FAQ/Walkthrough by pool46

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FFFFF                  RRRR  RRRE   EEEE            %%  %%
FFFFF           IIII   RRRR         EEEE             %  %
FFFFF           IIII   RRRR         EEEE
FFFFF           IIII   RRRR         EEEE           !------!
FFFFF           IIII   RRRR         EEEE           !      !
FFFFF           IIII   RRRR         EEEEEEEEE      !      !
                                                   !      !
EEEE            MMM    M M   M    BBBB        LLL  ! EE   !EE     MMMMM  M   M
EEEE            MMM    M M   M    BBBB        LLL  ! EE   ! EE    MMM    M   M
EEEE            MMM    M     M    BBBB BB     LLL  ! EE   !       MMM    M   M
EEEE            MMM          M    BBBB  BB    LLL  ! EE   !EE     MMM    M   M
EEEE            MMM          M    BBBB BB     LLL  ! EE   EEE     MMM    M   M
EEEEEEEEEEEE    MMM          M    BBBBB       LLL  !-EEEEEEEE     MMM    M   M

/   /\   |-- | /\ ===  |D    /  +++ (@@@@) | /| |^^^ /
\  /* \  |   |/   =    | D   \   |  (    ) |/ | |..  \
/ /    \ |-- |    ===  |D    /   |  (@@@@) |  | |... /

Author: pool46 (verp_13@yahoo.com)

Version History
Alpha: completed the walkthrough.
Beta : updated

Contents:                                                                 (CTS)
1.  THE BEGINNING                                                         (BGN)
2.  INFORMATION                                                           (IFM)
3.  ABBREVIATIONS                                                         (ABR)
4.  WALKTHROUGH                                                           (WTR)
    Eirika Part I                                                         (EI1)
     Prologue                                                           (EIPRO)
     Chapter 1                                                          (EICH1)
     Chapter 2                                                          (EICH2)
     Chapter 3                                                          (EICH3)
     Chapter 4                                                          (EICH4)
     Chapter 5                                                          (EICH5)
     Chapter 5 X                                                        (EIC5X)
     Chapter 6                                                          (EICH6)
     Chapter 7                                                          (EICH7)
    Eirika & Ephraim part I                                              (EEP1)
     Chapter 8                                                          (EEPC8)
    Eirika part II                                                        (EI2)
     Chapter 9                                                          (EICH9)
     Chapter 10                                                         (EIC10)
     Chapter 11                                                         (EIC11)
     Chapter 12                                                         (EIC12)
     Chapter 13                                                         (EIC13)
     Chapter 14                                                         (EIC14)
    Ephraim                                                              (EPH1)
     Chapter 9                                                          (EPCH9)
     Chapter 10                                                         (EPC10)
     Chapter 11                                                         (EPC11)
     Chapter 12                                                         (EPC12)
     Chapter 13                                                         (EPC13)
     Chapter 14                                                         (EPC14)
    Ephraim & Eirika part II                                             (EEP2)
     Chapter 15                                                        (EEPC15)
     Chapter 16                                                        (EEPC16)
     Chapter 17                                                        (EEPC17)
     Chapter 18                                                        (EEPC18)
     Chapter 19                                                        (EEPC19)
     Chapter 20                                                        (EEPC20)
     Final Chapter                                                     (EEPFIN)
4.  Leveling Up                                                          (LVUP)
5.  Support                                                             (SUPRT)
6.  Promotion Items                                                      (PRIT)
7.  Weapons                                                               (WEA)
8.  Armory                                                               (AORY)
9.  Shop                                                                  (SHP)
10. Secret Shop                                                         (SECOP)
11. Death Quotes                                                         (DEQU)
    Our Units                                                           (DEQUP)
    Boss                                                                (DEQUB)
12. Credits                                                             (CRDTS)
13. Contact                                                               (CTC)
14. Legal                                                                (LGAL)
THE BEGINNING                                                             (BGN)
Press Start.
Select new game and choose the difficulty level. If you never played any fire
emblem games before, choose the easy level to get a tutorial. Otherwise, choose
normal or difficult. Let's the journey begin.

INFORMATION                                                               (IFM)
I just have several things to share with you. And those are :
1. When your units has reached level 20, choose wisely about what you're gonna
promote them into. You have to think about the plus-minus of each promotion
career. Example, when you promote thief, you can choose to promote him as an
assassin or rogue. Assasin has a unique skill called silencer ( OHKA : One Hit
Knock Out ) and rogue got pick skill ( so he can open doors and chests without
lockpick ). You have to think what unit that you most need.
2. Amelia, Ewan, and Ross are unique class. They can promote two times. From
their current class, after reach level 10, automatically they will be promoted.
You've just have to choose about what job you want them to handle. Then and
level 20, you can promote them again.
3. Another small info, after you pass Eirika journey's and Ephraim's, there are
several extras you can get. One of them is now you can promote AER into their
same class after level 10, Ross to journeyman, Amelia to recruit, and Ewan to
pupil. But i'm not going to tell you much about that, because I just make the
main walkthrough only. If you are interested with that, you can search about
that on another walkthrough.
4. Use the fortress, grass, peak, or any kind like that. Those give you extra
defense and avoidance, so it's good.
5. Different with FE7, in FE 8 you can buying or selling on the location you
have passed. So, use this great opportunity wise. Do not shop at the battle if
you don't need the thing desperately. Shop after the chapter end is a good idea,
except for Secret Shop. You just can buy something at secret shop only at that
chapter or after you've finished the game.
6. Tower of Valni and Lagdow ruins are not just an accessories. Use the. Use
them good (see the leveling up info to know about them more). And there's
monsters too.

