Ever since I came to Grado, my life has
been chastisement and castigation. 
Father MacGregor does not think me 
to be altogther too...kingly. 

Lyon: And yet General Duessel has nothing
but praise for you, Ephraim. 
He says you've brave and true, that
you've the making of a great king. 

Ephraim: A great king?
I honestly have no idea what that means. 
Eirika should succeed the throne. 
I would be happy simply takig my lance
and traveling the land as a mercenary. 

Eirika: Ephraim, that is nothing but foolish, 
irresponsible romanticism!
Do you realize how much your words would
fill Father's heart with grief?

Ephraim: Are we speaking of the same man? Our
father will likely outlive us all. 
For now, I'm content just learning
the lance from General Duessel.
What about you, Lyon? Is there
anything you want to do?

Lyon: Me? Well, I...
I suppose I want to become 
like my father. 

Eirika: You were born to be the Emperor
of Grado, Lyon. It suits you. 

Lyon: No, I don't think so. 
I'm not--
One thing I do know from watching my
father is that being emperor is hard. 
Every day, he answers the complains of the
people, and he almost never sleeps...
My father is always so very tired...
I hope one day that...
I hope that I can help him. 

Eirika: Lyon... You are so honorable. 
You should learn from him, Brother. 

Ephraim: ...Again with your criticism!
Tell me, Eirika. What say you to dessing
like me and becoming king in my stead?
You're so skinny, I doubt anyone would 
notice you're not really a man. 

Lyon: Ha ha ha...

Eirika: Ephraim!

*Flashback ends*

Eirika: What do you suppose Lyon is doing now?
When Emperor Vigarde ordered the invasion...
How do you think Lyon felt?

Ephraim: He's always been so gentle, but he worships
his father. He's never quesion him. 
BUt the emperor... He's clearly not 
behaving rationally. 
I just hope he's not so far gone that
he'd hurt his onw flesh and blood. 

Eirika: I just pray for the day when the three
of us can be together once again. 

Ephraim: It'll come. I've no doubt...

*Eirika walks to Castle Frelia*

Tana: Ephraim! Eirika! 
The two of you returning together, 
it's like a dream come true. 
You must know, I've prayed every
day for your safe return.

Eirika: I'm so happy to see you, Tana. 

Ephraim: I'm sorry, Tana. I dind't 
want for you to worry. 

Tana: Oh, it doesn't matter now...
All that really matters is that
we've been brought together again. 
My own brother will soon return
from the field. 
It will be nice to sit down and
discuss things again. 

*Soldier runs up*

Soldier: Princess Tana!
Princess Innes has returned 
from the front!

*Innes walks in*

Tana: Welcome home, dear brother. 
I'm so happy to see you return
safe and sound!

Innes: You didn't expect less, did you?
Did you thin Grado's slugs could
touch me?
With my Bow, I'll take down every Grado
soldier form here to the emperor's palace!

Ephraim: Well met, Innes. 

Innes: ...Ephraim. 

Eirika: It's good to see you, Prince Innes. 

Innes: ...They say Renais has fallen. 
I believe I warned you before. 
This happened because you provided
Grado the opportunity to strike. 

Tana: Brother! Mind your tounge! This is
no occaision for such harsh words. 
Ephraim and Eirika have lost their 
father to this terrible war...

Innes: .....
I'm sorry to hear of 
your father's death. 
Hear me, Ephraim. 
Our most important task is to
defeat Grado and end this war. 

*Innes leaves*

Tana: Oh, Innes...
I'm sorry, Eirika, Ephraim. 

Ephraim: It's all right. It's comforting to see that, 
in all of this, at least he hasn't changed. 
Innes has hated me for as long as
I can remember. 

Tana: My brother looks upon you as a 
rival, Ephraim. 
And as you know, he wants to be 
the best at everything. 
The best king, the best general, 
the best fighter, the best man...
He won't allow himself to be
beaten at anything.

??? (Probably Innes, from off screen): Tana, you talk too much. 

*Innes comes back, Tana leaves*

Innes: ...My father would like both of you
to sit wiht him in a war council. 
Will you come with me to take part
in your official audience?

Ephraim: Yes, of course. 
There's much that I have to tell him.

Eirika: It will be out honor to attend. 

Innes: This way. 

Hayden: It does my heart good to see you all
here safely within our castle walls. 
...Would that we had more time for 
pleasantries, but...let us hear your news. 

Innes: very well, I will begin. 
I've directed the body of Frelia's army
south to engage Grado directly. 
Our troopsw are proving themselves superior, 
and the battle progresses favorably. 

Hayden: Hmm...
But the riddle stil 
needs answering. 
Why did Grado begin this 
war in the first place?

Eirika: Your Majesty, we may well have found
something relating to that...
We learned something on our travels, 
news that weighs heavily upon us. 

Hayden: Ah, yes. OUr messanger delvered 
your report to us a few days ago. 
Grado is trying to destroy the
Sacred Stones... Is that it?

Eirika: Yes. 

Hayden: We've strengthened the tower's defenses. 
Frelia's stone is safe for the time being. 
But we remain confused in this. 
What does Grado hope to gain by
destroying the Sacred Stones?

Eirika: We don't know. The legends say the stones
protect us all from the power of darkness. 

Ephraim: ...I can't say if it relates, but 
I have a strory about Grado. 
It's...been troubling me, and I would
like to share it with you all. 
Myrrh. Come here, please. 

Myrrh (Offscreen): Yes?

*She comes on screen*

Hayden: Who's this girl?

Eirika: On her back... Wings?
Ephraim, who is she?

Ephraim: This is Myrrh. I met here while
fighitng in Gradp territory. 
Myrrh, would you please tell everyone 
here the story you told me?

Myrrh: .....
...Please, Ephraim, you tell them.
*She goes off screen*

Ephraim: She's a bit shy. 

Ephraim: Very well. Myrrh tells me that she belongs
to an ancient race of dragon folk. 
They're mentioned in a few legends. 
They'recalled the tribe of Mamkute. 

Eirika: Mamkute?

Hayden: Yes, their name appears several times
in the tale of the Sacred Stones. 
It says they were neither human nor
demon but a seperate, aloof race. 

Ephraim: Please, Myrrh. 

*She comes back*

Myrrh: .....
We live in the Darkling Woods. 
One day...

Eirika: Yes?

Myrrh: We felt something. 
An ominous energy to the south. 

Ephraim: From the direction of Grado. 
They felt a...forde flowing 
out of the Grado Empire. 

Myrrh: Saleh and I...
We went to investigate this energy. 
BUt on our way down, we came across a battle
and were drawn into the conflict. 

Ephraim: Myrrh got lost and was wandering aimlessly
in an asolated reigon near Grado's border. 

Myrrh: I met some wicked folk there. They
decieved and enchained me. 
They stole my dragonstone. They
were preparing me for transport. 
It was in that moment when Ephraim
appeared and rescued me. 

Eirika: .....

Ephraim: I stumpbled across Myrrh by chance
when Grado's men had ambushed us. 
Everything she told me seemd 
beyond belief, and yet...
And yet, when I saw her wings, 
what could I do but believe?

Myrrh: This dark wave of energy still
flows from the southlands. 
Its current is strong and rusn deep. 
It has awakened the evil ones. 
I want to stop it. 

Hayden: Hmmm.....

*Soldier appears*

Soldier: Your Majesty! I bring word!

Hayden: What is so urgent you would 
interrupt a private council?

Soldier: The tower holding the Sacred Stone
of Frleia...
It's been destroyed by the Grado Army!

Hayden: What? That's impossible!
What of the soldiers on watch?
There were supposed to be many...

Soldier: The enemy forces...
They were lef by Caellach the 
Tiger Eye and Selena Flourspar!
Our soldiers fell before even 
hald a day had past!

Seth: Selena Flourspar...
Only General Duessel is higher 
in Emperor Vigarde's esteem...
She's the one. 

Hayden: She came personally...
So they really do wish to see
the Sacred Stones destroyed. 

*Screen does to the tower of Valni. Some Grado and Frelia soldiers are there
and Caellach and Selena lead the Gradoians. The Grado soldiers are killing a
lot of Frelian Soldiers, because they're stronger, apparently*. 

*Caellach breaks the stone*

Caellach: Hah! So this hunk of rock is
a Sacred Stone, eh?
So much fuss over something
as fragile as this. 
It crumbles so easily. 
Do we gain anything by this?
Not that I care, but...

Frelia Soldier: Black-hearted...fool...
Without the stone'
the horrors...will spread...

Caellach: Huh? What's this? 
Still breathing, are you?
Come. If you've any last words, 
I'll hear them, fool of Frelia. 

Frelia Soldier:

Caellach: You waste your last words on insults?
And feeble ones, at that...
Hardly the right note to ente the eternal
on, wouldn't you say? Well then, die.

*Caellach slaughters the soldier*

Selena: Hold!
What are you doing, Caellach?! Our
job was to destroy the Sacred Stone. 

Caellach: I know that. And I crush
it, did I not?
But if we don't clean up these
Frelian curs, they might--

Selena: Yoou do not raise your blade to anyone
who is powerless to resist you!
The emperor does not desire us to kill 
wihtout cause! That would be murder!

Caellach: Right, the emperor...
Your name's Selena, ain't it?
Tell me, Selena. What makes that pasty-
faced old fool's word so important?

Selena: Wretch... Do you dare insult
His Imperial Majesty!?

Caellach: Hey, hey, I'm joking. 
Don't get so worked up. 
I get it now. You're a true 
and loyal soldier. 
I'm leaving before Frelia
sends reinforcements. Coming?

Selena: .....

*Screen goes back to Hayden and your gang*

Hayden: How could this happen...
How could I have allowed our
Sacred Stone to be destroyed?
Dark energies from the empire's capital...
Evil monstrosities roaming our lands...
Vigarde's mad invasion... And now that, 
the destruction of our sacred talisman. 
And we have o idea of Grado's goals. 
We are in the dark times once again.
But even so, we cannot sit here, 
wringing our hands. 
First, we must warn the nations that
house the remaining Sacred Stones. 
If Vigarde seeks to destroy the Stones, 
they are all in grave danger. 
Jehanna and Rausten must be warned. 
The nations msut joined together to
fight our common foe. 

Eirika: Do you think they will believe us?

Hayden: Hm...
It is a difficult tale to 
believe, I must agree. 

Innes: I will go, Father. 

Hayden: Innes?

Innes: A direct visit from the Prince of Frealia
is not something they can ignore. 
I will travel to Jehanna, where I will
forge an allieance with her queen. 
If our Sacred Stone has been destroyed, 
the Frelia could be in greater danger. 
Father, I cannot let you leave the nation
in such a time of crisis. 
It is imperative that I be the one to go. 

Hayden: Hmmm...

Eirika: And I will head for Rausten. 

Ephraim: Eirika?
You know I can't let you put
yourself in such danger.

Eirika: Rest easy, dear brother. 
I will journey to Rausten by ship across
the North Sea. There will be no danger. 
And I have made a vow. 
I will fight as you have until
the day Renais is liberated. 

Ephraim: ...I understand. 
King Hayden, I will take troops and march 
on the imperial captial frm the west. 

Hayden: The west?! Are you sating you will
begin an assault on Grado from here?

Ephraim: If we can take Grado Keep, the war will
be over. The Sacred Stones will be safe. 
If we start here and press forward with 
all our might...

Hayden: And once you reach the capital? Vigarde's
generals wil be there wating for you. 

Ephraim: If they oppose us, we will fight. 

Hayden: ...You've got your father's
foolhardy courage, don't you?
...Very well.
I entrust all our hope to you three. 
Innes, you will go to Jehanna, 
Eirika to Rausten, 
And Ephraim to the imperial captial. 
Funding you will hve, but of
soldiers, we have few to spare. 
For each of you, a difficult road awaits. 

Ephraim: If any of us meets defeat, the 
battle will turn to Grado's favor.
There must be no errors. We must not fail. 

Innes: Where I command, there are 
no mistakes. 

Eirika: I have no doubts. I'll
succeed, I swear it. 
Come, it is time to go!

*Got 10000 Gold*

*Screen is in a hall with the two siblings, Eirika and Ephraim*

Eirika: Farewell, Brother. 
I will return. 

Ephraim: Mm...
To be honset, I still do 
not want you to go.
I would rather you wait
here for my return. 

Eirika: Please, Ephraim...
I will be fine. There's no
need for you to worry. 
Mine is the easiest task, 
and I'll be in no danger. 
I'm far more worried about
your mission. 
Challenging the might of an
empire with a handful of men?

Ephraim: What's this now? Have you
lost your faith in me?

Eirika: No, of course not. 
I know your true strength, Ephraim. 
No one can defeat you. 

Ephraim: Ha ha! I hearing you say that
fills me with confidence. 
I think I know my own limitations. 
I won't overextend my reach. I can't
die and leave you on your own, can I?

Eirika: Ephraim...

Ephraim: Let us both survive to be reunited. 
Give me your word, Eirika. 

Eirika: You have it, Brother. 


Author's notes:
Hey, all. Be sure, this game is not over. After this, you get the choice to 
go with Ephraim to Grado or Eirika to Rausten. That begins the whoever's
routes. Not Eirika's Tale, her route. As soon as I have enough to put one of 
their routes, I'll be sure to put it in here!
First, I'm going to be going through Ephraim's route, becuase I've done that
one least often. I'll do Eirika's when I'm done. 

I hope you enjoyed Eirika's tale. 

Right after Eirika gives Ephraim her word to survive, you get the choice to go
with Ephraim to Grado or Eirika to Rausten. I find Ephraim's to be harder, but
I think it has more story stuff. However, some people don't belive so, but 
that's just what I think, after all. Either way, you can just play again and
do both routes. Or read the script. <_<

If you choose to go with Eirika to Rausten, you get this. 

Kyle: Princess Eirika!

Forde: Is your departure time near?

Eirika: Yes. 
Kyle, Forde, I'm traveling 
to Rausten. 
I ask that you two serve
my brother well. 

Forde: Actually, there's been a 
slight change of plans. 

Kyle: We're going with you, Your Highness. 

Eirika: What?

Kyle: Prinecs phraim rides with
Frelia's finest at his back. 

Forde: And this was a personal order
from the prince himself. 
He said, "I don't need you loading
around here. Go and keep Eirika safe."
Since when is battling all of Grado
loading about? Honestly!

Eirika: You're right! My brother's mission
is far more dangerous than mine. 
I will go and speak with him...

Kyle: Princess Eirika. 
Prince Ephraim said he's not
concerned for his own safety. 
These are the words our prince gave
us, and we believe he means them. 

Forde: That's the truth of it. 

There's no cause for worry, Princess Eirika. 
We can all attest to the prince's tenacity. 
No matter how close death comes, the Pale
Horse will not catch him. 

Eirika: ...Kyle, Forde...
I understand. Thank you for your
service and bravery. 
You are my brother's most trusted
and most valiant companions. 
I would be honored to have you
ride at my side. 

Kyle: The honor is ours. 
We ride for Renais and
for Princess Eirika!

Forde: Let's not work ourselves into 
a frenzy right now. 
When the time comes, I will
be there to handle things. 

Eirika: Of course. I'm depending
on both of you.

*Chapter ends* 

*Eirika is on the world map*

*Tower of Valni pops up*

The Tower of Valnui has appeared to the
east of Castle Frelia on the world map. 
Once held by Grado's troops, it has become
home to a host of dark creatures. 
Battling these monstrosities is a good
way for units to gain strength. 
Try using the tower as a training area
to gain extra experience. 
Be aware: you cannot save your battle
preparations for tower skirmishes. 
Once you clear a tower map, you'll have
access to the next floor. 
Each floor is more difficult then the last, 
so come prepared!
Dark creatures may also appear on other
bases on the world map. 
To engage these demons in combat, 
Simply place the cursor on their location
and press the A button. 
If the battle goes poorly and you're in 
danger of losing units, 
use the retreat command on the map
menu to withdraw your troops. 

Eirika chooses to travel by sea to the
theocracy of Rausten. 
Her search for a ship leads her to Port Kiris
in Carcino.
Carcino is a young nation ruled by a council
of merchants, and it is an ally of Frelia. 
Carcino coulcil leader Climt, a staunch
opponent of Grado's imperialistic actions,
has pledged Carcino's support to Frelia in
this conflict. 
Prince Innes also intends to pass through 
Carcino on his way to Jehanna. 
Eirika believes there is nothing to fear
in Carcino, but she is wrong. 

=Chapter 9 Eirika: Distant Blade=

*The screen is in Grado Keep, Vigarde is talking to the 6 Generals, Lyon is 
also there*

Vigarde: Frelia's Sacred Stone has been destroyed. 
And yet you cannot find the Stone
of Renais. 
Find the children of Renais. 
Find them and take from them
the bracelets that they wear. 
Glen, take Eirika. Valter, take
Ephraim. Find them. Conquer them. 

Glen: Yes, Your Majesty...

Valter: Ha ha... Eirika, eh?
She's a ripe little peach. 
And her brother, Ephraim...
He's better prey then I'd imagined. 
I can feel my blood rushing at the
though. This might be fun after all. 

*Glen and Valter leave*

Vigarde: Caellach. 
Shatter the renaining 
Sacred Stones. 
Caellach, take Jehanna. 
Riev, take Rausten. 
Go. Crush the Sacred Stones 
they house. 

Riev: Heh heh heh... As you will. 
I'll begin making arrangments for 
Rausten's downfall immediately...

Caellach: Bah! Why am I stuck with Jehanna?
Accursed ill luck. 
I became a mercenary to rescape that
wretched place, and now I must go back?

*Caellach and Riev leave*

Vigarde: Duessel. 
Go to Frelia. 
Punish the Frelian army 
and their commander, Ephraim. 

Vigarde: Begging your pardon, Your Majesty...
Now that you've conquered Renais, what
are your plans for her citizens?
The country is in ruins. Thiees and
bandits swagger about as it--

Vigarde: Leave them...

Duessel: But, sire...

Selena: Sir Duessel. The emperor 
has spoken. Please...

Duessel: .....

Vigarde: Selena. 
Remain here in the capital. 
We shall have new orders
for you shortly. 

Selena: Understood. 

*Selena and Duessel leave*

*Screen goes to Eirika, someone is going up to her*

??: Eirika! Wait!

*Tana flies up*

Eirika: Tana? 
What are you doing?
You were supposed to 
remain in the palace.
You left so abruptly, withouth
any warning or farewell. 
You and Ephraim have only just arrived, 
and already you leave on another quest?
Well, I'm your friend, Eirika, and I won't
let you go into danger without me. 

Eirika: Does King Hayden know of this?

Tana: No. He'd just say "I forbid you to go
on this foolish errand" like always. 
But I'm so worried about you. 

Eirika: Thank you, Tana. 
I appreciate your concern, 
but King Kayden would--

Tana: You and Ephraim, my father and
my brother...
You're all fighting together, 
fighting for a noble cause. 
I cannot be left out. 
I will not be left out. 
Please, Eirika. 

Eirika: ...Oh...
All right. I never could refuse you anything. 
Come on. Let's go, Tana. 

Tana: Thank you, Eirika. 

Seth: Your Highness, we've reached Port Kiris. 
If we can find passage across the North
Sea, we will reach Rausten in 10 days. 

Eirika: It smells of the tides...
This is a busy place, isn't it?

Seth: It's a trade center. People of all
nations pass through here. 
Do not become so enthralld with the sights
and sounds that you forget your mission. 

Eirika: I won't.
I'm a mercenary by the name of Erina. 
I'm traveling to Rausten to
recieve a commission. 

Seth: Let us look for a ship then, Erina. 
The docks are this way. 

Eirika: Hm?

Seth: Is something amiss?

Eirika: Seth, that woman over there? 
Is that...

*L'arachel, Dozla, and Rennac appear*

L'arachel: Oh, these dainty sugar pastries!
They're delightfully scrumptious!
Flavorful without being overwhelming, 
refined without being banal...

Dozla: Gwah ha ha!
Right you are, Lady L'arachel!

Eirika: You look familiar...

L'arachel: Oh!
Aren't you--

Eirika: We've met before, haven't we?
You arrived with your companions
when we encountered those creatures...
Your name is L'arachel, is it not?

L'arachel: A wonder and pleasure that we should meet
again so soon! It is providence!

Rennac: Bad luck is the only thing the 
divine has ever provided you!

L'arachel: Oh, and if you have no tried 
one, these pastries are also divine. 
Would you care for one?

Eirika: Uh, thank you...
No, wait... That's not why--
We're actually on our way to the
Theocracy of Rausten.
We're rather in a rush and need to 
find passage on a ship...

L'arachel: Oh, dear. I'm afraid you'll find none to
assist you. No ships are leaving port. 

Eirika: Pardon?

L'arachel: You see, I find myself heading home once
more to my beloved Rausten as well!
Act actually, I'm quite well known with 
the powers-that-be here in Port Kiris. 
So I ordered them to ready the finest
passenger vessel for me. 
But both merchants and passenger ships
alike are too fightened to set sail. 
It seems a giant ghost ship has been
sinking every ship it finds...
Would that I could confront it, I could
stop its foul villainy in a moment. 
Alas. It's such a shame. 

Eirika: Yes, yes... Uh...
That is troublesome. Still, 
I must get to Rausten somehow. 

L'arachel: You needn't worry too much. 
After all, if the sea is closed to
you, simply follow the overland route!

Eirika: The overland route?
I've heard that's a terribly
roundabout path to travel. 

L'arachel: Oh, it is, but don't you see? The hardships
of the road, they are truly blessings!
They will toughen you and strengthen your
resolve when you need to face great evil. 
For example, I have been tasked with a
great trial in order to better me. 
I understand my path, O unknowable
forces of providence!
I, your faithful servant L'arachel, shall
overcome! With faith and divine strength!

Rennac: Now, listen, L'arachel! You might be
thrilled about going the long way, but--

L'arachel: Come now, we're leaving. 
Dozla? Rennac?
Don't fall behind!

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Wait for is, 
Lady L'arachel!
Come on, Rennac!
We run 'til we drop!
The first one to collapse from 
exhaustion is the winner!

Rennac: Help...
Why is this happening to me?

*L'arachel, Dozla, and Rennac leave*

Eirika: ...Uh, Seth?
Isn't Rausten in the other direction?
Aren't they heading toward Frelia?

Seth: ...It's nothing you need
concern yourself with, milady. 
Our only concern now is to decide
our next course of action. 
An overland journey would be very long. 
However, it seems that may be our only
choice at the moment...

Eirika: I agree. 
Whatever shall we do...

*Binks walks up*

Binks: ...You're Eirika, the
princess of Renais, aren't you?

Eirika: What?

Seth: Dastard! Away with you!

Binks: No need to get personal!
You know, there's a pretty 
price on your pretty head.
Sorry, but I need that gold. 

*Battle begins*

*If you visit the lower house*

Man: Wh-what do you want?
Gimme a break...
Leave us out of this stupid war of yours!
We don't want anything to do with it!
Or... are you just another victim, like
the rest of us here?
Well, regardless... Here. 
Take this, and go do something about 
all this fighting, will you?

*Got Rapier*

*If you vist the higher house, Rennac is in there*

Rennac: My, oh my... It's about time they left. 
I'm finally done getting ordered about
without getting paid. 
Huh? Oh, don't mind me. Just talking
to myself. 
Here, I want you to hold on to this
for me. Don't tell anyone. 
Oh, and don't say a word about seeing me
to Lady L'arachel, all right? Deal?

*Got Dragonshield*

*At the beginning of day 9, Amelia and some soldiers arrive as enemies*

Soldier: Attention!
Carcino's mercenaries will arrest the 
princess of Renais shortly. 
Our duty is nearly ended, and
I expect no further hostilities. 
If you must fight, however, remember
that the whole empire fights with you!

Amelia: Um, Commander?
What should I do?

Soldier: Who are you?

Amelia: Sir! I'm Amelia of Silva, sir!
I'm new. I was only assigned to your command
today. I wanted to fight for the empire!

Soldier: I don't need your life story, fool! Recruits
are in front! Grab a lance and move!

Amelia: Sir, yes sir!
This lance... Stab the enemy. 
I'm not afraid...
I'm a citizen of Grado. 
It's my duty to fight. 
And I'll fight my best!

*If you talk to Amelia with Franz*

Franz: Oh, who are you?

Amelia: What? What?

Franz: Are you one of the locals? This is
a dangerous spot. You should hide. 
Here, come with me. 

Amelia: But... But I'm...

Franz: I'm Franz, a Knight of Renais. 
What's your name?
What are you doing here?

Amelia: I-I'm Amelia. 
I'm... Actually, I'm a Grado soldier. 
I'm supposed to be fighting you. 

Franz: Really?
So, uh, you're my enemy?

Amelia: ...I guess...
Are you...
Are you going to make 
me your prisoner?

Franz: No! No, I wouldn't do that. 
But...this is a problem. 

Amelia: What should we do?

Franz: First of all, you must listen to 
me and do as I say. 
We'll talk to Princess Eirika later.

Amelia: What? NO!
My commander told me Eirika's a 
cruel and merciless fiend who--

Franz: Oh, that's utter nonsense. 
I've never heard the princess 
utter an unkind word to anyone. 
I understand why you're frightened. 
You think we're the enemy. 
But if you'd only trust me...
Will you come with me?

Amelia: Mm...
Well, all right. 
I'll trust you, Franz.

*Amelia joins your team*

*If you talk to Amelia with Eirika*

Eirika: Who are you?

Amelia: What? What?

Eirika: Are you from around here?
You should find someplace to hide.
These men are after me. It's not safe. 

Amelia: But... But I'm...

Eirika: Yes?

Amelia: I'm a Grado soldier. I'm here to
stop the princess of Renais...

Eirika: Huh?
You're with Grado?

Amelia: And you're Priness Eirika?
But the commander said Eirika's
a cruel and merciless fiend...

Eirika: What? No, I'm...
...I don't know what Grado's
offiers have been talling you, but...
Out two countries are at way, so I 
suppose they can say what they want. 

Amelia: ...Mistress Eirika...
I, uh, I surrender. 
I won't fight you. 

Eirika: Huh?

Amelia: I became a soldier because I admired
General Duessel's sense of honor. 
But the generals have been very opposed 
to this war from the beginning...
And now I see you, and you look so
sad about all of this. 
I don't know what's right anymore. 
I'm just a soldier, but I want to 
decide for myself. 
I want to understand the truth
myself, to see it with my own eyes. 

Eirika: ...I see. 
So...does this mean you're coming with us?
I suppose I should ask your name then. 

Amelia: Amelia. Amelia of Siva. 

*When you fight Binks*

Binks: Blast! This ain't right!
These guys are too tough...
5,000 gold ain't nearly enough
for this!

*When you kill Binks*

Binks: Th-that stinkin' Pablo...
He...lied to me...

*When the battle ends*

Seth: Your Highness, are you well?

Eirika: Yes, I believe so...
Who are these men?
They don't appear to be
Grado Imperial troops.

Seth: Judging by their crude swordplay, 
I'd say they're mercenaries. 
We can expect more of them
in the area, too, I think. 
Wait here. 

*There is an enemy soldier near the water*

Soldier: W-wait! I give up!
I don't want to fight anymore!
We were just doing a job.

Seth: Who hired you?

Soldier: I may be nothing but a hired blade, but
I have my honor. I won't say a word. 

Seth: I admire your professionalism. 
I guess we have no use for you. 

Solder: No, wait! I'll talk!
It was Pabo of the Carcino
Coulcil of Elders!

Seth: Councilman Pablo?

Eirika: That doesn't make sense!
Carcino and Frelia are allies. 
Why would they target me?

Soldier: I don't know...
Could be they've decided Grado's going to 
win. They want to be on the winning side. 
Some of the others opposed Pablo, but
I heard he had 'em all silenced but quick. 
That's all I know, I swear it.
Seth: I believe you. Go. 

*The soldier runs away*

Seth: We were careless. We should have seen
this coming. 
Carcino's a young and ambitious nation
ruled by power-hungry merchants. 
And Grado grows more powerful with
every passing day. 
So it's no suprise Carcino's merchant
lords would throw in with Grado now. 

Eirika: Wait!
Prince Innes...
Prince Innes was to pass through
Carcino on his way to Jehanna...
If Carcino has betrayed us, then he
ran headlong into enemy territory...

*Frelian messanger flies up on her pegasus*

Messanger: Princess Eirika!
I bring dire tidings!

Eirika: I know you... You were a messanger
riding with Prince Innes. 

Messanger: Yes, and I have news of him. 
Prince Innes is in danger!
Carcino's merchant army struck and
cut through half our men. 
The prince is trapped in a siege. 
He has no means of escape, and--

Eirika: No more!
I understand. Return to Frelia
and deliver your message!

Messanger: What of Prince Innes?

Eirika: Leave him to us. The prince's
troubles should burden you no more. 
We will see him to safety. 

*Rennac runs up to your group if no villages were destroyed*

Rennac: ...Hey, you. 
Have Lady L'arachel and her man, 
Sir Stubble-chin, done yet?

Eirika: Aren't you--
Yes, they no longer appear
to be in the city. 

Rennac: Whew... I'm finally free! No more getting
bossed around by that witless ninny!
Thanks. I owe you one. 
Take this. 
Now that I'm free again. I think I'm
just gonna wander about for a while. 

Eirika: What a strange relationship they have.
Seth: Lady Eirika, I think we 
ought to be leaving soon. 

Eirika: Yes. We must hurry
to Prince Innes's side!

*Got Angelic Robe*

*Chapter ends*

*Eirika is on the world map*

Carcino has betrayed Frelia and joined forces
with Grado. 
Carcino's troops stop Prince Innes, blocking
his way to Jehanna. 
With soldiers occupying the road forward and
back, he is trapped in a hopeless situation. 
Eirika rushes to the prince's aid. 

=Chapter 10 Eirika: Revolt at Carcino=

*Glen is in Vigarde's throne room*

Vigarde: General Glen of the Grado Imperial Army, 
also known as the Sunstone...

Glen: Yes...

Vigarde: Your orders. 
Capture the leader of the rebel
army in Carcino. Capture Eirika. 

Glen: Eirika...
Do you mean the princess of Renais?

Vigarde: Eirika invaded Carcino. 
She massacred the citizens 
of Port Kiris.
Then, she fled south. 
Glen. Go. Crush the rebels
who brought ruin to Carcino. 

Glen: ...Understood, sire. 

*Glen flies outside, Cormag is there*

Glen: .....

Cormag: What did the emperor say, Brother?

Glen: I've been ordered to kill the 
princess of Renais. 
Cormag, I want you to remain here
in the capital. I'll go alone. 

Cormag: If that's what you want, Brother, so
be it. But you seem troubled...
Don't tell me you're concerned about
fighting the princess of a ruined land!

Glen: ...Hm... I never was able to slip
anything past you, little brother. 
You're right. This duty falls heavily
on my shoulders, more then any other. 

Cormag: Tell me, Brother, do you know
this prinecss?

Glen: When Renais and Grado were
still close...
I met the girl--
I met Eirika only once. 
We spoke briefly, but I felt she
was a woman of great kindness.
I cannot bring myself to believe
Princess Eirika is evil. I cannot. 

Cormag: ...Glen. 
The emperor has ordered--

Glen: There's the rub, Cormag. 
That's it exactly. 
His Majesty has never spoken a falsehood
in all the time I've served him. 
And as a servant of the empire, I am
duty bound to obey his orders. 
But I can see no reason to think Princess
Eirika's heart is in any way less gentle now. 

*Valter flies up*

Valter: What are these cowardly mutterings?
It is because you three generals are 
weak that we others must work so hard. 
And yet you get the honor of killing the
girl. How I long to do your duty for you!

Glen: Rrrr!
Valter, you treacherous swine...

Valter: What's this? Is this how you speak
toward your peer knights of the realm
Lest you've forgotten, I, too, am a 
general--the same rank as you. 

Glen: You wretch. You were cast out from the
army for mistreating civilians. 
What lies have you told to recieve pardon
and reinstatement at the same tome?

Valter: Our beloved emperor felt my skills
were needed, and his word is law. 
His majesty has earned my sincerest
and undying gratitude. 
And then we have you three. 
Duessel, Selena, and you...
The three of you have proven to be
unreliable time and time again. 
We were brought in to plug the holes, 
don't you see?
You ought to thank me, Glen!

Cormag: Valter! If you dare insult
my brother further...

Valter: Come now, Cormag. And what yould
you do to me if I did?
Would you fight me? Here? Would you
show such disloyalty to the emperor?

Cormag: ...

Glen: Peace, Cormag. 
We are His Majesty's men. 
We will honor his commands. 
Mark my words, Valter: your crimes
are neither forgottn nor forgiven. 

Valter: Hmph...

*Screen goes to a fort. Innes, Gerik, and Tethys are there. They are trapped
because enemy troops are all over*. 

Gerik: Prince Innes. What do you 
say? Can you continue?

Innes: Yes, of course. Do you believe this
is enough to make me give up?
I am suprised you mercenaries
havne't turned and fled, though. 

Gerik: Naw. You see, Gerik's Mercenaries takes its
name from me, Gerik. I'm the chief here. 
If I quit while our employer still fought 
on, they'd want a new name, you follow me?
What's the plan?

Innes: Same as before. We remain surrounded. 
They're not going to allow us simply
to walk out of here...
I send a messanger off with news of
our plight. 
However, even on the wings of a pegasus 
knight, Frelia is days away. 
We can expect no help from them. 

Gerik: So we tighten our belts and survive, 
is that it?
Our would you rather quit this place
and rest in comfort?

Innes: Surrender?
I'm the prince of Frelia. I don't know the
meaning of the words. 
The fate of the world rides on my shoulders, 
and I'll make it to Jehanna. 
Even if I have to crawl to do it. 

Gerik: Now, that makes me feel better. 
If you're so determined, we may all
live a little longer...

Tethys: Hey, Chief, Prince. 

Gerik: What is it, Tethys?

Tethys: I've got bad news...and
then I've got worse news. 

Gerik: What's the bad news?

Tethys: We've no more weapons in reserce. What
you're holding is what we've got. 
Once those are gone, there won't be
much fight left in us. 

Gerik: That is bad news...
Well? What's the worse news?

Tethys: They've begun to move.
They're going to attack again. 
Looks like they're sending up
the whole lot of 'em this time. 

Innes: .....
Right. You two, you're done here. 
Discharged. Fired. Whatever. 
You can surrender of flee. 
The choice is yours. 

Gerik: What?

Innes: I'm the one they're after.
Throw down your weapons, and 
you'll walk away alive. 
I don't need you here. You'll
only be in my way. 
Who knows? You filthy sellswords'll
probably sell me out anyway. 

Tethys: Hold on there! That's not 
true, and you know it!

Gerik: Peace, Tethys. 
Hey, Prince. What 
are you going to do?

Innes: I'm going to get out of here
on my own. 
I'll break to the south and
escape into the mountains. 

Gerik: That ain't gonna be easy. 
How you plan on doing that?

Innes: I'm not telling you. I've no ieda
when you'll decied to betray me. 
Go on. Get out of here. 
I'd rather do this alone. 

Gerik: Sounds like you're trying to make
sure you're the only one who dies. 

Innes: .....
Fool. I've no intention of dying. 
But there can be no false hope of
reinforcements riding in to save the day. 
You and I are not the same. You're a 
commoner, and I'm Frelia's heir.
We of noble birth do not shirk the
duties to which we are born. 

Gerik: .....

Innes: What are you waiting for? You may go. 

Gerik: Well played, milord. 
I've always loved the 
melodrama of martrydom...
There's no way I can abandon you
after that fine a performance. 
I'm staying with you. 
To the end. 

Innes: To the--
What are you saying?
You dare ignore the orders of the
one who's paying your wages?!

Gerik: Tethys, I want you to 
go and surrender. 
Give my regards to Ewan
and Marisa. 

Tethys: Don't be ridiculous. 
I'm not going anywhere. 
Now would the two of you kindle
stop acting like
And you! You've already fired us. 
You can't order us to leave now. 

Innes: Unbelievable...
And you people call 
yourselves mercenaries?
I thought you fought for
money, not for duty. 

Gerik: Yeah, that's one of the rules. 
Guess we're lousy mercenaries, eh?
Now let's get thinking. We still need
a plan to get us all out of here alive.
You're supposed to be a good tactician, 
so I figure I won't die easily. 
Tell us what to do, Prince. 
We'll follow your orders. 

Innes: .....
Hm. very well. 
I'll see what I can to to avoid
getting us filled with arows. 

Tethys: Ah...
Say, Prince. 
If, by some miracle aid were to come, 
from what direction would it arrive?

Innes: ...From the north. But there's 
little or no hope of that. 
Even if Frelia were to send us aid, 
they would not arrive until...

Tethys: This may be good news...
Then again, it may be more bad news. 
There. On that northern mountain path...
Someone's coming. 

*Camera goes north, where Eirika's group is riding down*

Eirika: Prince Innes!

Seth: Princess Eirika, the prince is surrounded
by the mercenary armies of Carcino. 
He looks vastly outnumbered. I doubt
he can hold out much longer.

Eirika: I can see that. Let's hurry! 

*Battle begins*

*At the beginning of enemy's turn 1*

Pablo: Heh heh...
My plan to get rid of Klimt has
yielded some unexpected fruit. 
The head of Frelia's Prince Innes
will make a fine gift to Grado. 

Enemy Solder: Lord Pablo, Prince Innes and his men have
taken refuge in a mountain stronghold. 
Do we have your permission to finish
them off?

Pablo: Yes. Flush the prince out
and cut him down. 
We'll find Klimt later and roast
his old bones as well. 
Heh heh heh...

*Screen goes inside, Klimt and a man are hiding*

Man: Lord Klimt, Pable's troops are moving
toward the stronghold.
It looks like they're planning on chasing
down Prince Innes and his men. 

Klimt: Pable, you mad, reckless imbecile...
If Prince Innes dies here, the bond between
Carcino and Frelia is sundered forever.
Carcino will be nothing more then a 
vassal paying tribue to Grado...
We must find some way to aid Prince

Man: Wait, my lord Klimt!
Pablo is after you as well. 
If you reveal yourself here...

Klimt: Ahh...
May fortune keep you safe, 
Prince Innes...