ABBREVIATIONS                                                             (ABR)
These are abbreviations I use on this guide :
S = Steal
V = Village
D = Drop
G = Got
A = Automatic
R = Recruit
C = Chest

WALKTHROUGH                                                               (WTR)

Eirika Part I                                                             (EI1)

Prologue: The Fall of Renais                                             (EIPRO)
Objective: Defeat O'Neill
New Characters: -
The journey will begin with Eirika and Seth. This is a very easy battle. Kill
two fighters with either Seth or Eirika then kill the boss. Simple.
| Boss: O'Neill                  --  |
| Class: Fighter                 ||  |
| Lv.4 HP 23                     | \/
| Items: Iron Axe                |
| Str       6      Res       0   |
| Skill     4      Move      5   |
| Spd       7      Con      11   |
| Luck      0      Aid      10   |
| Def       2                    |
Just make sure Eirika kill the boss using her rapier (remember the weapon
triangle: swords best axes, axes best lances, lances best swords) to level her
up. Seth is already promoted, so he won't get as many experiences as Eirika.
Note: Seth's HP is 13/30 but don't worry about it. ^_^

Chapter 1: Escape!                                                       (EICH1)
Objective: Seize the castle gate
New Characters: Franz (A)
                Gilliam (A)
Another easy battle. Just do whatever you want, don't worry to use the rapier
because you can get another rapier later. Use the vulnerary if necessary or
just use the fortress to heal units and get extra avoidance. Franz and Gilliam
will automatically join the battle on turn 2. They're pretty strong units and
they can defend themselves so no need to worry about them. Kill all the enemies
before seize the gate. And this is a good place to support your characters. Put
2 characters next to each other and wait for several turns, then choose support.
Every character has his/her own list of whom they can support. More about
supports later...
| Boss: Breguet                  |
| Class: Knight                  |
| Lv.4 HP 20                     |
| Items: Iron Lance              |
| Str       8      Res       0   |
| Skill     2      Move      4   |
| Spd       1      Con      13   |
| Luck      2      Aid      12   |
| Def       9                    |
Using Eirika to defeat the boss is risky but you can try it if you want.
Gilliam or Franz is a better choice to kill the boss because of the weapon

Chapter 2: The Protected                                                 (EICH2)
Objective: Defeat All Bandits
New Characters: Moulder (A)
                Vanessa (A)
                Garcia (R)
                Ross (R)
Items: vulnerary (D)
       Elixir (V)
       Red gem (V)
       Pure water (V)
There are 2 new classes here that you can't find on FE7. The first is Moulder,
a priest, he's a healer. The second one is Ross, a journeyman. This is a unique
class as he can be promoted 2 times, meaning you can level him up for 49 levels!
Other unique classes are pupil and recruit, we'll meet them later.
On turn 1, rescue Ross with Vanessa or he'll die. Talk to him with Eirika and
he should join your team. Then, talk to Garcia with Ross, he should join your
team too.
Visit the villages before brigand destroy them. The upper villages give you red
gem and elixir, and the lower village gives you pure water. There's an armory
here where you can buy:
Slim sword 480G
Iron sword 460G
Slim lance 450G
Iron lance 360G
Iron Axe   270G
Sell the red gem.
| Boss: Bone                     |
| Class: Brigand                 |
| Lv.4 HP 23                     |
| Items: Iron Axe                |
| Str       6      Res       0   |
| Skill     4      Move      5   |
| Spd       5      Con      12   |
| Luck      0      Aid      11   |
| Def       4                    |
Defeat him with Eirika or Franz, or even Ross. Bone's pretty easy to beat. But
he's pretty strong so if you want Ross to kill him, better put him on fortress/
forest or he might get killed.

Chapter 3: The Bandits of Borgo                                          (EICH3)
Objective: Seize the throne
New Characters: Neimi (A)
                Colm (R)
Items: Iron lance(C)
       Hand axe (C)
       Iron sword (C)
Colm will appear from the stairs, talk to him with Neimi and he'll join you.
He's a thief so send him to open those chests. Open the 3 chest on the upper
side of the map to get iron lance, hand axe, and iron sword. Open the lower
chest to get a javelin.
| Boss: Bazba                    |
| Class: Brigand                 |
| Lv.6 HP 25                     |
| Items: Steel Axe               |
|        Hand Axe                |
| Str       8      Res       2   |
| Skill     5      Move      5   |
| Spd       7      Con      12   |
| Luck      1      Aid      11   |
| Def       5                    |
Nothing special with this boss. He won't leave his throne so you have to kill
him to seize the throne. Not a hard battle and he'll give your unit some nice
experience. He's got hand axe so be careful not to put your weaker unit within
the range (2 spaces). Kill him with sword user.

Chapter 4: Ancient Horrors                                               (EICH4)
Objective: Defeat all monsters
New characters: Artur (A)
                Lute (R)
Items: iron axe (V)
Visit the village on the top to get iron axe and the village on the bottom to
recruit Lute. Most of the monsters, even the boss, have zero resistance and
defense. There are quite many enemies in this area so keep your weaker units
| Boss: Monster                  |
| Class: Entombed                |
| Lv.1 HP 35                     |
| Items: Fetid Claw              |
| Str       3      Res       0   |
| Skill     0      Move      5   |
| Spd       1      Con       6   |
| Luck      0      Aid       5   |
| Def       0                    |
He'll give your unit a lot of experiences. He has a green body. Conclusion: the
green monsters give you many experiences. This will help you leveling up in the
tower of Valni and on the side quests map against monsters.

Chapter 5: The Empire's Reach                                            (EICH5)
Objective: Defeat Boss
New Characters: Natasha (A)
                Joshua (R)
Items: Dragonshield (V)
       Armorslayer (V)
       Secret Book (V)
       Torch (V)

Fire          560G
Lightning     630G
Heal          600G
Vulnerary     300G

Slim sword    480G
Iron sword    460G
Steel sword   600G
Slim lance    450G
Iron lance    360G
Steel lance   480G
Iron Axe      270G
Steel Axe     360G
Iron Bow      540G
Steel Bow     720G

Visit the village on the lower right of the area to get dragonshield, and the
village on the center right to get armorslayer. The villages on the top will
give you secret book and torch. Make sure you visit the village with the
dragonshield at the beginning of the battle because some brigands will appear
near the village on turn 2.
Now, about the battle. It's not as easy as the previous battles. Most of the
enemies here are axe and lance user. Remember the weapon triangle and you
should be just fine. Have someone guard your healer as he/she will easily get
killed. Send your high mov unit to the villages. Recruit Joshua with Natasha
but be careful or one of them will get killed. Use Gilliam as a bait to get
Joshua because neither of them can kill each other.
This is the first place where you can find arena. Arena is, as in other FE, a
great place to earn some experience as well as some gold. Be careful with it
though as dead character will remain dead for the rest of the game.
| Boss: Saar                     |
| Class: Knight                  |
| Lv.8 HP 30                     |
| Items: Javelin                 |
| Str      11      Res       3   |
| Skill     7      Move      4   |
| Spd       3      Con      13   |
| Luck      4      Aid      12   |
| Def       11                   |
Kill him with axe or lance user. I use Franz to kill him but you can use Ross
too if you trained him.

Chapter 5X: Unbroken Heart                                               (EIC5X)
Objective: Seize the throne
New characters: Ephraim (A)
                Kyle (A)
                Forde (A)
                Orson (A)
Items: elixir (D)
       Chest key: 2 (D)
       Door key (D)
       Elixir (C)
       Killer lance (C)
This chapter, you'll meet Ephraim for the first time. He's Eirika's brother and
a great lance user. In this chapter, only those four characters will be in in
your party.
*SPOILER* In the previous scene, you'll find out that one of the Renais'
soldiers is actually a traitor. And that person is Orson. So it's very
important that you didn't level him up. Not that he'll be difficult to beat if
you level him up, it's just that it'll be such a waste. Other thing about Orson
is that he brings silver sword. So what I do is have him trade and give all of
his items to other party member and leave him. *SPOILER*
Now, let's continue with the battle. Go up and open the chests. Kill the knight
to get the door key and use it to open the door. Kill the mage and fighter to
get chest keys and open the chests. Continue up while clearing the enemies and
then go right. The enemies will come and attack you. Go down and kill the
archer on the far east room (he got elixir). Kill Zonta and seize the throne.
You can wait for several turn to get a support conversation before seizing the

| Boss: Zonta                    |
| Class: Mercenary               |
| Lv.8 HP 25                     |
| Items: Steel blade             |
| Str       9      Res       6   |
| Skill     8      Move      5   |
| Spd       9      Con       9   |
| Luck      4      Aid       8   |
| Def       6                    |
He's pretty easy to beat. Put Ephraim on the pillar and attack him with either
steel lance or killer lance. He should finish Zonta in 1 turn or kill Zonta on
counterattack. That's it. Seize the throne after you done with the chests and

Chapter 6: Victims of War                                                (EICH6)
Objective: Defeat Novala
New Characters: -
Items: Elixir (D)
       Antitoxin (V)
You'll be playing with Eirika's party again.
A thick fog will cover the battlefield. You might want to bring some torches.
And bring Colm, as a thief he can see better in foggy situation than other
When you begin, 3 civilians will be on the far east of the map. Don't worry too
much though as they were surrounded by mountain and forests which make the
enemies as well as your units difficult to reach them. Enemies will not start
attacking them until about turn 8. On turn 7, monsters will start appearing
from the peak near the civilians so make sure you reach them before the enemies.
You might want some fliers or unit with a high mov to rescue them. Visit the
village to get antitoxin and kill the troubadour to get elixir and also stop
her from healing her units.
Novala can be found on the northeast of the map.
| Boss: Novala                   |
| Class: Shaman                  |
| Lv.10 HP 28                    |
| Items: Flux                    |
| Str      10      Res       9   |
| Skill     8      Move      5   |
| Spd       6      Con       7   |
| Luck      7      Aid       6   |
| Def       5                    |
His stats aren't great. Kill him with any unit you want to level up. Put your
unit on the forest and have him/her attack Novala. Magic wielder can be used to.
Magic also has its triangle. Magic triangle: light best dark, dark best anima,
anima best light. Right now, you should already have Lute and Artur. Lute is an
anima wielder while Artur is a light magic wielder. Novala is a dark magic user
so according to the triangle, Artur is the better choice to kill Novala. Even
though you haven't level him up properly, he can kill Novala. Just put your
healer behind him and heal him everytime he got injured.

Chapter 7: Waterside Renvall                                             (EICH7)
Objective: Seize the castle gate
New Characters:
Items: Knight Crest (D)
       Energy Ring (S)
       Pure Water (D)
There are some archers and two ballistae on this map so you need to be careful
on where to put your flier. This is important because ballista has a very wide
range attack. If you bring Vanessa, put her on the west side before you kill
the archer on the ballista. Neimi can use it too so you can use it to get her
some experiences without being near enemy units. The accuracy's not bad either.
Unfortunately, you can't move ballista to forest or mountain so you can't bring
it anywhere you want and in this case you can't attack Murray with the ballista.
The soldiers are very easy to kill. The mages can deal great damage to your low
resistance unit. One of the mage, the one near the 2 mercenaries has an energy
ring which won't be dropped. Steal it with Colm. Energy ring will give 2 points
boost to mag/str. After you ready, move up to face Murray.
| Boss: Murray                   |
| Class: Cavalier                |
| Lv.12 HP 32                    |
| Items: Steel Sword             |
|        Javelin                 |
|        Knight Crest(D)         |
| Str       8      Res       6   |
| Skill     9      Move      7   |
| Spd      10      Con       9   |
| Luck      7      Aid      16   |
| Def       7                    |
Eirika with the rapier and Seth can kill him in 1 turn. Others can kill him in
several turns or you can use multiple characters to defeat him. If you decide
to kill him with 1 character only, have a healer near that character but not
within the javelin range (1-2). Defeat him and you should get the knight crest.