*At the beginning of the enemy's turn 3*

Enemy Soldier: Hey! You're up!
You're getting paid a lot more
than us common soldiers. 
Time you earned your gold!

Marisa: I hear you.
Where do I start killing?

Soldier: Th-that way! The Frelian troops!
Don't point that blade in our direction!

Marisa: I'll do what I can. No promises. 
Good day. 

*Marisa leavs*

Soldier: Whew... So that's Marisa, the Crimson
Flash of Gerik's Mercenaries...
She's a beauty, but I'll keep my
distance...and keep my head. 

*If you talk to Innes with Tana*

Tana: Brother!

Innes: Tana?!?
What? How did...
What are you doing here?

Tana: I came with Eirika.
Wait here, Brother. It's 
my turn to protect you. 

Innes: Stop playing the soldier, Tana. You
will return to the palace at once.
Tana: I will not!
Eirika, Ephraim, and you are
all risking so much...
I can't sit at home and watch!
I have to do something to help. 

Innes: Tana...
...We'll talk about this later. 
For now, we join forces with Eirika. 

Tana: Thank you, Brother. 

*Innes joins your team*

*If you talk to Innes with Eirika*

Eirika: Prince Innes!
Are you well?

Innes: Eirika... Is that you?

Eirika: We've come to aid you.
You must be exhausted. Please
fall back and rest. 
We'll take care of these dogs. 

Innes: I cannot allow that. 
I will not run and hide while
a woman protects me...
We will continue the fight. 
You can join us. 

Eirika: If that's how you want it. 
Let's go then. 

Innes: ...Eirika, a moment. 

Eirika: Prince?

Innes: I would give you my thanks. 
You, the princess of Renais, 
came to my aid...
...I am in your debt. 

*Innes joins your team*

*If you talk to Gerik with Innes*

Innes: Reinforcements have arrived, Gerik.

Geirk: Lucky us, eh? Good thing we held
out as long as we did. 

Innes: That was your doing. Thank you. 

Gerik: Don't let your guard down 
now, Prince. 
There are still enemies to fight, and
it'd be such a shame to die now.

Innes: I agree completely. 
Let's go. 

*Geirk joins your team*

*If you talk to Tethys with Gerik*

Gerik: Hey, Tethys. Looks like
help is on the way. 

Tethys: Really: Perphaps faith is a good thing. 
I've never had much before, but perphaps
good things do happen to good people. 

Gerik: Good things? I like the sound of that. 
What do you suppose might come my way?

Tethys: Ha ha... I wonder...

*Tethys joins your team*

Innes: Reinforcments have arrived, Tethys. 

Tethys: Really? Perphaps faith is a good thing. 
I've never had much before, but perphaps
good things do happen to good people. 

Innes: Faith had nothing to do with this. 
Let's go. We must join them. 

Innes: What a strange nobleman. 

*Tethys joins your team*

*If you talk to Gerik with Tethys*

Tethys: Say, Chief. 
I've got good news, and
I've got better news. 

Gerik: Eh?
What's the good news?

Tethys: Within our band of mercenaries...
There are two women enamored of you. 

Gerik: Huh? What're you talking about?
You a fortune-teller now?
And what's the better news?

Tethys: Help has arrived. Looks like
we may survive after all. 

*Gerik joins your team*

*If you visit the top house*

Girl: Elder Pable used his fortune to build
his own private army. 
Now he's using it to wrest control of
Carcino from the council's hands. Lord Klimt, so that he 
can help us. 

*If you visit the middle house*

Man: You know we have no king in 
the Republic of Carcino. 
We're governed instead by a council
of elders. 
It's a lot better then any stuff, 
old monarchy, I can tell you that. 
You see, anyone can be a leader in 
Carcino if he's old enough. 
Of course, maybe that's why the
country's in such a mess right now.

*If you visit the bottom house*

Boy: I've heard that Prince Innes of Frelia
is a fantastic tactician. 
Grado took Renais with no trouble, but
Frelia still has yet to fall. 
They say it's because Prince Innes has spies
reporting every move the empire makes. 
At the same time, all enemy spies in Frelia
are exposes and executed swiftly. 
That means that none of Frelia's secrets
are ever reported back to the empire. 
I've never met Prince Innes, but he doesn't
sounds like a man you'd want as an enemy. 

*If you talk to Marisa with Gerik*

Gerik: Is that you, Marisa?

Marisa: Chief. 

Gerik: What a mess...
Looks like the guild bungled. 
They're usually diligent about making sure
this sort of thing dones't happen. 
But here we are, two people of the same
troop, working for opposite sides. 

Marisa: What should we do?

Geirk: Aye, well, that's a good question...
As a mercenary, your loyalty should always
lie with the person paying your wages. 
You deicde. We can cross blade if you 
want, but I'd rather you retreat. 
'Course, if you betray your employer, 
you'll soul your sterling name. 

Marisa: C'mon, Chief. 
What would YOU like me to do?

Gerik: Well, that's easy. I'd like oyu
to come over and join my side. 

Marisa: Right. Done. 

Gerik: Ho-hold on...
Is that it? Just like that?
You know what this will do to
your reputaion, right?

Marisa: Uh-huh. 

*Marisa joins your team*

*If you fight Pablo with Innes*

Pable: Yahh...!?
You! You're...
Prince Innes!

Innes: ...You're one of Carcino's 
Trying to trap me is a mistake. 
Failing, an expensive one. 
I think it's time for you to learn how expensive.
*If you fight Pablo with someone other then Innes*

Pablo: No one can withstand the 
might of Grado...
Logic dictates we join now
or be subjugated later. 
I made the rational decision. 
The only decision!

*When you kill Pablo*

Pablo: Urrgh... N-no. 
I cannot die when there is
such wealth to be had...
Mercenaries, to me!

*When the battle ends, the camera goes to the southern mountains. Valter and 
two of his cronies fly up.*

Valter: I've found you, Eirika. 
Seems you're as skilled as reports say. 
This is going to be fun. 
Yes, yes, yes. 
I do so love strong women.

Soldier: Shall we attack, General Valter?

Valter: No, we'll pass on dessert for now. 
Allow them to escape. 
We're leaving. 

*Valter and gang flies away*

*Screen goes inside, Eirika and Innes are in the castle Pablo was at*

Eirika: Prince Innes, are you well?

Innes: Eirika...I'm sorry
for troubling you. 

Eirika: No, it was no trouble. 

??: Oh, Prince Innes! Thank
goodness, you're unharmed!

*Klimt runs up*

Eirika: Who are you?

Klimt: Oh, where are my manners?
I am a member of Carcino's Council
of Elders. My name is Klimt. 

Eirika: A council member?

Innes: So you're one of the traitors
who ordered--

Klimt: P-please, please!
I have no intention of opposing
you or quarreling with you. 
I, too, have been marked for
death by Pablo...

Eirika: What is this all about?

Klimt: It's a shameful tale...
Carcino is a nation divided. 
As you know, Carcino has no king but is
ruled by a council. 
But now the council has broken apart
into factions mired in discord...
Eirika: Factions...
You're saying that the whole of 
Carcino has not betrayed Frelia?

Klimt: Correct. The moderate factiosn prefer to
preserve our alliance with Frelia. 
Pable's faction wishes to endear us to
Grado, to surrender us to their armies. 
Once Pable realized he coouldn't ply us with
brides, he began to have us assassinated. 
Those of us who remain have taken reduge
underground. We oppose him where we can. 
If you hadn't shown up, I'm not certain
I would stil be breathing...

Innes: I do recall enemy troops combing this area
when I arrived...
They were searching for you, is that it?

Klimt: Pablo has usurped rule of the council. 
We had no choice but to hide.
Not all of Carcino's council has gone
over to Grado's side, though...
You must believe me--the whole of 
Carcino does not believe as Pablo does. 

Innes: ...I see. 

Eirika: Lord Klimt... I understand the
hardships you've endured. 
I am pleased to hear all of
Carcino is not our foe. 

Klimt: I will depart at once for Frelia to 
explain our circumstance to the king. 
I think it is best if you return to
Frelia as well. 
Pablo has considerable wealth, and he
commands a cast mercenary force. 
I'm sure he'll send more of them this
way as soon as he is able. 

*Screen goes to a corridor with Geirk, Innes, Eirika, and Tethys*

Gerik: Prince Innes. 
Tethys and I are staying with 
you. Is that gonna work?

Innes: Yes, I would appreciate the help. 
Starting now, you've got a new contract, 
though--the pay's double. 
If the two of you hadn't stayed with me
back there, I would not have survived. 
Gerik, Tethys... Thank you. 
You have my gratitude. 

Tethys: Tell me something, Prince. 
Did you on the head
during that last skirmish?
Innes: ...That's unkind. My neck is not so
stiff that I cannot show gratitude. 
I would ask for your continued support
in the days ahead.

Eirika: We both ask for your help. 

Gerik: We've got a deal. Let's
keep each other alive. 

*Screen goes to a village, Ewan and Tethys are there*

Ewan: Ah! There you are, Sister. 

Tethys: Ewan!
How is it...
What are you doing here?
I told you to wait in the inn
and behave yourself, didn't I?

Ewan: Yeah, but you always run off
and disappear. 
It's not fair. I want to have
adventures, too. 

Tethys: You are such an imp...
I am not out here running about
having fun, you know?

Ewan: I know. 
That's why I came to see you. 
I can help. 
My teacher finally got around
to teaching me some magic. 
Check this out. 

Tethys: H-hey! Knock it off!
You shouldn't be using
magic here!

Ewan: Well, I jsut thought maybe
I could help you work is all.
I can protect you now, sis. 

Come on, take me with you. I don't
wanna stay in that inn anymore. 

Tethys: Oh...all right. 
I'll go speak and speak to the Chief
and Princess Eirika. 
Don't wander off while I'm gone. 

Ewan: Yahoo!

*Screen goes near a forest where Innes, Seth, and Eirika are*

Seth: Princess Eirika, Prince Innes. 
I think we should follow the advice
we've been given and return to Frelia. 
Continuing on through Carcino like this
is too great a risk to your safety. 

Innes: The peril is self-evident. 
However, I have to reach Jehanna, and 
the only way is through Carcino. 
If I don't hurry, nations wil fall, one
after another, to Grado's hunger. 

Eirika: Innes is right. 
And the road to Rausten leads me
through both Carcino and Jehanna. 
However, pressing on will only
invite more mercenary attacks. 

*Ewan shows up*

Ewan: Hey, I've got an answer. 
I know a way that leads over the
mountains straight to Jehanna!
Want me to guide you?

Eirika: ...And who might you be?

*Tethys shows up*

Tethys: Ewan! Shush!
You know better than to interrupt 
people when they're talking. 
I'm so sorry. Please let me take
my brother out of the way. 
Come on, Ewan. Let's go. 

Eirika, No, no--wait, please. 
Do you really know a route 
through the mountains?

Ewan: That's what I said. 
At the top of that mountain, there's
a village named Caer Pelyn. 
That's where my teacher lives. 
I'm sure he'll lead you through
if you ask him nicely. 

Innes: What is your teacher's name?

Ewan: My teacher?
His name is Saleh.

Innes: Saleh...
I've heard that name of the lips of
Frelia's spy network lately. 
He's a powerful wielder of magic who has
been fighting bandits and monsters. 
The spies mentioned something about
a Cael Pelyn, if I remember. 

Eirika: What do you think?

Innes: Hm. If my spies are accurate, this
Saleh is someone we can trust. 

Eirika: Very well, Ewan. Will you take us
to meet your teacher?

Tethys: Are you sure you can do this, Ewan?

Ewan: Not a problem!
All right, everone. See
if you can keep up!

*Chapter ends*

*Eirika is on the world map*

The Caer Pelyn Range...
According to Ewan, a little-known passage
to Jehanna lies there, 
hidden within its cracked red bedrock and
knife-edged peaks. 
To avoid Carcino and combat, Eirika's 
troops take the mountain path. 
They begin climbing higher and higher toward
Caer Pelyn. 
Unbeknownst to the group, hordes of dark
creatures now roam the peaks. 

=Chapter 11 Eirika: Creeping Darkness=

*Eirika's group is being leaded by Ewan through an apparently empty fort in 
the fog*

Ewan: We're almost there!
Come on!
My teacher lives just 
up ahead. 

Eirika: Slow down, Ewan. 
Let's stick together. 

Innes: ...This fog's getting thick. 
I don't expect any more suprise
attacks, but that doesn't mean we--

Ewan: Quick worrying, mister!
You're gonna get left behind. 

Innes: ...Don't speak to me, boy. 
I don't tolerate insolence. 

Eirika: Innes, he's only a child. There's
no reason to be so rude. 
He is helping us after all. 

Ewan: That's right. Without me, you'd
never get where you're going. 
So come on already!

*Ewan leaves*

Innes: Stop. 
Don't take another step. 

*Ewan comes back*

Ewan: Huh?
That's gonna make it awfully 
hard to get where we need to go. 

Innes: ...What do you know about that fort?
It looks like it's been abandoned 
for some time. Is anyone using it?

Ewan: Nope. It's really run-down. 
Nobody ever goes there. 
It's been empty for ages. I've
been inside, so I know. 

Innes: Is that right? Then what's that sound, 
and where is it coming from?

Ewan: Huh? What sound?
Hey, you're right... I do
hear a weird noise. 
You could hear that? Neat!
You've got really good hearing. 
I wonder what it is...

Eirika: There it is again. 
Prince, is this...

Innes: Eirika. 

Eirika: Yes?

Innes: Get your troops ready. Tell them
to prepare for battle...
We've been spotted. 
Monsters are coming. 

Tethys: Ewan, it's dangerous here. 
Get behind me. 

Ewan: No way. I'm gonna fight too. 

Tethys: No. You're too young. 
You're not ready for this. 
Are you going to do as 
I say or not?
I don't know what I would do 
if you were to get injured. 

Ewan: Oh...OK. 

*Screen goes south of the fort, L'arachel and Dozla ride inside*

L'arachel: What spacious chambers. 
Hm... A bit musty, but
I like it. 
I've decided. We'll bed here
for the night. 
I do wonder where Rennac
dissappeared to, though. 
I told him not to wander 
off, but...

Dozla: Hmph!
Lady L'arachel,
this could be trouble. 

L'arachel: What is it, Dozla?

Dozla: Look there! Through that break 
in the fog...
Looks like we've got some nasty
creatures running 'bout this place.

L'arachel: ...I can't see a thing. 
But this can be nothing but good 
fortune shining down on us again. 
Losing our way into the mountains and
running into these abominations?
There can be no doubt: we were brought 
here to destroy these foul things!
Come, Dozla! We fight!

Dozla: Gwah ha ha!
My heart cries out for battle!

*Battle begins*

*If you talk to L'arachel with Eirika*

Eirika: You... L'arachel!

L'arachel: Hello!
So it's true! Blessings 
do come in threes!

Eirika: L'arachel, this place is dangerous. 
You should find safe haven elsewhere.

L'arachel: Oh, you needn't worry about us. 
As you well know, my divine mission is
to purge the land of these obscenities. 
I will show you the splendor that is
L'arachel in action! Bear witness!

Eirika: If you insist. At least let us
join forces for the time being. 

*L'arachel joins your team*

*If you talk to Dozla with L'arachel*

L'arachel: Dozla. 

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! What is it, 
Lady L'arachel?

L'arachel: We're going to join these good people and
eradicare these unclean monstrosities. 

Dozla: Sounds fun! What would
you have me to do?

L'arachel: Oh, just accry on in your normal
manner: destroy, destroy, destroy. 
But do be sure to enjoy yourself. 

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! I am your
obedient servant!

*Dozla joins your team*

*When you win the battle*

Eirika: Thank you, L'arachel. 

L'arachel: Please, speak nothing of it. 
It is heaven's dictate that I come here to
cleance this charming place of monsters. 
What's important is--
Oh my! I just realized I have not yet had
the honor of your name. 

Eirika: Oh, you're right. 
How strange... We've met so often now
that I assumed you already...
Please forgive me lack of manners. 
My name is Eirika. 

Seth: Milady...

Eirika: It's all right, Seth. She's
clearly not our enemy. 

L'arachel: Eirika...
Aha! So you must be Princess Eirika
of Renais!
It is simply an honor to meet you. 
And how strange that we should
meet again in this place. 
You must be lost as well. 
This continent is so confusing. 

Eirika: Um, yes. Actually, we're not
lost at all. 
You see...

*Screen blacks out and comes back*

L'arachel: Is that so!
Well, clearly, must be 
allowed to accompany you.

Eirika: You want to travel with us?
I appreciate your offer, but our
journey is far too perilous. 
I do not wish to pull you into 
this madness. 

L'arachel: No, no, no. 
There can be no doubt that we were
sent here to aid you. 
It is all part of the grand design. 
I, L'arachel, shall play my role and
fulfill my divine duties. This I swear!

Seth: Are you sure this is wise, Princess?

Eirika: Don't worry, Seth. 

*Seth and Eirika leave, Dozla comes up to L'arachel*

L'arachel: ...Well, that's that, Dozla. 
You and I are now traveling with
Eirika and her companions. 

Dozla: Gwah ha ha!
I understand. 
For you, Lady L'arachel, I
would do aboslutely anything!
I would run to the ends of this
world and dive into a sea of evil!

L'arachel: How very like you, my dear, 
dedicated Dozla! So noble!
Come! We're off!

Dozla: Gwah ha ha!

*Screen goes to Ewan entering a house*

Ewan: Teeeaaaacher...
That's strange. 
He's not here. 
Must be out wandering again. 

Eirika: He's out?
That poses a problem.
Do you know when he'll return?

Ewan: Hmm... I don't know. 
He often goes out and looks
for people in need. 

?? (Offscreen): ...I believe I told you
it would be best to stay away. 

*Saleh comes on screen*

Saleh: I've been charged with a mission
and must depart again soon. 

Ewan: Ah! Teacher!

Eirika: Y-you...
We've met before, haven't we?
You were looking for someone...

Saleh: ...Oh, yes. 
And now we meet again. 

Ewan: These people say they want to
go through Caer Pelyn. 

I could guide them myself, but I thought
it might be better if you went, too. 
That's why I brought them here. 
What do you say? Will you guide them?

Saleh: ...

Eirika: Would you, please?

Saleh: ...Very well. I'm heading
there now. 
If you need to go to Caer Pelyn, 
you're free to follow me. 

Eirika: You don't mind?

Saleh: We have little interest in the outside
world, but we do not refuse travelers. 
I should warn you: the road is not
easy, and you look very weary. 
You should rest a night before
attemting the mountains. 

Innes: We do need rest, it's true. 
We are all exhausted from our
encounter with those creatures. 

We must give our men time to heal, or
they'll be useless in an emergency. 

Ewan: It's settled then. I'll go on ahead
and let the elder know we're coming. 
See? Even when there's no fighting
to be done, I'm still useful!

*Ewan runs off*

Eirika: No, wait!
...He's gone. I wonder
if he'll be all right. 

Innes: Idiotic boy. 
I understand his need
to be helpful, but...

Saleh: Ewan knows this land well. 
You needn't worry about him. 
We'll repart at sunrise. I
suggest you all get some rest. 

*Screen goes outside, Eirika is there, Glen and two of his soldiers ride up*

Glen: Princess Eirika of Renais. 
Eirika: Who?
You're General Glen of Grado.
We met once in the capital, didn't we?
You were very kind to me. 
However, if you're here now, I have
to assume this means...

Glen: Yes, it does. I wish our reunion could
have come under different circumstances. 
Eirika, I must tell you, I come here
on the direct orders of the emperor.
I'm to bring justice to the rebel army
leader who's been terrorrizing Carcino. 
It's you, Eirika. They say you've been
murdering innocents. 

Eirika: What?
Wait! What do you mean?

Glen: ...If you have someting to say, 
I would hear it. 
I know all too well that Grado has robeed
you of your homeland, but even so...
I do not believe revenge could drive
a woman like you to such depths. 
And yet... here you are in Carcino with 
a small army under your command. 
And the emperor tells us that you
massacred everyone in Port Kiris. 

Eirika: That... That's a lie!
I could never...

Glen: Go on. 

*Innes pops up*

Innes: ...This is ridiculous. 
Believe what you want. 
Could one of the legendary Imperial
Three honestly be as stupid as this?

Glen: ...What do you mean?

Innes: Carcino betrayed Frelia and set
a pack of mercenary dogs to kill me. 
And you paint Eirika a rebel instigator?
It's an absurd farce. 
Your emperor commits horrors, and you
believe Eirika is a criminal?

Glen: ...What are you saying?

Innes: You truly are blind, aren't you?
You're one of the Imperial Three, and yet 
you can't see through the emperor's plan?

Eirika: That's enough, Innes. No need
to provoke him. 
General Glen, we've told you what we know
to be true, what we've seen firsthand. 
We don't want to fight you...
But if you push us, we will drive you back
to Grado with your tail between your legs. 

Glen: ...I see. 
You...are more observant then you know.
I am ignorant of the emperor's designs. 
General Duessel and I both questioned
the wisdom of this war. 
And if you really are innocent of the
crimes attributed to you...
Why would His Majesty lie to us?
I must know the answer. 

Eirika: So, you...believe us?

Glen: The Princess Eirika I met long ago was
kind and merciful in spirit. 
You've faced relentless hardship, and yet
that selfsame spirit remains true. 
...Let's put our fight aside for now. 
I will learn the trith. Then I will once
again perform the duties of my office. 
If you have lied to me today, I will
found you to the very grave itself. 

Eirika: Very well...

*Eirika's group leaves. A few seconds later, Valter and two friends fly up*

Valter: Glen. Where do you think you're going?

Glen: Valter...

Valter: Tsk, tsk. What am I to make of this?
Those little birds I saw flitting away
into the mountains looked vaguely familiar. 
What do you suppose would happen if it
were known you let Eirika escape?

Glen: Do as you will. 
I'm returning to the capital. 
I have questions for the emperor. 
Clear the path, Valter. 

Valter: Hold on now. No reason
to rush off, is there?
After all, this is where
you're going to die. See?

Glen: ...What are you babbling about?

Valter: Heh heh...
We were a grand trio--the Imperial
Three: You, Duessel, and me. 
But my place among you was stolen, 
and I was exiled from Grado. 

Glen: You slaughtered people who had
no intention of fighting. 
The emperor's punishment was
just and warranted. 

Valter: Heh heh...heh heh heh...
After my fall from glory, only desire
kept me alive. Desire for revenge. 
My hatred burned so fierce that I was
only barely able to keep my sanity. 
That hatred keeps me warm still
today. Oh, how it burns...

Glen: .....

Valter: hear me, Glen, wyvern general
of the Imperial Three. 
I live for battle. I crave it. 
I have no need for peace.
That is why you must die.

*Valter and Glen go into the battle screen*

Glen: Cur! You're mad!

Valter: A battle between generals...
Sends the spirit soaring, eh?
Come, Glen! Entertain me!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Glen: Urrgh...

*They fight, Valter Kills Glen*

Valter: Go. The small fish are yours. 

*The other soldiers fly off in random directions*

Valter: Heh heh heh...
This is merely the beginning. 
Endless battle, war without end...
Heh heh... hahahahahahaha!

*Chapter ends*

=Chapter 12 Eirika: Village of Silence=

*Eirika's group is running down a mountain path. Eirika's going a bit slower
then everyone else*

Eirika: ...Hh...hh...

Seth: Perphaps we should rest, milady. 
Master Saleh, is it much farther?

Saleh: We're close. It's only half a day ahead. 

Seth: I would ask for a moment's rest
before continuing. 
We are all exhausted. We can
go no farther today. 

Eirika: No, Seth. I'll be fine. We must
not be delayed by my weakness. 

Innes: Whew... Hah...
I didn't realize we'd be 
climbing so high. 

*Eirika appears to hop up and down*

Eirika: Whoops!

Saleh: ...As I warned you before we set out, 
the footing here can be treacherous. 

Innes: Do you people truly live
in this place?
These barren crags seem unfit 
for human habitation...

Saleh: Material wealth brings strife. 
We've no need of these things. 
In this, we are of one mind with
the Great Dragon. 

Eirika: The Great Dragon?

*A bunch of momsters appear*

Seth: Ah! Princess Eirika, 
watch out!

Eirika: More monsters...
Master Saleh, do these creatures
normally inhabit this region?

Saleh: No... Those things come from
Darkling Woods. 
It's been a long time since they've
wandered this far afield. 
It's as the elder says...
Evil omens take many shapes. 

L'arachel: It looks like thsoe fiends have
noticed us as well. 
We should move, Eirika. 

*Battle Begins*

*At the beginning of turn 1*

Saleh: I'm concerned for Ewan as
well. I'll go with you. 
I hope he is safe.

*Saleh joins your team. Screen goes north, Ewan is being chased by a monster.*

Ewan: Hey! Wa-wait a moment. 
We can work this out...
You, uh, aren't interested in
talking, are you?

*Ewan runs into a house, the monster stays outside the house*

Ewan: Where'd all those freaks come from?
I've got to get back and warn
But... I do wonder if Grandmother
is all right. 

*If you visit the lower house (Ewan's) with Tethys*

Ewan: Oh, Sister!

Tethys: Ewan!
Are you all right?

Ewan: Yeah. 
I tried to fight those monsters. 
And you know what? I killed four 
of 'em! With my magic!
That's pretty good, huh?

Tethys: What am I going to do with you?
Anyway, it's not safe here. 
Come with me, Ewan. 

Ewan: .....
You-you don't believe me...
You watch and see. I'll show
you how far I've come!

*Ewan joins your team*

*If you visit the lower house with Saleh*

Saleh: Ewan... You're safe. 

Ewan: Oh, Teacher! It's you!
You probably had to fight a 
ton of creatures to get here!
You're the best! I hope I can 
study with you forever. 

Saleh: I've told you before...
My mission is my life. 
If you wish to learn magic, you'd
be better served by another. 

Ewan: No way. I wanna  be just like you. Why
would I go study somewhere else?
Wait... You've gotta go out on 
a mission again, don't you!
Take me with you! I've practiced a lot. I can
already use all the magic you taught me!

Saleh: .....
Well, you seem quite adamant. 
All right. You may accompany me. 
I think being with me might be
safer then remaining on your own. 

Ewan: Yahoo!

*Ewan joins your team*

*If you visit the lower house with someone else*

Ewan: You were one of the people with my
teacher, weren't you?
You think I can fight at your side? I can
use the magic my teacher taught me. 
Well, what do you say?

*Ewan joins your team*

*If you visit the upper house*

Woman: I can't believe monsters have appeared
here in the realm of the Great Dragon. 
What is this world coming to?
This staff you help to protect you
against the beasts. 
Please travel safely. 

*Got a Barrier Staff*

*When you win the battle*

*The screen goes to Saleh talking to Grandmother*

Grandmother: Saleh? Is that you, Saleh?
Tell me, is the Great Dragon well?

Saleh: I'm sorry, Elder. 
I searched to the west, 
but I found nothing. 

Grandmother: Is that so...
Who's that with you?

Innes: I am Innes, prince of Frelia. 
The circumstances of our journey have
led us here. We would like to pass through. 

Eirika: Please. 

Grandmother: Hmmm...
We of Caer Pelyn have turned away
from the world outside. 
The Great Dragon alone holds all
our honor and esteem. 
In this place, princes and
pauper are equals. 
Do you have a problem with that?

Innes: ...No. I understand. 

Grandmother: Hm... Well then, be welcomed as
guests in our homes. 
I see some of you are injured. 
You should use this rock moss. 
We have little beyond what we need, 
but we will prepare food and bedding. 
You can rest as long as you like. 

Innes: We've no wish to trouble you. We'd just
as soon pass straight through. 

Grandmother: Don't let your pride drive you
to foolishness. 
That girl there looks like she's
ready to collapse at any moment. 
She's ill from the height of the mountain. 
Saleh, prepare some tea for the lass. 

Eirika: Thank you, Elder...

Grandmother: Call me Grandmother, child. That
is what the villages call me. 

*Screen goes inside a house, Eirika's group and Grandmother are inside*

Eirika: Uh... Grandmother, may I 
ask you a question?
This Great Dragon...

Grandmother: Ah, the inquisitiveness of youth. 
Come, lass, listen to my words. 
The Great Dragon is...a blessing, one
that watches over all mankind. 
Why, in days long past, when the
Demon King appeared...

Eirika: Demon King? Are you speaking of the
legend of the Sacred Stones?
The hero Grado used the power of the five
Sacred Stones to defeat and seal away--

Grandmother: No, no, that's not right at all. 
Ah, how quickly did mankind forget
its debt to the Great Dragon. 
To hear the story now, one would think
humans alone brought about victory. 
That is a gross mistelling of the tale. 
Only through the Great Dragon's strength
could the Demon King be sealed away!

Eirika: The Great Dragon and the Demon King...

Grandmother: Mankind may have forgotten its debt, 
but the Great Dragon never forgets. 
It watches over the bones of the Demon 
King in Darkling Woods. 
It keeps the Demon King's dark brood
from swarming the world of men. 
The Great Dragon's vigilance alone has
kept us safe from their blind rage. 

Eirika: Is that so? I'm... I'm
sorry, I never knew...

Grandmother: Hmph. You don't need to know everything, 
but you should remember that. 

Eirika: Yet, Grandmother, we encountered
those creatures on the way here. 
And they have begun to appear in 
the land we live in as well. 
What does this mean?

Grandmother: Ah... You have seen the effects of the
omen that has appeared in the south. 
There is an energy there that has
fouled the air and darkened the sky. 
The Great Dragon left Darkling Woods and
went south to investigate. 
We of the village wished to protect the
Great Dragon, so I sent my grandson,
Saleh, as long as well. 
But they became embroiled in battle, and
the Great Dragon dissappeared. 
Since that time, there's been no sign of
the Great Dragon either here or abroad. 
We grew worried and directed Saleh to
look for any trace of the Great Dragon. 
I am worried that the source of that
foul energy may be responsible. 

Eirika: A foul energy...
From the south?
Myrrh said sometihng
similar to this, too. 
Is the Great Dragon you speak of the Mamkute?

Grandmother: Mamkute?!?
How dare you speak so 
of the Great Dragon!

Eirika: I-I'm sorry. 

Grandmother: But if you've seen the noble Myrrh, 
perphaps I can proceed more quickly. 
You see, our Great Dragon took the
form of Mistress Myrrh in her travels.
And you tell me that you have seen
the Great Dragon yourself, lass?

Eirika: Yes. Myrrh was with my brother. 

Grandmother: What?!
Where is this brother 
of yours!?

Eirika: He leads a force of men against
Grado. Myrrh rides beside him. 

Grandmother: Saleh, this is urgent!
You must leave for Grado at once
and rescue the Great Dragon!

Saleh: Understood. I will...

L'arachel: Oh, where are you off to?
If you're going to Grado, the swiftest
route takes you through Jehanna. 
It would be to your advantage to
join us in our journey for a time. 
It's far safer then being on your own. 

Saleh: You have a point...
Mistress Eirika, protecting 
the Great Dragon is my duty. 
Please allow me to travel 
with you on the road ahead. 

*Screen goes outside to Grandmother and Eirika's group*

Innes: We are in your debt, Matron. 

Grandmother: Not at all. All of our guidance
comes from the Great Dragon. 

Saleh: Yes, I know. 

The road to Jehanna lies here. 

Eirika: Grandmother, thank you so
much for everything. 

Grandmother: I know you'll help the Great Dragon, 
but please look after Saleh as well. 
He's not very personable, but he's
the only grandchild I have. 

*Chapter ends*

*Eirika is on the world map*

Jehanna, home of dancing white sands. 
This largely baren desert nation is infamour
for its mercenary forces. 
In accordance with her husband's dying wish, 
the beautiful Ismaire rules Jehanna. 
The Queen of the White Dunes foverns
Jehanna with Grace and Honor. 
When he was young, her son left Jehanna. 
His whereabouts remain unknown. 
After passing through Caer Pelyn, Eirika
arrives in Jehanna. 
There, she finds the nation embroiled in
combat with Grado's forces.

=Chapter 13 Eirika: Hamill Canyon=

*Screen goes to a castle. Valter and Cormag are there.*

Cormag: My brother is...dead?
That can't be!
That's impossible!

Valter: There's no mistake. 
Look for yourself. 
I've brought his corpse with me. 
That's him right over there, isn't it?

Cormag: No...

Valter: Not a pretty sight, eh? You'll be hard
pressed to ready that for a proper burial. 
But listen, Cormag. There's no reason for
you to grieve. 
After all, who is better than you to replace
your brother in His Majesty's service?
Picture it: General Cormag, the new and
improved Sunstone, eh?

Cormag: Who did this...
Who is responsible? Who!?

Valter: Glen's last orders were to find
and subdue Eirika. 
'Tis a pity I was delayed. I arrived
to witness the final blow myself. 
I watched Eirika run her blade right
through his chest and then flee. 

Cormag: Eirika?!
Where is she now?

Valter: Hm? What would you do if I told you?
Without orders from His Majesty...

Cormag: ANSWER ME!

Valter: ...In the eastern mountains of Carcino. 
The forests are thick in that region. 
It won't be easy finding her, but...

*Cormag flies away*

Valter: Gone already?
I've sent a gift your way, Eirika, 
but I trust you can handle it.
You're my girl after all. I need you
to be strong for me...
Heh heh... ha ha ha ha ha!

*Screen goes to Eirika's group. Innes's pegasus messanger is flying up to 

Messanger: Messanger! Messanger!
I bring word from Frelia!

Innes: Go on. What news do you bring?

Messanger: Prince Innes!
You're alive and well!
When the reinforcements rode into Carcino, 
you were nowhere to be seen...
We thought perphaps the enemy forces
had reached you and...
It's good to see you well, milord. 

Innes: I'm sorry to have troubled you. 
But remember, the duty I bear is a harsh
master. It will not let me die easily. 

Messanger: Of course. Prince Innes...

Innes: Yes, what word do you bring
of Frelia? Speak!

Messanger: Yes, Your Highness!
Frelia has invaded Carcino and engaged
the traitor Pablo's mercenary army. 
With aid from the elder Klimt, we are crushing
the foe where we find them. 
Pablo's faction is retreating ever
southward, toward Jehanna...

Innes: Towards Jehanna?
They must be planning to join
with the Grado forces there. 

Eirika: Pardon me, but I must know...
Do you have word of my brother?

Messanger: Yes. 
Prince Ephraim has forced thes surrender
of Grado's fortress at Rigwald. 
He is now marching onward toward 
the imperial capital. 

Eirika: Toward the capital...

Innes: That fool... Emperor Vigarde himself and his
imperial guard are in the capital. 
It's too strong a force...
Even for Ephraim. 

Eirika: No...
I believe in my brother. 
I know he fights still. 
The bracelet tells me so. 

*Messanger and Innes leave, L'arachel runs up*

L'arachel: Ah, Eirika. Is it time to go already?

Eirika: L'arachel. 
We're going to break through the Grado
lines and join the army of Jehanna. 
You should keep to the rear wehre it's safe...

L'arachel: No, I will stay with you. 
Confronting evil boldly is the sworn
duty of any ally of justice. 
And it may be that Grado's goal is the
Stone of Jehanna...
I cannot stand by and let it 
be destroyed. 

Eirika: L'arachel?
Where did you come by
such information?

L'arachel: Hm?
That...uh, well...the...wind
whispered to me in the night. 

Eirika: The wind? Whispered to you?

L'arachel: Yes, that's right. 
...And according to that gentle breeze, 
there are knights riding this way
from Rausten even as we speak. 
If we can but hold out until they arrive,
the battle will surley be ours. 
Come, Eirika. Let us be on our way. 

*L'arachel leaves*

Eirika: W-wait a moment. 
L'arachel? Who are you?

*Screen goes to a fort near enemy troops, Caellach and Aias are inside*

Caellach: They should be arriving anytime now. 
Are you ready, Aias?

Aias: Mm. 
Everything's in place.
This Princess Eirika supposedly
defeated General Glen. 
I wonder... If it's true, then she's a 
foe to be reckoned with, and no doubt. 
Still, there's no reason to worry. 
I can best her. I know it. 

Caellach: You'll take her, I've no fear. 
We fought as mercenaries together, 
and I know what you're capable of. 
I could search the continent over and
not find a man to match your skills. 

Aias: I'm honoroed to hear you say that. 
But I've no interest in the titles
and trapping of Grado's Imperial Army. 

Caellach: Don't say that. You're glad you came
with me, right?
You know we were both sick to death
of living like desert rats. 
I'm going to be king one day. 
This war is just the beginnning. 

Aias: Ah... It starts again. 

Caellach: Word has it that the Knights of Rausten
are riding from the north. They're mine.
I can trust this mess to your capable 
hands, can't I, Aias?

Aias: You remember what they called me
when we were mercenaries, don't you?
I was never once woulded on the
field of battle. Not once...
My skill is not garnish and loud like yours, 
but I've never known defeat. 

Caellach: Yes, that is true. 
I'm depending on you, Aias. 

*Caellach leaves*

Aias: .....
All units prepare for battle. 

*Screen goes to Eirika's group, riding up the the enemy troops*

Seth: Princess Eirika. 
The enemy is arrayed before us. 
We've word that Pable's mercenary army
is closing in from the rear.
You must be caustious. 

L'arachel: All we have to do is hold them off
until the Knights of Rausten arrive. 
If we can do that, victory is as 
good as ours. 
Let's get started, 
shall we, Eirika?

Eirika: Ineed!

*Battle Begins*

*If you fight Aias with Eirika*

Aias: Ah... So here you are. 
The princess Eirika. 

Eirika: Who?

Aias: You're not at all 
what I had expected...
I would test the arm that 
bested Glen. 

*If you fight Aias with someone else*

Aias: It's not over yet. Victory
still hands in the balance. 
They key is defeated the enemy
commander, but...

*If you defeat Aias*

Aias: Very...impressive. 
You've pierced the battle
formations I'd perfected...
No one's ever done that. 
Renais's tactician has earned
my highest regard. 

Enemy Soldier: Rausten Knights?!
No... All troops!
Retreat at once!

*Go to battle ends*

*If you talk to Cormag with Eirika*

Cormag: You're Eirika, aren't you?