Eirika & Ephraim Part I                                                   (EEP1)

Chapter 8: It's A Trap                                                   (EEPC8)
Objective: Seize the throne
New Characters: Ephraim (A)
                Kyle (A)
                Forde (A)
Items: door key (D)
       Angelic Robe (C)
       Silver Sword (C)
       Elysian Whip (C)
       Lockpick (S)
This battle can be quite hard depends on your party level. Most of the enemies
here are lance users and many of them are knights, means they have great
defense and low resistance. The enemies on the first room are easy to beat.
Most of them are soldiers and soldiers are (usually) easy to beat even by the
weaker units. Ephraim and his party will arrive at turn 2. Have them move to
right to the center of the room and then go up to clear the enemies there.
Move Eirika's party to the next room with a chest and 5 knights. Don't worry
about Ephraim, Kyle, and Forde, they can take care of themselves. Back with
Eirika's party. Now here comes the tough part. You can put one strong unit near
the door but then he/she will get all the experiences. Or you can use your
weaker units to kill the knights. I use magic wielders to kill the knights
because they can do long range attack(1-2) while the knights only got 1 range
attack. Rescue them with Gilliam or Seth if they got injured. Axe will work too.
Open the chest to get angelic robe.
At turn 5, some cavaliers will appear on the southwest, the same place where
Ephraim's party appear. At turn 9 a thief will appear on the stair. Hmm, looks
like we're not the only one who want those items. Well, kill him but first
steal his lockpick. Lockpick is quite rare on this game. You can buy it but
it's pretty expensive. Why buy it when you can get it free? Plus Colm will also
get some experiences.
Move both party and face the boss. There are still some enemies on the boss'
room but it's not hard to defeat them. Now, the boss.
| Boss: Tirado                   |
| Class: General                 |
| Lv.1 HP 40                     |
| Items: Silver Lance            |
|        Javelin                 |
| Str      13      Res       8   |
| Skill     8      Move      5   |
| Spd       5      Con      15   |
| Luck      2      Aid      14   |
| Def      14                    |
He's already promoted. That means: one, he's harder to beat and two, he'll give
your unit a lot experiences. Use Ephraim and his Reginleif to defeat Tirado.
Your weaker units will easily get killed by his silver lance. He also has skill
called Great Shield. If he glowing after when you attack and there's a
statement "No Damage" that's when he use Great Shield. Therefore, ready Seth or
Franz to rescue Ephraim if he got injured and failed to finish Tirado in 2 hits.
enemies' phase. Heal Ephraim and send him again. If Tirado use great shield
again, rescue Ephraim again and so on.
After you finish him, or meanwhile Ephraim finished him, open the 2 chests on
the west. Then, do some supports. When you're done, seize the throne.

At the end of this chapter, you'll have to choose to go with Eirika or Ephraim.
The rest of the party will go with the character you chose. Eirika's journey
basically is easier than Ephraim's. I suggest you choose Eirika first but it's
up to you. After you make your decision, Tower of Valni will appear on the map.
This tower is an awesome place to level up. There is also a monster appear on
the map. This also is a way to level up. I'll explain more about these on the
Leveling Up section. For now, I'll continue with the main quest.

Eirika Part II                                                            (EI2)
Chapter 9: Distant Blade                                                (EICH9)
Objective: defeat all enemies
New Characters: Tana (A)
                Amelia (R)
Items: Dragonshield (V)
       Rapier (V)
       Axereaver (D)
       Killing Edge (D)
       Ocean Seal (D)

There are 3 pirates, 2 come from the water, and 1 come from the upper left from
your view. The pirates will destroy the villages if you don't stop them or
visit the village first. I suggest to stop them first.
Send one of your units to the edge of the sea (?), the pirate will come after
you, kill him. The rest of your team  may follow the path up. If you meet the
other pirates kill them. This will make the battle easier without have to think
about the villages. So, if you already near the village, visit it, but if it's
still far away there, you don't need to hurry send your units there.
You've got the Ocean Seal here, you can use it to promote your fighter or thief.
Choose wisely about whom you want to promote now.
Now, about Amelia. She's a recruit, which is one of the unique classes besides
journeyman and pupil that I've mentioned before. You can recruit her using
Franz or Eirika. As you'll see, she is standing down there. Now, put your units
careful that Amelia can't reach you but you can reach her at next turn, or your
unit will kill her, fast. After that, recruit her with Talk command. The rest
of the battle is easy.
| Boss: Binks                    |
| Class: Warrior                 |
| Lv.5 HP 42                     |
| Items: Steel Axe               |
|        Steel Bow               |
| Str      16      Res       8   |
| Skill    10      Move      6   |
| Spd       8      Con      13   |
| Luck      3      Aid      12   |
| Def      12                    |
Binks here have 2 kinds of weapons, axe and bow, so he can attack you by 1 and
2 range. When he's using his axe, attack him with 2 range ( magic, bow, etc ),
at his turn, maybe he attack you with his bow, now attack him right in front of
him. Just make sure not to send a unit whose got small HP that can make he/she
died at the enemy's turn.

Chapter 10 : Revolt at Carcino                                          (EIC10)
Objective : Seize gate
Items : Guiding Ring (D)
        Longbow (D)
        Lancereaver (D)
        Killer Axe (D)
        Torch staff (D)
        Red Gem (S)
New character : Innes (R)
                Gerik (R)
                Tethys (R)
                Marisa (R)

First, send all your units down, especially Eirika to recruit Innes. If you
don't help Innes group quick, one of them will be die. After recruit Innes with
Eirika, recruit Gerik with Innes. But, don't recruit Tethys now. You will be
need Gerik to recruit Marisa too. Oh yeah, Tethys usually get many damage from
the ballista, rescue her if you want.
Marisa will not move until she told to do so. Nah, wait her until she came to
your location. Do not send Gerik there, just wait there. Make one of your unit
a bait. I use Seth with no weapons. After Gerik can reach her, recruit Marisa.
After recruit Marisa, now you can recruit Tethys with Gerik.
Next, send your best units up to where Pablo is. You will need them to kill
| Boss: Pablo                    |
| Class: Sage                    |
| Lv.7 HP 36                     |
| Items: Divine                  |
|        Guiding Ring            |
| Mag      13      Res      17   |
| Skill     9      Move      6   |
| Spd      12      Con       7   |
| Luck      9      Aid       6   |
| Def       7                    |
If you see his resistance, you know that is not wise to kill him with magic.
Magic like fire, thunder, lightning, or shine will be take zero damage to him.
Instead of magic, use your non-magic units. But, again, don't use your low
resistance units or he/she will die. Using Seth is a safe choice.

Chapter 11 : Creeping Darkness                                           (EIC11)
Objective: Defeat All Monsters
New Character: Dozla (R)
               L'Arachel (R)
Items: Secret Book (C)
       Restore (C)
       Short Spear (C)
Another battlefield covered with fog. Bring Colm with you and also bring some
torches if you'd wish. In this chapters, your enemies will be monsters. As I
probably have said before, most monsters are easy to defeat. The easiest are
those revenants, the soap-box-shaped monster. Next are bonewalkers and then the
fiery fang, gargoyle and deathgoyle. The goyles are harder to beat because they
have better defense and they're also stronger. You can find these goyles at the
east outside the building.
Split your party. Send Colm and some cavaliers to thhe south and send the
others to east. Kill the monsters, Easy. You won't need any suggestion how to
clear the map. Open the chests, also easy. The party going to the south will
encounter the boss.
| Boss: Wight                    |
| Class: Bonewalker (monster)    |
| Lv.8 HP 36                     |
| Items: Steel Sword             |
| Str      12      Res       9   |
| Skill    15      Move      6   |
| Spd      13      Con       9   |
| Luck      1      Aid       8   |
| Def       9                    |
Okay, the truth is you might have killed the boss without realizing it. Wight
is a bonewalker, with higher level than the other monsters but that's it. The
only special thing about Wight is that he'll give your unit a lot more
experiences than the other monsters. Kill him with anyone you'd like using
Back to the battlefield. There are 2 recruitable characters, L'Arachel and
Dozla. Talk to L'Arachel with Eirika and then talk to Dozla with L'Arachel. OR,
just leave them alone. Dozla will kill any monsters who came near L'Arachel so
they should be safe. L'Arachel and Dozla will still join your party at the end
of the battle.

Chapter 12 : Village of Silence                                          (EIC12)
Objective : Defeat Enemy
New Character : Saleh (A)
                Ewan (R)
Items : Halberd or Steel Bow (D)

Here the last character of the unique class I've told you about, Ewan. Ewan is
a great character, he has a very good stats. I always use him in the battle =)
Back to battle. There's nothing special here. Like any other map which contain
monsters, it's just an easy battle, except maybe the Ewan recruiting part.
See, you must recruiting Ewan by send your any unit to the village you've seen
at the scene. No, that's part its not hard, the hard thing is keeping Ewan
alive because he still a pupil with a very small HP. Rescue him if necessary.
Other thing than this part is not need any walkthrough;)
Oh yeah, there's shop here if you wanna buy something.
| Boss: Monster                  |
| Class: Maelduin                |
| Lv.9 HP 40                     |
| Items: Halberd                 |
|        Steel bow               |
| Str      14      Res      11   |
| Skill    10      Move      8   |
| Spd       9      Con      12   |
| Luck      0      Aid      11   |
| Def      13                    |
To kill him, you can use almost any of your units. Almost, I said. Don't use
Ewan or any other units that still very weak. You know what I mean.

Chapter 13 : Hamill Canyon                                               (EIC13)
Objective : Survive
New character : Cormag (R)
Items : Knight Crest (D)
        Red Gem (S)
        Body Ring (S)
Note : Bring Colm to steal

First, you have to survive 11 turns or if you kill the boss, the battle is over.
But that's not a wise decision, remember bunch of experiences you'll got by not
killing Aias on turn 4 or smaller.
At the beginning, it's like this battle will be easy. And it's pretty much
right. Until turn 4 when Cormag comes with his companion. You can recruit him
with Eirika. Cormag will be appear at the bottom left on your screen, on the
mountain peak. So, remember to put Eirika at that area. Be careful, though,
Cormag & co. are not weak. If you choose the wrong units there, they can get
killed by them. Don't put Seth there, he can kill Cormag.
On turn 9, another boss will be appear on the far left on the screen, at the
bottom. It's stinkin' Pablo. Yeah, its him again with 8 other peoples. One of
his friends has body ring, so steal it with Colm.

| Boss: Aias                     |
| Class: Great knight            |
| Lv.10 HP 46                    |
| Items: Short Spear, Silver     |
|        blade, knight crest     |
| Str      18      Res      12   |
| Skill    11      Move      6   |
| Spd      10      Con      14   |
| Luck     11      Aid      11   |
| Def      19                    |
| Boss: Pablo                    |
| Class: Sage                    |
| Lv.9 HP 36                     |
| Items: Elfire, Purge           |
|        Mend                    |
| Mag      13      Res      17   |
| Skill     9      Move      6   |
| Spd      12      Con       7   |
| Luck      9      Aid       6   |
| Def       7                    |
I don't give any information about Pablo again because his stats still
relatively the same. So kill him like you've done before.
Nah, now we talk about Aias. He's very strong. Its hard to kill him. A mediocre
unit can get killed by him. Use your strong ones. Don't take any unnecessary

Chapter 14 : Queen of The White Dunes                                   (EIC14)
Objective : Seize Throne
New Character : Rennac (R)
Items : Heavy Spear (D)
        Mend (D)
        Hero Crest (D)
        Chest Key (D)
        Door Key: 3 (D)
        Member card (D)
        Spear (C)
        Hammerne (C)
        Dragonspear (C)
        Energy Ring (C)
        Speedwing (C)
        Swordreaver (C)