Eirika: And you're...

Cormag: You don't know me, but you know my
brother well enough. I'm Cormag. 
I'm the brother of Glen, general
of the Grado army, whom you killed?

Eirika: What?

Cormag: This is no longer war, and this is
not a battlefield. 
This is a duel, and I fight to avenge
my brother.
He died in combat, and I'll not foul
his name by murdering you unarmed. 
But I will have vengeance. 

Eirika: Hold!
What is the meaning of this?
Glen... Are you telling me
General Glen is dead?

Valter: Do not play me for a fool!
You will not...
Your lies do nothing but stain
your honor. Nothing more. 

Eirika: You've got it wrong!
You're making a mistake. 
Your brother and I never fought. 
He lowered his lance and left the
battlefield to confront your emperor. 

Cormag: ...My brother?
You lie! Where
is your proof?

Eirika: I've no proof. But...
Here are the words he spoke to me. 
He told me he believed I possessed
a gentle heart when we met before. 
He said I had not lost that quality...

Cormag: .....
I see... Those are indeed
my brother's words. 
But then who? Who benifits from--

Eirika: What is it?

Cormag: ...Princess Eirika of Renais. 
I would be your ally. 

Eirika: What?

Cormag: I don't care why you're fighting. 
I've no interest in your goals. 
I want nothing but revenge, and 
I will have it. 
If I can kill Valter with these two hands, 
what care I if Grado brands me a traitor?

*Cormag joins your team*

*At the end of the enemy's turn 9, Pablo and some of his Mercenaries turn up*

Soler: Elder Pablo, there's fighting ahead. 

Pablo: Grr...I've misread the situation. 
I can't believe I've been forced 
out of Carcino. 
It's those accurced Frelia Knights
riding down on us from the north. 
If things don't change quickly, I'll be
forced to appeal to Grado for aid. 
We must prove ourselves worthy allies of
Grado. We must have them in out debt!
First, I'll use my magic to burt those
enemies in the distance. 

*If you fight Pablo*

Pablo: Grrr... I've got more money
then you've ever seen. 
What say you?
Join me, and take a seat of
power at my side. 

*If you kill Pablo*

Pablo: Argh...
It can't be...I...
You can't have my gold...
It's all...mine...

*At the end of turn 11, if Aias is still alive*

Aias: Rausten knights?!
That means Caellach's--
Curses... All troops!
Retreat at once!

*Battle ends, a bunch of NPC soldiers ride up*

Soldier: Forward the lances! Show
them the might of Rausten!

Eirika: The Knights of Rausten!
Just as L'arachel said...
Reinforcements have arrived in Jehanna!

L'arachel: What I'd like to know is
what took them so long!
However, it seems that all
has worked out in the end. 

Soldier: Princess! Knights of Rausten, 
2nd battalion, reporting for duty!

L'arachel: Well done. 
You may lift your eyes. 

Eirika: Prinecss?
L'arachel, your'e a--

*Soldier leaves*

L'arachel: What? Oh, you mean...
Don't be silly. This is nothing. 
Please don't concern yourself. 

Dozla: I do believe, milady, that your
disguise has been penetrated. 

L'arachel: Oh... I suppose there's naught to be
done about it now. 
Very well, Eirika. You've found
me out!
The beauteous wanderer who's been your
boon companion is none other then...
the jewel of the theocracy of Rausten, 
Princess L'arachel herself!
I was acting under divine order to
strike down evil in this land. 

Eirika: .....
Is that so?
But why did you...

*Soldier comes back up*

Soldier: The truth is...
The princess was enflamed by the words of
the court troubador, Saaga...
She forced us to allow her to journey
forth anonymously on a quest for jutsice. 

Eirika: I-I see...

Soldier: Princess. 
This is from King Mansel. 

*Got 5,000 gold*

L'arachel: What's this? War funds?
Oh, what a grand uncle. 
He's just so thohgtful. 
Princess Eirika of Renais. 
Rausten will not yield to Grado. 
Together, let us defeat the empire
in the name of righteousness!

Seth: Princess Eirika. Princes Innes. 
I've recieved word from the front. 
The palace of Jehanna was attacked by
Grado forces and has surrendered. 

Innes: What? 
How did that...

Eirika: And the queen?
Is she safe?

Seth: That remains unknown. 

Innes: She may yet live. 
We must hurry. 

Seth: The palace has already been
occupied by imperial troops. 
The Grado army is being led by
Lyon, the imperial prince. 

Eirika: Lyon?!

L'arachel: What it is, Eirika?

Eirika: It's nothing...

*Screen goes to Jehanna castle. Aias is riding up to Caellach*

Caellach: Hey, Aias. 

Aias: Caellach...

Caellach: That was something awful. 
I never expected tos ee
you get beaten so roundly. 

Aias: Yes. It was a complete failure. 
The Rausten knights arrived far more
quickly then I'd anticipated. 
But it doens't matter, does it?
Whether I won or lost?
You were planning on abandoning 
me from the start, weren't you?

Caellach: ...Yeah, sorry. 
I'm not going to let things
end for me here. 
I want to rise... To climb
higher and higher. 
I will not be chained to my past. 
I will not be chained to you. 
I truly apologize, but you die
here. Good-bye, my friend. 

*Caellach kills Aias*

*Chapter ends*

*Eirika is on the world map*

Thanks to the arrival of reinforcements
from Princess L'arachel of Rausten,
Eirika and her allies successfully repel the
Grado invaders. 
Still, Jehanna Hall remains under siege, on
the edge of ruin.
En route, Eirika learns that the hall has
indeed been captured by Grado. 
To rescue Queen Ismaire and recover
Jehanna's Sacred Stone...
Eirika leads an assault on the royal hall. 

=Chapter 14 Eirika: Queen of White Dunes=

*Flashback to two years ago, Lyon and Eirika are in a courtyard*

Lyon: ...I yield. 
The point is yours, Eirika. 
You're swift, aren't you?
Compared to you, I'm--
I've been bested at fencing by a woman. 
Pitiful crown prince, am I not?

Eirika: That's not true...

Lyon: Oh, no, Eirika. It is. The people
need a strong ruler. 
They don't want a weakling like me. They
want the strength you and Ephraim share. 
My body is frail. I prefer to spend my
time locked away in the castle, reading...
I think my father would be better served
if someone else took my place. 
I'm sure all of our retainers feel
the same...

Eirika: You're wrong, Lyon. 
An emperor without compassion will
never hold the people's love. 
And one day, your compassion will
surely save us all. 
I believe that. 

Lyon: Eirika... Thank you. 
I...I will do my best. 
Even though I lack your strength, 
there must be some good I can do. 

Eirika: There is. 

Lyon: By the way, Eirika...
If it please you, would you
accept this?

*In the present, Eirika's group is running toward Jehanna hall.*

Seth: Princess Eirika?
Is there something wrong?

Eirika: N-no. 
It's nothing. 

Seth: Jehanna Hall has been completely
occupied by Grado soldiers. 
I'm sorry to report that Queen
Ismaire is already...

Innes: And the one giving orders to the troops
in the palace is Crown Prince Lyon?

L'arachel: What is there to give us pause?
Should we not storm the palace and
retake it by strength of arms?

Innes: Frelia's spy network reports that Prinec
Lyon is an initiate of dark magic. 
If this is true, even approaching him
will be a serious challenge. 
I'd heard the prince dislikes violence. 
However, it could all have been a ruse. 

Eirika: ......

Innes: Still, if we don't retake the palace, 
we've no hope of defeating Grado. 
We must rescue the queen, no matter
the cost...

Eirika: I understand. Let's go!

*Screen goes inside the castle. Carlyle is by Ismaire on the throne.*

Carlyle: Queen Ismaire...
Please do not resist. 
I have no desire to see
you harmed. 

Ismaire: Carlyle... Why have you betrayed us?
After all these years of loyal service
as Jehanna's most decorated commander...
Without you, I could not have ruled these
long years since my husband's passing. 
It was through your unwavering support
alone that I still sit upon the throne. 
You are the cornerstone of Jehanna. You
have held my trust more then any man. 
So tell me why. Why have you betrayed 
us? Why have you betrayed me?

Carlyle: Your Highness--No...
My queen... Ismaire...
It is your own fault. 
You are too lovely, my queen. 

Ismaire: Carlyle...

Carlyle: The first time I met you,
twenty years ago now...
I saw you in the garden
of this very palace...
and I was bewitched.
Your pale beauty far surpassed
that of any flower. 
I was in the grips of an 
unforgivable desire...
You were the wife of my king, to 
whom I'd sworn life and loyalty...
I told myself a grand lie that day. 
I told myself I could be happy simply
serving you as your most loyal knight. 

Ismaire: .....

Carlyle: After years of duty, years of service, 
years of...of silence...
I became aware once more of the feelings
I'd buried deep within myself. 
How could I leave this world wihtout
expressing my true desires?
Could anything be mre desolate?
More devoid of meaning?
That is when I made my decision. 
I would follow my heart and claim
your hand as my own. 

Ismaire: Carlyle... You forget yourself. 
You ruin our country and kill our
Did you think I would be pleased? Did
you think I would love you for this?

Carlyle: I need no country. I care
nothing for my countrymen. 
I can see nothing but you. 
If you would only be mine...

Ismaire: Carlyle...

*Battle begins*

*At the beginning of turn 1, Screen goes to Rennac and a Soldier*

Soldier: To arms, mercenaries. We're under attack!
You there! Ready your weapons!

Rennac: What?!? No, no, no. That
was never part of the deal. 
The only fight I'm here for is with
the locks of the treasure chamber. 

Soldier: Hah... Don't get so exited. 
I doubt you mercenaries will see any
action at all once we soldiers've finished. 

Rennac: Yeah, great. You go do that. 
Whew... With all these soldiers around, 
I shouldn't have to lift a finger. 
I'll just sit here and wait for them 
to win they day. Then, I collect my pay!
No more being ordered around by that selfish
princess and her moronic bodyguard. 
This is the life. 
Lady Luck loves me. 
But something doens't feel right...

*At the end of your turn 1, Lyon and Caellach run op to Carlyle*

Caellach: Hey, Carlyle!
Impressive work you've done
here. My compliments. 
...I have you everything I promised. 
I opened the hall to your forces. 

Caellach: Yes. The palace is mine. 
My palace...
Oh, how I do like the 
sound of that. 

Carlyle: Do whatever you want with the
royal treasury. 
The only treasure I wish to leave
here with is the queen of my heart. 

Caellach: Oh, yeah, about "your queen"...
There's been a change of plans. 

*Caellach grabs Ismaire*

Ismaire: Ah!

Caellach: Don't move, Carlyle. 
You twitch, and the queen dies. 

Carlyle: Blackheart! What is the 
meaning of this?

Caellach: Calm down. You'll get her back as
soon as I'm done with her. 
Jehanna's Sacred Stone is around 
here somewhere.
I've got to find it and destroy it. 
I need this woman to guide me to 
its hiding place.

Carlyle: Do not lay a hand on my queen!

Carlyle: Don't get so incensed. 
I'm not going to harm her. 
I'm not like that freak Valter. 
I'm kind to women. 
But if you make a wrong move, you'll
loze your prize. Understood?

Carlyle: Yes...

Caellach: There are some annoying posts outside
who think to win back the hall. 
I want you to take care of them. Lose, 
and the queen will never be yours. 

Carlyle: .....
If my queen comes to any
harm in your care...

Caellach: Yes, of course. I know all about
the might of your sword arm. 
As long as the Sacred Stone is 
destroyed, you'll get all you ask for. 

Lyon: .....

Caellach: Greeting, Prince. Let's get going. 

Lyon: Caellach... You will put an end
to this.
Destroying the Sacred Stones

Caellach: What's this? Are you still ill?
You know, you're not very princely. 
C'mon. Follow me. 

Lyon: Caellach...

*If you talk to Rennac with Eirika*

Rennac: Hey, that's a comely lass. 
Think I'll have a few words... Wait. 
Er, haven't I met you before?

Eirika: You...
You were traveling with
L'arachel before, weren't you?

Rennac: Oh, yeah... Renais...
I've got to get--

Eirika: L'arachel is traveling with us. 
Should I lether know you're here?

Rennac: Uh, no! Wait a moment! You...
You don't have to bother her. 
Actually I wanted to ask you something. 
How would you like to hire me?
The name's Rennac. I'm a world-class thief, 
and proud of it. A man of many talents. 
Lockpicks are for amateurs. I can pick
chests and doors with my bare hands. 
And I'm better with a blade than
most swordmen. 

Eirika: Uh...

Rennac: I'm a useful fellow to have around. And
cheap, too! Only 9,980 gold!
Well, what do you think?

Eirika: 9,980 gold?

*If you hire him*

Eirika: Fine. I'll pay the 9,980 gold. 

Rennac: Very good! You know a bargain
when you see one, don't you?
Not at all like a certain pious 
princess I know. 

Eirika: Were you speaking of L'arachel?

Rennac: Uh, no... Idle chitchat about that
lass is bound to land me in hot water. 
Right, then! You're my new boss. 
Point out and doors or chests, and
get out of my way!

*Rennac joins your team*

*If you don't hire him*

Eirika: After a moment's though...
There's no way you can be worth
that much gold. Never mind. 

Rennac: Oh, no? What a shame. It's
your loss. Truly, it is. 
Give a holler if you 
change your mind. 

*If you talk to Rennac with L'arachel*

L'arachel: Aha!
So this is where you've 
wandered off to, Rennac!

Rennac: Princess L'arachel?
Uh-oh, um...

L'arachel: Come with me. 

Rennac: Wait... hold on now. 
Go with you where?
Look, sorry, but I've been hired
by the Grado Empire, and...
Hello, I'm talking to you!

L'arachel: Rennac, whatever is the matter?
I promise to listen to your story
later, but now, we must be going!

Rennac: No, I'm no servant, like that kook
Dozla. I'm a mercenary. 
I escorted you to Renais like I
was hired to do, didn't I?
You have no right to drag me across
creation without any pay whatsoever!

L'arachel: Is this about wages? I believe you've
received ample compensation. 

Rennac: Ample?! Do you even know what
that word means?
You've the princess of Rausten! I thought
working for you would pay well. 
Yet your purse strings are knotted tight, 
and I've almost been killed so many--

L'arachel: The joy that comes from doing good is
not something that can be purchased. 
There. All better?
Let's go. 

Rennac: NO!
I said I don't want to!
Riding with you is--
...And there she goes. 
Oh...By the Stones, why did I ever
take that job in the first place?

L'arachel: We must hurry, Rennac. 

Rennac: Right, right. I'm coming...

*Rennac joins your team*

*When you fight Carlyle*

Carlyle: I...I just wanted the 
two of us...

*When you kill Carlyle*

Carlyle: Queen Ismaire. 

*If you fight Carlyle with Joshua*

Carlyle: You...
Could it be?

Joshua: Carlyle. 
How did this happen?
You taught me how to wield a 
blade. You of all people...

Carlyle: You've returned. BUt now...
It's too late. 
It's far too late. 

*When you seize the throne, the screen goes to Caellach and Lyon walking 
Ismaire to a throne somewhere else*

Caellach: This is as good a place as any. 
All right, Your Majesty. 
Hand over the Sacred Stone. 

Ismaire: ...I know nothing of the
Sacred Stone's keeping place. 

Caellach: Don't waste me time. My partner
here sees everything. 
When the rebellion began, you went
straight to the palace altar. 
You had hoped to prevent us from
smashing the Sacred Stone. 
But you have the Stone of Jehanna
with you right now, don't you?

Ismaire: .....

Caellach: Hand it over. Cooperate, 
and I'll let you live. 

Ismiare: ...I cannot. 

Caellach: Oh, give it up, will you?
I've no time for games. 
If you resist, I'll just kill
you and take it anyway. 

Lyon: H-hold!
You mustn't harm her, Caellach...

Caellach: Shut up, Prince. My orders come
from higher then you. 
You've not going to start
disobeying his word, are you?

Lyon: .....

Caellach: Last change. 
Give me your
Sacred Stone.

Ismaire: ...I cannot. 

Caellach: Ha ha!
A queen to the end. 
I like you. 
You've got guts. 

Lyon: Ah!

*Caellach attacks and apparently kills Ismaire*

Caellach: And here's the Sacred Stone. 
That makes two for me. I'm on
a roll now. 

*Caellach shatters the stone*

Caellach: And another Sacred Stone
has been destroyed. 
Grado, Frelia, and
now Jehanna...
Only two stones remain. 

(Probably Ismaire) ??: Uuh...ahh...

Lyon: Ah...
What should I do?
You must help her. 

Caellach: Leave her.
Let her last breath be a harsh and ragged
rasp. She's not long for this world. 
Why, if you really wanted to help her, 
you'd deliver the final blow yourself!

Lyon: N-no. 
I couldn't. 

Caellach: What a joke. 
I have a little work to wrap up
in the hall before we leave. 
You should hit the road pretty
soon, too, Prince. 

Lyon: .....

*Screen goes to where Eirika's group fought Carlyle*

Eirika: I wonder where Queen Ismaire is. 

Innes: I heard she was in the throne
room, but there's no sight of her. 
And there's no Sacred Stone, either. 

L'arachel: We must seach quickly. 

*Innes and L'arachel walk away. Eirika is about to leave when Lyon warps in*

Lyon: Ah...

Eirika: Lyon!

Lyon: Eirika...

Eirika: Wait, Lyon!
Don't run away!
My brother and I have been
so worried about you...
We know more then anyone the
gentleness of your spirit. 
Your father is deranged, isn't he?
That's why Grado invaded Renais, right?
Tell me, Lyon... Please...
Tell me what has happened. 

Lyon: I'm sorry, Eirika. 
I've wanted to see you and 
Ephraim for so long now...
I wanted to see you so that
I could apologize. 
The invasion of Renais...
I couldn't stop it. 
I'm sorry, but I still cannot 
talk to you. Not yet...

Eirika: You... You have a reson, don't you?

Lyon: Mm...
I can't talk about it now, but...
I promise I will tell
you everything someday. 

Eirika: I see...
I believe you, Lyon.
I must tell you, I'm a little relieved. 
I was afraid you'd changed as much as
your poor father has. I'm so glad.

Lyon: Me, too, Eirika...
No, you have changed. 
You're even more beautiful
than you were before. 

Eirika: L-Lyon...

Lyon: I'm sorry, I have to go. 
But please remember this. 
This war started because I was 
too weak to stop it, but...
I'll always be your friend. 

Eirika: Lyon...

*Lyon warps away. A second later, L'arachel walks in*

L'arachel: Eirika, what are you doing? It seems
Queen Ismaire has been found. 
This way!

Eirika: Y-yes. Coming!

*They run to a room where Seth, Ismaire, and Innes are*

Innes: Queen Ismaire...
Is she...

Seth: We're too late. 
Her injuries are... She
will not last much longer. 

Ismaire: ...Jo...Joshua...

Eirika: Queen Ismaire!

Ismaire: Oh, Joshua...
Where is...that boy...

Eirika: Queen Ismaire...

Ismaire: Please forgive me, Joshua...
I was a foolish mother...
I was so intent on being queen that
I spared no time to be your mother. 
But I loved you nonetheless...
Please understand...

*Joshua pops up*

Joshua: .....
I know, Mother. 

Eirika: Joshua...

Ismaire: Joshua...
It really is you... son...

Joshua: I'm sorry, Mother. I should never have
left you. I've no excuse...
I wanted to see the world as a man, not
as a prince. I wanted to be worthy.
I planned on returning to your side
I was so foolish. If I'd been here, 
I could have--

Ismaire: No, it's fine. 
You're here now...
Listen to me, Joshua. 
The Stone of Jehanna has...
been destroyed...
The one who tempted Carlyle is

Joshua: What?
Who was it?

Ismaire: ...Carried a dark stone...
It is...the origin of all this...
It should not exist... must...
Our country...our people...

Joshua: I understand, Mother. 

Ismaire: Thank you...Joshua...
I have something...
Something I must give you...

Joshua: This is...

Ismaire: It's one of the Sacred Twin relics, 
unique to House Jehanna...
He who would rule our land
must possess it...
I've watched over it since your
father passed away. 
I kept it safe and waited for this
day to come...

Joshua: Mother...
I have it now. 
I understand its meaning...

Ismaire: Joshua...
My...dear, sweet child...

*Ismiare leaves, or more likely, falls dead on the ground*

Joshua: Mother...

*Got Audhulma and Excalibur*

Joshua: It's been more then ten years. 
I'd grown tied of the formality of
palace life, so I...just left. 
I wrote  a farewell and left the palace, 
taking nothing with me. 
I felt I could never understand the people
while I stayed sequestered in a castle. 
I abandoned my identity and raomed
the continent, working where I could. 
I wanted only to be worth of becoming
king. I knew one day I would return. 
Gods, I was so foolish! I was such
a child, I see it now. 
Was I simply rebelling against my mother?
Punishing her for tending to her duties?

Eirika: .....

Joshua: I was a fool, yes, but I learned much
over these ten years. 
I have learned about the hearts of our 
people, how they need to be governed. 
I have learned how our country needs
to change and grow. 
I have learned much, but I've lost
much more. Mother...

Eirika: Prince Joshua...

Joshua: I made a promise. I want to continue
what she began. 
I will help defeat Grado. I will defend
Jehanna and her allies. 
...I know it dones't sound like me, but...

Innes: On behalf of Frelia, I came to jehanna
with a letter to the throne. 
I give it to you. 
Prince Joshua of Jehanna...
Let us fight together. 

L'arachel: Renais, Frelia, Rausten, and Jehanna. 
Four nations...united!

Eirika: Yes, I suppose that's true. And
my brother is with us as well. 
And if it were possible...
Lyon... I wish you could be
here with us, too. 

*A soldier runs in*

Soldier: Fire!
Fires have broken out
all through the hall!

Joshua: What?

Soldier: The curtains were soakin in oil, 
with torches set about the hall. It's a trap!
Someone did this during all the fighting. 
You must flee! Quickly, before the
flames engulf us all!

*The background turns from walls to walls on fire with smoke everywhere*

Seth: Princess Eirika. 
We must evacuate...

Eirika: I know. 
Joshua, we must go. Now. 

Joshua: No...
Mother... Forgive me...

*They run outside*

Eirika: Is everyone well?
Did anyone get left behind?

L'arachel: We all made it. It's so smoky that 
it's hard to tell, but we're here. 
What a cowardly act, setting
fire to the palace hall.

But we've escaped wihtout injury. 
The enemy's trap has failed. 

Innes: ...No, it hasn't. 
Assemble the troops now. 
The enemy is coming. 

L'arachel: What did you say?

Innes: This is the reason for the fire. 
To drive us from the palace. 
They'll be attacking soon. No
other plan makes sense.

L'arachel: How is it that you know that?

Seth: Princess Eirika. 
I've just recieved word that Grado
reinforcements are headed this way. 
There are two armies, led by Generals
Valter and Caellach. 

Eirika: No!

Innes: Two armies...

They're willing to send so many hree
and leave the capital defenseless?

L'arachel: Why does everyone seem so distraught?
It matters not who stands in our path. 
We shall smite them all with the
power of righteousness!

Seth: Princess Eirika... It's going to be 
very difficult for us to continue. 
One of Grado's generals alone is
more then a match for us. 
Compound that with the exhaustion of
our troops, and I'm not sure we can--

Innes: Bah...
With Jehanna Hall in flames, we've no place
to hole up and dig in for a siege. 
We have to retreat. We have to win
ourselves time for form a plan. 
Grado sent two genreals... What could
be happening in their capital?
And what of Ephraim?
Is he still alive?

Eirika: ...Brother...

*Chapter ends*


Seth: Prince Ephraim. 

Ephraim: Is that you, Seth?
I'm almost ready to depart. 
I'm leaving Eirika in your care. 

Seth: Actually, milord...
We have the honor of 
riding with you. 

Ephraim: What?
What about Eirika?

Seth: The princess informs me that she will
be accompanied by a Frelian escort. 
She tells me she does not need a 
large retinue on such a small ship.

Ephraim: I understand, but wem ust be
prepared for anything. 
I will be fine, Seth. Please
go and attend Eirika. 

Seth: Lord Ephraim, this is Lady Eirika's wish. 
She implored us to lend our blades to you
on the front lines...
She spoke to each of us individually. She
knelt before us and beseeched us to go. 
Her sincerity, her concern... We could 
not help but be moved by her plea. 

Ephraim: Oh, Eirika...
Very well. You will all
come with me. 
But steel yourselves. This will
not be an easy journey. 
I only want counteers who are
unafraid of meeting death. 

Seth: I'll let the others know. 
I must tell you, milord--they are
already preparing to depart. 
They know the risks they are taking, 
and not a one will be deterred. 

*End of chapter*

Ephraim is on the world map, like Eirika was in her route. 

*Tower of Valni pops up*

The Tower of Valnui has appeared to the
east of Castle Frelia on the world map. 
Once held by Grado's troops, it has become
home to a host of dark creatures. 
Battling these monstrosities is a good
way for units to gain strength. 
Try using the tower as a training area
to gain extra experience. 
Be aware: you cannot save your battle
preparations for tower skirmishes. 
Once you clear a tower map, you'll have
access to the next floor. 
Each floor is more difficult then the last, 
so come prepared!
Dark creatures may also appear on other
bases on the world map. 
To engage these demons in combat, 
Simply place the cursor on their location
and press the A button. 
If the battle goes poorly and you're in 
danger of losing units, 
use the retreat command on the map
menu to withdraw your troops. 

Ephraim begins his march south toward
Grado from Castle Frelia. 
Upon conquering Renais, the Grado Empire
has set its sights on Frelia. 
However, Innes and his troops meet the
invaders at the waters's edge. 
Against all odds, Innes halts the invasion,
keeping Frelia's border intact. 
Ephraim coordinates Frelia's troops in an
effort to advance the front lines. 
Unbeknownst to Ephraim, Grado forces are
waiting for them at Fort Rigwald. 
They've fortified their positions and plan
to wait out Frelia's siege. 
Undaunted, Ephraim remains determined
to root out Grado. 

=Chapter 9 Ephraim: Fort Rigwald=

*Vigarde, Lyon, and the Six generals are in the Grado throne room*

Vigarde: The Stone of Frelia has already 
been taken care of...
How is the the Srone of Renais 
continues to elude us?
Find the children of Renais. 
Find them and take from them
the bracelets that they wear. 
Glen, take Eirika. Valter, take
Ephraim. Find them. Conquer them. 

Glen: Yes, Your Majesty...

Valter: Ha ha... Eirika, eh?
She's a ripe little peach. 
And her brother, Ephraim...
He's better prey then I'd imagined. 
I can feel my blood rushing at the
though. This might be fun after all. 

*Glen and Valter leave*

Vigarde: Caellach. 
Shatter the renaining 
Sacred Stones. 
Caellach, take Jehanna. 
Riev, take Rausten. 
Go. Crush the Sacred Stones 
they house. 

Riev: Heh heh heh... As you will. 
I'll begin making arrangments for 
Rausten's downfall immediately...

Caellach: Bah! Why am I stuck with Jehanna?
Accursed ill luck. 
I became a mercenary to rescape that
wretched place, and now I must go back?

*Caellach and Riev leave*

Vigarde: Duessel. 
Go to Frelia. 
Punish the Frelian army 
and their commander, Ephraim. 

Vigarde: Begging your pardon, Your Majesty...
Now that you've conquered Renais, what
are your plans for her citizens?
The country is in ruins. Thiees and
bandits swagger about as it--

Vigarde: Leave them...

Duessel: But, sire...

Selena: Sir Duessel. The emperor 
has spoken. Please...

Duessel: .....

Vigarde: Selena. 
Remain here in the capital. 
We shall have new orders
for you shortly. 

Selena: Understood. 

*Selena and Duessel leave*

*Vigarde and Lyon are walking away, Duessel is chasing them*

Duessel: Please, Your Majesty!
Grant me the privelege of
a single question. 

Vigarde: .....
...You vex us.

Duessel: Your Majesty, you know that I will gladly
lay down my life for an honorable cause!
But these orders--and all of our
recent actions--they are not just!
If I saw in any wat in which this invasion
protected Grado, I would hold my tounge. 
But now, Renais is left ungoverned to
dwon in chaos, and we gain nothing!
Why do you wage this war? What is it you
hope to achieve?
You've sent our men to fight and die for
nothing! This isn't war--it's murder!

Vigarde: ...Duessel. 
This decision is ours to make. 
You have no voice in these matters. 

Duessel: Punish me if you must, Your Majesty, 
but I implore you!
Please rethink this!! If this
contunues, Grado will--

Vigarde: Duessel. 
Go to Frelia. 
Crush the Frelian army, and he
who leads them, Prince Ephraim. 

Duessel: Your Majesty!

Vigarde: Have you gone deaf?
Go to Frelia. 
Crush the Frelian army, and he
who leads them, Prince Ephraim. 

Duessel: .....
Yes, Your Majesty.

*Duessel leaves*

Lyon: .....

*Screen goes to Fort Rigwald. An enemy soldier is pushing Tana up to the boss,
Gheb, the really fat guy*

Soldier: Commander Gheb!
We captured a pegasus knight
snooping about outside. 

Tana: let me go! Stop it!
That hurts!

Gheb: Ooooh...
You didn't tell me she was
such a treat for the eyes. 
Heh heh...
This is a prize worth catching. 

Tana: I-I came for Ephraim. 
If you do anything to me, 
he will not be merciful. 

Gheb: Heh heh... I like her. 
Throw her in a cell. 
I'll spend the evening giving
her a thorough interrogation. 
Heh heh heh...

Tana: You b-beast!

*Screen goes outside the castle*

Seth: That is Fort Rigwald. 
It ahd stood unconquered for generations. 
Its defenses are legendary. 
It is the jewel of Grado's fortifications, 
and its walls have never been breached. 

Ephraim: And if we don't capture it, any attack
on the capital will be pointless. 
Tell me what you see, Seth. 
Do we have the powre to take it?

Seth: It's a daunting task. 
The enemy has the advantage of
both terrain and numbers. 

Ephraim: But what about in morale?

Seth: Do you suspect the soldiers
may be unwilling to fight?

Ephraim: Anything's possible. 
The war is a sudden thing, but Grado
and Renais had long been friendly. 
Before these hostilities, our nations were
allies... No, closer even then that. 
This is the emperor's war, but the hearts
of the people are not so swift to change. 
For example, General Duessel, one of the
Imperial Three they call Obsidian...
He was the one who taught me what I
know about fighting with the lance. 
Duessel's sympathies are sure to remain
with Renais--and with our cause. 
He is loyal to Grado, but he has no love
of war. I'm sure he will speak with me. 

Seth: .....

Ephraim: And more then that, Prince Lyon
has been my friend for years. 
He can be timid at times and perphaps
was unable to oppose his father. 
But I'm sure he detests this fighting
and shares my opinions. 

Seth: Prince Ephraim...

Ephraim: There must be some Grado soldiers within
the castle who do not want to fight. 
If we can rush the fort and seize the
rhtrone room, I belive they will surrender. 

Seth: ...Optimish here may be deadly. 
Still, it's a far better plan than
challenging the main army face-to-face. 

Ephraim: Eirika is on her way to Rausten 
to help end this conflict. 
We cannot afford to wait here
for much longer. 
We must take this fort and then 
press on to the capital itself. 
Let's go!

*Your troops go up to the castle*

Soldier: Attack! We're under attack!
...Looks to be Frelian troops. 
Their commander is...
Prince Ephraim of Renais!

Other Soldier: Renais? This whole thing sneaks. 
My younger sister and her husband 
were living in Renais...
What is the emperor thinking, 
starting this war? I think--

Gheb: ...Hey. 

Other Soldier: Ah!

Gheb: Yeah, I heard you. Talking 
about not Fighting, are you?
Losing your nerve?
The punishment for treason is
harsh. You'll burn at the stake. 

Other Soldier: B-but--
It's not just me! Even General
Duessel is opposed to this war!

Gheb: Duessel? You'd side with that
washed-up coward?
And who is your commanding 
officer? Is it Duessel?
Come on, out with it!

Other Soldier: Y-you are, Sir Gheb. 

Gheb: That's right. So that should make it 
clear whose orders you follow, eh?
You got that, bolts? If you do, 
then shut up and get in formation. 
No one cares whether you minnows
live or die anyway. Got it?

Amelia: W-wait a moment!
That's a horrible 
thing to say!

Gheb: And who are you supposed to be?
Your name! Out with it!

Amelia: I-I'm Amelia...
I was assigned to this
fort today!
I am a soldier of Grado. 
I am not a slave!

Gheb: What's this now? 
You're a girl?
You've got a lot of nerve talking
like that to your commander, recruit. 
Looks like I'm going to have to teach
you about the chain of command. 

Amelia: Ah...

Soldier: Commander Gheb!
Enemy troops approaching!

Gheb: Grrr! Stinking interruptions...
Form up, you useless worms. Don't
let those dogs near the throne. 
Grado cannot afford to lose a 
brilliant tactician of my stature!
No one iwll blink if any of you 
worthless toads dies. But if I die--
You should be happy to fight, kill, 
and die in my service!

*Soldier and Amelia walks away*

Amelia: I become a soldier, to honor the emperor, 
General, Duessel, and the people of Grado. 
But this...this is wrong!

Soldier: That's the lot of a soldier. We're pawns
in the games of kings and emperors. 
We fight as ordered, and we die as 
ordered. That's it. 
C'mon, time to go. 

*When you start the battle, a soldier puts Tana in a cell*

Tana: Oh, what a fool I've been...
I came all this way to help Ephraim, 
and I end up getting captured again. 
That General Gheb had the creepiest
eyes...and that laugh! Oh!
Hurry, Ephraim... Please. 
Hurry and rescue me. 

*Tana joins your team, but she's still in the cell*

*If you talk to Amelia with Ephraim*

Ephraim: You're a Grado soldier?
But you're just a child. 

Amelia: I am not a child!
I'm a soldier of Grado, and I will
defeat every soldier of Frelia I meet!

Ephraim: Is that so?
Guess I'm ready then. 

Amelia: Um...

Ephraim: ...Is that the stance you're going to
use? You'll drop your lance that way. 
I'm Prince Ephraim of Renais. Why don't
you surrendre and come with me?

Amelia: Wha-what are you going to do to me?!

Ephraim: Calm down. 
As long as you don't try to stab me, 
I won't do a thing to harm you. 

Amelia: You lie! You're a liar! Everyone knows
about Prince Ephraim of Renais. 
He's a beast who attacks any
woman he sees...

Ephraim: .....Right,t his has gone far enough. 
I am not going to hurt you. If you're scared,
throw down your weapon and run away. 
But...If you're willing to listen, 
I'd like to ask for your help. 
You must relize this whole war is madness, 
right? Something is wrong in Grado. 

Amelia: .....

*Amelia joins your team*

*If you talk to Amelia with Franz*

Franz:'re a girl?!

Amelia: Ah! Don't make fun of me!
I'm a soldier of Grado!
Prepare yourself, Frelian dog!

Franz: W-wait a minute!

*Amelia trips and gets up*

Amelia: Oof...

Franz: Are, are you alright?
It's not suprising you fell
over from that stance. 
Can you get up?

Amelia: Sh-shut up!

Franz: Did you hurt your knee?
I know how it feels. I did it
often enough as a recruit myself. 
To be honest, I still do it 
more then I should. 

Amelia: .....

Franz: I'm Franz. I'm a knight of Renais. 
What's your name?

Amelia: I'm Amelia. 

Franz: Amelia, do you think I could
ask you to surrender?
This may be off, but I really
have no desire to fight you. 

Amelia: .....

Franz: I get the feeling you don't want
to fight either. Am I right?

Amelia: I...
I've heard Prince Ephraimn takes female
prisoners and uses them as palace slaves. 
If I surrender, will I be forced to
work in the palace, too?

Ephraim: N-no, don't be silly!
Prince Ephraim would never do such a 
think...I think...

Amelia: You think?

Franz: No, he wouldn't! Of course not. 
You have my word of honor. 

Amelia: ...Well, you seem sincere. 
I'll trust you Franz. 

*Amelia joins your team*

*If you talk to Tana with Ephraim*

Ephraim: Tana?!
What are you doing here?

Tana: I came here in hopes of
helping you in some way.
But while I was looking for 
you, I got captiured by Grado troops. 
Ephraim: Is that so? Well, I'm glad
to see you're unhardmed. 
Tana, you should head back 
to Castle Frelia immediately. 
King Hayden must be worried 
about you. 

Tana: No! Ephraim, I came all this
way so I could help you!

Ephraim: And yet, here I am, helping you. 

Tana: Ah, well... Yes, that may be true, but--
But I've been so worried about 
you, Ephraim!

Ephraim: I see. Oh, please don't look at me 
with those teary eyes. 
If you're really determined to help, 
then you're welcome to come with us. 
But you must promise me not to try
anything reckless. 

Tana: Ephraim... Thank you. 
I knew that you would 
understand how I feel. 

*When you fight Gheb*

Gheb: Wh-what was that?
You piece of trash, what
do you think you're doing?

*If you fight Gheb with Amelia (A very bad idea, probably)*

Gheb: Y-you wench... You're that recruit, aren't you?
Do you really think you can betray 
me and get away with it?

Amelia: Your threats no longer
hold any power over me. 
I-I am not your pawn!

*When you defeat Gheb*

Gheb: Th-that's not poss--

*When you seize the throne*

Seth: Prince Ephraim, the rest of the
enemy troops have been routed. 

Ephraim: Bring me one of the prisoners. 
I have a question I need answered. 

*Seth goes away and comes back with an enemy soldier*

Soldier: .....

Ephraim: I'm going to ask you a question. If
you've no wish to answer, remain silent. 
If you wish this conflict to end quickly, 
however, you will cooperate. 

Soldier: .....
...What do you want?

Ephraim: Why has Grado invaded Renais?

Soldier: ...I can't say. 
This war began on the 
emperor's orders. 
Soldiers like me hven't the
foggiest idea what he's after. 

Soldier: Then tell me this:
where is General Duessel?

Soldier: In the capital. The general's been
opposed to this war from the start. 
He's been pleading with the emperor for
days now, but the emperor ignores him. 
They say some are question the 
general's loyalty. 
He's putting his standing--and his life--
in danger by being so vocal. 