Bring L'Arachel with you. You'll need her to recruit Rennac. Why do you want to
recruit Rennac? Because he bring member card, which is the only way you can
have access to secret shop. There's actually another way to get the member card
which is by killing Rennac. He'll drop the member card. But he won't attack
your unit so there's no need to kill him. There are many chests on this map,
but you can worry about those chests later before you seize the throne. Send
someone with a door key, other 2 strong units, and L'Arachel to the east room.
Rennac will be at the northeast, near the 2 chests. He'll pilfer the 2 chests
but don't worry because you'll still get those things he pilfered after
recruiting him. Kill all the enemies blocking your path and talk to Rennac with
L'Arachel. Rennac will leave the map at about turn 9. Rennac's path will be
north, west, south, and then west (to the stairs) and he'll disappear. If the
situation get worse and it seems that you won't reach Rennac before he leave
the map, simply put one unit in front of the stairs to block Rennac. Send Neimi,
Eirika, Gilliam, and Franz to the west room. And send the rest to the center.
There will be cavalier reinforcement from the bottom right on about turn 6.
Kill all the enemies, and then face the boss.
| Boss: Carlyle                  |
| Class: Swordmaster             |
| Lv.11 HP 41                    |
| Items: Wind Sword              |
| Mag      12      Res      10   |
| Skill    17      Move      6   |
| Spd      18      Con       9   |
| Luck      8      Aid       8   |
| Def       9                    |
Kill him with lance-wielder. Silver lance is a good idea. Be careful with him
as he can easily slice weaker units into pieces. He bring wind sword, which can
do long-range as well as short-range attack so be careful on where to put your
After finish the boss, open the rest of the chests and visit the secret shop.
The secret shop is the grass on the west of the throne.
|   R   __|===========================__    R   |
|   A   |            Throne             |   A   |
|   S   |                               |   S   |
|   S   |                               |   S   |
|       |                               |       |

SS : Secret Shop

Steel Blade    1250G
Silver Blade   1800G
Killing Edge   1300G
Killer Lance   1200G
Battle Axe     1000G
Killer Axe     1000G
Killer Bow     1400G
Barrier        2250G
Physic         3750G
Lockpick       1200G
Hero Crest    10000G
Knight Crest  10000G
Orion's Bolt  10000G
Elysian Whip  10000G
Guiding Ring  10000G
Ocean Seal    10000G

Ephraim                                                                  (EPH1)

Chapter 9: Fort Rigwald                                                 (EPCH9)
Objective: Seize The Throne
New Characters: Tana (A)
                Amelia (R)
Items: Killer Axe (D)
       Chest Key (D)
       Door Key: 2 (D)
       Heavy Spear (D)
       Axereaver (A)
       Red Gem (S)
       2500 G (C)
       Ocean Seal (C)
       Restore (C)
Okay, so Ephraim has told you that his journey will be pretty tough right? Well,
he's not lying. At least it's not as easy as Eirika's. This chapter is the warm
up chapter before you advanced to next chapters which are harder.
First of all, bring Colm. You'll need his lockpicking and stealing abilities.
Tana will be locked in the room without any weapons. She hope that Ephraim will
come soon and rescue her. But I tell you, don't do that. Leave her alone is the
best way to keep her alive. Another new character you can recruit is Amelia.
You can recruit her with Franz or Ephraim. She's only got 16 HP, she's got low
defense and low resistance. So rescue her as soon as you recruit her. Or better,
kill the other enemies before recruiting her.
On to battle. Send your units to the only path available, up the stairs and
then move south. Kill all the enemies before you proceed. Next, open the door.
The enemies will go down to face you, including Amelia. Kill all the knights
and mercenaries. After that, talk to Amelia with Ephraim or Franz. She'll join
you but the battlefield will be a little to tough for a little recruit like her.
So, rescue her. After that, enter the building. You'll be in a very narrow path
surrounded by archers and magic wielder. On the left, there's a priest equipped
with Sleep. There's another one on the boss' room. If your character inflict by
sleep status, he/she will have a long and nice sleep, not very nice though as
the person can get killed while sleeping, for 4 turns. This is quite annoying
as the person can't move or do anything for 4 turns. But, it's not as annoying
as berserk, when you fully lost control of that unit but the unit can move
anywhere (and kill your weaker units). And it's not as bad as stone, which make
the unit inflicted by stone status will lost all her/his avoidance. If your
unit fall asleep, that unit still can avoid attack but can't attack or
counterattack. When this happen, rescue him/her immediately if that happens to
weaker units. The stronger units usually can survive even though you left them
sleeping. Zzz zzz. I left Ephraim sleeping for 4 turns and still none can hurt
him. The sleep status can actually be cure with a restore staff which you can
get by opening the chest on the top left. Okay, back to the narrow path. Kill
all the enemies on your left especially the priest. On your right there are 2
mages and 1 archer. Kill the mages with long-ranged attack but don't kill the
archer cause he's got red gem. This gem can be sold for 2500 G. So keep him
safe up until you stole the gem. Well, go on, steal the gem, you know you want
to. Send Colm to the north to handle the enemies and the chests. Send the
others to the boss' room. Kill all the enemies guarding the boss and face Gheb.

|      Gheb          |                  |
++++++++++++++++++++++                  |
|Warrior Lv5 HP 45/45|                  |
|+++++++++++++++++++++                  |
| Items : iron axe, killer axe          |
| Str   18     Res    5                 |
| Skill  8     Mov    6                 |
| Spd    6     Con   16                 |
| Luck   1     Aid   15                 |
| Def   13                              |
|                                       |
He's an axe-user so kill him with sword-user. Joshua or Franz can execute him.
But it might be risky because Gheb also got killer axe which increase his
critical possibility. His hit percentage will be very low though if you use
sword user. Put your healer behind the executor if you're afraid the executor
will got hurt. Your healer will be safe because Gheb can only attack the unit
standing right next to him. Axereaver can also be used especially if your
executor is a lance-user. Honestly, I use Ephraim to kill him, with a killer
lance. I know that's a bad idea but my Ephraim fortunately has enough HP to
survive his attack and also fortunately, Ephraim made 2 critical attacks with
his lance. Well, like I said it's very risky, so use axereaver if you want
Ephraim to kill Gheb.
Note : As Felix Wang make me aware, you can kill Gheb with ranged units,ie
       archer or sage. This way, you don't have to worry about your units being
       hurt. But, as my ranged units, their all just give Gheb very little
       damage that he is going to recover on his next turn. So, as i'm not a
       patience person, i just kill him with a risky one.