Ephraim: Is that so...
Well, it appears that General Duessel remains
the same true man I knew before.
What about Prince Lyon? Where's
he been through all of this?
Why didn't he do anything to
temper his father's aggression?

Soldier: .....
According to rumors...
Emperor Vigarde was convinced to start this
war by none other then the prince himself. 

Ephraim: What did you say?
That's ridiculous. 
I know Prince Lyon well. No one
hates fighitng more then he does. 
He would never do anything to 
trigger all this bloodshed!

Seth: Prince Ephraim please calm down. 

Ephraim: ...I'm sorry. 

*They leave the castle*

Ephraim: We leave the prisonres and the
fort to the Frelian troops. 
Seth, I intent for us to press
on toward the capital. 
At some point, I expect we'll
find either Duessel or Lyon. 
I'm sure we can convince them to
join us in stopping Emperor Vigarde. 

Seth: Understood. But I have
misgivings, my prince. 
General Duessel and Prince Lyon 
are both men of Grado. 
If we are forced into conflict
with them...

Ephraim: It won't happen. 
Duessel was my teacher, and I know
he is a man of character. 
And I've known Lyon since we were children. 
He, Eirika, and I are old frineds. 

Seth: .....

Ephraim: I understand your concerns. 
If worse comes to worst and steel
is drawn, I will not hesitate. 
I'll fight and kill anyone who
thinks to oppose me. 
Are you satisfied, Seth?

Seth: Yes...
I apologize for my rudeness. 
Your father is gone, and that
means you are king of Renais. 
There is no other. 
I just ask that you not throw
yourself into needless danger. 

Ephraim: I hear you. 
The decisions I make affect
more them my own life. 
Once this war is finished I will
rebuild Renais with Eirika. 
That is my mission. 

*Screen goes to a forest*

Ephraim: Myrrh. 

Myrrh: What is it?

Ephraim: You must return to Frelia. 
I cannot take you any father
on this journey. 

Myrrh: What?
No. I want to
stay with you...

Ephraim: No, Myrrh. 
I'm continuing on to the Grado capital. 
It's going to be very dangerous. 
I can't protect you--not as well as 
I'd like to, anyway. 

Myrrh: Everything comes from that direction. 
I can feel my lost dragonstone...
And that's not all. 
The dark energy still flows unchecked...
I cannot go home while it
stains the air...

Ephraim: But...

Myrrh: Please, Ephraim. 

Ephraim: ...Very well. Ah, I simply
cannot refuse you anything. 
Your eyes remind me too
much of Eirika. 
You must not stray from my 
side, do you understand?

Myrrh: Yes, I will not stray...

*Screen goes to the capital. Selena, Lyon, and King Vigarde are in the throne 

Vigarde: Selena. 
Your orders. 

Selena: I am ready, Your Majesty. 
In your serive, I am
prepared to do--

Vigarde: Duessel has left for Bethroen. 
Take a battalion and follow him. 

Selena: Understood. When I arrove, I will
place my troops at his disposal. 

Vigarde: No... You will not. 
You will strike
Duessel down. 

Selena: Wha...

Vigarde: Duessel is a traitor. 
He abandoned his country
and sided with Renais. 
The punishment for treason
is death. 

Selelna: B-but...
General Duessel a traitor?
That's just not possible!
There must be a mistake...

Vigarde: .....

Selena: No... I did not mean that you
are mistaken, Your Majesty. 

Vigarde: Selena. 
You have your orders. 
You will execute Duessel. 

Selena: .....
...Your Majesty. 
Will you allow me 
to ask you a question?

Vigarde: .....

Selena: When Your Majesty saw fit to
make me a general, 
you shared with me some words of wisdom. 
I remember the moment quite clearly. 
You told me that the role of an imperial general
is that of the shield, not the blade. 
We are here to protect our citizens, you
said--not the threaten our neighbors. 
I have never forgotten your words, 
Your Majesty. 
I have held them to my breast. They
govern my every action as a general. 
Your Majesty, that sentiment
is still alive, and--

Vigardo: Go. 

*Vigarde leaves*

Selena: .....
I humbly acknowedge your orders. 
Your Majesty...
I am the empire's servant. 
I am Your Majesty's vassal. 
I am General Selena, the
Flourspar of the Grado Empire.

*Chapter ends*

*Ephraim is on the world map*

A former lance instrutor to Ephraim, 
Grado's General Duessel often came to Renais
as an emissary of his empire. 
Despite their stations, the two men share
similar dispositions and a warm relationship. 
Why has Grado Started this war?
What is the miasma of evil emanating
from the country?
Ephraim believes that Duessel can answer
these questions. 
It is this belief that propels Ephraim
forward into Grado Terriroy. 

=Chapter 10 Ephraim: Turning Traitor=

*Ephraim's group is walking southward and a pegasus knight is flying up to 
them, she is the messanger*

Messanger: Please wait, Prince Ephraim. 
I have a message from Frelia. 
There's been an uprising in Carcino. 
Pablo is leading a forde of renegade
Grado supports in rebellion. 

Ephraim: In Carcino...
Any word of Eirika?
Is my sister safe?

Messanger: The last word we recieved had Princess
Eirika heading to assist Prince Innes. 
We've not heard from her since. 

Ephraim: ...Blast. 
I sent Eirika to Rausten thinking
it would be the safest mission. 
If I could, I'd pull out of here
now and go look for her but...

Seth: Prince Ephraim. 

Ephraim: I know, I know. I mustn't let me
emotions dictate my actions. 
If Carcino has allied itself with Grado, 
then defeating Grado is out best bet. 
We proceed as planned. Tell them that. 

Seth: Understood. 

Ephraim: Be careful, Eirika. 

*The screen shakes*

Ephraim: ...What?!
Was that an earthquake?
I think it's passed. 

Seth: Prince Ephraim. 

Ephraim: I'm fine. There's nothing to worry about. 
I was suprised, that's all. You're not
shaken in the slightest, are you?

Seth: Actually, it supeised me as well. 
I've herad that tremors such as those 
were commonplace in Grado. 
Apparently, they are usualyl weak and
cause little, if any, damage. 

Ephraim: Now that you mention is, I remember a 
while back, when I was first in Grado. 
Eirika and I were startled by a 
tremor just like that one. 
Lyn said he had grown used to them, 
and he just laughed. 

Seth: .....

Ephraim: We don't have any time to tend
to injuries just now. 
We must press forward. We must 
see the capital. 

*Screen goes to a dock with Duessel and Selena and their troops*

Duessel: I do not understand...
Why this course of action?
What is the emperor thinking...

Selena: General Duessel. 

Duessel: ...Is that you, Selena?
Are you to be assisting 
me in this...duty?

Selena: Yes...
Frelia's army will be coming 
soon from the north. 
We're just waiting for the 
order to engage them. 

Duessel: Hm... Prince Ephraim leads 
the enemy forces, doesn't he?

Selena: That is correct. 
Prince Ephraim of Renais. 

Duessel: Bah...

Selena: Renais is our enemy. 
General, please give the order to attack. 
Duessel: No. Order all units to hold. 
Do not initiate the attack. 
I want to speak with Ephraim first. 

Selena: .....
So it's true. 
You plan to betray the empire and
ally yourself with the enemy. 

Duessel: What?!

Selena: General Duessel, you stand accused
of treason of the highest order. 
Lay down your weapons, and follow
my commands. 
If you fail to do so, if you resist in 
any way, I will execute you on the spot. 

Duessel: This is nonsense!
Who is behind this madness!

Selena: These are His Majesty's orders. 
The emperor has anticipated 
your treachery. 
Prepare yourself. 

Duessel: Impossible... His Majesty?

*Duessel runs, Selena starts talking to Cormag*

Selena: Cormag, you and I will
bring that traitor down. 
Go around and fort to the southeast
and drive into them from the sea.

Cormag: We're fighint General Duessel?
But he's one of the cornerstones
of the empire. How could--
He's been like a father to you
and to my brother. 
Do you truly mean to kill him?

Selena: .....
If that is what me emperor commands, 
then yes. Without hesitation. 
Cormag, if you are a true knight
of Grado, you will do the same. 

Cormag: .....

*Screen goes to your group, walking up to the docks*

Seth: Prince Ephraim, the Imperial 
Grado army is before us*

Ephraim: I know, but something's odd. 
They're chasing someone down. 
Is that a deserter?
That's... Duessel?

Seth: Prince Ephraim, your orders. 

Ephraim: We rescue Duessel! 

*Battle begins, Duessel and a few of his soldiers are NPCs*

*At the end of turn 1, for you, Valter flies up to where Selena is*

Valter: What's this? They've only just begun?
What a dissapointment. 
I so wanted to witness the comedy of two
generals hacking away at each other. 

Selena: Valter...
What do you want?

Valter: Ah, Selena. You've to return to the 
capital immediately. 
Duessel is no longer your concern. 
His majesty has declared you untrustworthy. 
I've been sent here to relieve you of command. 

Selena: What?

Valter: You've proven yourself imcapable of dealing
with a single old man...
I tell you, having to clean up your mess
makes things difficult for me, Selena. 
Now then, Beran. 

Beran: Yes, sir. 

Valter: I'm leaving. 
I can't leave poor Eirika sad
and lonely in Carcino. 
You're in command here for the
duration of this conflict. 

Beran: I'll take care of things. 
Selena: What do you think you're doing?!
I an here at His Majesty's bidding, 

Valter: Did you not hear me? His Majesty's
bidding has CHANGED. 
You, Selena, are not to be trusted. 
These are His Majesty's words. 
You share the same sentiments as Duessel. 
You could turn traitor, just as he has. 
You should feel honored. He could have
ordered me to kill you where you stand.  

Selena: Th-that's absurd!
His Majesty, he...
He knows I am trustworthy. 

Valter: Then return to the capital
and sort it out. 
Go and ask your beloved master
whether I speak the truth. 

Selena: I...

Valter: What are you going to do, Selena?

Selena: I will return to the capital.
I know better then to trust your word. 
I will speak with the emperor myself. 

*Selena leaves on a boat*

valter: Heh heh... Stupid woman. 
If Grado wins too easily, 
there'll be no more bloodshed. 
We must do what we can 
to extend the fun...
I believe it's time for me to
return to my darling Eirika. 
It wouldn't do for Glen to
arrive before me, would it?
Take care of things here before
I return to you. Understood?

Beran: Of course. 

*Valter flies away*

*At the beginning of turn 3*

Cormag: Tell me, brother, what should I do?

*If you talk to Cormag with Tana*

Tana: Wait. 
Please stop fighting. 
I'm sure we can reach an
agreement if we just talk. 

Cormag: You are...?

Tana: My name is Tana. You're from
Grado, aren't you?
Why are you fighting 
against General Duessel?

Cormag: That's none of you--

Tana: Do you hate him?

Cormag: ...Do I hate him? This isn't some pretty
schoolyard squabble, girl. 
I'm a soldier of the empire, and
I have my orders. 
I've been sent to punish a traitor, 
and that's what I aim to do. 

Tana: Are you telling me that
General Duessel's a traitor?
Don't you know him? Do you 
think that's really true?

Cormag: What I think isn't at question. 
Faith does not dicatate my actions. 
I have my orders. 

Tana: Ephraim trusts your General Duessel. 
He's given him the benifit of the doubt. 
Have you chosen not to believe the
reasons for his action?

Cormag: Get out of my way?
I'll waste no more time
with this duel of words!

Tana: Wait! 
Protect General Duessel. 
It would be tragic if he died
before his motives became clear. 

Cormag: ... Move, please. 
If you won't get out of the way, 
I'll have to move you by force. 

Tana: Very well. If you must. 
But in exchange, I'm asking you
to believe in Duessel. 

Cormag: .....
...You're an odd bird. 
To think I'd lose a fight not to a 
man's sword but to a woman's words...

Tana: What?

Cormag: You wil. 
I will protect General Duessel. 
But I plan or sorting this whole
mess out with the General himself. 

Tana: Do you mean that?

Cormag: I don't know if this is the 
right think to do or not. 
BUt I think this is what my
brother would have done. 

*Cormag joins your team*

*If you visit the lower house*

Girl: Do you know what I'm going to be
when I get older?
I'm going to be a splendid knight, 
just like General Selena. 
They call General Selena 
they Flourspar, you know?
She's really beautiful and 
really, really strong. 

*If you visit the higher house*

Man: A strange man passed through here
sometime back. 
He said something aobut looking 
for a girl with indigo hair...
I asked if she was his girl, but 
he said she wasn't. 
I hope he's found her by now. 

*If you visit the higher village*

Old man: This are of the ocean is often
blanketed in a thick fog. 
I touled under it for many 
hard years when I was still sailing. 
We always made sure we had torches
and the like ready...
Oh, yes...
And there's this. 
This torch staff chines just as bright 
as any normal torch. 
Of course, if nobody knows you can use
it, it's just so much extra baggage. 
Will you take it?
Oh, go ahead. 
I'm planning on resting my old bones
here for good. My sailing days are done. 

*Got torch staff*

*If you visit the lower village*

Marisa: ...No good. 

Person you go in with: What? a

Marisa: .....

Person you go in with: Huh?

Marisa: I found it. 
I can't use it yet. 

*Marisa leaves*

Person you go in with: Uh...

*Got a Hero Crest*

*At the end of turn 4*

Soldier: Commander Cormag!

Cormag: I know what I must do. 
I'm a sworn knight of Grado, 
and I have a duty to fulfill. 
Let's start by putting an end 
to that Frelian army. Move out!

*If you talk to Duessel with Ephraim*

Ephraim: Duessel!

Duessel: Is that you, Prince Ephraim?

Ephraim: Why are those Grado men after you?
What's going on?
Wait, we can talk later. Let's get
you to safety first. 
Come with us, Duessel. 

Duessel: .....

Ephraim: Duessel!

Duessel: I am General Duessel, the Obsidian, 
of the Imperial Three...

Duessel: Tis name and my service to His Majesty
have been my life's blood.
As of this moment it is all gone. 
I've no reason to continue...

Ephraim: Duessel...
Enough of this Rubbish!
You are my mentor! I will
not let you die!

Duessel: ...Prince Ephraim. 

Ephraim: I know aobut the 
emperor's madness. 
How will your death serve
Grado? Who will it help?
What of your country? Its 
people? Its future?!

Duessel: .....

Ephraim: You will live, DUessel. 
As a traitor...
In disgrace...
I know for a man such as you
this is more agonizing then death. 
But you will live nonetheless. You
will live for something more important. 

Duessel: .....
I understand. 
This old fool's 
life is yours. 

*Duessel joins your team*

*If you talk to Cormag with Duessel*

Duessel: Is that you, Cormag?

Cormag: Sir Duessel...
You abandoned you country and
your lord. I must take your life. 

Duessel: I know. I'm ready now. 
I have no duty anymore. But you, Cormag. 
You're a soldier of the empire. 
Follow your orders and fulfill your
mission. I'm ready. 

Cormag: .....

Duessel: Cormag!

Cormag: To be honesty, I'm confused. 
Must you truly die? Is your
crime really deserving of death?
I know my brother could have
settled this, but...
I've come here to stop you, and
yet I find that I cannot. 

Duessel: .....

Cormag: You see, I couldn't believe you
would ever truly turn traitor. 
ANd now I stand here, looking at 
you, Duessel of the Imperial Three. 
And you do not have the eyes of 
a traitor. 

Duessel: .....

Cormag: No. I cannot turn my lance on
you, the empire's faithful son. 
General Duessel...
Until this matter is sorted, you
travel under my protection. 

Duessel: Cormag...
Forgive me...

*Cormag joins your team*

*If you fight Beran*

Beran: Prince Ephraim of Renais...
The Obsidian Duessel...
Two incredibgle trophies. 
Who could ask for more?

*When you defeat Beran*

Gwaa... Too strong*

*Battle ends. Skip the next part if you get here, go to the next "battle ends"

*At the end of turn 10, if Beran is alive*

Beran: Grr... They're held on for 
too long. 
If this continues, General 
Valter will have me--
...Prepare a ship. We 
must flee. Quickly!

Soldier: B-but General Valter...
He'll be so angry...

Beran: We're doomed either way. 
General Valter will never 
forgive our failure here...
And if we stay, we'll be devoured 
like those other fools...
Our best bet is to give up
and escape with our lives. 

*Beran leaves*

Soldier: Commander Beran! Wait!

*Screen goes to Seth and Ephraim*

Seth: Prince Ephraim. The remaing
enemy troops have fled. 

Ephraim: I see. And what of Duessel?
Is he unharmed?

Seth: Yes. This way.

*Battle ends, Ephraim, Myrrh, and Duessel are in the fort*

Duessel: Prince Ephraim...
You've grown to be quite 
the impressive commander. 
I remember what a stubborn young
lad you were when I taught you. 

Ephraim: Any skill have have, I owe
to you, Duessel.
I'm curious, why are you being
pursued by your own troops?

Duessel: .....

Ephraim: Speak to me, Duessel. 
I want to put an end to this war. 
I'm sure you feel the same way. 

Duessel: .....
...As you know, the emperor
was once a man of compassion. 
He loathed war, and he worked to
build peace across all nations. day that all changed.

Ephraim: .....
But why? Why did he change?
What happened?

Duessel: I wish I knew. 
But if you're looking for a
likely cause, I have one. 
This all seems to have begun
when Prince Lyon and the mages
created a strange gemstone they
referred to as the Dark Stone. 

Ephraim: The Dark Stone?

Duessel: That's what the clerics and the prince
called it, at any rate 
Now, I'm just a soldier. I don't know
anything about these magic things. 
But they said the Dark Stone is more
powerful even then the Sacred Stones. 

Ephraim: And the Sacred Stones had the power
to defeat the Demon King. 
If the Dark Stone is stronger then 
they are...

Myrrh: ...Ephraim. 

Ephraim: What is it, Myrrh?

Myrrh: The wave of evil I felt
surging from the capital...
It hungers... It consumes. 
It envelops and transforms. 
This power can tarnisht he purest
of souls with its corruption. 

Ephraim: Are you saying this Dark Stone is
reponsible for this change in Vigarde?
The timing fits, dones' tit? The
stone is created, and then--
Duessel, where is the Dark Stone now?

Duessel: It's in the capital, with Prince Lyon. 
He's been carrying it with him ever
since the day it was created. 

Ephraim: Understood. Duessel, I'm going 
to the capital. 
I must talk to Lyon. Maybe we
can restore the emperor together. 

Duessel: ...I'm going with you. 

Ephraim: But we'll be fighting Grado's
army--your own men. 

Duessel: I apprecuate your concern, but I've
already been branded a traitor. 
Prince Ephraim, if you mean to
save my lord the emperor...
If you hope to restore him to 
his former self...
then I will pledge my loyalty 
to you until your cause is won. 

*Duessel's soldier comes up if none of them died*

Soldier: General Duessel!

Duessel: Men, I owe each of you 
an apology. 
You've served me well, 
and I have betrayed you. 

Soldier: You speak nonsense, General!
We are your men, no matter
what happens!
If you must leave Grado to 
fight with Frelia's men,
then our place is by your side. 
Your road is our road!

Duessel: My brave men...
Bah, I'm getting old. 
I'm a sentimental old fool. 

Soldier: We ask to be allowed to 
join the Frelian army. 
Prince Ephraim has many soldiers. 
He doens't need us with him. 
Please, send is other soldiers
off to fight with Frelia. 
And my the gods of war smile
upon you, General Duessel. 

*Got a knight's crest*

*Screen goes to Ephraim and Seth at the water's edge*

Seth: Prince Ephraim, we must now
take to the seas.
The Frelian army is readying
a ship for us now. 
We have some time to rest
until it's ready to set sail. 

Ephraim: right. We'll take a break, 
then. Tell the men. 
The road ahead is bound 
ro be a rough one. 

*L'arachel, Dozla, and Rennac run up to them*

L'arachel: Well, hello there!
Tell me, are you all 
waiting to board a ship?

Ephraim: Err, yes, we are...

L'arachel: I recommend that you abandom
your plans, my friends. 
The locals are too frightened 
to set sail upon these seas. 

Ephraim: Is there a storm coming in?

L'arachel: No, no storm--demons. 
Some sort of phantom ship
commands these seas now. 

Ephraim: A phantom ship?

L'arachel: Yes. But you needn't worry
for long, my friends. 
I plan on purging the seas
of that pesky ghost ship. 

Rennac: Oh, no... Here we go again. 

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! 
Well said, Princess L'arachel!

L'arachel: I, L'arachel, am destined to become
the protect of the seas!
Fare thee well, strangers. 
Come, Dozla, we must find a ship. 

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Sounds fun!
Come on, Rennac!

Rennac: Honestly, L'arachel, do you even
think before you set these plans?
Oh, please... Someone end my misery!

Ephraim: ...What was that all about?

*They leave, a ship comes up to Ephraim*

Seth: Prince Ephraim, our 
ship has arrived. 
Let us prepare to board.
...Something troubling you?

Ephraim: No... It's nothing. 
All right. Here we go!

*Chapter ends*

*Ephraim is on the world map*

General Duessel tells them of the enigmatic
Dark Stone. 
The product of Grado's research into
the dark arts, 
the Dark Stone possesses power far beyond
that of the Sacred Stones.
According to the rumors swirling about, 
Vigarde's descent into madness coincides
with the creation of the Dark Stone. 
Ephraim must confirm the existence of 
the Dark Stone. 
He decides to travel to Grado by sea. 
Midway through their passage, however, 
an eerie fog begins to form...

=Chapter 11 Ephraim: Phantom Ship=

*Screen goes to the Grado throne room, Lyon, Selena, and Vigarde are there*

Selena: Your Majesty...
I have returned. 

Vigarde: Selena...
You coward. Why did you
not execute Duessel?

Selena: Forgive me...
It was that Valter...

Vigarde: Selena. Duessel has betrayed us. 
He has bent his knee to Ephraim. 
Are you a traitor, too?

Selena: Never!
I am Your Majesty's vassal. 
I am yours, body and soul!
Your Majesty, please, 
another change, I beg you!
Any order you see fit to 
issue, I will complete!

Vigarde: .....

Lyon: .....
Selena. I have something for you.
If I may, Father?

Vigarde: Yes. 

Selena: What is it, Prince Lyon?

Lyon: I want you to go to Za'albul Marsh
and retrieve something for me. 
It is a dragonstone, a very
special kind of rock. 

Selena: A dragonstone?

Lyon: That's right. It's very rare. There
are only two in the entire world. 
I've herad rumors of a collector 
there who has one for sale. 
It looks like nothing but a common
gemstone. I need it for my research. 
If I have that

Selena: My prince, are you all right?

Lyon: I'm fine. Don't worry about me. 
Now please, find me the dragonstone. 
Will you approve my request, Father?

Vigarde: Yes. Do as my son asks. 

Selena: Yes, understood. 
Your Majesty, I...would like to renew
my oath of service to you here today. 
I pledge that I shall never again
falter in my duty to you or to Grado. 
I beg your leave, my lord. 

*Screen goes to Ephraim and Myrrh near the front of the ship*

Myrrh: .....

Ephraim: Is this the first time you've
seen the ocean, Myrrh?

Myrrh: Yes. 
It's so blue, so vast. 

Ephraim: It is at that. 
You know, this is my first 
passage on a ship. 
I've never appreciated just
how enormous the sea is. 

Myrrh: Really?
I'd never have guessed you hadn't
sailed before. You seem so calm. 

Ephraim: If I'm to lead us, I can't allow
any weakness to show through. 
I must appear as competent and capable
at all times, you understand?

Myrrh: Ephraim...

???: Prince Ephraim. 

Ephraim: Excuse me, Myrrh. We'll have to 
continue this later. 

Myrrh: Ah, all right. 

*Seth rides up*

Ephraim: What is it, Seth?

Seth: There's a ship following us, just
on the edge of the fog.
Should I ready the company for

Ephraim: Is it a Grado vessel?

Seth: It's hard to say. The fog makes
it difficult to see clearly. 
However, her crew seems not to 

*Screen goes to the other ship. It's close to Ephraim's but it's so foggy that
you can't see anything*

Riev: Heh heh heh...
Rise and rage, my precious
children of darkness. 
Ruin the wood and ride the sea! Drown 
your foes, and devour their flesh!
Come celebrate the glorious rebirth of
your lord and master, the Demon King!
Heh, heh, heh. 

*Riev warps away, battle begins*

*At the end of turn 1*

Ephraim: There! 
The enemy is closing.
Prepare for battle!

*The enemy ship pulls up*

*At the end of turn 2, some plans fall from their ship to yours, so they can 

Ephraim: They've pulled alongside us...
Those creatures are trying to board!
That's fine--it'll bring 'em within
reach of my lance. 
Push them back! Board their ship 
and seize the blasted thing!

*At the end of turn 4*

Ephraim: What? 
Another ship?!
Stay calm, everyone! We take the fight to them!

*A third ship appears. L'arachel and Dozla are on it.*

L'arachel: Friends of justice! Allies of
rioghteousness and order!
Know that I, L'arachel, have arrived!
Now, I shall purge the seas of this
vile vessel of villainy!

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Nice alliteration, 
Princess L'arachel!

L'arachel: .....
Hm? I dind't hear Rennac's voice. 
How very odd. 
Dozla, where has Rennac run off 
to this time?

Dozla: Hmm... He was with us at mealtime
before we boarded, but...

L'arachel: That man can be such a distraction. 
...Oh well, never mind!
Let's get started destroying 
these agents of chaos!

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! 
Leave it to me!

*If you talk to L'arachel with Ephraim*

Ephraim: You are...

L'arachel: Fear not, O weary traveler, 
for I am here to save you!
I grant you the favor of
my divine aid. 

Ephraim: Who are you? What
are you doing here!

L'arachel: Ah! Can it be? Do you now know the
tales of my deeds?
Have you not heard of the beauteus
young woman traveling to defeat evil?

Ephraim: No, I havnen't.

L'arachel: Oh...

Ephraim: What is it?

L'arachel: It's nothing...
Please pay me no mind. 
I jsut feel a bit like being
alone and weeping for a while. 

Ephraim: What? No, you can't...
This is no place for crying. 
I'm sure you've noticed, but
we're under attack by monsters. 
If you can do anything to help, 
we would appreciate it. 

L'arachel: That's a good idea! I'll do it. 
Now, I want you to observe closely
my graceful actions!

*L'arachel joins your team*

*If you talk to Dozla with L'arachel*

L'arachel: Dozla. 

Dozla: Yes? What is it, Princess L'arachel?

L'arachel: We're going to be working 
together with those poeple. 
I want you to stay close by. 
Are you ready?

Dozla: Gwah ha ha!
Ready as always!

*Dozla joins your team*

*When you defeat all enemies*

Seth: We've destroyed the remaining monsters. 
The ship appears to be empty. 

L'arachel: And once again, the forces
of righteousness prevail!

Ephraim: Thank you. We owe our
victory to you. 

L'arachel: Don't mention it. 
My name is L'arachel. 
I'm on a never-ending quest to defeat
evil in the name of virtue and order. 
Wait... Your face has a 
certain familiarity. 
I recently met a young woman
who greatly resembles you. 

Ephraim: Do you mean, Eirika?
She's my sister. 

L'arachel: Eirika?
Isn't that the name of the 
princess of Renais. 
And you have a very regal air
about you yourself, don't you?

Ephraim: My name is Ephraim, Prince of Renais. 
We're fighting to end Grado's invasion. 
To be honest...

*Screen blacks out and comes back. This is probably supposed to show you that
Ephraim talked to L'arachel for a long time.*

L'arachel: Oh my!
In that case, I 
must accompany you. 

Ephraim: Do you understand that we alone
are facing all the armies of Grado?
We face untold numbres, and our odds
of success are embarrassingly small. 

L'arachel: YOu clearly do not know who I am. 
Do not be startled by what I'm 
about to disclose to you...
I am the princess of Rausten, 
theocracy of the righteous!

Ephraim: You're the princess of Rausten?
Hm. You certainly don't have the
bearing of a commoner, but...

L'arachel: Ah, of course. My natural nobility
gives me away every time. 
Truth to tell, dire circumstances have
led me to begin this journey in secret. 
Prince Ephraim of Renais, please be 
assued that Rausten is your ally. 
Let us stand together against hte
villainous Grado Empire!

*Ephraim leaves*

L'arachel: ...Well, that's that, Dozla. 
We will now be traveling with 
Ephriam and his companions. 

Dozla: Gwah ha ha!
For you, Princess L'arachel, I would
dive headlong into a sea of evil!
Why, I'd even tie myself up with ropes 
and chains first!

L'arachel: Such faboulous devotion! You are
truly my most loyal attendant.
Let us be off then. 

Dozla: Gwah ha ha!

*Chatper ends*

=Chapter 12 Ephraim: Landing at Taizel=

*Screen is at your ship at the dock, Ephraim, Seth, and Myrrh are at the front

Seth: Prince Ephraim, we've
docked in Taizel. 
Thre's no sign of enemy troops
at this time. 

Ephraim: Understood. Let's move quickly and prepare
to go ashore. 
We've a straight road to the capital from 
here, but we'll be fighting for every step. 

Seth: Yes, and the fighting will only grow
fiercer as we near the capital. 

Seth: If I may, my lord, I'd like to make
a suggestion. 

*Screen goes north to Saleh and Ewan near a village*

Saleh: This is the town, isn't it, Ewan?

Ewan: Yep. Thanks a lot, Teacher. 
This is where Marisa is supposed to be. 
I have to tell her what's going on, 
or she'll end up working for free. 

Saleh: What happened? I heard there
was some mistake, but...

Ewan: Yeah, the mercenary guild got Marisa
mixed up with someone else. 
I don't know whree she was supposed 
to go, but they sent her here instead. 
I figured I'd better let her know 
about the mix-up, right?
So what are you going to do now?

Saleh: I'm heading back to the village. 
I've looked near and far, but I havne't
been able to locate the Lord Dragon. 
I must report my findings. 

Ewan: Oh, I see...

Saleh: I'll be going now. Remember 
what I told you, Ewan...

Ewan: I know, I know. Don't
be reckless with magic. 

*Saleh walks away*

Ewan: Well, I'd better get going
and find Marisa. 
That looks like a good place
to start asking around. 

*Ewan goes in the village*

*Screen goes back to your boat*

Myrrh: Ephraim...
From the east...

Ephraim: ...That won't do, Seth. 
I cannot approce of sending
reservists to the front lines. 

Seth: But... The Grado army outnumbers out own by a
tremendous amount. 
We have talented soldiers, but that counts
for nothing against those numbers. 
Currently, we have some ready reservists
in the rear, protecting our supply convoy. 
What good is defending our convoy if it
comes at the cost of losing the front?
We msut abandon our read guard and
strength the can, or we've already lost. 

Ephraim: This is enemy terrirory. We 
cannot surrender the convoy!

Seth: But, Prince Ephraim...

Ephraim: Seth, I know you only want to improve
the odds of our success. 
And I know you make these suggestions 
in part to protect me from harm. 
However, I have no intention of 
changing my mind in this. I--

Myrrh: Oh,
It's nothing. 

*Myrrh leaves*

Ephraim: Myrrh...

*A large battalion of Grado soldiers appear at the dock*

Ephraim's soldier: Prince Ephraim! It's a trap!
The city's crawluing with Grado 
men! We're under attack!

Seth: Prince Ephraim. 

Ephraim: All troops prepare to fight! To arms!

*Battle begins*

*At the end of turn 1, the camera turns to Caellach, who is the boss..for now*

Caellach: SOldiers of Grado! You call yourselves 
warriors? You're pathetic!
Fort Rigwald? You lost it! Your
General Duessel? A traitor!
Where is the honor of the Grado Imperial
Army? It wallows in filth and mud. 
Is this the ending you envisioned?
Is this how you would be remembered?
Will you let the bards sing of how
you fell to the renegade Ephraim?
I think not!
Now get up and fight!
Kill them all!
And bring me Ephraim's head!

*At the end of the enemy's phase, turn 1, Riev appears begind Caellach*

Riev: Heh heh heh...
Caellach: Interesting. 
What are you doing here?
You were ordered to loose your dogs
of war on Jehanna, were you not?

Caellach: Keep silent, you decrepit sod. 
I told you, Jehanna's under control. 
My plan is in full effect.
All we need to do now is wait. 
You see, Jehanna is an overripe fruit. 
It'd being devoured by worms from withing. 
We can pluck it anytime we wish. 

Riev: Heh heh heh... Oh, how your
plans seem to have gone awry. 
Even now, Eirika makes her
way toward Jehanna. 
Your perfect fruit has turned 
to rot while you did nothing. 
It's time. You will return to 
Caellach: What?! Are you truly
serious, you old goat?
No, it's that black-hearted Valter...
What's he playing at now?

Riev: There's no call for that sort of talk. 
That one has his uses after all. 
You can leave the defeat of Ephraim 
to your subordinates. 
Oh yes, and you can use the troops
I brought with me as well.
It will, no doubt, be an interesting battle. 
Heh heh heh...
Let's go now, Caellach. 
You wouldn't want to hurt a certian
someone's feelings, would you?

Caellach: Bah. What else can I do?

*Riev Warps, Caellach walks away, a bunch of monsters appear as enemies*

Ephraim: More of those fiends?
What's going on?
Their movements...
It's... It's as though those creatures
are cooperating with Grado's army. 

*If you visit the inn*

Man: Ah... I wonder if that dancer
will ever come this way again. 
I don't know why, but her dances
really pepped me up. 
Even after a hard day's work, I felt
as fresh as if I'd just woken up!
It sure would be nice if she would
dance for me again someday. 

*If you visit the village*

Ewan: Er, hello. My name's Ewan. I'm
training to be a sage. 
I need to find a woman by the name of
Marisa. I don't know where she's done. 
If you'll help me find her, I'll gladly
travel with you. 
I'm a useful guy to know. In a pinch, 
I can use the magic I've learned so far. 
So what do you say? Do we have a deal?

*Ewan joins your team*

*If you talk to Marisa with Ewan*

Ewan: There you are, Marisa. 

Marisa: Ewan?
What are you doing here?

Ewan: Marisa, the mercenary guild sent 
you here, didn't they?
They assigned you to fight 
under Commander Gerik, right?

Marisa: That's right. 
But the cheif's not here. 

Ewan: I know. It was all a mistake. 
Your commander's over there, 
working on another job. 
He wants you to join him. 

Marisa: Really?
He said that?

Ewan: Yep. 

Marisa: I'm on my way. 

Ewan: Hey, wait! Wait!
Take me with you!
This group's headed easy, too. 
Let's stick with them for now. 

Marisa: Very well. 

*Marisa joins your team*

*When you kill the boss*

Seth: The enemy troops have been defeated. 
We're taking care of the wounded now. 

Ephraim: Understood. We'll rest in this city until
we're prepated to advance. 
Replenish supplies and rest the troops. 
Remind every soldier that anyone who breaks
the city's laws will be sererly punished. 
Anything else?

Seth: We should prepare defenses along
the east in case of assault. 
The capital's not far, and fresh
troops could be here at any time. 

Ephram: Good point. All right, set up
three rotating watches. Then-- 

*Screen goes near the docks with Myrrh*

Myrrh: ...
Pardon me, Ephraim...

*Screen goes back up to Seth and Ephraim*

Ephraim: Myrrh's gone? 
Are you sure?

Seth: Yes, she's been missing since this morning. 
Thre are no signs of a struggle. 
I feel she left of her own accord. 

Ephraim: Where did she go? Didn't
anyone see her?

Seth: One of the guards reports hving seen 
a young lady heading east. 
He said she seemed unsteady on her 
feet? It may have been her.

Ephraim: Prepare to move out. 
We head east.

Seth: Prince Ephraim...

Ephraim: I'm not jsut acting on emotion, Seth. 
The capital lies to the east as well. 

Seth: ...

Ephraim: Seth, you will obey your commander
and soverign, do you hear me?
Listen, I know what you said is
true. I am the king in all but title now. 
I know I must palce my dity as a 
commander above my life as a man. 
And once I am crowned, I most
certainly will do exactly that. 
However, I am not ready to divorce
myself from my compassion just yet. 
I will find the balance somehow, the
means to save my coutnry and her people. 
That is the king I wish to becom, 
and so that is the man I must be. 
I need your help in this, Seth. 

Seth: ...I understand, Prince Ephraim. 
If that is your decision, ten I 
will do my best to assist you. 

Ephraim: I'm counting on it. 
Please be safe, Myrrh. 

*Chatpter ends*

*Ephraim is on the world map*

Ephraim leads the group to Za'albul March in 
search of the missing Myrrh. 
They learn from soldiers and villages that
Myrrh had been captures by General Selena, 
one of Grado's commanders. 
She was last seen heading east. 
To regain their cimpanion, the group will
now be forced to fight. 
Ephraim steels his heart to the reality
that he must face Selena. 

=Chapter 13 Ephraim: Flourspar's Oath=

*Screen is on a village. Selena is there, Myrrh is flying up to the village*

Selena: So this is a dragonstone...
The description was accurate. It
looks like an ordinary gemstone. 
If only His Majesty hadn't ordered me to
bring this to the capital immediately...
I've herad reports that Prince Ephraim
and a Frelian army have landed nearby. 
If I dind't have those blasted
restrictive orders, I could--a 

??: Return it... 

Selena: What?

Myrrh: The stone... Please. 
Return it to me. 

Selena: You... You're--

Myrrh: Return the stone to me...
Please...I'll do anything.

Selena: Why do you want the stone?
Who are you? You're not from
Grado, that's for sure. 

Myrrh: Without the stone, I...
Please, give it back to me. 

Selena: Answer my questions!

Myrrh: My name is Myrrh. I come from
Darkling Woods. 
I was betrayed, and my stone
was taken from me. 
I was imprisoned, caged, to be
transported somewhere. 
Prince Ephraim came to my rescue. 
I've been traveling in his care 
ever since. 

Selena: You're with Ephraim?
I can't let you leave. Maybe I should
take you back to the capital with me. 

Myrrh: Wait...
You're from Grado?
Tell me, has anyone around you--
Have you noticed any changed in
the people around you recently?

Selena: Changes?
What do you mean by that?

Myrrh: Anyone near you...
Has anyone been transformed, 
either in spirit or demeanor?
Does anyone act in such a way as to 
appear a different person altogether?

Selena: .....
How could you know...

Myrrh: The darkness is to blame. 
I've come here to stop it. 

Selena: ...You will tell me more. 
If I find you are lying, I will 
punish you. Do you understand?

Myrrh: Yes. Are you ready?
I will tell you everything I know. 

*Screen blacks out and comes back again.*

Selena: .....
...I see. 
Myrrh, I think I understand 
everything you've told me. 

Myrrh: Good. 

Selena: But I cannot believe it. 
How can I allow myself to believe
it? If it's true, then...
then His Majesty is already--

Myrrh: Dame Selena...
What's that?

Selena: It is a flourspar...
His Majesty presented it to me
when I was promoted to general. 
This gemstone is proof of my commision. 
It's one of Grado's treasures...
I recieved it years ago, but I remember
that day like it was yesterday. 
His Majesty smiled so kindly. His voice
was filled with dignity and addection...

Myrrh: Dame Selena, you love
your emperor, don't you?

Selena: What are you--

Myrrh: I can see it. 
Dame Selena, I can see
how much you treasure...

Selena: .....
His Majesty is most compassionate. 
You see, I'm a commoner. I was raised in
a desolate, impoverished village. 
My family couldn't afford our taxes. 
No one could. We were desperate. 
Some of us considered...horrible things
to make enough money to survive winter. 
Then, supplies began to arrive. We were 
told they came from the emperor himself. 
He sent them to us, a poor frontier town 
who couldn't even afford to pay taxes. 

Myrrh: .....

Selena: Neighboring kingdoms must have thought
the emperor mad, I can only guess. 
But his majesty did nto care about
his standing among kinds. 
He cared for his people. He saved us. 

Myrrh: .....

Selena: That spring, I went to the capial
and became a soldier, then a knight. 
I wanted to dedicate my life to the
emperor who had saved it. 
I felt I understood his drea, 
I felt I shared his vision...

Myrrh: Dame Selena...

Selena: Myrrh, this wave of dark 
energy you spoke of...
Can its evil really change
a person that completely?

Myrrh: Yes...
All trace of this person would
be consumed...destroyed. 

Selena: How can this process be reversed?

Myrrh: ...I'm sorry. 
That is...impossible. 

Selena: ...I see. 

*Enemy soldier pops up*

Solder: Dame Selena. 
Enemy troops are heading this way!
We await your orders. 

Selena: Understood. Tell the men
we meet them head on. 
Myrrh. I release you. 
Return to prince Ephraim's side. 

Myrrh: Dame Selena...

Selena: I apologize, but I cannot return
your dragonstone to you. 
I woved never again to fail in
my duty to His Majesty.
If you want the dragonstone back, 
tell Ephraim he must defeat me. 

Myrrh: But that's--

Selena: Go now! This place
will soon run red!

*Selena runs outside*

Selena: All troops to arms!
For the glory of Grado!

*Screen goes to Ephriam's group*

Seth: Prince Ephraim, the Grado troops are
lining up to the fore. 
Their commander is a Grade general...
It's Selena Flourspar. 

L'arachel: Selena... I've herad she wields
the power of the thunderstorm...
that she uses its might to attack 
from afar without mercy. 

Seth: Prince Ephraim, I urge you to excercise
caution when faced with such magic. 

*Battle begins*

*At the beginning of turn 1, Tethys and Gerik run on to the map at the west*

Gerik: Prince Innes said they would
be around here somewhere. 
Now where in blazes 
is this Ephraim?

Tethys: From this distance, I can't tell 
which army is Frelia and which is Grado. 
We'll have to move closer if 
we're to sort this all out. 

*Myrrh runs up to them*

Myrrh: Ah...

Gerik: Hm?

Tethys: Oh, what an adorable girl. 
It's all right. Come here. 

Gerik: You're a bit young to be on your
own. Did you get lost then?

Myrrh: .....

Tethys: There's no reason to be afraid. 
This fellow's a bit scary to 
look at, but he's not so bad. 

Gerik: Come now... Hmph. 
But she is right, you know. 
If you keep looking so scared, you're
likely to hurt my feelings. 

Tethys: Please, little one, tell us your name. 

Myrrh: I am Myrrh. 
I wish to return to Ephraim's side. 

Gerik: Ephraim?
We're supposed to be guarding 
someone by that name....
Can you help us find him?

Myrrh: Yes... He's over there. 

Gerik: Hey! Hold on!

*Myrrh flies up to Ephraim*

Myrrh: Ephraim. 

Ephraim: Myrrh! You're safe. 
Thank goodness. 
Myrrh: Ephraim... 
I'm sorry. 
I... I...

Ephraim: Myrrh...

Myrrh: It's becuase I forced you 
to bring me with you...
I didn't want to be a 
burden to you any longer. 
BUt all I've done is made
you worry...

Ephraim: It's fine, Myrrh. 
I'm the one who should be sorry. I failed
in my promise to watch over you. 
The battle's about to begin. I want you
to move to the rear. 

Myrrh: Ephraim... Those aren't bad people. 
I spoke to one, and she listened--

Ephraim: All right. I'll do my best 
to persuade them to join us. 

*If you talk to Gerik with Marisa*

Marisa: Cheif. 

Gerik: Oh, Marisa! 
So Ewan found you after all, eh?
Sorry for the trouble. Apperas
the guild made an error. 
Blast it all. I should have
double-checked everything myself. 

Marisa: No worries. 
I'm with you now. 

Gerik: Have you taken any wounds?
They send you all the way to Taizel, 
after all. What ill luck that was...

Marisa: I'm fine.
I'll fight at your side. 

Gerik: Ah, that's comforting. We've been hired
to guard a Prince Ephraim. 
Before we do, though, we'd better take
care of these enemy troops, huh?
Let's move, Marisa. 

Marisa: Understood. 

*If you talk to Ephraim with Gerik*

Gerik: Are you Ephraim?

Ephraim: Yes, I am, but...

Gerik: I'm Gerik, mercenary commander. 
Prince Innes bought our swords
and sent use here to join you. 
Any problem with that?

Ephraim: Innes sent you?

Gerik: Yeah, and the prince had a 
message for you as well. 
He said, "I've no need of assistance, 
Ephraim, but I'm sure you do.". 
That's all. I figured you would
know what he was talking about. 

Ephraim: Well, that's definently from Innes. 
Regardless, your aid is welcome. 
Please join us in our fight. 

*If you talk to Ewan with Tethys*

Ewan: Ah! Sister!

Tethys: Ewan, you've completed the task
you were given, haven't you?
This is a dangerous place. Please, 
go and wait at the inn. 
I'll be there to collect you 
as soon as I'm able. 

Ewan: No way! I want to fight, too. 
I've become friends with
Prince Ephraim, you know?
We're going to take out the
big, bad evil empire. 

Tethys: Wait just a minute, Ewan!
Ah! Ooh, that troublemaker. 

*When you fight Selena*

Selena: Flourspar... His Majesty 
gave me this name. 
Therefore, I...

*If you visit the western village*

Woman: You must have gone through 
a lot to make it here. 
Did you come to warn us 
about the fighting going on?
Thanks so much. 
Here, please take this staff.
Oh, go on. Don't be shy. 

*Got a barrier staff*

*If you visit the eastern village*

Girl: Dame Selena often visits out 
village when she's on patrol. 
She even came to our aid when
we were attacked by bandits. 
Please, I beg of you. Don't
hurt Dame Selena. 

*Got a talisman*

*If you make Ephraim cross the bridge leading to Selena*

Ephraim: Are you Selena?

Selena: Inded I am. And you 
are Prince Ephraim. 

Ephraim: I know you've spoked with Myrrh. 
Withdraw your troops. You must
know that the emperor is not rational!

Selena: Yes, I know. 

Ephraim: Then why? Why do we still fight?

Selena: I am a general of the empire. 
His Majesty's word is law. 

Ephraim: That's ridiculous. You know the emperor is
deranged, and yet you follow his orders?!
Is that truly loyalty?!

Selena: Prince Ephraim, you cannot understand. 
I know the path I'm given is foolish. 
Yet I am a knight, and I have no other. 

Ephraim: Selena, please!
Surrender! I have no wish 
to see you die here!

Selena: Me? Die?
Prince Ephraim, you misunderstand me. 
I have no intention of dying. 
Madness though it may be, I will be
the one doing the killing today. 

*If you put Duessel on the bridge leading to Selena*

Duesse: Well met, Selena. 

Selena: General Duessel...
I must offer you my apologies. 
I called you a traitor, but
I was mistaken. 
Your loyalty never wavered, 
not for an instant. 

Duessel: .....

Selena: And yet you must know that I have
no intention of withdrawing. 
So let us not waste words. Let us
settle this with steel, my friend. 

Duessel: That's how it is to be, then? One
of us dies by the other's hands?

Selena: Yes. It's the path
I've chosen. 
I have no regrets. 

Duessel: I see...
Well. I, too, must follow
the path that I have chosen.

Selena: Very Well. 

*When you defeat Selena*

Selena: I am so...very tired...
Now I, too...will...

*When you win the battle*

Myrrh: Dame Selena...

Ephraim: .....
General Selena possessed 
a curious stone. 
Myrrh, is this the 
dragonstone you lost?

Myrrh: Yes, it is. 
But I'm saddened by its return. 
My dragonstone is here and yet...
My heart is heavy with remorse...

Ephraim: Myrrh...

Myrrh: Ephraim, can you tell me 
why this had to happen?

Myrrh: Dame Selena was a good person. 
She was filled with joy when 
she spoke of the emperor. 
Why did Dame Selena have to die?
Why did we have to take
up arms against her?

Ephraim: I'm sorry...
If I could have convinced her to 
lay down her arms, I would have.
It was simply not possible. I had
no choice. She had to die. 
I know you don't approve, but you
must know I have my reasons. 

Myrrh: My apologies...
Ephraim, I...
I am not seeking to blame you. 
It's jsut that...I grieve for her. 

Ephraim: .....

Myrrh: I ventured out of the forest, 
chasing after that dark energy. 
I thought perphaps that I could
negate its evil force. 
Is your cause so different from
How many good people must die
alongside the wicked?

Ephraim: Myrrh...

Myrrh: What can we do to end this withough
any more good people dying?

Ephraim: I don't have any answer for you.
But I will continue on toward the capital,
and perphaps I will find one there. 
I wil learn the truth begind this madness. 

*Chatper ends*

*Ephraim is on the world map*

Myrrh retursn safely to Ephraim's side. 
A noble warrior to the end, Selena fought
with great honor, 
never once using Myrrh as a hostage. 
Ephraim renews his vow to pierce the veil
of mystery surrounding the Grado Empire. 
Selena is added to the list of innocents who
Grado must account for. 
The center of the Grado Empire. Emperor
Vigarde should have been here, but...

=Chapter 14 Ephraim: Father and Son=

*Ephraim's group is right outside Grado Keep*

Ephraim: The Grado capital...
It look like it hasn't changed at
all since the last time I was here. 
Eirika and I came here once long 
ago with our father. 
Duessel taught me the lance, and
I studied history with Lyon. 
I never imagined I'd come back
here armed for battle. 

*Flashback to 2 years ago, Lyon and Ephraim are in the castle*

Lyon: ...And so the hero Grado and his companions 
used the give Sacred Stones to seal away
the evil of the Demon King, and his wicked
sould was locked within the Stone of Grado. 
The Stone of Grado came to be known
as the Fire Emblem. 
To this day, it's kept safe and honored
as a national treasure of the empire. 
...I think that's about it. 
For more on Grado's life, read "Founding
Emperor Grado." It's comprehensive. 

Ephraim: ...It's so thick. 
...And the letters are so small. 

Lyon: But you have to read it. You don't want
Father MacGreger to discipline you again. 

Ephraim: ...I'm no good with books. 
The problem is they don't move. 
I get bored silly. 
I understand so much better when
you explain it to me, Lyon. 

Lyon: Yes,'s kind of weird to 
be helping you all the time. 
It's just that I admire you, Ephraim. 
I want to be strong, like you--brave
and handsome...
I've got an idea. Why don't you teach
me to wield a lance, Ephraim?
I can't let me defeat to Eirika go
unchallenged. I look foolish. 

Ephraim: It's a deal. 
We practice tomorrow, though. 
If you want to beat Eirika, you 
have to take this seriously. 

Lyon: Just go easy on me, all right?

*Back to ze future! I mean present*

Myrrh: Ephraim...

*The screen shakes*

Ephraim: Another tremor...
They happen a lot, don't they?
Are you all right, Myrrh?

Myrrh: Yes, I was startled. 
Ephraim, this place...
Did it always shake like this?

Ephraim: Yeah, Grado's been prone to 
earthquakes for a long time. 
Tiny tremors like that happen
all the time. Don't worry. 

Myrrh: Really?
Um, Ephraim?

Ephraim: What is it?

Myrrh: I can feel it--from inside the 
castle, I can feel the darkness. 
I feel a broad pool of darknes
deep within its walls. 

Ephraim: Perphaps it's coming from the
throne room. 
That's where Emperor Vigarde, 
the man who started this, is. 
Let's go. 

*Screen goes to the throne room, with Vigarde and Lyon are*

Lyon: Father...

Vigarde: .....

Lyon: Father...
Have we been foolish?
When you died, I couldn't 
accept the loss... I...
If only I'd been stronger...

*Soldier runs in*

Soldier: Your Majesty! Enemy soldiers
are headed this way!
Oh, Prince--

Evil Lyon: ...Hi. What's wrong? Why such an
unusual expression on your face?
I'd rather you look upon me 
as though I were some horrid beast. 

Soldier: I...I beg your pardon. 

Lyon: Did you say we were under attack?
I want all of you to strike the foe. 
Bring your weapons to bear on Ephraim. 
Is that acceptable, Father?

Vigarde: Do... do as he says. 

Soldier: Understood! Right away, Your Majesty!

Evil Lyon: .....
Commander Grado, Emperor Vigarde...
Destroy Ephraim...

Vigarde: .....

*Lyon warps away, battle begins*

*At the end of turn 1, Rennac pops up near the top of the map*

Rennac: Ha ha! The spectacular capital of Grado. 
The richest city on the continent. 
With my expert eye, I jusge this card
to be an incomparable treasure. 
Once this is all done, I think I'll
just scamper off on my own...

*If you talk to Rennac with Ephraim*

Ephraim: You there, hold. 

Rennac: Huh ...You're a man. Sorry, 
pal, but I'm not interested in men. 

Ephraim: What are you doing here in the castle?
You seem to be weighed down a bit. 
Helping yourself to the treasure?

Rennac: Ha! I've no idea what you're
talking about. 
Now, wait a minute...
You couldn't be...
Aren't you Prince Ephraim?!?

Ephraim: Hm? I'm Ephraim, but...

Rennac: I-I thought so. You're the one 
they call the Beast of Renais. 
I've heard tales of how you've looted
and pillaged your way across the land...

Ephraim: What?

Rennac: H-Hold on! Calm down! You won't
get any treasure by killing me. 
If you want these goods, it'll 
cost you. 10,000 gold. 

Ephraim: 10,000 gold?

Rennac: Yeah...
Is that too high?
Fine, then you get my sword
as well. I'll join your army. 
So that's me and the treasure for
only 9,980 gold! What do you say?

Ephraim: You know, I ahve no idea how I 
got pulled into this conversation!
9,980 gold, eh?

*If you say yes*

Ephraim: Here's 9,980 gold. 
Is this sufficent?

Rennac: Huh?
M-may I really take it?

Ephraim: Sorry? 
You set the price yourself, didn't you?
Now that I've hired you, I intend to 
get my money's worth. 

Ephraim: You..aren't going to stab me once
I've taken your money, are you?
Once the fighting's all done, you won't
burn me at the stake or anything?

Ephraim: ...What rumors are these people 
spreading about me?

*Rennac joins your team*

*If you say no*

Ephraim: Sorry, but I don't actually
have the gold to hire you. 

Rennac: What? You're lying now, aren't you?
Rumor has it you've stored away so 
much gold, you groan from its weigh. 
Whoa! H-hold on a moment!
You're not going to kill me just because
you can't afford my price, are you?

*If you talk to Rennac with L'arachel*

L'arachel: Aha!
So this is where you've 
wandered off to, Rennac!

Rennac: Princess L'arachel?
Uh-oh, um...

L'arachel: Come with me. 

Rennac: Wait... Hold on now. 
Go with you where?
Look, I'm sorry, but I've been hired
by the Grado Empire, and...
Hello! I'm talking to you!

L'arachel: Rennac, whatever is the matter?
I promise to listen to your story
later, but now, we must be going!

Rennac: No, I'm no servant, like that kook 
Dozla. I'm a mercenary. 
I escorted you to Renais like I
was hired to do, didn't I?
You have no right to drag me across
creation without any pay whatsoever!

L'arachel: Is this about wages? I believe you've
recieved ample compansation. 

Rennac: Ample?! Do you even know what
that word means?
You're the princess of Rausten! I though
working for you would pay well!
Yet your purse strings are knotted right, 
and I've almsot been killed so many--

L'arachel: The joy that comes from doing good is
not something that can be purchased. 
There. All better?
Let's go. 

*L'arachel leaves*

Rennac: NO!
I said I don't want to!
Riding about with you is--
...And there she goes. 
Oh... By the Stones, why did I ever
take that job int he first place?

L'arachel (From offscreen): We must hurry, Rennac. 

Rennac: Right, Right. I'm coming. 

*Rennac joins your team*

*If you fight Vigarde with Duessel*

Vigarde: .....

Duessel: Your Majesty,
am I finished?

Vigarde: .....

Duessel: Your Majesty...
It's too late, isn't it?
...Forgive me. 

*If you fight Vigarde with Ephraim*

Ephraim: Vigarde!
Why did you invade Renais?
Why did you kill my father?

Vigarde: .....

Ephraim: Answer me, Vigarde!
...So you really have lost hold
of your senses, haven't you?

Vigarde: .....

*When you defeat Vigarde*

Vigarde: .....

*When you seize the throne, Vigarde's body dissapepars*

Ephraim: What? Is this...
Vigarde's corpse--it...
It disintegrated.

Seth: It must be some type of Dark Magic. 
Regardless, the capital has been captured. 
I'll lead a patrol through the castle. 
There may be enemy soldiers remaining. 

Ephraim: I'll go with you.
Lyon may be somewhere
within the castle. 

*They ride away, and go into a hall, where Lyon is*

Evil Lyon: Hello, Ephraim. 
I've been waiting for you. Looks
like you've beaten my father. 
I thought you might...
You really are powerful, arne't you?

Ephraim: Lyon! 
Is that you?
Lyon, you must tell me! What
has happened here in Grado?

Evil Lyon: .....

Ephraim: Why are you in this place?
Your father... Emperor Vigarde, 
why didn't you stop him?
Don't tell me you're caught
up in this madness, too!
Answer me, Lyon!
You always told me you wanted
what your father wanted--peace!

Evil Lyon: I...
Let me tell you something, Ephraim. 
I've been waiting for this moment
for a very, very long time. 

Ephraim: ...

Evil Lyon: I will make the world Grado's--
No, MY plaything. 
I've been planning this my whole life. 
Why else would I befriend you and Eirika?
I needed to learn where and how to
attack and destroy Renais...
Thanks to the two of you, I learned
all I needed to know. 
While you feigned compassion for me
weakness and scorned me in your hearts. 

Ephraim: What?!
You're wrong. We never--

Evil Lyon: And then my chance arrived. 
I replaced my useless fathe,r readied
my tools, and set my plan in motion. 
I began by destroying Renais...
And then I murdered your father. 

Ephraim: You...
You lie, Lyon!
You could never--

Evil Lyon: Shall I tell you a story? Would you like
to hear of your father's last moments?
You'll laugh really. Your father's such 
a weakling, and yet he tried so hard...

Ephraim: Lyon!
No more insults to my father, 
or I may forget myself!

Evil Lyon: Oh, are you angry, Ephraim!
But, not even you can stop me now. 
The stones of Frelia and Renais are dust, 
and Jehanna's is soon to follow...
...Which leaves only two more...
I will destroy them one at a time...
I shall see my dream fulfilled...

Ephraim: What?!

Evil Lyon: Ephraim, you are in my way. 
...How bothersome. 
I truly do wish to be your opponent, 
but I'm not yet at full strength. 
Let's meet again, shall we?
Assuming you live, of course. 
I'll grant you the honor of dying at
my hand. Like father, like son, eh?

*Lyon warps away*

Ephraim: .....

*Allied soldier runs up*

Soldier: Reporting in, sir!
We've found a cell in the back. 
There were captives...

*They go to the cell block and open one of the cells. Knoll is inside.*

Knoll: Who is it?

Seth: Ah!

Knoll: Has my execution been
moved up on the schedule?
Wait. You're not a Grado
soldier. Who are you?

Ephraim: I am Ephraim of Renais. 
And who are you?

Knoll: That's an odd question for an 
executioner. My name is Knoll. 
Until recently, I was one of Grado's
top researchers in arcane matters. 

Seth: So why is it you are locked up here?

Knoll: .....

Ephraim: You need not answer if you do not wish to.
Tell me, what is Lyon attempting to do?
I still have things I intend to ask him. 

Knoll: You wish to speak to Prince Lyon?
You really don't know anything, 
do you?

Ephraim: What do you mean?
Is there something wrong with
Lyon? What do you know?

Knoll: .....
I'll tell you all I know, if
you would like.
However, I think you will not 
thank me once you hear it. 
It all began one year ago...
That was when the emperor died. 
The emperor's health worsened,
and then he...

Ephraim: Hold. 
What are you about?
One year ago? That's before Grado's
invasion of Renais. 
And I just saw the emperor. 
I killed him with my own hands. 

Knoll: ALlow me to continue in the order
in which everything occured. 
One year ago,t he emperor died of 
the illness that had plagued him. 
Prince Lyon was devestated. He
fell into an endless despair. 
He felt unworthy to take the throne, 
unable to rule without his father. 

Ephraim: .....

Knoll: He then began to look for a way to
overturn his father's demise. 
He wanted to resurrect him--

Ephraim: Wait, resurrect him?

Knoll: Yes. 
As you know, the Stone of Grado is
possessed of...unique powers. 
It was once used to seal away the Demon 
King, and it alone held the dark one's soul. 
It burned withing from the Demon King's 
rage, and we called it the Fire Emblem. 
Prince Lyon and a team of mages skilled in
ancient lore hoped to harness its energies. 
I remember the joy in Prince Lyon's eyes
when he spoke of using it to save lives. 

Ephraim: Lyon....

Knoll: Prince Lyon told us he intended to use
the Fire Emblem to restore the emperor. 
His death had been kept from the public, 
but rumors were beginning to fly. 
We knew we had to hurry, before the people
learned the truth of the emperor's death. 
Prince Lyon dedicated himself to research, 
skipping meals, foregoing sleep...
And then...

Ephraim: What happened?

Knoll: I wasn't there, so I did not
witness it firsthand. 
By the time I arrived, the 
deed had already been done. 
The Fire Emblem had been 
shattered, split in two.
One was a Sacred Stone, 
and the other...

*Flashback to 1 year ago. Lyon and Vigarde are in a throne room. Knoll runs up
to them.*

Knoll: Prince Lyon!
What's happened?

Lyon: Oh, hello, it's you...
What was your name again?
Ah yes, Knoll. You're one 
of my researchers. 
I've gald tidings for you. 
My father is back. 

Knoll: The emperor?

*They walk up to Vigarde. His eyes are closed.*

Vigarde: .....

Lyon: Come, Father...
Open your eyes. 

Vigarde: ..... *He opens his eyes*

Knoll: Your... Your Majesty!
This is incredible!
Prince Lyon, what miracle 
is this? It cannot be!
What--? What is that stone?

Lyon: This? This is the Dark Stone. It bears
even more power then any Sacred Stone.
I extracted and condensed all of the 
magic bound within the Fire Emblem.
The Dark Stone's power is what gave
my father back the spark of life. 

Knoll: The Dark Stone...?

Lyon: Now that the Dark Stone is mine, I
have no need for this empty husk. 

*Prince Lyon breaks the Sacred Stone*

Knoll: P-Prince Lyon! The Sacred Stone!
What have you done?

Lyon: They are all in the way. 
The Sacred Stones, I mean. 
Four more remain, and they
must all be destroyed. 
The only stone we need now
is this Dark Stone of mine. 

*Back to the present*

Ephraim: .....

Knoll: After that...
His Majesty ordered the invasion of
Renais, as Prince Lyon asked him to. 
Father MacGreger grew concerned with
Prince Lyon's health. 
He tried several times to dissuade him
from his path. 
Prince Lyon executed him personally. 
I, too, was branded a traitor and arrested. 
My execution was schedualed for tomorrow. 

Ephraim: Lyon...
Where is he now?

Knoll: Would that I knew. 
Prince Lyon frightens me now. 
He is...transformed...

Ephraim: He's...
Lyon is my friend. 

*Knoll leads them to the place in the flashback*

Knoll: This way, Prince Ephraim. 
I believe it's here...

Ephraim: What is it?
What is this place?

Knoll: This is the former resting place of
the Stone of Grado, the Fire Emblem. 
We've kept the Sacred Twins of Grado
here as well. 
If we're lucky, they may still be here. 

Ephraim: The Sacred Twins...
Those are the ancient weapons once
wielded by the founders of our nation. 
Let's see if I remember my studies...
Emper Grado's were the magic tome
Glenpir and Garm, the black axe. 

Knoll: That is correct. 
You know your history well. 

Ephraim: Yeah, it's something I learned
long ago from Lyon. 

Knoll: .....

Ephraim: Well, let's see if they're
still here, shall we?

Seth: Prince Ephraim. 
Here... I've found the 
Sacred Twin relics. 

Ephraim: And here they are...
Yet I don't understand. 
The Sacred Stone was destroyed, 
but these were left untouched?

Knoll: I know not...
Perphaps... No, never mind. 
It's an idle though. 
Prince Ephraim, please take
these relics with you.

Ephraim: Is that all right?

Knoll: Yes. I want you to have them. And maybe...
Maybe someone else wanted you to have 
them as well. 

*Got Glenpir and Garm*

*Everyone is back in the throne room. Frelia's pegasus messanger flies in*

Messanger: Prince Ephraim!

Ephraim: You've come at a good time, soldier. 
I want you to take a message to Frelia. 

Messanger: We've recieved dire news from Jehanna!
It's about Princess Eirika and
Prince Innes...
They're under attack by Grado forces
led by Tiger Eye and Moonstone. 

Ephraim: Eirika...

Seth: Caellach Tiger Eye and
Valter Moonstone...
They're supposed to be the most
powerful of Grado's imperial generals. 
For them to have abandoned the capital
and led the battle into Jehanna...

Messanger: The Knights of Rausten have ridden to 
the easten from to aid Frelia, but...
the enemy attacks have been brutal. 
I fear for their survival. 

Ephraim: We march for Jehanna immediately!
We will rescue Eirika. 

Messanger: B-but even if we leave now, we
will not make it in time...

Ephraim: We'll make it. Rest easy on that. 
Eirika is my sister. That one will
never lay down her blade. 
And I am Eirika's brother. There is
no way I'll let my sister die!

*Chatper ends*

*Ephraim is on the world map*

Ephraim's sister is in danger. 
Grado's General Caellach has attacked
Jehanna Hall, forcing its surrender. 
Though Eirika and her troops have left the 
Hall, Grado's forces pursue them relentlessy. 
Trapped in the burning desert, enemy forces
close in on them from all sides. 
With no time to wait for Frelia's troops, 
Ephraim leaves for Jehanna imediately. 
He must go to his sister's aid. 

=Chapter 15: Scorched Sand Eirika's Version==

Note - Most of the "If you talk to X with X" conversations, from here until
the end of the game, will be the same. Since I wrote Ephraim's route first, 
please look there to find them, if any exist. If you know any differences 
between the two routes, email me (adress is still at the top). I know there
are (probably) some minor differences, but it's hard to find them all. 

*They're all standing outside the hall*

Seth: Princess Eirika, are you well?

Eirika: .....

Seth: Princess Eirika!

Eirika: ...Oh...Seth?

Seth: Yes, it's me. 
Please, you must rest. If you continue like this, you'll...

Eirika: No... it's all right. 
We're all suffering... 
We're still completely surrounded 
by Grado's armies...
We may all die at any moment...
I can't lose focus now. 
Has anything changed?

Seth: Unfortunatley, no. On every front, our
forces meet with defeat upon defeat. 
Rausten's knights are scattered and worn,
and the enemy is closing in around them. 
And this accursed sand...
Most of the units can't get proper 
footing and are being slowed down.
Mounted units are having the worst time, 
as their movement is serverely limited. 
Princess Eirika...
I ask that you leave for safety. 
We'll use flying units and magic users
to hold the foe here. 

Eirika: No. I will not retreat. 
If I give up now...
My brother woudld not forgive me. 
I'm the princess of Renais. I will
fight, either to victory or to death. 
Brother, I...

*screen warps to southeast of map, where Riev warps in above Valter*
Riev: Valter...
You should stop playing around. 
If you dont' finish off Eirika's
forces swiftly...
Her brother's left the capital. He
should be arriving here shortly. 
You don't want to be fighting here
still when he arrives. Trust me. 
We are equals in Grado's army. 
Would you like me to assist?

Valter: All you need to do is vanish, 
you disgusting old man. 
Eirika is mine. 
I won't let you have her. 
She's so strong, so beautiful...
She's the pray I've dreamed of. 

Riev: Heh heh heh...
Your fangs are still sharp, eh?
Good. Very good. 
Ah, Valter... You're a beast.
You're bound to no country. You
care nothing for friend or foe. 
Kill a man, claim a woman... YOu live
for nothing more, you wretched beast. 
That's your strength. That's what makes
you stronger than any many alive. 
A beast acts without remorse. Man's
morality cannot win. It's nature's way...
The stage is all yours, Valter. Do
not fail to get the girl's bracelet. 
Our master demands it...

*Riev leaves*

Valter: The time is nigh, Eirika...
Come to me!

*chapter begins. You're in the center north, in front of the hall*

*at the end of your turn 2, Ephraim, Duessel, and Knoll come in from the 

Ephraim: That building beyond the dunes 
is Jehanna Hall. 
I expect that's where we'll find 
Eirika and her companions. 
Duessel, Knoll. 
It's time we rescued Eirika. 
I'll need all your strength. 

Duessel: Of course, Your Highness. 
I've pledged my service and
my axe. You shall have both. 

Knoll: Princess Eirika... She's a 
friend of Prince Lyon's isn't she?
I'll do what I can to help you. 
I feel like this is what Prince 
Lyon would want. 

Ephraim: The enemy's numbers are great, but
we do not need to face them alone. 
We must move quickly to join forces 
with Eirika and her company. 
I'm sure Seth and Innes will be 
there waiting for us. 
Let's move!

*If you visit the lower house*

Man: According to this ancient document...
...There was a huge battle here
long, long ago. 
Every day, I'm out here diggin up ancient 
weapons and artifacts out of the sand. 
There are still more to be found, 
of that you can be sure. 
It's even said a long-dead sage left a 
copy of Metis's Tome out here...
Oh! But I won't give that to anyone
if I find it. Not a chance!

*If you visit the higher house*

Young Man: All the highest generals in Grado's army
recieve titles named after gemstones. 
The emperor currently has six gemstones 
fighting in his service. 
Caellach, the Tiger Eye, commands the
forces fighting here. 
The Moonstone, Valter, is taking part in
this battle as well. 
Glen, also known as the Sunstone, died
in the mountains of Carcino. 
Selena Flourspar was killed in
western Grado. 
Duesse, whom they call Obsidian, 
is missing in action...
The Blood Beryl, whose real name is
Riev, has also gone missing. 
How do I know all this?
I may look young and naive, 
but this is my job. 
I'm here to pass this information
along to help you out. 
And it's good information, too, so
don't waste it. 

*If you visit the village*

Old Woman: Jehanna Hall...has fallen. 
I wonder what's become of Queen
You there...
Take this, and do some good with it. 

*Got Master Seal*

*When you fight Caellach*

Caellach: You're a stepping-stone...
And I'm moving up. 
Don't take it personally. 

*When you defeat Caellach*

Caellach: Bla-Blast...
A bit more, and...a crown...
would have been...mine...

*If you fight Valter with Cormag* (Thanks to Tenebrys for fixing this up 
for me)
Valter: What now, Cormag?  Have you betrayed your oaths and your emperor?

Cormag: I have.  I can no longer serve Grado.  But I must know the truth, 
Valter, and you will tell me.  You're the one who murdered my brother, 
aren't you?

Valter: ...Hmph.  No reason for lies, seeing as you're nothing but a traitor.
You're right, Cormag!  I was the one who cut your brother down.  He was just 
like you, a weak, pitiful fool.

Cormag: ...... Ha... ha ha ha...

Valter: Why do you laugh, dolt?

Cormag: How can I not?  I've dreamt of revenge, chased it for days... 
and now, it's here before me!  Oh,
Valter... Your death will be slow and agonizing.

Valter: Is that you, Cormag?
Even you have turned your 
back on your emperor?

Cormag: .....

Valter: Don't tell me you stand there
thinking you can beat me. 
You're not strong enough. 
You know this to be true. 

Cormag: .....

Valter: If you swear fealty to Grado
again, I may let you live. 
You don't want to die an
oath breaker, do you?
Well? Will you crawl before me
and beg for forgiveness?

Cormag: ...Yes, I have broken my
vows, Valter. 
And yes, it may be I who falls
when we tilt lances...
BUt a dog like you will never
see me crawl. 

Valter: Brave words from a traitor. 
Let's see if your lance is 
as sharp as your tounge. 

*When you fight Valter with someone else*

Valter: I've no use for these 
bloodless minnows...
Give me prey that will sate my bloodlust...
I hunger!

*When you defeat Valter*

Valter: Urggh... Gaaaaah!

*When you finish the chapter*

Eirika: Brother!

Ephraim: Eirika!

Eirika: Oh, Ephraim...
I've missed you so. 

Ephraim: And I've missed you. 
I can't tell you how happy 
I am to see you safe. 

Oh, I almost forgot. I have
something to give you. 

Eirika: What are these?

Ephraim: These are called Sacred Twins. We
took these relics from Grado. 
The dark tome Gleinpir and 
the black axe Garm...
I doubt either of us can use them, but...
Why not see if one of your companions can 
use them. They might have better luck. 

Eirika: They're from Grado?
Does this mean Grado Keep 
has fallen?

Ephraim: Yes. I conquered the capital and
defeated Emepror Vigarde. 
But still...

*L'arachel pops up*

L'arachel: Eirika, may I 
make a suggestion?
We've been able to 
join forces here, so...
How about if we all get together 
and trade information. 
There are people on both
sides waiting after all. 

*Got Gleinpir*

*Got Garm*

*Setting changes to a house*

Ephraim: I see unfamiliar faces among yo here,
so allow me to introduce myself. 
I am Ephraim, Eirika's brother and
crown prince of Renais. 

L'Arachel: I'm Princess L'Archel of Rausten
The please is mine, of course. 

Ephraim: I'll bein by telling you of
how we've fared in our mission. 
We seized the Grado capital and
defeated her emperor, Vigarde. 
Grado's capital guard have, to a man, 
surrendered and laid down their arms. 
Pockets of resistance remain, but the
war itself is over. 

Innes: Is that so?

Ephraim: However, somethign remains that
still bothers me. 
A man named Knoll told me about
something called a "Dark Stone."
Their mages had uncovered lore that led
them to craft a powerful magic stone. 
This Dark Stone may have been the
catalyst of Grado's transformation. 
It seems to be the source of that black
wave of energy Myrrh described. 
Vigarde died some time ago, but the power
of the stone played him like a puppet. 
The war and everything that passed since 
was planned by the Dark Stone's master. 

Innes: Well? Who is it?

*music turns creepy*

Ephraim: ...I still can't believe it, 
but I'll tell you nonetheless. 
According to Knoll, the man behind
this is Lyon, the imperial prince. 
He said Lyon's got the Dark Stone. 

Innes: Figures it's Prince Lyon...

Eirika: No, that doesn't make any sense. 
Ephraim and I know Lyon better than 
that. We've been friends for years. 
Lyon's not the sort of person who
could start a war like this. 

Innes: But, Eirika...

Eirika: I saw Lyon recently. 
Ephraim, you might know this, but after 
I abandoned the sea route to Rausten, 
I traveled overland with Prince 
Innes to Jehanna. 
We ran into trouble with Grado's
forces, and I chanced upon Lyon. 
He dind't share the details of his
situation, but he intimated that
he was on our side. Despite all
appearances, he was on our side. 
So Lyon...

Ephraim: Eirika, 
I also met Lyon. 

Eirika: Did you really?

Ephriam: Yes. But, he was like a 
completely different person. 
To be honest, he dind't seem
to be completely...human. 

Eirika: Ephraim...
What are you saying?

Ephraim: I'll tell you what I saw.
I found Lyon inside Grado Keep. 
This is what he told me:
He said he was behind this war. 
He said he'd befriended us soley that, 
one day, he could invade Renais...
He told me he killed our father.

Eirika: That... That can't...

Ephraim: I know. I can't believe it either. 
I refuse to believe it. 
How could he have planned all 
this since he was a child...
I simply can't fathom it. 
I've heard Lyon changed when he acquired 
the Dark Stone. 
I've no interest in magic, but...
There was something uncanny about him. 
It seemed almost as though he were being
controlled by something himself. 

Eirika: ...

Innes: The two of you might find this hard
to accept, but...
The state of Prince Lyon's heart matters
little. He has the Dark Stone. 
That rock is the cause of all that's
happened. The prince must be stopped. 

L'Arachel: Not yet. There is something
that needs doing first. 

*creepy music goes away, victory music returns*

Eirika: L'Arachel?

L'Arachel: Prince Ephrain, I do belive you
felt it as well. 
The Dark Stone held by Prince Lyon...
It exudes a malefic miasma...
We might be able to handle Prince Lyon
alone, but that stone is beyond our ken. 

Ephraim: That what do you suggest?