Chapter 10 : Turning Traitor                                            (EPC10)
Objective : Survive 11 turns
New Character : Duesell (R)
                Cormag  (R)
Items : Lancereaver or killer bow or long bow (D)
        Secret book (D)
        Horseslayer (D)
        Killing Edge (D)
        Torch staff (V)
        Hero Crest (V)
        Knight Crest (G)

Well, you've checked the map? See Selena is the boss, haven't you? But, No. The
boss will be changed. Weird, eh? But, that's that.
In this chapter, you'll see a new model of ballista, the ship-looked-ballista-,
fleet. The different is you can't ride this fleet, so that is the minor. Anyway,
one of this fleet have secret book ( the one in the upper left ), so kill it,
before its broke-after 5 turns- and you've got nothing.
Now, there's a thing or two that you've to remember. You have to recruit
Duesell and Cormag. Duesell doesn't attack you but Cormag does, so be careful
on put your weaker units on the downside area. Recruit Duesell with Ephraim,
then recruit Cormag with Duesell (you can recruit Cormag with Tana too).
After the recruit thing, start to go the right side, so you can kill the boss
before the chapter over. But, DON'T kill the boss before you've already
killed all the enemies, because the game will over and you will lost lots
of experience. After the chapter over, you will get a knight crest.
Note : Felix also told me that the knight crest will only be given to you if all
       the NPC are survived. I haven't checked this yet.
|      Beran         |                  |
++++++++++++++++++++++                  |
|Ranger Lv 7 HP 43/43|                  |
|+++++++++++++++++++++                  |
| Items : lancereaver, killer bow,      |
|         long bow                      |
| Str   15     Res                      |
| Skill 13     Mov                      |
| Spd   14     Con                      |
| Luck   6     Aid                      |
| Def   14                              |
|                                       |
You can kill the boss with some trick. Put your good-defense-unit 3 spaces in
front of Beran, so he'll use his longbow. ( If you put two spaces only, the
chance that your die is increase. Because, using killer bow, Beran is very
often do a critical. Now, put your strong unit to kill him on 1 turn. You can
use any, axe, aword, lance, but not magic wielder except he/she's very strong.

Chapter 11 : Phantom ship                                               (EPC11)
Objective : Defeat all monsters
New character : L'arachel (R)
                Duzla (R)
Items : Short Spear (D)

First, take vulneraries in this battle. You'll need them. There's a lot of
monsters coming from everywhere. Take Colm or torch to see on the foggy
situation. Or Rennac, if you want. On turn 1, you can't see where the monsters
ship is. On turn 2, they begin to attack your units. Bonewalker, Revenant,
Mogall and Gargoyle is your enemies here. On turn 5, L'arachel & Dozla will be
comin' to help. Ephraim is the one to recruit her. You can choose, if you want
to move him to the right side now to recruit L'arachel or wait until the
situation is under control later, it's your choice. Anyway, after recruit
L'arachel, recruit Dozla with L'arachel.
|  Monster               |              |
++++++++++++++++++++++++++              |
|Deathgoyle Lv 8 HP 37/37|              |
|+++++++++++++++++++++++++              |
| Items : Short spear                   |
|                                       |
| Str   13     Res  5                   |
| Skill 14     Mov  7                   |
| Spd   14     Con  11                  |
| Luck   0     Aid  10                  |
| Def   13                              |
|                                       |
Like you already notice, the boss is using Short Spear. That's a warning to you
that you have to put your units with low defense not around him. You can use
axe or lance user to kill him. But, again his strength is not weak at all. So,
if you want to use your weaker unit to kill him, just think about it again.
Except, you already hurt him lots with other character, and he/she just has to
finish him.

Chapter 12 : Landing at Taizel                                          (EPC12)
Objective : Defeat Boss
New character : Ewan (R)
                Marisa (R)
Items : Hand axe or Swordslayer (D)
        Elfire (D)
        Guiding Ring (D)
        Short Bow (D)

It's happen again! Like in chapter 10, the boss will change on the beginning of
the game. Instead of Caellach, you will meet Monster as your Boss. There's 2
ways where the enemies will come to attack you. Split your units into two
groups, on the right and the left. Make sure to put your best unit mix with
weaker unit on each of the group. Don't forget to take vulneraries on the
battle preparations. Send Ephraim up to visit the only village to recruit Ewan.
Oh yeah, I just send Ephraim alone on the way to the village. And he's okay.
But, if you want you can send several unit along with Ephraim. To recruit
Marisa, you'll need Ewan. Now, the problem is Ewan is pupil lvl 1 meaning he is
still very weak considered your enemy. Rescue him and go right to where Marisa
is. Drop Ewan near Maris but not to near that she/other soldier can rach him.
Now, put your high defense or speed but low strength as a bait. When Marisa
come alive ( and doesn't kill your unit too ), recruit him with Ewan.
|  Monster               |              |
++++++++++++++++++++++++++              |
|Cyclops Lv 9 HP 58/58   |              |
|+++++++++++++++++++++++++              |
| Items : Hand axe, sword slayer        |
|                                       |
| Str   15     Res  10                  |
| Skill  8     Mov  5                   |
| Spd    9     Con  16                  |
| Luck   0     Aid  15                  |
| Def   15                              |
|                                       |
He has sword slayer so kill him with sword is risky, but you can try it if you
want;). Use lance or axe wielder to kill him. Or magic wielder, if you want.
He's not to difficult to kill anyway.

Chapter 13 : Flourspar's Oath                                           (EPC13)
Objective : Defeat enemy
New Character : None
Items : Zanbato (D)
        Energy Ring (D)
        Dragonspear (D)
        Halberd (D)
        Red Gem (S)
        Speedwing (S)
        Talisman (V)
        Barrier Staff (V)

Selena is back! And no, she won't go this time. She has bolting which can take
damages for a large area-like baliista, so be careful to put your low
resistance units.
Next, there's two items you can get by stealing it. So, bring Colm. Steal it
from the mage and the great knight. Don't forget to visit the villages, before
pirate destroyed them.
|      Selena                 |         |
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++         |
|Mage Knight Lv11 HP 38/38    |         |
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++         |
| Items : bolting, elfire               |
| Str   13     Res  17                  |
| Skill 13     Mov   7                  |
| Spd   16     Con   6                  |
| Luck  10     Aid  14                  |
| Def   11                              |
|                                       |
You can kill the boss with the high strength unit. Magic usually don't her much.
Instead, you can kill your magic wielder, except you have trained he/she a lot.
( I use my magic wielder to kill her, though ;) )
But, if you want give the experiences to your weaker units, just hurt her with
your strong unit but not the strongest so he/she doesn't kill her. Kill her
with the character you want to got the experiences.