L'Arachel: The Sacred Stones. 

Ephraim: The Sacred Stones?

L'Arachel: We've all heard the legend of the
five Sacred Stones. 
They alone possessed the power to
seal the Demon King away forever. 
So, of course, to dispel demonic
magic, we msut use the Sacred Stones!

Innes: You expect us to pin the outcome 
of this war on some fool legend?

Ephraim: ...Not just the legend. 
We also have hope. 
According to Lyon, 
he has already seen to the destruction of
Grado's, Frelia's, and Jehanna's stones. 

Eirika: Hm. That explains something...
Grado forces attacked me, intent on
destroying the Stone of Renais.
If that could be the reason they 
chose to invade Renais...
The power of the Sacred Stones may
be greater then we'd ever known. 

L'Arachel: Yes, exactly!
If we acquire a Sacred Stone, we'll be
able to oppose the Dark Stone's might!

Innes: But three of the stones have been 
shattered, and our options are few. 
Do you suppose that, during the 
invasion of Renais...

Ephraim: No, I don't think so. 
The Stone of Renais is hidden by the
power of Eirika's and my bracelets. 

Eirika: Grado has made many attempts
to make our bracelets. 
Every one has failed, and so
the stone may still be safe. 

Ephraim: We have to confirm that, of course. 
We've defeated Grado, and we must
turn our eyes to our homeland. 
It's time to return to Renais. 

*screen moves to a different room, with Saleh and Myrrh*

Saleh: Lady Myrrh.

Myrrh: Saleh...

Saleh: I'm grateful to see you well.
The people of Caer Pelyn will 
be overjoyed that you're safe. 

Myrrh: I must apologize to you, Saleh. 
You were there to protect me from 
the very start of my journey. 
When we were attacked, I was
seperated from you, and...
I'm so sorry to have worried you. 

Saleh: Lady Myrrh. 
As long as you afe safe, we have
nothing to be worried about. 
It will be my honor to serve you
until your mission is complete. 

Myrrh: Thank you, Saleh. 

*chapter ends*

=Chapter 15: Scorched Sand Ephraim's Version=

*Ephraim's group rides up to a desert*

Ephraim: There's Jehanna Hall...
It's nothing but a ruin now. 
Blast! I don't know what's
happened, but...
I'd better get to Eirika and the
others as soon as possible. 

Seth: I've discovered which of Grado's generals
lead the forces surrounding the hall. 
Valter the Moonstone and
Caellach the Tiger Eye. 
Two of the strongest of the empire's
generals, with near-perrless forces. 
Above all else, wem ust rescue Princess 
Eirika, and yet...
If you fall, Prince Ephraim, we're all
finished. And this accursed sand...
Most of the units can't get proper 
footing and are being slowed down. 
Mounted units are hacing the worst time, 
as their movement is severely limited. 
Some of us can move better then
others, though...
A combination of magic wielders and sky
riders should give us some advantage. 
Whatever we do, we must move cautiously. 

Ephraim: I understand. This is just
like the battle for Renvall. 
We either rescue Eirika or
defeat all the enemy troops. 
If we accomplish either goal, 
victory is ours. 
Let's move!

*Screen goes north to near the hall. Lyon warps in and talks to Caellach*

Lyon: How goes it, Caellach?

Caellach: Ah, Prince Lyon.
Thank you, Your Highness, for gracing 
me with...your

Lyon: You can stop. There's no need for you to
put on airs. 
You were made general for your military 
prowess, not your flowery speech. 

Caellach: And an honor it is. 
You know, Prince Lyon, you've got a lot of
You're really worked over your fear friend
the princess of Renais. Are you satisfied?

Lyon: Is there some reason you ask?

Caellach: No, not really.
I just wanted to see how 
you'd react. That's all.

Lyon: She... Eirika has always been
a very important person in my life. 
Both she and her brother have been 
friends of mine for a long time. 
Tell me, Caellach, do you ahve any
friends to speak of?

Caellach: Huh?
Yeah, I got one. 
An old mercenary I fought with, went
by the name of Joshua. 
He was a fool and a scoundrel, but
now that he's gone, I miss the lad. 
I don't know where he's at or what
he's doing, but...

Lyon: Do you miss that life? Do you ever want
to be a mercenary again, to see him?

Caellach: Nope. The time we worked together was
fun and all, but... No. 
I don't want to end up another no-name
mercenary lying dead in a ditch. 
I'd rather serve the Grado Empire
and make a name for myself. 
I'm going to see how far my axe will
take me. And then, one day...

Lyon: One day, you'll kill me and be
emperor in my stead. Is that it?

Caellach: uh... That's...

Lyon: It's all right. Think whatever you
like if it helps you do your duty. 
As long as you do what I assign you 
to do, I'm happy. 
But for now, I'm going. You know
what you need to do. 

Caellach: Yep, leave it to me. 
I am General Caellach, the Tiger Eye
of the Grado Imperial Army, after all!
Once my prey is within my reach, 
I never let it escape. 
Too bad for the princess, but they've
no chance of winning. None at all. 

*Lyon waprs away, battle begins*

*At the beginning of turn 1, Eirika, Saleh, and Innes run out of the hall*

Eirika: Prince Innes...
And Saleh...
I'm sorry. I"m absolutely
powerless here...

Innes: Eirika, you have nothing to apologize for. 
We're not defeated yet. 
Jehanna Hall ahs fallen, that much is true. 
But if we can hold out until Ephraim arrives, 
we still have a chance of victory. 

Saleh: And reports place Lady Myrrh at
Prince Ephraim's side. 
It is my duty to protect her. 
I will not die without hacing
fulfilled my obligation to her. 

Eirika: You're right...
I made a promise, too. 
I told Ephraim I would live to see 
him again. 
We just have to pull together. All of us. We
just have to hold out a little longer. 
If we pool our strength now, I vow that we
will all live to see our friends again. 

*If you talk to Innes with Tana*

Tana: B-brother. 

Innes: Tana? 
Why are you here?
I told you to remain at
Castle Frelia. 

Tana: Don't talk to me like that. 
I'm a fully sword knight
of Frelia, you know?
I came all the way here
with Prince Ephraim. 

Innes: What? With that man?

Tana: Brother! 
Ephraim's a good person. 
We can talk about this later. 
I still see enemy troops about. 
I think we should join forces
and fight together. 

Innes: Working together is, of course,
the best strategy. 
But don't do anything foolish, Tana. 
Who knows what Father would think. 

Tana: I understand. 
You try not to be overly 
heroic yourself, Brother. 

*If you talk to Eirika with Tana*

Tana: Oh, Eirika!
Here you are!

Eirika: Tana!
You've come as well?!
Tana: Yes, I came all the 
way with Ephraim. 
I'm just so happy to 
see you're safe. 

Eirika: Tana. Thank you so much
for coming to my aid. 

Tana: Well, of course I came. 
That's natural. 
We're friends after all!

*If you visit the village*

Old Woman: Jehanna Hall...has fallen. 
I wonder what's become of Queen
You there...
Take this, and do some good with it. 

*Got Master Seal*

*If you visit the lower house*

Man: According to this ancient document...
...There was a huge battle here
long, long ago. 
Every day, I'm out here diggin up ancient 
weapons and artifacts out of the sand. 
There are still more to be found, 
of that you can be sure. 
It's even said a long-dead sage left a 
copy of Metis's Tome out here...
Oh! But I won't give that to anyone
if I find it. Not a chance!

*If you visit the higher house*

Young Man: All the highest generals in Grado's army
recieve titles named after gemstones. 
The emperor currently has six gemstones 
fighting in his service. 
Caellach, the Tiger Eye, commands the
forces fighting here. 
The Moonstone, Valter, is taking part in
this battle as well. 
Glen, also known as the Sunstone, died
in the mountains of Carcino. 
Selena Flourspar was killed in
western Grado. 
Duesse, whom they call Obsidian, 
is missing in action...
The Blood Beryl, whose real name is
Riev, has also gone missing. 
How do I know all this?
I may look young and naive, 
but this is my job. 
I'm here to pass this information
along to help you out. 
And it's good information, too, so
don't waste it. 

*When you fight Caellach*

Caellach: You're a stepping-stone...
And I'm moving up. 
Don't take it personally. 

*If you fight Valter with Cormag*

Valter: Is that you, Cormag?
Even you ahve turned your 
back on your emperor?

Cormag: .....

Valter: Don't tell me you stand there
thinking you can beat me. 
You're not strong enough. 
You know this to be true. 

Cormag: .....

Valter: If you swear fealty to Grado
again, I may let you live. 
You don't want to die an
oath breaker, do you?
Well? Will you crawl before me
and beg for forgiveness?

Cormag: ...Yes, I have broken my
vows, Valter. 
And yes, it may be I who falls
when we tilt lances...
BUt a dog like you will never
see me crawl. 

Valter: Brave words from a traitor. 
Let's see if your lance is 
as sharp as your tounge. 

*When you fight Valter with someone else*

Valter: I've no use for these 
bloodless minnows...
Give me prey that will sate my bloodlust...
I hunger!

*When you defeat Valter*

Valter: Urggh... Gaaaaah!

*If you fight Caellach with Joshua on Eirika's Mode*
Thanks to for this script

Joshua:    Caellach.

Caellach:  Hey!
               If it isn't Joshua.
               It's been a long time.
               Have you been well?

Joshua:    I've been all right. Still working as a mercenary.
               When did you get all proper and join the Grado army?

Caellach: Didn't I tell you?
              I wasn't about to waste my life as a nameless soldier.
              Still, I think back on those days a lot lately...
              My axe and your sword...
             The two of us were a deadly pair, eh?

Joshua:  ......

Caellach: By the way...
              I know all about you, Joshua.
             Who you really are I mean.
             The prince of Jehanna, huh?
             When did you plan on sharing the wealth, you sneaky dog?

Joshua: Listen...
            You can't reduce a nation to loot waiting to be divided.
            And more importantly, I made a vow to my mother.
            I'm going to succeed her as ruler of my homeland.
            Hey Caellach...
            You're the one who killed my mother, aren't you?

Caellach: Yeah... Sorry 'bout that.
               Things happen, you know?
              C'mon, Joshua,
              don't hate me.
              This is war. There's nothing you can do about it.
              Besides, grudges get in the way of work, right?

Joshua:  That's true.
             It's as you say.
             Listen Caellach...
             I've got to kill you now.
             Don't hold it against me.

Caellach: You arrogant...
              You haven't changed a bit!
              I've always wanted to show you who's better, Joshua.
             And I'm even stronger than I used to be.
             I'm gonna wipe that smug look off your face for good!

*If you fight Caellach with Joshua on Ephraim's Mode*

Joshua: It's been a long time, Caellach. 

Caellach: Is that really you, Joshua?
How's long's it been?

Joshua: About two years...
What've you been doing?
You know, that innkeeper's 
still mad you stiffed him. 

Caellach: Oh, please...
You're telling me that old
dog's still alive?
...How's the rest of the 
troop doing?

Joshua: They're getting by. 
Some of them ended up
feeding the crows, though...

Caellach: Is that so?
Those were good times, 
weren't they, Joshua?
We were terrors on the
battlefield and worse off it. 

Joshua: Yeah, we were. 
You'd get carried away and
pick fights with me...
You always said the same 
thing: "I will be king!"

Caellach: Yeah. That's my dream. 
And I'll do anything to 
make it come true. 
What do you say, Joshua?
Let's team up again?
Leave those losers you're
with and work for me. 

Joshua: Sorry, can't do it. 
I'm not going to let
you use me for anything. 

Caellach: Bah... You're a cold
fish, arne't you. 
That's the one thing that hasn't
changed about you. 

Joshua: You havnen't changed 
much either. 
You're still as
shameless as ever. 

Caellach: Ha ha! That's the truth. 
You want to get started?

Josua: Mm... Sure. 

Caellach: I'm stronger then I used 
to be. 
No offense, but you're not
in my league anymore. 
Don't hate me, Joshua. 

Joshua: Same to you.

*If you talk to Eirika with Ephraim*

Ephraim: Eirika!

Ephraim: Brother?
Is that really you? You're
not some phantom, are you?

Ephraim: No, it's really me. 
Enemies approach.

Eirika: ...Ephraim. 
Even when you were children, you
were always there to protect me. 

*If you talk to Eirika with Seth*

Seth: Princess Eirika,
are you well?

Eirika: Seth!
If you're here...

Seth: Prince Ephraim is safe as well. 
Prinecss Eirika, we will stop the
remaining enemy soldiers here. 
Would you please take caution and
think of your own safety?

Eirika: Thank you, Seth. 
You've saved me so many times
since the fall of Renais...

Seth: It is my duty. Let's go, 
Princess Eirika. 

*If you talk to Saleh with Ewan*

Ewan: Ah! Teacher. 

Saleh: Ewan? What are
you doing here?

Ewan: I came with Prince Ephraim
and his friends. 
I've done a lot of good
work, Teacher. 

Saleh: Is that so...
Well, if you all hadn't shown
up, I'm sure we'd be dead now. 
You've saved is, Ewan. Thank
you. I am in your debt. 

Ewan: Do you mean that?
As a reward, will you teach
me some more powerful magic?

Saleh: ...I suppose I should at that. 
But all in good time, Ewan. 

Ewan: Yahoo!

*When you defeat Caellach*

Caellach: Bla-Blast...
A bit more, and...a crown...
would have been...mine...

*When you win the battle*

Ephraim: Eirika!

Eirika: Brother!

Ephraim: You've done well, Eirika. 

Eirika: Thanks to you, Ephraim. 
Ah... Wait a moment. 
I've something to give to you. 

Ephraim: These are...

Eirika: These are the Sacred Twin
relics of Jehanna. 
The ice sword Audhhula and
the wind blade Excalibur. 

Ephraim: Jehanna's Sacred Twins?
But it seems like we were 
too late...
Jehanna Hall has fallen...

Eirika: Yes, and Queen Ismaire died
resisting Grado. 

L'arachel: Now that we have, at least, been
reunited once again, 
perphas this would be a good time
to share information. 
I'm sure we are all msot anxious
to learn of what has happened. 

*Got Audhulma and Excalibur*

Ephraim: I se unfamiliar faces among you here, 
so allow me to introduce myself. 
I am Ephraim, Eirika's brother and
crown prince of Renais. 

L'arachel: I'm Princess L'arachel of Rausten. 
The please is mine, of course. 

Ephraim: I'll begin by telling you of
how we've fared in our mission. 
We seized the Grado capital and
defeated her emperor, Vigarde. 
Grado's capital guard have, to a man, 
surrendered and laid down their arms. 
Prockets of reesistance remain, but the
war itself is over. 

Innes: Is that so?

Ephraim: However, something remains that
still bothers me. 
A Grado man named Knoll told me about
something called a "Dark Stone."
Their mages had uncovered lore that led
them to craft a powerful magic stone. 
This Dark Stone may have been the 
catalyst of Grado's transformation. 
It seems to be the source of that black
wave of energy that Myrrh described. 
Vigarde died some time ago, but the power
of the stone played him like a puppet. 
The war and everything else that passed since
was planned by the Dark Stone's master. 

Innes: Well? Who is it?

Ephraim: ...I still can't believe it, 
but I'll tell you nonetheless. 
According to Knoll, the man behind
this is Lyon, the imperial prince. 
He said Lyon's got the Dark Stone. 

Innes: Figures it's Prince Lyon...

Eirika: No, that doesn't make any sense. 
Ephraim and I know Lyon better then 
that. We've been friends for years. 
Lyon's not the sort of person who
could start a war like this. 

Innes: But, Eirika...

Eirika: I saw Lyon recently. 
Ephram, you might know this, but after
I abandoned the sea route to Rausten, 
I traveled overland with Prince 
Innes to Jehanna. 
We ran in trouble wiht Grado's 
forces, and I chanced upon Lyon. 
He didn't share the details of his 
situation, but he intimated that
He was on our side. Despite all
appearances, he was on our side. 
So Lyon...

Ephraim: Eirika, I also met Lyon. 

Eirika: Did you really?

Ephraim: Yes. But, he was like a 
completely different person. 
To be honest, he dind't seem 
to be completely...human. 

Eirika: Ephraim... 
What are you saying?

Ephraim: I'll tell you what I saw. 
I found Lyon inside Grado Keep. 
This is what he told me:
He said he was behind this war. 
He said he'd befriended us solely so that, 
one day, he could invade Renais 
He told me he killed our father.

Eirika: That... That can't...

Ephraim: I know. I can't believe it either. 
I refuse to believe it. 
How could he have planned all
this since he was a child...
I simply can't fathom it. 
I've heard Lyon changed when he acquired
the Dark Stone. 
I've no interest in magic, but...
There was something uncanny about him. 
It seemed almost as though he were being
controlled by something himself. 

Eirika: .....

Innes: The two of you might find this hard
to accept, but...
The state of Prince Lyon's heart matters
little. He has the Dark Stone. 
That rock is the cause of all that's 
happened. The prince must be stopped. 

L'arachel: Not yet. There is something
that needs doing first.

Eirika: L'arachel?

L'arachel: Prince Ephraim, I do believe you
felt it as well. 
The Dark Stone held by Prince Lyon...
It exudes a malefic miasma...
We might be able to handly Prince Lyon
alone, but that stone is beyond our ken. 

Eirika: Then what do you suggest?

L'arachel: The Sacred Stones. 

Eirika: The Sacred Stones?

L'arachal: We've all heard the legend of the
five Sacred Stones.
The alone possessed the power to
seal the Demon King away forever. 
So, of course, to dispel demonic
magic, we must use the Sacred Stones!

Innes: You expect us to pin the outcome
of this war on some fool legend?

Ephraim: ...Not just the legend. 
We also have hope. 
According to Lyon, 
he has already seen to the destruction of
Grado's, Frelia's, and Jehanna's stones. 

Eirika: Hm. That explains something...
Grado forces attacked me, intent on
destroying the Stone of Renais. 
If that could be the reason they
chose to invade Renais...
The power of the Sacred Stones may
be greater then we'd ever know. 

L'arachel: Yes, exactly!
If we acquire a Sacred Stone, we'll be
able to oppose the Dark Stone's might!

Innes: But three of the stones have been
shattered, and our options are few. 
Do you suppose that, during the 
invasion of Renais...

Ephraim: No, I don't think so.
The Stone of Renais is hidden by the
power of Eirika and my bracelets. 

Eirika: Grado has made many attempts
to take our bracelets. 
Every onehas fialed, and so
the stone may still be safe. 

Ephraim: We have yet to confirm that, of course. 
We've defeated Grado, and yet we must
turn our eyes to our homeland. 
It's time to return to Renais. 

*Screen goes somewhere else in the castle they're in to Saleh and Myrrh*

Saleh: Lady Myrrh. 

Myrrh: Saleh...

Saleh: I'm grateful to see you well.
The people of Caer Pelyn will
be overjoyed that you're safe. 

Myrrh: I must apologize to you, Saleh. 
You were there to protect me from
the very start of my journey. 
When we were attacked, I was
seperated from you, and...
I'm so sorry to have worried you. 

Saleh: As long as you're safe, we have
nothing to be worried about. 
It will by my honor to serve you
until your mission is complete. 

Myrrh: Thank you, Saleh. 

*Chapter ends*

*Ephraim is on the world map*

The Capital of Renais. 
After the twins' avsence, seeing their home
suined by war brings them terrible grief. 
Orson, a former Knight of Renais, has been
assigned to guard Castle Renais. 
However, he switched allegiances, betraying
his oaths of loyalty to his homeland. 
Ephraim marks his homecoming by vowing to 
see Renais healed. 

Author's Note: While the story is still slightly different from now on, it's 
mostly the same; I'm going to put the complete script anyway. Almost done. 

Gigantic thanks to for providing the Eirika's
route version of chapter 16 and 17.
=Chapter 16: Ruled by Madness=
Eirika's Version 

Orson: What is it, Monica?
You seem so happy today. 
Of course I know what today is. 
I'd never forget your birthday!
I have a present for you, dear. 
I think you'll like it....


*Lyon and Riev enter the room where Orson is*

Riev: Heh heh heh…

Orson: …


*Riev moves into Orson’s view*


Riev: It does my heart good to see you looking so happy,

Orson. See what joy your treachery has brought you? I 

told you treason would be sweet.


Orson: …Get out. This is Monica and my place. I will not 

have our home disturbed by anyone. I did as you asked. I

betrayed Renais. My promise has been kept.


Riev: Heh heh heh… How long are you going to continue

this nonsense? Eirika and Ephraim have joined forces. 

Even now, their united forces march toward the capital,

toward you. 


Orson: Eirika?


Riev: You can’t imagine they’ll forgive you for your 

treachery, can you? I expect the sin of your betrayal 

has shattered you entire family’s name. And after 

all you did to free your wife from the cold clutches of 

the grave… It’s a shame she’ll be sent back there

dangling from the hangman’s noose.


Orson: No! That can’t happen-


Riev: Heh heh heh… Oh, but it can, and it will. Unless

you do something to stop it. You understand what is

required, don’t you? You have your orders, Orson. Heh

heh heh…


*Riev and Lyon leave and Orson goes over to Monica*

Orson: ...Monica, I'm sorry. I have something
I must do. Please wait for me here.
Oh, darling, don't look so sad. I'll be 
 soon, and then I'll never leave.
I must do this to protect our happiness. 
You understand that, don't you?
All right then. I'll be back. 
*Lyon and Riev go into an empty room*

Lyon: …


Riev: Heh heh heh… He believes that thing is his wife…

Aren’t people amusing?


Lyon: Urr… why… This terrible… Uh! 

Urr… gaa… Ahh…Urr…


Riev: Oh my, your nasty little illness rearing its ugly little

head again? There’s no need to worry. The pain will pass

shortly… Leave everything to your humble servant, Riev.

Heh heh heh…


*Riev and Lyon teleport away*


*Battle starts*


If you fight Orson with Eirika…


Eirika: Orson… Why would you betray us?


Orson: …Princess Eirika. If anyone could understand my 

feelings, it might be you. For the one I love… I betrayed 

everything. My country, my lord and master… everything…


Again, giant thanks to for this chapter. 
=Chapter 17: River of Regrets=
Eirika's Version

L’Arachel: Everyone, hold! Something evil is afoot…


*Lyon teleports in next to them*


Lyon: …


Ephraim: Lyon!


Lyon: Eirika… Ephraim…


Eirika: Lyon… where have you been all this time? 


Ephraim: Eirika, stop! 


Eirika: Brother?


Ephraim: Lyon… we met recently in Grado Keep, right?

Do you remember what you told me then? You told me

this was all your doing, that you had started this war.


Lyon: What? Ephraim… Why are you so angry? We 

haven’t seen each other in so long… What’s happened?


Eirika: Lyon…


Ephraim: Wait, Eirika! You said it yourself. Lyon must 

be under the control of someone or something else.


Eirika: Don’t be ridiculous! There must be something

wrong with you, Ephraim! Lyon is one of our dearest

and closest friends, remember? He told me that, no

matter what happened, he was still on our side. Isn’t 

that right, Lyon?


Lyon: Yes, Eirika. Of course it is. So please, come here… 

Closer… Ah! Gah… ahh… Uuuuhhaaah… ga…


Eirika: Lyon?!


*Lyon’s speech bubble turns black*


Lyon: Gah… rrrrraaa… Ev… ahh… evil…

*Lyon’s speech bubble turns white again*


Lyon: Stay… back… Eirika…


Eirika: What?


Lyon: Get away… from me… quickly… If you… don’t…

I will surely… …destroy you…


Eirika: What? Lyon…


Lyon: Flee… qui-quickly… GO! Gah… Aaaaaaarrrrggggghhh!


Eirika: Ly-Lyon. Hold on! What is it? What’s happening?!


Lyon: … … …


*Lyon changes and smiles*


Evil Lyon: Hi. It’s been a while since I saw you two last, 

hasn’t it?


Eirika: Lyon? Is that really you speaking, Lyon?


Ephraim: Stay back, Eirika. Keep your guard up. That’s not



Eirika: Uh…


Evil Lyon: I’m not Lyon? That’s rich. A masterpiece. You 

always thought Lyon was kind, gentle, and weak, 
didn't you? Admit it. 
Ephraim: No!
Lyon, Eirika, and I were friends. 
There were things we kept to ourselves, 
of course, but we shared so much. 
And no matter what happened, no matter
how much time passed...
We're still friends. 
Lyon would never betray us. 
Not in a million years. 
You're not Lyon. 
*Evil Lyon’s speech bubble turns black, he stops smiling*
Evil Lyon: …Hmph… Looks like I was wrong to disregard
the value of human emotions. 

Eirika: What?!
Evil Lyon: I’ve had my fun pretending to be human, but
the need for charades has passed. You are correct. This 
body no longer belongs to your young Lyon. I devoured 
his pathetic heart ages ago.
Ephraim: You monster! Who are you?!
Evil Lyon: Do you really not know me? What a poorly 
educated prince. Think about it. Remember the legends 
of your pitiful kind... What was sealed within the Stone 
of Grado? What is the name of terror?
Eirika: No... It can't be!
L'arachel: It's as we feared after all. That can only be...
Ephraim: The great adversary of antiquity... The 
Demon King...

Evil Lyon: Heh heh… ha ha ha ha ha hah! Lyon… Lyon…

O prince of misery… Come out. Be not shy… This body

is lost to you… It is mine to compel…


Eirika: What’s going…


Evil Lyon: Your dreams, Lyon… I am about to make them 

come true for you. I am about to crush Prince Ephraim and

take Princess Eirika for my own. Isn’t this all that you’ve 

ever prayed for, young fool of a prince?


Ephraim: Ah!


*Evil Lyon smiles*


Evil Lyon: Rejoice, Lyon. The time has come… Ephraim, 

the man you envy… Eirika, the woman you desire… I will

now grant you all of your darkest wishes!


*Evil Lyon teleports away*


*Battle starts*


If you fight Evil Lyon with Ephraim…


Ephraim: Where’s Lyon? What have you done with our

friend?! ANSWER ME!


*Evil Lyon smiles*


Evil Lyon: Heh heh… What a splendid fool you make. 


*Evil Lyon stops smiling*


Evil Lyon: Shall I dress you in a jester’s cap? Shall we

watch you jape in my demon’s court? Lyon is dead. I

devoured him. Can you not understand?


Ephraim: Monster!


If you fight Evil Lyon with Eirika…


Eirika: Lyon, please! You must stop! I… I have no wish 

to fight you!


Evil Lyon: Heh heh… Wretched girl. Are you listening, 

Lyon? Is this truly the girl you loved? Then I will use 

these hands to tear her limb from limb!


*After Battle*


*Evil Lyon teleports to the island where Syrene was*


Evil Lyon: Urr… Bah… Can’t hold up to such as this?

Accursed human flesh is too brittle, too weak…


*Evil Lyon starts walking away, Ephraim, Myrrh, Innes, 

L’Arachel, and Eirika run up to him*


Eirika: Hold, Lyon!

Evil Lyon: Now, I know your strength. It is time to leave.

I sacrifice this flesh and return to my body of old. This

does not end. The world will drown again in darkness.

=Chapter 16: Ruled by Madness= (Ephraim)

*Your group is outside the castle*

Eirika: Brother

Ephraim: What has happened to our home? What
has happened to Castle Renais?
How did it come to be so ruined?
So desolate?

Seth: Spies report that the castle is
being held by the traitor Orson. 

Ephraim: Orson...
In retrospect, I realize he's
been acting odd for a while now. 
He seemed so...dispirited. 

Seth: His wife passed away some six
months back. 
The loss may have been too much
for his mind to bear. 
His love and devotion for his wife
were well known among the knights. 

Eirika: .....

Seth: Now, he sits alone in the king's
former bedchambers. 
He makes no effort to govern.
No one is allowed to enter the 
chambers, and he takes no meals. 

Eirika: What could he possibly be doing?

Seth: I do no wknow. The spies had no
insight into his behavior. 
He does nothing to deal with the dark
creatures and bandits roaming the land. 
Reports say all of Renais is engulfed
in chaos. 
Region after region is revolting, and
Orson's reign is already crumbling. 
Left alone, it may very well collapse
under the weight of its own neglect. 

Ephraim: We cannot allow the situation 
to reach that point. 
We're going home, Eirika. 
We're going to the castle. 

Eirika: I hear you, Ephraim. 

Myrrh: Um, Ephraim?

Ephraim: What is it, Myrrh?

Myrrh: I-I will fight with you.
Now that Selena has returned 
my dragonstone to me...
Ill do what I can until its
power runs out. 
Let's take back your home. 

Eirika: Are you sure about this?

Myrrh: For the two of you...
I simply want to help. 

Ephraim: All right. I understand. But
you must make me a promise. 
You are never to stray from 
our side. Got that?

Myrrh: Of course...

*Screen goes into the castle. Orson rides up to a door, open it, goes inside,
and locks the door. There are two guards outside. *

*Lyon and Riev warp in*

Soldier 1: Huh? Who do you think you are?
These are the chambers of Orson, 
steward of Renais. 
There's no place here for a street
urchin like you, boy.

Soldier 2: You... You fool!
This is Prince Lyon!

Soldier 1: What? This whelp is...
I-I beg your forgiveness!

Lyon: .....
It's all right. 
I'm not the sort of person
others hold in esteem.

*Riev and Lyon go through the door*

Soldier 1: ...Who is the world is thaT?
What a creepy-looking man. 

Soldier 2: Shh... He can hear you. 

Soldier 1: You want to talk aboit creepy, that
Orson's the one who chills my hide. 
What do you think he's doing back there?
I've heard a lot of bizarre rumors from
the master of the mess hall. 
...Do you think he needs help?
Could he be dangerous?

Soldier 2: I don't care. I'm here for the money. 
As long as I get paid, I'm happy. 
But on the subject of rumors, have you
heard the stories of the secret treasure?
There's supposed to be some fabulous
wealth hidden in Castle Renais. 
I tell you, if I find it, I'm gone. 

*Screen goes in Orson's room. Monica, his wife, is there, but you don't see 

Orson: What is it, Monica?
You seem so happy today. 
Of course I know what today is. 
I'd never forget your birthday!
I have a present for you, dear. 
I think you'll like it...

??: Orson. 

Orson: .....

Lyon: Do you still recognize me, Orson, or
are you entirely lost to this world?
Yes, it's me, Prince Lyon. 
I'm the one who are are indebted
for resurrecting your beloved wife. 

Orson: ...Get out. 
This is Monica and My place. I will
not have our home be disturbed by anyone. 
I did as you asked. I betrayed Renais. 
My promise has been kept. 

Lyon: Yes, and I'm very grateful to you. 
I came by today to offer you a 
piece of advice. Nothing more. 
Ephraim is coming, Orson. 
He's on his way here to steal 
the happiness you two share. 

Orson: Prince Ephraim?

Lyon: That's right, Orson. And he's angry. 
I do't think he'll forgive you for 
betraying Renais. 
You've done so much to free your wife from
the grave. It's a shame she'll die with you. 

Orson: No! That can't happen--

Lyon: That's all I have to say to you.  
What you do now is up to you. 

*Lyon leaves*

Orson: ...Monica, I'm sorry. I have something
I must do. Please wait for me here.
Oh, darling, don't look so sad. I'll be 
back soon, and then I'll never leave.
I must do this to protect our happiness. 
You understand that, don't you?
All right then. I'll be back. 

*Battle begins*

*If you fight Orson with Kyle*

Kyle: Sir Orson!
You betrayed your master, 
Prince Ephraim, to Grado. 
Have you forgotten what it
means to be a knight?!

Orson: Kyle...
You know nothing...
I am happy now. 

*If you fight Orson with Forde*

Forde: Sir Orson...
Why did you have to betray us?
Your departed wife
is weeping in shame. 

Orson: You're wrong, Forde. 
My wife is happy. 
We are so very happy. 

*If you fight Orson with someone who dones't have a special conversation*

Orson: ...I won't let you 
come between us. 
Monica and I will live
here happily together. 

*When you defeat Orson*

Orson: Monica...

*If you fight Orson with Seth*

Orson: Seth... So you've come, 
have you?

Seth: Sir Orson. 

Orson: You're an impressive 
knight, Seth. 
You would sacrifice your life
for king and country. 
Not even a moment's pause. 
It's a pitiful, unrewarding
life, through and through. 

Seth: It is my charge. 
It is my hope. 
Sir Orson... Prepare yourself. 

*If you fight Orson with Ephraim*

Orson: Prince Ephraim... You never
did know when to quit. 
Renais is already lost. 
It's too late...

Ephraim: Orson... You will 
move from that place. 
That is my father's seat. 
It is his throne...
You've no right to sit there. 

*When you seize the throne*

Seth: Prince Ephraim, Princess Eirika.
The castle has been secured. 

Ephraim: What is it?

Seth: ... This way. This is the room
Orson was holed up in. 

*Seth, Eirika and Ephraim go in the room where Monica is. However, you don't
see Monica's face. You never do. I'll call her Monica, but it's always from
off screen*

Monica: ...Darling...

Ephraim: You, you're Orson's...

Eirika: .....

Monica: Darling.

Ephraim: ...What?! horrible...

Eirika: .....Oh!

Ephraim: This same magic was used to
control Emperor Vigarde. 
She's already dead, and
her corpse was used to...

Eirika: Who?
Who could...

Ephram: You needn't look any longer, 
Eirika. Let's go outside. 

Monica: Darling. 

Seth: ...You can't say this thing
is truly alive anymore.

Ephraim: No... I'll do it. 
...The two of them spent
every day in here, did they?
Orson was mad. 
But I think he was happy...

*Eirika and Ephriam go back the throne room*

Ephraim: We've finally made it back. 

Eirika: Mmm...
We can repair the castle, and what
was stolen, we can do without. 
But the wounds and suffering inflicted
upon the people of Renais...

Ephraim: It's too late to undo their pain. 
Once I become king, I must set our
contry right. 
I doubt the people will give me a warm
reception, though. I did abandon them. 
All I can do is try to win back their
trust, no matter how long it takes...

Seth: Princess Eirika, Prince Ephraim. 
You should look outside. 

Ephraim: Outside?

*They go to a ledge outside, above the ground. Ther is cheering and people are
calling from the ground.*

Prince Ephraim!
Princess Eirika!
The king has returned!
Our king!
Glory to Renais!
Long live King Ephraim!

Ephraim: .....

Seth: ...They're not cheering for you. They cheer
because Orson's misrule is at an end.
They cheer the possibility of a better
tomorrow, not the deeds we did today. 
But how will the hearts of the people
move tomorrow and the next day?
That is for you to decide. 

Ephram: I wil not let their hopes and dreams
be shattered again. 
I will be king. Like my father before me, I 
will dedicate myself to their happiness. 

Eirika: And I will do all I can to help, Ephraim. 

*Back in the throne room*

Seth: Prince Ephraim, Princess Eirika. 
Before Renais fell, King Fado entrusted 
me with this message:
"Raise the twins' bracelets in the hall
of kings.
The seal will be broken. The resting place
of the Sacred Stone will be revealed..."

Ephraim: I understand. 

Eirika: We're supposed to raise our 
bracelets over our heads, right?

Ephraim: Let's try it, Eirika. 

Eirika: I'm ready, Ephraim. 

*There is a flash of light from each of the twins, and the throne moves to 
reveal a staircase under it*

*They go in the stairs*

Ephraim: This is the Stone of Renais...

Eirika: Yes. This is one of the five stones
that defeated the Demon King...

Ephraim: If Lyon had acquired our baceletes, the
stone would have been destroyed by now. 
Together, we protected the only power
that can help us to stop Lyon's insanity. 

Eirika: Yes. It's the only hope left to us. 
Hope for you and me, and the last
true hope for peace...

Ephraim: Let's get back, Eirika. 

Eirika: ...Huh?
Brother, look!
Our bracelets, they're...

Ephraim: What is this?
Are they reacting to the 
light of the stone?

*A text box appears*

Ephraim's Solar Brace
and Eirika's Lunar Brace glow
in answer to the sacred Stone. 
With the power of their bracelets, 
the twins can now change classes. 

*You can choose to or not for each twin*

Eirika: I can't believe the bracelets
contain so much power...

Ephraim: I wonder if Father anticipated all of this
long ago. 
When I was growing up, I never though
about becoming king. 
I only wanted to be a good soldier, a good
warrior. The best on the battlefield. 
Father never understood what I wanted, 
but...I never understood him, either.

Eirika: .....

Ephraim: It was the same when Grado
invaded Renais. 
I should have stayed home 
to defend the kingdom...
Instead, I raced off to
fight for personal glory. 

Eirika: Brother...
I don't think you know how well
Father understood your feelings. 
When I last saw him, he was concerned
for nothing but our safety...

Seth: Eirika is correct. King Fado asked
after your exploits every day. 
He always told me what a fine king
wou would one day make. 

Ephraim: Father...

Seth: Now Prince Ephraim, Princess Eirika. 
Please follow me. 
The Sacred Twins of Renais should be
near the stone's reliquary. 

*Seth goes and opens two treasure chests near the stone*

Seth: Ah, here we go. This lance can only
be one of the Sacred Twins of Renais. 
Please, Prince Ephraim, take this
sacred relic and feel its weight. 

Ephraim: So this is one of our Sacred Twin
relics, is it? I've never seen them.
Look, there's a name inscribed here. 
Siegmund, the Flame Lance. 

*Got Siegmund*

Seth: And this blade is sister to the lance, 
the other Sacred Twin of legend. 
Princess Eirika, if you would?

Eirika: Of course.
There's a name carved here as well. 
Sieglinde, the Thunder Blade...

*Got Sieglinde*

Ephraim: These are the ancient weapons of our
forefathers--the weaopns of heroes. 
They were enshrined generations ago, 
to be used only by the king...
I don't know if this is a burden
I"m capable of bearing...
But I do know that this is no time
to curse my fate. 
I will fight. For my father, for my
country, and for my people. 

*They come out of the shrine to the main throne room*

Innes: What has happened? Have 
you found the Sacred Stone?

Ephraim: We found it. Here it is. 

L'arachel: Wow! It truly is spectacular. 
This goes some way to brighten the
dark shadows that loom over us. 

Innes: Our countries' Sacred Stones have
been shattered by Grado's men. 
The Stone of Renais is our last
remaining weapon. 

L'arachel: No, it's not. You have forgotten
the Stone of my beloved Rausten.
Remember, there were five Sacred 
Stones for our five nations. 
The Stones of Grado, Frelia, and
Jehanna are gone, but hope is not. 
We have the Stone of Renais, after
all, and that of Rausten is safe. 
Our road is clear, my friends. 
I must guide you to Rausten. 

Ephraim: Lead the way, L'arachel. 

L'arachel: Of course. And you will all be
welcome to stay in the palace. 

*Chapter ends*

*Ephraim is on the world map*
The Sacred Tones that defeated the Demon
King radiate a constand and dazzling light. 
The Sacred Stones are the only power against
the dark, the last hope of humanity. 
It is only natural that evil would seek
to destroy the Sacred Stones...
There can be no other force behind this
attempt to gain the stones. 
A childhood friend appears before Ephraim. 

=Chapter 17: River of Regrets=

*Flashback to 2 years ago, Eirika, Ephraim, and Lyon are in a room*

Ephraim: How do you intend to use the
Sacred Stone, Lyon?
Do you really think you can tap into its power?

Lyon: Mm.. My research isn't complete yet, 
but there's no mistaking the power
the Sacred Stones contain.
And the Stone of Grado seems especially
reponsive to my dark magic. 
I suppose it's becuase it comtains 
both sacred and demonic preperties. 
Regardless, if I can just press
my studies a little harder...
Well, I think I might be able to use
it to heal my father's illness. 
If that works, there's no telling how
many other people I can help as well. 

Eirika: Do you think this is wise?
The power contained within the stones
is beyond our understanding...
My father tells me that the stones
possess a power not to be trifled with. 

Lyon: Uh-huh...
Father Macgregor is also against it. 
That's why they still won't give me
direct acess to the Stone of Grado. 
For the time being, I've made do with
the radiant energies surrounding it. 
They're nothing compared to the raw
power of the stone itself, but...
If I can show Father MacGregor some 
real progreen, perphaps one day...

Ephraim: Using the Sacred Stones to 
study magic...

Lyon: Ephraim, Eirika, what do you 
two think?
Using the divine power of the
Sacred Stones in this way...
You don't think it's a very 
good idea, do you?

Ephraim: ...It's just that I know nothing
at all of magic. 
I would that there were some way I 
could help you, but I simply can't. 
But, Lyon, I've seen how hard you've 
worked to help others. 
I know how much you want the power
to make others happy. 
I know these things, and beucase I 
know you, I trust your intentions. 

Lyon: Ephraim...

Ephraim: If you hope to use the powre of the
Sacred Stone for good, I trust you can. 
I'm behind you all the way. 

Eirika: I agree with Ephraim entirely. 
You spend every night in the library, 
studying cures for your father's illness. 
The power of the Sacred Stones is too
powerful to be used for personal gain. 
But you, Lyon... I think you'll be 
fine. You're the kindest perseon I know. 

Lyon: Thanks, both of you. 
Hearing those words from you means a
lot to me. 
Actually--and this hasn't been made
public yet--but...
I've already saved someoen using the
knowledge I've gleaned so far. 

Ephraim: You have?

Lyon: Uh-huh...
A while back, a fire ravagd Serafew, and
a little girl got trapped in the flames. 
Her burns were terrible: not even healing
staves were able to cure her injuries. 
But jsut a sliver o the stone's power
restored her life and healed her wounds. 
We saved that girl's life, Ephraim!
Oh, if you could have seen the tears
of joy in her mother's eyes!

Ephraim: You really did it, huh?
You are special, Lyon. 

Lyon: Well...thanks. But there's still so
much more to be done. 
I am happy, though. To be honest, I
just want to be able to help people. 
I want to put the ancient magics to
use for the common good...
That's how I feel. 

Eirika: Lyon...

Lyon: And as my research moves forward, 
I'll be able to do much more, too. 
We have only the barest understanding
of how dark magic operates. 
Maybe we can use it not only to heal
wounds, but also to stop diseases...
What if we can read the futures,
predict disastes, move mountains!?

Eirika: Hold on, Lyon. You can't take too
much on yourself all at once. 
What good is helping poeple if 
you sacrifice yourself to do it?

Lyon: Oh... Yes, of course. Sorry. 
I got carried away. 

Ephraim: You have a soft heart, Lyon. 
I bet you haven't taken any 
real time off at all. 
So this is what we're going to do. 
Today, we're going into the city. 
And you're going with us, Lyon. 

Lyon: What?
But, Ephraim, you've got a 
history report due. 

Ephraim: We're taking today off. 
C'mon, let's go. 

Lyon: Bu-But, Ephraim...

Eirika: It's just one day, and I own't tell
Won't it be fun for the three of us
to spend a day in the city?

Lyon: Ephraim, Eirika...
Thanks so much. 
I've lucky to have the
two of you as friends. 

*Unflashback, Eirika, Ephraim, L'arachel, and Innes are near a river*

Ephraim: We have the Stone of Renais. 
The final Sacred Stone is in Rausten.

Eirika: L'arachel, can you tell us anything
about the Stone of Rausten?

L'arachel: Naturally! As Rausten's very own princess, 
I know a think or two about our stone. 
The palace reliquary currently houses
our Sacred Stone. 
Follow me, and I'll take you there. 

Innes: I sent the Frelian army ahead before
us. They should be en route to Rausten. 
If we can hurry, we can join up with them
at the banks of the Narube River. 

*Screen goes to the river. There are some Frelians fighting some Gradoians. 
The Frelians are definently not winning. *

Frelia Soldier: Do not falter! Show them 
thee might of Frelia!

*There are some people near Syrene on
a little island in the middle of the river*

Girl: Lady S-Syrene...
The enemy is headed this way. 

Syrene: Are you serious?
Grado's been dereated, and still
they fight on? And they're tough. 

Old Man: You Frelian fools have been wiped
out by those guys...
Oh, no...
Now we're finished as well. 

Syrene: Everyone, please remain calm. 
If you panic and flee, the enemy 
will simply surround you. 
If you remain here and don't move, 
I promise to protect you all. 

Girl: Lady Syrene...

*Your group rides up to the river*

Eirika: Brother! Look there!

Ephraim: A skirmish!

Innes: Is that Syrene?
What's going on? We
must go to her aid. 

L'arachel: Everyone, hold! Something
evil is afoot...

*Evil Lyon warps in*

Evil Lyon: .....

Ephraim: Lyon?!

Evil Lyon: Eirika...

Eirika: Lyon...
Where have you been all this...

Ephraim: Eirika, stop!

Eirika: Brother?

Ephraim: Lyon...
We met recently in 
Grado Keep, right?
Do you remember what 
you told me then?

Evil Lyon: ......
Of course I remember. 
What of it?

Ephraim: You...

Evil Lyon: I can repeat it for you now if you
would like. 
The ruin of Renais? The murder of
your father?
It was all my doing. I, Lyon, 
prince of Grado, made it happen. 

Eirika: Lyon...
You lie! That can't be...

Ephraim: Don't be fooled, Eirika.
Keep your guard up. 
That's not Lyon. 

Evil Lyon: .....
What amusing things come babbling
out of your mouth. 
You always thought of Lyon as king, 
gentle, and weak, didn't you? Admit it. 

Ephraim: No!
Lyon, Eirika, and I were friends. 
There were things we kept to ourselves, 
of course, but we shared so much. 
And no matter what happened, no matter
how much time passed...
We're still friends. 
Lyon would never betray us. 
Not in a million years. 
You're not Lyon. 

?? (Black text box, nobody's mouth moves): ...I see. 
So I have no reason to continue
hiding my true identity, do I?

Ephraim: None!

?? You are correct. This body no longer
belongs to your young Lyon. 
I devoured his pathteic heart ages ago.

Ephraim: You monster! Who are you?!

??: Do you really not know me?
What a porrly educated prince. 
Think about it. Remember the
legends of your pitiful kind...
What was seasled within the Stone of
Grado? What is the name of terror?

Eirika: No... It can't be!

L'arachel: It's as we feared after all. 
That can only be...

Ephraim: The great adersary of antiquity...
The Demon King...

??: That's right. You know to
fear my name. 
Prince Lyon was a weakling. 
Now, he is dead. 

Eirika: That can't be...

??: Prince Ephraim of Renais...
You hold a Sacred Stone. Give it to me. 
I have no wish to see a warrior die
a pitiful death beneath my feet. 
Bend your knee. If you pledge service 
to me, I may let you live. 

Ephraim: Do you take me for a fool?

??: You've made your choice, have you?
A poor choice...
But it does afford me a chance
to show you something special. 
A force no human flesh can
withstand. A horror beyond words. 
A power that will place this
sad world under my dominion. 
I am the Demon King...
Behold my might. 

*Evil Lyon warps to the throne, battle begins*

*If you talk to Syrene with Tana*

Tana: Syrene! Are you all right?

Syrene! Princess Tana!
You must stay back. This 
place is dangerous!

Tana: No! I won't let you die!
Hold on, I'm coming to 
help you at once!

Syrene: Princess Tana...
You've grown so much. 
Very well. I'm yours to 
command, my lady. 

*Syrene joins your team*

*If you talk to Syrene with Innes*

Innes: Syrene!

Syrene: Prinecs it...
Ah... It really is you, 
isn't it, Prince Innes?
Being rescued by you...
It's like a dream...

Innes: Syrene? I need a status report. 

Syrene: Oh...
Oh, yes! Please forgive me!
The Frelian troops we dispatched
were ambushed and decimated. 
My squad is all that remains. 

Innes: So many dead...
You can reasy eeasy now, Syrene. 
I'm here. Victory is assured. 
Let's go. 

Syrene: Yes, sir... Prince Innes. 

*Syrene joins your team*

*If you talk to Syrene with Vanessa*

Vanessa: Commander Syrene!
Are you all right?

Syrene: Vanessa. What are
you doing here...

Vanessa: I'm here with Prince Innes!
We arrived to join the fray!
We'll take over now. There's no
need for you to exhaust yourself. 

Syrene: Understood. 
The chain of command must be clear, though, 
so I'll take orders from your commander. 
Pass this message to whoever leads
your forces, will you?

Vanessa: Right away!

Syrene: A moment, Vanessa.
Vanessa: What is it?

Syrene: You've matured since 
I saw you last. 
You've grown beautiful as well. 

Vanessa: ...Sister...

*Syrene Joins your Team*

*If you fight Evil Lyon with Eirika*

Eirika: Please, Lyon!
You must stop!
I...I don't want to
fight you!

?? (Same black textbox as before): ....
The cries of children. 
Away with you, insects, 
if you wish not to die. 

*If you fight Evil Lyon with Ephraim*

Eprhraim: Where's Lyon? What have
you done with our frined?!

??: .....
Heh heh... How foolish. The
one you seek is already dead. 
I have cast him into the abyss
from which I crawled. 
That weakling is gone. Only
the Demon King remains!

Ephraim: Grr... Monster!

*When you fight Evil Lyon with someone besidse the twins*

??: Do you challenge me? You
humans are so incostant. 
You've forgotten what it
is to fear me. 

*When you defeat Evil Lyon*

??: Heh.....

*Lyon warps to the middle isle where Syrene was*

??: Not yet... I have not the strength. 
But I am the Demon King... The world
will be mine, as it was in ancient days. 
Injuries such as these are not enough
to stop me...

*Everyone runs up to Lyon*

Ephraim: Demon King!

??: Come, Ephraim. 
You should follow me. 
If you've the strength to
defeat me, that is...

*Lyon warps away*

Ephraim: We wil not let you flee!
After him, Eirika!
We have to find where he's
gone. Search everywhere!
I can't allow him to desecrate
my friend's body any longer!

Innes: Ephraim. 

Ephraim: Innes?

Innes: There's no need to panic. The soldiers
are following Prince Lyon's trail.
Our trackers are excellent. 
They'll know his whereabouts momentarily. 

Ephraim: Ah... Good point. Well made.

Innes: By the way, there's something I need
to speak with you about. 
The messanger I sent to Frelia
returned not long ago. 
She brought a package I'd requested:
Frelia's Sacred Twins. 

Ephraim: You have the Sacred Twins?

Innes: Yes. Frelia may have lost her
Sacred Stone...
However, it seems the Sacred Twin
relics remain undisturbed. 
I have brought them here. 

Ephraim: Incredible...

Innes: Frelia's Sacred Twins. 
Nidhogg, the Serpent Bow, and
Vidofnir, the Winged Lance. 
I want you to take them. 

Ephraim: But these are Frelia's weapons.
You should hold on to them. 

Innes: No, I entrust them to you. 
You're the leader of this army. 
Use them as you will. 

Ephraim: Understood. I'll make sure they
wind up in worthy hands. 
Thank you, Innes. This helps. 

Innes: Don't thank me. 
We're fighting for the
same thing here: Victory. 

*Got Nidhogg andaVidofnir

*If none of the NPCs died*

Girl: Lady Syrene! 
Thank you!
We all owe you our

Syrene: No, it wasn't my doing. 
We prevailed because of
superior leadership.

Ephraim: No, I...

Old Man: We owe you a debt of gratitude that
can never be repaid. 
It's not much, but please accept
this staff as a small token.

Girl: And accept our thanks. We won't
forget what you've done for us.

*Got a Rescue*

*Chapter ends*

*Ephraim and friends are on the world map*

The group sets off in search of Grado's
elusive Imperial Prince Lyon. 
Innes has ordered Frelian troops to aid in 
the hunt. 
The troops return with news that Lyon has
moved north. 
The group's search for Lyon leads them to 
Mt. Neleras, deep within Dakrling Woods. 
The scorching heat and sulphur stench render
the area unfit for human habitation...
Endless numbres of gorgon eggs stud the
forbidding landscape.

=Chapter 18: Two Faces of Evil=
Eirika's Version

Eirika: L’Arachel… May I ask for your advice?
L’Arachel: What is it, Eirika? There’s no need to be so
Eirika: It’s about Lyon… My brother was right. Lyon’s been
possessed by the Demon King. He… He’s no longer the Lyon
I once knew. But I can’t help feeling… there must be some
way to bring him back.
L’Arachel: …
*Eirika jumps angrily*
Eirika: Please help me, L’Arachel. I want to save him. Rausten
is the spiritual heart of Magvel. They keep the ancient lore. 
You’re their princess. You must know something about the
demons of legend. Is there anything that can save Lyon?
L’Arachel: I’m so sorry, Eirika. To the best of my knowledge,
there is no way to aid him.
Eirika: That can’t be! There must be something! Any clue, no 
matter how slight…
L’Arachel: Our oldest legends tell us just this… Only one person 
has ever been able to shake off the Demon King’s domination. 
Rausten’s founder, Saint Latona the sure-hearted, shattered his
fetters. If one possesses a strength of will beyond that of normal
men… Only then can one throw off the shackles of the Demon
King. But you saw it yourself, Eirika, with your own two eyes.
Your friend Lyon’s body has already been claimed by the Demon
King. Once it’s gone that far, there’s nothing that can be done. 
When the Demon King takes over someone, he devours his spirit,
his very soul. Even if his hold on Lyon’s body could be released,
that body would have no soul. There is no power in Rausten…
not even the Sacred Stone… that can perform so great a
miracle as to restore a shattered soul.
Eirika: But… Lyon…
L’Arachel: Eirika… I understand how you feel, but the prince is 
gone. The Lyon you knew no longer exists. It’s more important
now that you care for yourself. If we pursue the Demon King,
we’re likely to suffer for it. I want you to return to Rausten Palace
and rest yourself.
Eirika: Thank you, L’Arachel. However, I must stay with the company. 
I have to believe there’s something I can do to help him. Lyon was 
always so kind. He wanted nothing more than to help people. It’s too
terrible to picture him imprisoned by the Demon King. Imprisoned…
With no hope of salvation.

=Chapter 18: Two Faces of Evil=
Ephraim's Version

*The group is in the peak*

L'arachel: E-Ephraim. I must ask
that you slow down!
If you travel so swiftly, 
we cannot keep up. 

Ephraim: I'm riding ahead. I can't
waste any more time. 
I must catch the Demon King
as quickly as possible. 

L'arachel: And when you find him?
Tell me, what then?

Ephraim: .....
Rausten is the spiritual heart of
Magvel. They keep the ancient lore. 
You're their princess. You must know
something about the demons of legend. 
I do not need consolation or peace of
mind. I need facts. 
Lyon, as he is now...
Can he be saved?

L'arachel: I'm sorry...
To the best of my knowledge, 
there's nothing to be done. 

Ephraim: .....

L'arachel: Your firned Lyon's body has already
been claimed by the Demon King. 
Once it's gone that far, there's 
nothing that can be done. 
When the Demon King takes over someone, 
he devours his spirit, his very soul. 
Even if his hold on Lyon's body could be
released, that body would have no soul.
There is no power in Rausten...not
even the Sacred Stone...
that can perform so great a miracle
as to restore a shattered soul. 

Ephraim: is that so...
I understand. 
Let's go, L'arachel. 

L'arachel: W-wait a moment. Hmph!
Were you listening to me at all?
I'm sorry, but the prince...

Ephraim: ...I heard you. 
There's no hope of saving Lyon. 
And if I cannot save him...
I will bring him peace with my
own hands. 

L'arachel: .....
Can you do it?
Even if you get the chance, can
you bring yourself to kill him?
It would be best if you and your
sister left this to the rest of us.

Ephraim: No...I'm going to do it. 
Lyon is my friend. 
The Demon King stole him from me. 
I will be the one to kill him. 

L'arachel: If your mind's made up, there's 
not much I can do, is there?
Let's go then. 

Ephraim: I'm sorry, L'arachel. 

L'arachel: There's no need for you 
to apologize. 
Your words alone have 
won my forigveness. 

*They run up to a Frelian soldier*

Frelian Soldier: This way!
The enemy went into the 
recesses of this valley. 

Eirika: Brother. Do you smell something?

Ephraim: Smell?

Eirika: Yes. An unpleasany odor, like sulphur. 
It's emanating from this valley. 

*The screen goes north, where you see many gorgon eggs*

Ephraim: Are those...eggs?

Myrrh: Gorgon eggs...
There are so many...
Eirika: Brother! The eggs! They've
started to hatch!

Ephraim: No... He's led us into a trap!
Watch out! Everyone, steer
clear of thsoe eggs!

*Battle begins*


*When you win the battle, Lyon warps in*

Lyon: .....

*Lyon then warps to the back, only Ephraim follows*

Ephraim: Hold!
Demon King!

Demon King: Hmph... You again?

Ephraim: ...I've one thing to ask
before I slay you. 
Where is Lyon now?
When I kill you...
will Lyon return?

Demon King: Heh heh... 
How little you understand. 
Lyon is no longer part of your 
world. He cannot be restored. 
I have devoured every last
delicius scrap of his small soul. 

Ephraim: You monster!

Demon King: Why does this upset you?
What does it matter what happens to 
that weakling now?
He was  a sickly cretin whos trivial
dreams were nothing but hopeless--

Ephraim: SHUT UP!
He was my friend. 
We'll always be friends. 
I made a promise to him. 
You stole Lyon's soul and
corrupted his dreams!
I'll crush the life out of you. 

*Ephraim charges at Lyon, but a little spell thing stops Ephraim*

Ephraim: Gwaa...ah...
My body--!

Demon King: Don't resist. Soon you will
be unable to move at all...

*Lyon warps up to Ephraim and takes the stone*

Demon King: So you had the Stone of 
Renais with you after all. 
If you'll just give me a minute to destroy it...

Ephraim: Stop...urgh!

*Lyon breaks the stone*

Demon King: And that's the end of
your Sacred Stone...
Now then, Prince Epraim. 
Are you prepared?

Ephraim: Curse you...
Do it!!!
Finish me!
With my dying breath, 
I'll cut you to ribbons. 

Demon King: .....

Ephraim: What are you waiting for?!
Are you fightened?

Demon King: ...Tell me, Prince Ephraim of Renais.
Why do you fight on? Do you think
you accomplish your sad desire?
Can you restore your homeland
from the grave? Overthrow "evil"?
Or protect your sister? 

Ephraim: You won't kill me. I'll do
all these things, fiend...
All these things and more. 
All for my frined Lyon...
I will avenge his soul. 
I won't let his gentle image
be defiled...

*Evil Lyon turns into regular Lyon*

Lyon: .....
I guess it's true...
You haven't changed, Ephraim. 

Ephraim: Huh?
What did you say?

Lyon: .....

Ephraim: What's going on?
You're the Demon King...
You're the ancient evil...
You told me you'd devoured Lyon's
soul, that nothing remained. 
So why did you...
How do you know about me?
It's not...
Could it

Lyon: .....

Ephraim: Is that you...Lyon?

Lyon: Uh-huh...
That's right. 
It's me, Lyon, Prince of Grado. 
I'm not the Demon King. 
Sorry, Ephraim. 
That whole thing about the Demon
King eating my soul and me dying?
That was all a lie. 

Ephraim: Wha--
Why?! Why would you
say such a thing?!

Lyon: Listen, Ephraim. 
I've always loved you. 
I've always hated you. 
I've always looked up to you. 
I wanted to be just like you.
Then one day I realized...
Someone like me could never
become someone like you. 
You and Eirika are...overpowering. 
You bblinded me with your radiance. 
How could I live in your shadowns
and not seethe with jealousy?

Ephraim: Lyon...

Lyon: Before I ever touched the 
Dark Stone...
I had a vision. A vision
of the future of Magvel. 
I saw myself standing with two
roads streched out before me. 
One led to the demon king, 
devouring both my body and soul. 
The other showed me the power to
fight the Demon King's dominion. 
And I, well..

Ephraim: Lyon!

Lyon: Then I acquired the Dark Stone. 
The Demon King began to eat my
soul and corrupt my flesh. 
I almost vanished beneath 
the Demon King's mantle. 
The I remembered you...
My mind blazed into wakefulness.
All at once, my mind shouted
out, "I will not be devoured!"
Just as I was aobut to lose
myself to the Demon King. 
I was able to drive him back. 
The Demon King's desires are
simple--foul, but incomplicated. 
He wants nothing but the destruction, 
conquest, and subjugation of man. 
These shallow desires are nothing
to the dreams of the human heart. 
And of the two roads I had seen, 
I chose the latter. 

Ephraim: .....

Lyon: But I didn't want to appear before
you here in the role of Lyon. 
Lyon, the pireous vistim...
The Demon King, the fiendish villain...
It was all an act--high drama for you
all, to suit this grand occasion. 
That's right, Ephraim. 
I'm the Demon King...
The Demon King is me. 

Ephraim: You lie...
It can't be. It's not possible. 
Lyon was... My friend was kind
and caring...
He was a good person...
But you...
You are not that person!

Lyon: Ephraim...

Ephraim: You... You're the Demon King. 
Lyon is gone, and you are a liar!
You're trying to trick me. 
You're trying to confuse me!
I'm right, aren't I?! Tell me
I'm right, Lyon! TELL ME!

Lyon: I'm sorry, Ephraim. 
Ephraim, listen to me. 
Ten days from now...
When the moon is swalled by shadow...
In Darkling Woods, I will perform 
a ceremony...
Through this ceremony, I will
gain immense power. 
Power not change not only Grado, 
but the entire world. 

Ephraim: Change...the world?

Lyon: But after that...
I cannot save myself. 
I'll become the Demon King of old
and try to destroy all of mankind. 
Ephraim. If you want to stop this, 
you must come to Darkling Woods. 
I want you to come. I need you to 
stop me. You must promise. 

*Lyon warps away and the rest of the group comes up to where they are*

Ephraim: ...Lyon...

Eirika: Brother!
Are you...
You look ill.

Ephraim: ...Is that you, Eirika?
Don't worry. 
It's nothing. 

Eirika:'re so pale. 
What happened?

Ephraim: ...Eirika. 

Eirika: Y-yes?

Ephraim: Lyon is...
Lyon's my friend. 
Forever and always. 

Eirika: Brother...
Let's get out of here. L'arachel 
and the others are worried. 

Seth: ...It appears the enemy
fled over this cliff. 

Eirika: I see no way we can 
pursue him now...

Ephraim: So he got away, is that it?

a bit to fit my format, but huge credit to him for the text. 

Lyon: .....

Eirika: Wait!

Ephraim: Hold, Eirika! Don't go anywhere alone!

Eirika: Lyon's back there! I won't abandon him!

*Eirika moves up a screen*

Eirika: Lyon! Lyoooon!

Lyon: *offscreen* Ei...Eirika...

Eirika: Lyon? Where are you?

Lyon: *offscreen* I'

*Lyon warps in*

Eirika: Lyon... Hold on. I'll save you!

Lyon: Forgive me...Eirika... It's over...for me... The 
Demon King has devoured my soul... I'm mad...and I'm die...

Eirika: Lyon... What should I do? How can I help you? Tell me! 
I'll do anything, but you have to tell me!

Lyon: ...The Sacred Stone... Give me...the stone...

Eirika: What?
Lyon: My being ravaged by the Demon King. If it continues 
unchecked, nothing can save me. But if I had the power of a Sacred Stone... 
I could soul...

Eirika: Lyon...

Lyon: Please...Eirika... I don't want to die yet... I want to live...
with you... If I had the Sacred Stone... I could...heal myself... Please...

Eirika: Could the Sacred Stone really do that? Could it heal you?

Lyon: Yes... Please...Eirika...

Eirika: you, Lyon. I have a stone right here.

*moves to Lyon*

*Lyon changes to Evil Lyon

Evil Lyon: ..... Ah... It's true... A Sacred Stone... Ha ha..... Heh 
heh heh... An abominable Sacred Stone... Here in my grasp.

Eirka: What? Lyon? No... You're--

*turns to dark speech bubble, AKA the Demon King*

Demon King: Ha ha...heh heh heh. How disappointing for you. This 
body is mine now. Nothing reamins of your dear boy's soul.

Eirika: You only pretended to be Lyon... You deceived me. Return him!
Return Lyon now!

Demon King: I'm afraid there's no hope of that. You see, I've devoured
him. Bite by bite, slowly. How I savored it. Nothing remains but this 
suit of flesh I wear. There is nothing to heal. Not even the power 
of a Sacred Stone can craft something from nothing. He cannot be saved.

Eirika: That...can't...

Demon King: Haha... Bwah ha ha ha! I love how humans look when 
they're drowning in despair. Now is the time to be done with this stone.

*Lyon warps out of Eirika's reach*

*Sacred Stone breaks*

Ephraim: *offscreen* Eirika!

Evil Lyon: Oh...caught up, have you? Hmm, I've changed my mind. I'll 
leave the girl alive. Take her. There are memories of you in this flesh I 
wear. And I hunger to see your face bear more suffering and pain.

*Lyon warps away*

*Seth, Innes, L'Arachel, Ephraim, and Myrrh run up to where they are*

Eirika: .....

Ephraim: Eirika! Wake up! Do you know who I am?

Eirika: Brother... Lyon? Lyon's...

Ephraim: Eirika... I know. Don't speak.

Eirika: I...I... Lyon is... He's really...

Ephraim: Let's go back. L'Arachel will be worried, 

Eirika... You can weep now. As much as you need. Weep for me, as well...


L'arachel: There's no cause to be discouraged. 
Beyond these moutains lie the heart
of Darkling Woods. 
Before we enter, we must 
head north to Rausten. 
After all, we still need the
Sacred Stone of Rausten. 
As long as even one stone remains, 
all hope is not lost. 
Come on. We cannot give in to despair
when victory draws so near!

*Chapter ends*

*Ephraim is on the world map*

The Sacred Stone of Renais has been
Constant strife with dark creatures has
made the group's progress near impossible.
Princess L'arachel of Rausten suggests they 
pay a visit to Rausten Court. 
It is here that the final Sacred Stone
is sealed away. 
L'arachel rides cheerfully toward her homeland
with the company in tow. 

=Chapter 19: Last Hope=
Eirika's Version 

L'arachel: Uncle, please, you must keep yourself
safe. We can take care of this. Is everyone ready to go?
*Eirika comes out to fight*
Seth: Princess Eirika, please… Prince Ephraim and I will
handle this.
  Eprhaim: Seth, it’s all right. Eirika can take care of
herself. Isn’t that right, Eirika?
Eirika: Yes. I’m sorry if I troubled you. Let’s go. We
have to protect Pontifex Mansel.
*Battle begins*
*At the beginning of turn 1*
Riev: Heh heh heh...
The day is com ing, and swiftly... The 
day of our triumph, our
Self-righteous fools of Rausten! Where
are your miracles now?!
March on! March, minions of the Demon
King! Your time is upon you!
Tonight, we clain not only
 Pontifex Mansel's
sad life, but also Rausten's Saced Stone!
Heh heh heh... You cretin, Mansel...
I will have my revenge. 
You never should have excommunicated me. 
 Demon King will be your new master!
*View shifts to Eirika*
Eirika: Lyon… You were so selfless. Your generosity
seemed to
 flow from a bottomless well. I’m so sorry, 
Lyon. I couldn’t save you. But I know what you would 
have wanted. I know it as I know my own name. So watch,
Lyon. I will defeat the Demon King.
*Battle ends*
L’Arachel: Behold. Victory is ours!
Eirika: Yes, we did it somehow. I wonder if everyone 
else is okay.
L’Arachel: Eirika? Did you find your answer?
Eirika: Yes. Thank you, L’Arachel. Your words guided
L’Arachel: My-my words? It was nothing… Come, we should
find the Sacred Stone. If anything
 were to happen to it…
Eirika: L’Arachel? Your face is flushed. Is anything amiss?
L’Arachel: N-no, it’s nothing. Nothing at all!

=Chapter 19: Last Hope=
Ephraim's Version

*L'arachel and the lords and Innes and Myrrh ride up to Mansel in Rausten 

L'arachel: Home at last. 
My dear, sweet palace. 
Uncle, I've returned. 

Mansel: Oh, L'arachel! It's good
to see you safe!

L'arachel: Of course I'm safe, Uncle. 
Evil can never defeat the 
forces of righteousness!

Mansel: Ha! You're exactly right, my dear!
Now tell me, who are our guests?

Eirika: Pontifex Mansel of Rausten, allow
me to introduce myself. 
I am Eirika, Princess of Renais.
I come to you today as an 
emissary of Frelia. 

Ephraim: And I am Ephraim, Prince of Renais. 
I come with Eirika to warn you of
the danger our world faces. 

Eirika: It began when...

*Screen blacks out and comes back*

Mansel: ...Hmm, I see. 
That is a tough tale to swallow
all at once...
However, I have heard of the fell
creatures in Darkling Woods. 
You will need the Stone of Rausten
if we have any hope of victory. 

L'arachel: That is so, Uncle. 
I would like permission
to open the temple seal. 

Mansel: Hmm... There's no need to
rush yourself so, L'arachel. 
You're home again, in this 
blessed haven. You should rest.

L'arachel: How can I relax until I kow that
our Sacred Stone is safe?
At the least, I'd like to ensure 
that the temple seal is intact. 

Mansel: Is something amiss?
I think we'll take a night to rest 
after all. Everyone is so exhausted. 
My dear friend Eirika especially has
had a very trying time of late. 


*L'arachel and Eirka are in a room. Eirika is sad.*

Eirika: ..... 

L'arachel: Eirika.

Eirka: Ah...

L'arachel: Don't look so sad. It wreaks such havoc on your beauty.

Eirika: L'Arachel. I... What should I do? Lyon was one of my dearest friends... 
I feel so helpless. There's nothing I can do to help him...

L'arachel: Your friend is gone, Eirika. All that remains is the Demon King, 
masquerading as Lyon. For the good of all humanity, he must be defeated. 
Ah... If only it truly were that easy, though.

Eirika: ...

L'arachel: Eirika... I never knew Prince Lyon. I cannot pretend to 
understand the sadness you must feel. However, 
I do know this... If the Lyon you hold so dear 
were here with you today... What do you think he would want you to do?

Eirika: I can't... .....

L'arachel: There's no need to rush, Eirika. Take your time and think 
it through. You need
to find your own answer. Now then, it's about time we found 
ourselves something to eat. It's hard to be optimistic on an empty stomach.

*Eirika turns back to normal*

Eirika: Yes, I'll be right there. Thank you, L'Arachel.


*Ephraim and Tana are in a room, Ephraim is sad*

Ephraim: .....

Tana: Come on, Ephraim, cheer up. 

Ephraim: What are you talking about, Tana?
There's nothing wrong with 
me. I'm always like this. 

Tana: That's not true. 

I've never seen you look so
sad as you do right now. 
If you're depressed, I'm sure
my brother would worry...
And I...well, I...

Ephraim: .....
Tana. You're the princess of Frelia. 
Perphaps it's unwise of you to be so
friendly to Eirika and me. 
After all, alliances aside, our two
countries' needs may differ. 
Who knows what the future holds? Those
ties could snap in an instant...

Tana: No! Don't say that!

Ephraim: And why not?

Tana: You and Eirika are both my friends.
We come from different countries, 
it's true, but...but...
No matter what happens, the friendship
I feel for you will never change!

Ephraim: .....
I'm sorry, Tana. 
I wasn't thinking straight. 
Please don't cry.

Tana: Ephraim...

Ephraim: You're right, though. 

No matter what happens, the bond
between us wll never disappear. 
And it's because Lyon is my friend
that I have to put an end to this. 
Thank you, Tana. 


*Screen goes outside. It's foggy and you can only see a single soldier. There
is a voice coming from offscreen*

?? (From left): Heh heh heh...
Guard dutY? At this time of night?
Such a dilligent soldier. 

Soldier: Huh?!
Who goes there?

??: (From right)
Where are you looking?
I'm over here. 

Soldier: Wha...

?? (From left): No, no, here. 
I'm over here. 

?? (From right): What's wrong? I'm right here. 
Heh heh heh...

Soldier:  Wha...wha...

?? (Left): Is the darkness too deep
for you to penetrate?
Can't you see what the
night is hiding?

Soldier: A-attack!

*Riev and a Druid warp in and kill the soldier*

Riev: Heh heh heh...
Humans will never conquer darkness. 
The guardian of light, Rausten, will
drown in a never-ending night. 
Come, my prettues. It's time to go. 
The day of Rausten's destruction
has at long last arrived!
*Soldier rides up to mansel*

Soldier: Your holiness! There's been an attack!
We think it's Grado's men, fleeing
from Frelia's forces. 
However, they've breached the palace
defenses at multiple points.

Mansel: What?!

Soldier: The imperial guard is at a terrible
disadvantage of numbers right now. 
It's less a battle th en a slaughter. 
I'm not sure they will be able to hold
out until the Knights of Rausten arrive. 

Mansel: How has this happened?
Our sacred capital invaded?
I must...

L'arachel: Uncle, please, you must keep yourself
safe. We can take care of this. 

Mansel: Is everyone ready to go?

Seth: Prince Ephraim, we'll 
take care of this. 

Eirika: Brother...

Ephraim: I'm sorry. I've been useless
and worse lately. 
I'm over it now. I'm ready
to fight. 
Let's go! Take out the enemy, 
and protect Pontifex Mansel!

*Battle Begins*

*At the beginning of turn 1*

Riev: Heh heh heh...
The day is com ing, and swiftly... The 
day of our triumph, our vengance!
Self-righteous fools of Rausten! Where
are your miracles now?!
March on! March, minions of the Demon
King! Your time is upon you!
Tonight, we clain not only Pontifex Mansel's
sad life, but also Rausten's Saced Stone!
Heh heh heh... You cretin, Mansel...
I will have my revenge. 
You never should have excommunicated me. 
The Demon King will be your new master!


Ephraim: Lyon is my friend. 
No matter what has happened, 
that one fact will not change. 
I know this. I will not falter
in my resolve. 
Lyon, because you're my friend, 
I will strike you down. 


*When you fight Riev*

Riev: Heh heh heh...
One Sacred Stone remains. 
Once it is destroyed, darkness
will consume the world. 
What will you do? Will you
cower in fear? Heh heh heh...

*When you defeat Riev*

Riev: Heh heh heh...
No! No!
It's been so long. 
I got carried away. 
I'd best stop and withdraw for now. 
Follow me. Come to Darkling Woods...
The Demon King awaits
your pleasure...
*Go to battle ends*

*At the end of turn 13, Battle ends*


Ephraim: That takes care of that. 

Tana: Ephraim!
I'd glad to see that
your spirits are up. 

Ephraim: Ah, Tana. 
And I have you to 
thank for it. 

Tana: It was nothing. 
As long as you're back
to your old self, 
that is thanks enough. 

*Ephraim leads Myrrh and the lords to the temple shrine*

L'arachel: I'm holding it in my very hand!
The Stone of Rausten!
Its glorious radiance suits my
complexion, wouldn't you say?

Ephraim: This is it. The last one. The
last remaining Sacred Stone. 

L'arachel: It is. And the time to defeat
the Demon King draws near. 

Eirika: We should be leaving. 
We hace to act before those
creatures gain more momentum. 

Myrrh: Yes. We should make haste. 
The poison spreads. It is
growing ever stronger. 

Ephraim: Where?

Myrrh: Darkling Woods...
Where the Demon King fell...

*They go back to the hall*

Mansel: L'arachel, must you leave
so soon?
You've only just returned, 
and you have to leave?

L'arachel: Uncle, defeating evil is the
highest calling I can perform. 

Mansel: Of course, my dear. It is
a divine calling, but...

L'arachel: You needn't worry, Uncle. 
After all, I'm nt on my 
own. I have my friends. 

Mansel: I see.
You've been blessed, L'arachel. 
Blessed with many good friends. 

L'arachel: I am indeed, Uncle. 
And they, in turn, are
blessed with me!
Farewell, Uncle. 
I shall return. 
Once evil has been vanquished, 
we'll all return safe and sound.

Mansel: Hold on. Not
so fast now. 
I have something else for
Prince Ephriam as well. 

Ephraim: For me?

Mansel: That's right, Prince. I'd like
you to accept this gift. 

Ephraim: But this is...

L'arachel: Oh! Aren't those...
Aren't those the Sacred
Twins of Rausten?

Mansel: That's right, dear niece. 
These are the weapons of Saint Latona, 
most holy father of Rausten.
Here, we have glorious Ivaldi, and its
twin, the divine Staff of Latona. 
I will also  soare some funding to feed
and arm your forces. 
After all, these is much that you must
do before you leave these halls. 

*Got Ivaldi, Latona, and 10,000 Gold*

L'arachel: So they are the blessed Latona's
most sacred relics...
Is this allowed?

Mansel: I know the law, L'arachel. These relics
must never leave the temple, 
with the sole exception of the
occasional ascention ceremony, 
but I think that, when the world needs
saving, we can make the odd exception. 

L'arachel: That's my uncle!

Mansel: You wil return them, of course...
once you've finished your task. 
Prince Ephraim, I would
have your oath on this. 

Ephraim: Of course. 

L'arachel: But Darkling Woods is home to naught
but demons now. 
Indeed, I hear tell that none who
enter its borders ever leave again. 
We ought to stock up on supplies
in town before we set out. 

Ephraim: Yes, I think stocking up would
be in our best interest. 
I intend to see that we all
return unarhmed. 

*If there are 6 or more NPCs alive when the battle ends*

Soldier: Princess L'arachel!

L'arachel: My beloved countrymen!
The combat was fierce, but you 
protected the palace honorably. 
The valorous Knights of Rausten
shall live on in story and song!

Soldier: Thank you, my lady. As always, 
it is our honor to serve. 
Prince Ephrai, before you 
go, please take this sword. 
We pray for your swift and
safe return!

Ephraim: As I pray for your safety, too. 
I won't let your valorous deeds
be wasted this day!

L'arachel: As long as the righteousness of
justice fills our hearts, 
how can we lose? Men, I ask that
you watch after my dear uncle. 

Soldier: You have our world, my lady. In the
twin names of justice and order!

*Got Light Brand*

*Chapter ends*

*Ephraim is on the world map*

According to legend, the Sacred Stones
have sealed evil away from the world. 
Four of the fives stones have been destroyed, 
leaving only the last stone intact. 
The last stone must be protected to stave
off the Demon King's restoration. 
Epraim and company challenge the demons of
Darkling Woods. 
According to legend. 
the original possessers of the Sacred Stones
defeated the Demon King in Darkling Woods. 
His foul blood seeped into the land, 
corrupting every seed and every root. 
The once-pristine forest was transformed by
the flood of disease and venom. 
Legend says the Demon King's corpse lies
there still, not dead but dreaming. 
Dreaming of when the last stone is crushed, 
and he will rise from his bad of rocks and
worms and return to the surface. 
Deep within Darklign Woods, misshaped beasts
roam in ever-growing numbres...
as if answering come unheard call. 

=Chapter 20: Darkling Woods=
*Evil Lyon is smiling and standing in front of the Black Temple*
Evil Lyon: Mm… hah hah… A moment more, and my rebirth 
will be unstoppable-irreversible. None remain who can stop
me now.
*A man comes over*
???: So, you’ve returned, have you?
*Evil Lyon’s speech bubble turns black, he stops smiling*
Evil Lyon: Hm?
???: You can clothe yourself in human flesh, but you cannot
hide your foul mien. Eight hundred years wasn’t long enough,
Demon King.
Evil Lyon: One of the dragonkin, hm? Ah. I’ve seen your face
before, lizard. Yes, during that accursed battle so long ago. When
those wretched men bound me in their fetters. They fought with
an ally from the dragonkin at their side… I believe his name was
Morva: The protection of the blessed stones is lost. The dark is
rising. Malevolence given will and form now walks these lands
unopposed. Ancient king of shadows… they appear to be waiting
for you.
Evil Lyon: Very perceptive. And now I am here. I must tell them 
their wait is over. I must tell them I have been reborn. Begone,
dragon. I am changed. I can no longer be stopped by the likes of
Morva: I live and breathe to protect mankind. I cannot abandon 
them to you. Now, as it once did so long ago, these woods will
witness your defeat.
Evil Lyon: So, your dragon blood still runs so hot that you would
dare to try to stop me? Dragons. That reminds me… Not long back,
I fought a rabble of men who traveled with a dragon child. Tell me,
Morva, was that your daughter?
Morva: …Myrrh left this place long ago to test the limits of your
influence. Could she have…
Evil Lyon: Could she have what? Pray, continue. 
Morva: You will answer me. Your reply will determine…
Evil Lyon: Ha ha ha ha ha… Such information had no use to you
now. You have dared to challenge me. You have no time for joy
or sorrow. No, best to focus now on this, the moment of your
death. I would hate for you to miss it.
*After Battle*
Eirika: We have to stop him before he can begin the ritual. Let’s 
waste no time, Brother.
Myrrh: …I’m sorry… father…
*Eirika moves over to Myrrh*
Eirika: Myrrh… What is it?
Myrrh: Um… I… I just met with my father. I had not seen or spoken
with him for quite a while.
Eirika: You saw your father? Then we must speak with him-
Myrrh: No… He told me he couldn’t see you. He said it wasn’t a
good idea for him to meet so many people. As the tribal chieftain, he
feels he should maintain his distance.
Eirika: Is that so… That’s too bad.
Myrrh: But he offered me words of encouragement and praised my
efforts thus far. He told me in his kindly voice to come home to him
safely. I will do my best to honor his faith in me.
Eirika: He sounds like a good father.
Myrrh: He is… Mistress Eirika… I’ll do all I can. For my father-and 
for all of you as well. I will help you, and we will defeat the Demon
Eirika: Are you sure you want to go with us, Myrrh? You had so wanted
to be with your father…
Myrrh: Yes… I’m sure. Once we are finished dealing with this evil, I
will have time then. Let’s hurry, Mistress Eirika.
Eirika: Myrrh… I understand. Let’s get moving. The faster we can
end this nightmare, the better. 
Myrrh: From this building… a repulsive energy oozes. The Demon King…
He’s here.
*View switches to Lyon running deeper into the Black Temple*
Lyon: Urr… rrraa…
*Okay, now Lyon still looks normal, but you see a black speech bubble.
We all know it’s the Demon King, so I’ll just use Demon King when that happens*
Demon King: Lyon… It’s almost time. Your beloved Eirika is on her way.
Lyon: Eirika… Don’t… come. It’s… already…
Demon King: Ha ha… Lyon, prince of frailty. To believe that a weak
man like you thought to oppose me… You’re an arrogant little insect,
nothing more. And now, you’re dead… I will devour you, and you 
will be lost forever.
Lyon: Urr… ugh… Uh! Grrraaaaa!!
Demon King: Ha ha. Does it hurt? Are you suffering? Oh, but it
does not end for you yet. Oh, no. I’ve left you this one shard of 
awareness for a reason. I want you to watch yourself as you crush
Eirika. You should thank me! Ha ha… hah hah hah!
Lyon: Ei… Eirika…

=Chapter 20: Darkling Woods=
Ephraim's Version

*Lyon is near the black temple*

Lyon: ...
The time grows near. 

*Morva pops up*

Morva: ...Hold. 

Lyon: Huh?

Morva: What are you doing here, human?
You should return to your own kind. 
This is no place for you to tread. 
This is darkness's domain...
This is desecrated land. 

Lyon: That's why I've come.
I have the power of the Demon 
King. I will save us all. 

Morva: You...
Evil grips your heart...
No--you've given your heart to evil. 

Lyon: .....

Morva: What a tragedy...
Human flesh cannot contain the
demon. It cannot control him. 
You think yourself safe, but
already, your control slips. 
I see the madness eating at you. 
I see the beginning of the end. 

Lyon: You're wrong. This...
I do this of my own will...
I will save Grado's people. 

Morva: .....

Lyon: I had a vision...
I saw my life traveling two roads.
Down one, the Demon King conquers
both my body and soul. 
Down the other, I master the Demon
King, and with that power...urg...
With that power, I avert disaster. 
I gave the people a better future.
I resist the Demon King's attempts to 
wrest away my will...
I saw this, and I made my decision. 
I walk the second road. 

Morva: You fool...
The Demon King has blinded you to his
true wish. How can you not see it?
He's had you since the moment you 
first held the Dark Stone. 
He has been hiding within you, luring you
deeper into the shadows of his heart. 
He commands you and remakes you to suit
his dark design. 

Lyon: ...You're wrong...

Morva: You thnk yourself unchanged?
You think yourself the master?
I see only more evidence that the
Demon King commands you now. 
Can you not sense--

Lyon: It's not true! I...
I will save everyone. 

Morva: Think back! Remember!
Are you truly the man you used to be?
Would you justify war and murder
to bring about peace and justice?
Remeber who you were, and tell me
if you are still yourself!

Lyon: .....
All of this matters not. I know
the Demon King has claimed me. 
It is not important...
Not if I can save the world. 
My own soul is irrelevant. 

Morva: ...It is as I feared. You will
not give up this madness. 
I am Morva, the dragonkin who guards
the enterance to these woods. 
I do not have the ability to save you. 
All I can do is destroy the demon that
coils around your heart. 
To prevent the further
damnation of your soul...
I can only grant you eternal sleep. 

Lyon: I cannot sleep. 
I have not yet--
There is no taboo I will not break, 
no sacrifice. I will not make...

Morva: ...You are beyond reason. 
Therefore I, too, must 
do what I was born to do. 
As it was in that ancient battle...
You will die here, Demon King. 

Lyon: .....

*Screen goes to Ephraim's group, on the edge of the forest*

Ephraim: This awful darkness...

Eirika: I know...
I can feel it too. 

Seth: This is Darkling Woods...
It was here the heroes met the Demon King
and with the Sacred Stones defeated him. 
I've heard the lingering energies of that
battle are the source of the monsters. 
But I never imagined it would be as bad 
as this...

Myrrh: It's worse then before...
It's grown so much stronger. 
Simply standing here is
a struggle...
But we don't need to worry. 
My father is here. He'll
take care of everything. 

Eirika: Your Father?

Myrrh: Over there. 
On the other side of that swamp is
the Black Temple of the Demon King. 
My father stands guard near it. 
This is where my father and I have
lived for as long as I can remember. 

Ephraim: I see. So this forest
is like a home to you. 

Myrrh: Uh-huh...
My foster father leads the
dragon tribe. 
In the last great war... both
of my true parents were killed. 
Morva took me in and raised me
as though I were his own child. 

Ephraim: So that's how you 
came to live here...

Myrrh: My father holds back the monsters
that are born in Darkling Woods. 
He's so strong, and so very gentle. 
One day, I hope to be like him...

Ephraim: Myrrh, what is it?
Seth: Prince Ephraim, Princess Eirika, 
we're under attack. 
A horde of thouse foul beasts 
is headed straight for us. 

Myrrh: .....

Ephraim: Myrrh, are you well? If your'e
ill, we should get you to--

Myrrh: No, no... It's nothing.
I'll fight with you. 
I'll fight, and we'll drive 
back the dark children. 

*Lyon (Evil form) is at the temple with Riev*

Evil Lyon: Ha ha ha ha...
I'm leaving this to you.

Riev: Heh heh heh...
As you wish. 
Please proceed with the rites
of resurrection, sire. 

*Battle begins*

*At the end of turn 1*

Riev: Heh heh heh...
It happens soon!
The Demon King will be restored
to all his former glory!
And I, his faithful servant, will
bask in his radiant power...
Then, oh, then I will have my 
revenge on those who scorned me!
The Demon King has created for me 
a fine weapon--a draco zombie!
This hierce beast and I will guard
the Black Temple's enterance. 

As long as we stand watch, no one
will interrupt his rituals. 
We will drown all who dare approach 
in this virulent mud!
Heh heh heh...
heh heh heh heh heh!

*When you fight Riev*

Riev: Grr...
Your eyes annoy me...
Why do you not despair?
Why do you not surrender?

*When you kill Riev*

Riev: Heh heh heh...
Even if you defeat me, you're 
too late to stop it. 
The one true demon...
will rise...

*If you fight Morva with Myrrh*

Myrrh: ...Urrgh...

*When you seize the gate*

Ephraim: So this is the Black Temple...
The Demon King is here. 

Eirika: We have to stop him before he
can begin the ritual. 
Let's waste no time, Brother. 

*Myrrh is outside*

Myrrh: .....
I'm sorry...
Forgive me...Father.

?? (Probably Ephraim or Eirika from off screen): Myrrh!
Where are you?


Myrrh: Ah...

Ephraim: Here you are. 
Myrrh, we were worried...
Are you...crying?

Myrrh: N-no...
It's nothing. 
The poison in these woods is
thick. It burns my eyes. 

Ephraim: What a minute...
That dragon...
Could he have been--

Myrrh: O-of course not...
There's nothing wrong...
After everything you all
have suffered, this is--
I can't... This is nothing...

Ephraim: Myrrh...

Myrrh: Ephraim...

Ephraim: I'm so sorry. 
You kept silent this whole time
so as not to trouble us. 

Myrrh: ...
E-everything's fine, Ephraim...
I'm fine. See?
I'm ready

Ephraim: Myrrh.
Let yourself cry. 
These are dark times. There's
no reason to hide your sorrow. 

Myrrh: Ephraim...
I, I...
...Aaah... Sniff...

*Screen goes to Lyon in the temple*

*Flashback to 1 year ago, Lyon, Knoll, and Vigarde are in the Grado Castle*

Lyon: ...Father!
Hold on, please!

Vigarde: Lyon...
This is...the end for me. 
From now

Lyon: Don't say that, Father.

Vigarde: You must concern yourself...
with Grado...
The people...our people
must be saved...
Lyon...tell me again. 
What will happen to Grado?

Lyon: I have seen it many times now, as
have the court mages. 
It's the same every time, Father. 
It's always the same. 
Sometime in the ocming years, the 
southern continent will collapse. 
Coultless people will die instantly.
Those who don't will likely starve. 

Vigarde: .....

Lyon: None but the mages and I know of
the vision, as you ordered. 
But...if we don't do something, 
all of those people will die.
Please tell me, Father. 
What should I do?

Vigarde: Lyon...
When I die...
You will become emperor...
The emperor...
must protect his country. 
There is nothing more...
that I can do. 
I's you... You must 
protect our people. 

Lyon: B-but, Father...
I don't have the power. 
If I ask Eirika and Ephraim for 
help, I'm sure they would--

Vigarde: You would ask Renais to rescue us
from...a natural disaster?
They would not help us...
Grado's borders would overflow with
starving refugees by the thousands. 
Renais would close her borders to 
us. It's only natural...
Renais has a duty to protet herself. 

Lyon: No, that would never--

Vigarde: Lyon...
You are the one...
who our people. 
You must take my place...
The citizens of Grado...
are counting

Lyon: Father?!
I cannot do anything without
you, Father!

*Vigarde leaves...probably fell to the ground dead*

Lyon: Fa...Father...

Knoll: His Highness...

Lyon: I am..weak.
Because I am weak...people will die. 

*Knoll and Lyon go in a hall*

Knoll: Prince Lyon...

Lyon: Knoll...
Open the seal on the
Sacred Stone of Grado. 

Knoll: The Sacred Stone?
But that's...

Lyon: You've seen the scrolls. You know there
is a way to stop the coming disaster. 
If those scrolls are correct, the rites
they describe can save all of Grado. 
But it will require a staggering amount
of dark energy--and a sacrifice as well. 
The human body cannot contain the powers
these rites demand...
And yet...
Of the five Sacred Stonse, Grado's
alone possesses a greater power...
It is the very prison housing the soul
of the ancient Demon King. 
If we could harness its power, well...
If we can do that, we can avert
disaster and save countless lives...

Knoll: But you forget...

Lyon: I forget nothing!
I know I am too weak. 
Because of me, all of Grado
will be destroyed. 
I need...
I need the Sacred Stone. 
I must become stronger. 
I will become stronger. 

*Back to the present, with Lyon in the temple*

Lyon: Everything is in readiness. 
The Stones have been destroyed. 
The Demon King's power swells.
The Black Temple possesses all
the demonic power I will need. 
The rites can begin. 
All that remains is for me to
sacrifice my life...
The disaster will be averted.
My people will be saved...

*Chapter ends*

=Final Chapter: Sacred Stone=
*Flashback to 1 ½ years ago, Eirika and Lyon are in the garden in Grado*
Lyon: When tomorrow comes… You have to go home, don’t you?
Eirika: Yes… Thank you for everything, Lyon. I’ll never forget the 
time I spent here.
Lyon: Do you think we’ll see each other again?

Eirika: Yes, of course. My brother and you and me. We are friends,
after all. Aren’t we?
Lyon: Eirika… Yep, you’re right.
Eirika: I hope your study of the Sacred Stones is fruitful. I know you’ll
use the wisdom you glean to make you people happy.
Lyon: Thank you, Eirika. You know, you’re the only reason I was able
to save that girl. There were times when I wanted to give up, to admit
failure. But you were always there. You were always encouraging me
to succeed. That’s what kept me going. I just thought of you.
Eirika: Lyon…
Lyon: Eirika… I… I’ve always… I’m sorry. …Forget what I was saying.
I could never be like Ephraim.
Eirika: Lyon, what do you-
Lyon: I guess this is it, Eirika. Hope to see you again someday. I’m going
to focus on my work and do my best until that day. My research will progress,
and my discoveries will benefit us all. One day, I will be a prince worthy of
you, and I will see you again.
*Flashback ends, Eirika, Ephraim, Myrrh, L’Arachel, and Innes ride up to
Lyon in the Black Temple*
Eirika: Lyon!
Lyon: …Eirika?
Eirika: Lyon… It is you, isn’t it, Lyon?!
Lyon: Yes… But I’m… I’m almost completely gone. Before I’m lost
entirely, I want to apologize. I’m sorry, Eirika. This is all my fault.
I was too weak…
Eirika: You’re not to blame, Lyon. It was the Demon King. He was
controlling you…
Lyon: No, that’s not true, Eirika. When the Demon King reached 
into me from inside the Dark Stone… When he whispered he would
see all my dreams and desires made true… I… I did not reject him.
In the shadows of my heart, he saw jealousy… vanity… It was my
weakness that put these emotions there, allowed them to thrive.
Eirika: Everyone has weaknesses, Lyon. You’re not the only one. 
I do. I’m sure my brother does… Don’t hate yourself for having
these feelings, please.
Lyon: Thank you, Eirika. You were always… so kind. The Demon
King will claim my flesh as a vessel for his resurrection. Before that
can happen… I want you to kill me. I’m sorry, Eirika. I’m already-
Eirika: …
*Light dims slightly, Lyon’s speech bubble becomes black*
Demon King: Oh, please… Are you done turning your failings into
some sad epic of personal tragedy? It’s time we started then. I have a
ritual to complete… and some nuisances to kill.

Eirika: Shut your mouth. I won’t allow you to desecrate Lyon’s body 
any further. You will not return to this world. I will stop you myself 
if I must.
Demon King: Ah, is that so? And do you honestly think yourself 
capable, wench? You once prayed for this fool’s salvation. Can you
bring yourself to kill him?
Eirika: I can and I will. I made a promise to Lyon, and I intend to 
honor it.
*Battle begins*
If you fight Evil Lyon with Eirika…
Eirika: Lyon… I hope you’re watching. I will defeat the Demon King.
Evil Lyon: Hah, do you really think your blade can hurt me? Cut me 
and see! If you can even hit me, that is.
*After Battle*
*Lyon falls on to his stomach, Eirika runs over to him, Ephraim stays a bit
behind her*
Lyon: …
Eirika: Lyon!
Ephraim: Be careful,
Eirika: It’s all right. He’s Lyon. Lyon…
Lyon: Ei… Eirika… Is… that
Eirika: Yes, Lyon. It’s me.
Lyon: Eirika… You stopped me, didn’t you? I’m
Eirika: Lyon… Lyon…
Lyon: Listen… Eirika… I never had the courage to tell
 you, but…
I’ve always loved you…
*Lyon dies*
Eirika: …Lyon…
Ephraim: …
*Same until the Demon King starts talking* 
Demon King: …The time has come… …My resurrection is at hand…
*The room goes dark*
Demon King: Now, humans… Lament your fate. Weep for the dead. 
Despair for the living. Wail and tremble in grief. Grovel in awe and 
fear. I am returned.
*Demon King appears*
Eirika: Is… is that… the… Demon King?
Ephraim: Eirika.
Eirika: Brother…
Ephraim: Don’t be afraid, Eirika. I’m here. Our friends are here.
We have the Sacred Stone, and we have each other. We will not
lose. We will defeat him. 
Eirika: You’re right, Brother! 
*The group you used in battle runs up behind you*
Eirika: L’Arachel! It’s time. We have to
 use the final Sacred Stone. 
We must use its power against the Demon King, as in the stories of
L’Arachel: You must listen to me, Eirika. The stories are true; the 
stone does hold the power to stop the Demon King. However, the
source of its power is human will, the desire for peace within
our hearts.
Eirika: In our hearts?
L’Arachel: Yes, that’s right. We need not pray for the Sacred Stones
to aid us now. No, we need only focus ourselves and concentrate on
a better future. 
Eirika: I understand, L’Arachel. Listen, everyone. I can never repay
you for all you’ve done so far. Now, please, one last time… Lend me
 strength. To defeat the Demon King! To restore peace to our lands!
To take the peace we all dream of and make it real!
*Everyone makes a dramatic speech*
Ephraim: Is everyone ready? We’re going to win.
Seth: My only wish is to serve and protect the two of you…
Innes: Bah… I am in NO way inferior to this so-called Demon King.
Tana: There’s nothing to fear. I’ll protect everyone!
Vanessa: Please, let everyone come through this unscathed…
Duessel: We must be steel blades with which to pierce the enemy.
Cormag: Defeat the foe. Nothing else matters.
Joshua: So, what’s Lady Luck have in store for me today?
Saleh: Hm… Can my magic prevail?
Myrrh: I’ll do what I can.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Same goes for me!
Eirika: Let’s finish this.
Demon King: Gaa...grr...
Abomiable Sacred Stone...
I will not suffer imprisonment again. 
How? You possess only one...
Do not fool yourselves. You cannot
fully imprison me...
I will grind that wretched rock and
your accursed bones to powder!
*The Stone rises up, the screen shakes, and the Demon King's soul flies out 
of his body into the stone*
Eirika: There! 
L’Arachel: We did it. The Demon King’s soul has been bound once
more. But, Eirika, it’s not over yet. The Demon King’s soul rages
against its prison. We must return it to its proper place-and quickly.
But first, we must defeat the Demon King’s soulless body!
Eirika: That
L’Arachel: Uh-huh… The real battle’s just beginning. Our 
ancestors paid dearly for their victory. A mountain of corpses…
It’s written the Demon King was surrounded by the dead before he 
finally fell.
Seth: We’re all prepared to do what must be done.
Eirika: I have no desire to make any more heartbreaking sacrifices.
I promised we would all return safely, and return safely we shall!
*Battle begins*
If you fight the Demon King with Eirika…
Eirika: Lyon… Lend me strength!
*Same until twins enter Renais’ throne room*
Eirika: We’ve finally made it home, haven’t we?
Ephraim: Aaah. You must be exhausted after the journey. Shall 
we rest, Eirika?
Eirika: That would be nice… But first we
 must seal this away…
This stone banished the Demon King. With such power… Do 
you suppose we could bring back Father and Lyon… That 
everyone who died in this dreadful war could be-
*Ephraim moves closer to Eirika*
Ephraim: Eirika.
Eirika: I know, I know. Such things would be-I cannot wish for
such things. No matter how it hurts, or rather because it hurts,
we must learn to accept sorrow. We must take it into our 
hearts and tame our grief…
Ephraim: Eirika… Tell me, Sister… If Lyon were here with us,
what do you think he would want?
Eirika: What he would want?
Ephraim: Yes. You see, I think I know. It was the reason for his
studies. It’s why he wanted to know about the Sacred Stones-or
rather the Fire Emblem. Let’s take Lyon’s dreams and fulfill them
in his stead. We can do that, can’t we? Without relying on any 
mystic power? 
Eirika: You’re right, Brother, we can. Let us fulfill his dreams. 
As Lyon wanted, as we all want… So we may live in peace 
and joy.

=Final Chapter: Sacred Stone=


*Flashback to 1/2 Years ago, Lyon and Eprhraim are in a castle courtyard*

Ephraim: Don't make that face. 
We'll see each other again. All
three of us--you, me, and Eirika. 

Lyon: Yeah... I know. 
But when we get older, when we each
take the reigns of our nations, 
we probably won't meet again... Not
like this, I mean. Not as friends. 

Ephraim: What's that got to do with anything?
Kings are humans, too. Emperors
need noy be friendless, you know. 

Lyon: I suppose you're right. You have a knack
for cutting to the heart of things. 
But becoming a king or an emperor is
not something you can take lightly. 
I really dont think we'll be the
same people we are right now...
What is Renais and Grado went to war?
What if we were forced to fight?

Ephraim: Don't be ridiculous.
That would never happen. 

Lyon: If...
If it did...
We'd still be friends, 
wouldn't we?

Renais: Even if that happens, yes. 
We're friends forever. Nothing
can change that. You'll see. 

Lyon: Hm...
All right, Ephraim. 
Then I will see you again. 

*Unflashback, Ephraim's group rides up to Lyon*

Ephraim: Lyon. 

Lyon: You came after all, Ephraim. 
I'm glad. 

Ephraim: Lyon. 
Is this... Is this my fault?
Am I responsible for how
much you've changed?
I havne't seen you for
two years now...
Have you..hated me
that entire time?

Lyon: No, Ephraim. 
I was never dishonest. I liked
you both. I still do. 
But I was envious of you, too. 
That's why I...desired this. 
You may not believe me when 
I tell you this, but...
Even now, after all this, I
still consider you a friend. 

Ephraim: Lyon...
You know that I do, too. 
I spoke the truth to you...
I truly thought that we
would always be friends.
That's why I...
I have to stop you. 

Lyon: Of course. I know...
You are Ephraim, after all. 
You could do no less, my friend. 
Well, come then, Ephraim. 
Try and stop me. 
I will defeat you, and then I 
will save the people of Grado. 
No one...
No one will stand in my way. 


*Lyon warps away, battle begins*

*When you fight Lyon*

Lyon: I am the Demon King...
I know nothing of human
frailty. I am supreme...

*If you fight Lyon with Ephraim if you took Ephraim's route*

Lyon: Tell me, Ephraim: Do I look
like I've grown stronger?
The last time we dueled, I 
was too weak to test you. 
Why, I was so weak, I even
lost to Eirika...

Ephraim: .....

Lyon: I've sacrified the lives
of many good people. 
I've commited many
unforgivable sins.
The caring heart I once
possessed died long ago...
And I've grown stronger 
because of it. 
I've grown strong enough to
defeat even you, Ephraim. 

Ephraim: ...No, you haven't. You're
still no match for me. 
You were never one for 
combat. It's not in you. 
You should never have
chosen this path. 

Lyon: .....

Ephraim: .....
Here I come, Lyon. 

*When you defeat Lyon*

Lyon: Where...
Where did
I go wrong...

*Battle ends, Lyon is lying on the ground*


Lyon: I guess that proves it. 
You're too strong, Ephraim. 
I've always...

Ephraim: Lyon!

Lyon: You know, Ephraim...
I always wanted to be you. 
I wanted to be strong and handsome...
With Eirika always at my side...
That's what I wanted to be. 
I had...
I had nothing...

Ephraim: Don't be ridiculous, Lyon. 
Who was it that taught me history?
Who covered for me when I stumbled?
Didn't you see how I looked up to you?
I admired your compassion, your wisdom, 
your thoughtfulness....

Lyon: Oh, yeah...
That seems so long ago..
I did keep you out of trouble, didn't I?
Thanks for remembering. 
See? You're thoughtful, too...

Ephraim: Lyon...
Wait! Don't close your eyes!
I'm going to save you!
I'll find a way! I...

Lyon: No, don't...
Thanks, anyway. 
It was all my fault...
Don't look so sad. 
C'mon, Ephraim, smile. 
Like you used to...

Ephraim: ...Lyon...

*Lyon's body warps away*

Ephraim: What?!

Eirika: Brother! 
Lyon's body! It's...


Text Box: ...The time has come...
...My resurrection is at hand...

*Screen goes black, except for one text box*

Heh heh...heh heh heh...
Well done, Lyon. 
The sacrifice of your flesh and
the sum of your efforts...
They were all for naught. 
Grado's disaster cannot be averted. 
My resurrection is at hand. 
All this time, you imagined yourself
in possession of your own free will, 
but it was I who planted the seed
from which your ambitions grew. 
My deciet made you my puppet, and oh, how
you danced at the end of my strings. 
You could never have been saved. 
It's a shame, isn't it, Lyon?
And now I...
I am reborn. 

*Some fancy lightning and stuff happens, and The Demon King appears, your 
group rides up*


Ephraim: Demon King! You are responsivle
for all the misery we've seen!
Lyon... My friend...
You're the one...

Eirika: Brother...
This power...
It's different. 

Ephraim: I know. This poweri s greater
then anything we've ever faced. 
But none of that matters. 
I've learned so much...
My lance is stronger than ever. 
That thing the decieved and murdered
my friend...
No matter what happens, I'm
going to destroy it!

*Your group rides up*

Ephraim: L'arachel!
It's time to use it. Prepare the
last Sacred Stone!
We have to use its powre on that
beast, like in the legends!

L'arachel: You must listen to me, Ephraim. 
The stories are true: the stone does
hold the power to stop the Demon King. 
However, the source of its power is human
will, the desire for peace within our hearts. 

Ephraim: In our hearts...

L'arachel: Yes, that's right. 
We need not pray for the Sacred
Stone to aid us now. 
No, we need only focus ourselces and
concentrate on a better future. 

Ephraim: I understand. 
Everyone! Listen to me!
This is the final battle. If we 
can defeat this thing, it's over. 
We msut face the king of demons, the
monster that once ruled all Magvel. 
He's more powerful then any one 
of us here.
But we have something that
beast will never have. 
We have community, friendship, love...
We have all the virtues of humanity. 
That is our weapon. 
That is our strength. 

Eirika: Let's finish this. 

*Everyone proceeds to say something dramatic. Only the people you brough with
you talk, so I don't have them all. Once I do, I'll add them in*

Demon King: Gaa...grr...
Abomiable Sacred Stone...
I will not suffer imprisonment again. 
How? You possess only one...
Do not fool yourselves. You cannot
fully imprison me...
I will grind that wretched rock and
your accursed bones to powder!

*The Stone rises up, the screen shakes, and the Demon King's soul flies out of
his body into the stone*

Ephraim: Did we do it?

L'arachel: Yes, we did it. The Demon King's
soul has been bound once more. 
But, Ephraim, it's not over yet. 
The Demon King's soul rages
against its prison. 
We must return it to its proper
place--and quickly. 
But first, we must defeat the 
Demon King's soulless body!

Ephraim: That thing?

L'arachel: Uh-huh...
The real battle's just beginning. 
Our ancestors paid dearly for their
victory. A mountain of corpses...
It's written the Demon King was surrounded
by the dead before he finally fell. 

Seth: We are all prepared to 
do what must be done. 

Ephraim: No... I'll do it. 
I have no intention of 
seeing anyone else die!


*Battle with the Demon King,Fomortiis, begins*

*When you fight the Demon King with Ephraim if you took his route*

Ephraim: Demon King...
I'm going to kill you!

*When you kill Fomortiis, his body turns to dust*

Eirika: That's it. It's over, isn't it?

L'arachel: Yes. Evil has been imprisoned, 
locked away. 
The legends of old have been
mirrored in our actions today. 

Innes: No, we've done far more then the
legends ever told. 
We've destroyed the Demon King's
body. He can never come back. 

Eirika: That's right. And we have you
all to thank for it. 

Ephraim: And another thing...
In that ancient battle, it took the might
of the five heroes to do what we did. 
We did not have their extraordinary 
power to draw upon. 

Eirika: No we dind't. We conquered darkness and
retored peace to the land, thanks to you. 
It was because you never gave in, you never
stopped fighting. None of you, not once. 
Thank you...

Vanessa: This means we've accomplished
our mission!
I must relay the good news to 
King Hayden at once. 

Tana: Yes. I'm sure Father will
be most pleased.
Brother! This means peace will
be restored, doens't it?
Shall I fly back to Frelia and 
let him know?

Innes: There's no need to rush. 
I'ms ure he knows. After all, we were
together, and that ensured our victory. 

Syrene: Of course, Prince Innes...

Moulder: Hmm... Looks like we're on the
outside looking in, eh?
Even so, the fighting's over. And
that's something to be happy about. 

Gilliam: Exactly. 

Gerik: Well that took some doing, but
we finally finished the job. 

Tethys: We certainly earned our pay...
Please tell me we're going to enjoy it. 

Marisa: Let's go home, Chief. 

Gerik: Let's see now...
Shall we head back to Jehanna?
I guess we could stop in at the guild
and get our next contract, eh?

Tethys: But the queen's gone...
I wonder what Jehanna will do now. 

Gerik: I'm sure it'll all work out. 
After all's said and done, it's our home. 
C'mon. It's time for Gerik's band to ride. 

Marisa: Let's go. 

Joshua: .....
...Hm... Heads. 
Looks like I should be
getting back as well. 
Homecoming time...

Natasha: It's over, isn't it?
The demon that drove Grado to 
madness is dead and gone. 

Amelia: I-I can't believe that I was part
of this whole thing...

Cormag: The war is over. But so much
remains to be done. 
Our country lost this war. The
road ahead will be long and hard. 

Duessel: That's true. And yet...
It's a road we must ravel. 
That's the burden survivors
must shoulder. 

Knoll: Yes. And we must fulfill the dreams
of Emperor Vigarde and Prince Lyon. 

L'arachel: Dozla, Rennac. 
We've done it. 

Dozla: Gwaa ha ha! And a job well done
it was, Princess L'arachel. 

Rennac: Whew... It's finally over. 
So it's about time for me to...

L'arachel: Hold it! I have you
no orders to leave!
I am the princess of 
Rausten, lest you forget. 
I have many missions
yet to fulfill. 
Come, Dozla, Rennac. 
It's time to go!

Dozla! Gwaa ha ha! Wait up!
Let's move, Rennac!

Rennac: ...Sigh. 

Myrrh: .....

Saleh: .....

Myrrh: The Darkness... It's gone. 

Saleh: Yes. 
That's the end. 

Myrrh: I guess so...

Saleh: Let's return home, 
Lady Myrrh.
Our friends and family will
be worrying about us. 

Ewan: What? Hey, Teacher!
Where are you going? ait
up. I'm coming with you.

Garcia: YOu did well, Ross. 
You're a true warrior, 
my pride and joy. 

Ross: But you're still the best, Father!
That's right! My father's the
best warrior in all Magvel!

Colm: Bah, I'm glad everyone's so
happy, but...
They'd better not forget that
they won only with our help. 
Right, Neimi?

Neimi: We all worked...together. 
Wasn't...that great...Colm?

Colm: H-hey...
Don't start crying... Please?

Artur: O glorious light, were you witness
to our victory?
The foul demon has been 
purged from the earth. 

Lute: The ancient Demon King was as
powerful as the scrolls described. 
And yet, in the end, we were able
to defeat him!
After all, there's no one better
than us. 

Seth: Your continued safety is all that
matters to me, Princess Eirika. 

Franz: General! 
Princess Eirika!
We can finally return 
to Renais, can't we?

Eirika: Yes, we can go home. 
All of us unharmed...

Forde: Ah, I'm exhausted. I'd like nothing
more then to laze about a while...
Alas, we're not going to have that
opportunity, are we, Prince Ephraim?

Ephraim: No. The reconstruction of Renais
is going to keep us busy. 
Keep your srength up. I'm going
to need you in the days ahead. 

Kyle: We'll be beside you through it all!


Ephraim: .....
The war is over. 
Victory is ours. 
Now we ride for home!


*Chapter Ends*

*Epilogue, your gang is in Rausten Hall*

L'arachel: Ephraim...
It is time I Must be going. 
I am still princess of Rausten, after all. 
There is much to which I must atten. 
Renais and Rausten are far apart, but
that distance can be managed somehow. 
If you and I were to be bethrothed, 
that is...
I wonder if I appear too forward...
No, how silly of me!

*Your group is in Caer Penlyn*

Myrrh: Ephraim...
I must return to Darkling Woods. 
With my father gone, much responsibility
falls on my shoulders. 
Yet I would ask...
May I come and visit you from time 
to time?

*Your group is outside Renais Castle*

Innes: We of Frelia will do what we can to
aid in the restoration of Renais. 
If you have need of our assistance, 
you can come to me at any time. 
And another thing...
It...wasn't such a bad thing, fighting
on the same side as you. 
That's all. The day will come, though. 
One day, we will see who is better. 

*The twins are in the throne room*

Eirika: Where are you going, brother?
We've endured so much to get 
home, and now...

Ephraim: I'm sorry, Eirika. 
I must journey to Grado. 
I just recieved word from Seth. 
In the south, within the empire,
there has been an enormour landslide. 

Eirika: A landslide?

Ephraim: Yes. Word is it was so great that
whole cities were destroyed. 
They say the damage is so severe, 
the empire itself is in danger...

Eirika: That's...

Ephraim: That's why I must go to Grado. 
The people are saying this is Grado's
divine punishment...
But these are the same citizens Lyon
wanted nothing more then to protect. 
I cannot ignore their plight.

Eirika: Yes, of course not.
I will ride with you. 

Ephraim: No, you must remain in Renais. 
Our country is recovering, but we 
cannot rest easy. 
Someone must stay to protect the realm. 

Eirika: Ephraim...
I understand. 
I will take your place until you return. 
I will wait for you in Renais, Brother. 

Ephraim: I can always depend on you, Eirika. 
I will be king. 
The type of king we often spoke of...
Strong and kind in measure: an ideal king. 
The people of Renais and Grado are under
my protection, and I won't fail them. 
Watch and see...

*Credits roll*

*Flashback to about 3 years ago, Lyon, Eirika, and Ephraim are in the castle

Lyon: Oh, are you...
I'm... My name is Lyon. 
Uh-huh. That's me...
The son of the emperor. 
You're Prince Ephraim and Princess
Eirika from Renais, aren't you?
I heard you were coming, and I've
been waiting here all day. 
I've always wanted... I don't have
any friends my own age...
So, Prine Ephraim... Princess
Eirika... What do you say?
From now on, let's be friends...


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