Chapter 14 : Father & Son                                                (EPC14)
Objective : Seize Throne
New Character : Rennac (R)
Items : Shine (D)
        Red Gem (D)
        Armorslayer (D)
        Swordreaver (D)
        Long bow (D)

Ok, pick your units carefully because this chapter is not an easy task. Your
units will be split automatically into 2 groups. Each consists 6 characters.
Bring your thief or rogue or assassin here, there's a lot of chests, also
stealing job as well. Bring door key too, so when your thief is busy, the other
still can continue their way. Take L'arachel to recruit Rennac. Rennac will
appear on the upper right side on your screen. He will disappear after pilfered
the chest on the upper left side of your screen. The stair there is where he
want to go.
There's many thing you have to be cautious with, berserk, silence, and sleep.
As I already told you on previous chapter, berserk is very annoying. Especially
if your greatest character got berserk, Uh..no good.. So beware. Oh yeah,
silence can make your magic wielder useless. It makes them can't use their
magic for 5 turns. You can dispel all these status by restore, btw.
The lonely soldier above your left groups has body ring, so don't kill him
before steal him. There's a secret shop in this chapter as well. It's located
on upper left, below the chest. Send your unit who's got member card to that
shop. There's a lot of good stuff there.
|      Vigarde                |         |
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++         |
|General Lv13 HP 52/52        |         |
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++         |
| Items : Spear, Knight crest           |
| Str   21     Res  12                  |
| Skill 14     Mov   5                  |
| Spd   11     Con  17                  |
| Luck   9     Aid  16                  |
| Def   20                              |
|                                       |
About the boss, he has spear, so he can attack you from 2 range. He's a lance
wielder so use axe or lance wielder too. Magic wielder works well too. I use
Ewan to kill him. It's up to you to send who to kill him. Just remember his
stats then, he has great strength & defense, also mediocre resistance. So think
smart before you send your unit to his/her own die.

Ephraim & Eirika part II                                                 (EEP2)

Chapter 15 : Scorched Sand                                             (EEPC15)
Objective : Defeat Enemy
New character : With Eirika : Ephraim (A)
                              Duesell (A)
                              Knoll (A)
                With Ephraim : Eirika (A)
                               Innes (A)
                               Saleh (A)
Items : Fili Shield (D)
        Hoplon Guard (D)
        Mend (D)
        Devil Axe (D)
        Luna (D)
        Dragon Axe or Hand Axe (D)
        Guiding Ring (S)
        Master Seal (V)
        Eclipse (H)
        Switsole (H)
        Warp (H)
        Body Ring (H)
        wyrmslayer (H)
        Eclipse (H)
        Silver Card (H)
        Metis's Tome (H)

Now, like Seth already told you, this chapter is not gonna be easy for your
horse riding units. For other, their move will be limited but not as many as
cavalier & friends.
The battle is not too difficult in my opinion. There's a lot of wyvern rider,
myrmidon, fighter, mage, and shaman. One of the shaman got guiding ring, don't
forget to steal it! The hardest part is to find all the treasures which is
hidden under the sands. There are silver card ( very useful, drop all the price
into half ), luna, wyrmslayer, metis's tome ( boost your character who use it
5% growth ), Eclipse, Switsole ( increases movement by 2 points ), Warp staff,
and Body Ring ( increases con by 2 points). Usually these items is located near
the dino fossil or cliff edge.
You'll meet berserk or sleep depends on who you're playing with. With Ephraim,
you'll got berserk, and Eirika'll got sleep. Don't kill the last enemy until
you've got all the items.

] Valter, Wyvern Knight Lv 13 HP 45/45 [
] Spear, killer lance, and             [
] Fili Shield                          [
] Str 19       Def 13      Aid 14      [
] Spd 17       Res 12                  [
] Skl 17       Mov 8                   [
] Lck 3        Con 11                  [
] Caellach, hero lv 12 HP 47/47        [
] Tomahawk, silver axe, and            [
] Hoplon Guard                         [
] Str 19       Def 15      Aid 12      [
] Spd 14       Res 13                  [
] Skl 13       Mov 6                   [
] Lck 14       Con 13                  [
We've got two bosses here. Both very strong. Valter is lance user, and Caellach
axe user. Just remember the weapons triangle. Weak characters is not
recommended, as their can kill him/her quick. And, Caellach is standing on the
fortress so he's got defense and avoidance up, that's plus for him and minus
for you.

Chapter 16 : Ruled by Madness                                          (EEPC16)
Objective : Seize the throne
New character : None
Items : Hero Crest (D)
        Physic (D)
        Vulnerary (S)
        Red gem (S) => Eirika's only
        Divine or Purge (D)
        Tomahawk (C)
        Talisman (C)
        Knight Crest (C)
        5000 gold (C)

The map is not quite same for Eirika and Ephraim. On Eirika's map in front of
Orson are sages which one of them has red gem. But on Ephraim's map, Druids are
standing in front of Orson. Also, in Eirika's map there are a lot of warrior
and anima users. But, black magic users and sword users is your enemies on
Ephraim's map.
But, both for the map, this chapter is quite easy to handle. There's nothing
too difficult, really.

] Orson, paladin lv 13 48/48           [
] Runesword, silver lance              [
]                                      [
] Str 18       Def 14      Aid 13      [
] Spd 15       Res 11                  [
] Skl 14       Mov 8                   [
] Lck  6       Con 12                  [
He's gor Runeswors, so he can attack you on 2 range. He's not an easy boss but
not difficult too. Standard, I think. You know the rules. Use them, and you'll
be okay.

Chapter 17 : River of Regrets                                          (EEPC17)
Objective : Defeat Boss
New Character : Syrene
Items : Nosferatu (D)
        Brave Axe (D)
        Guiding Ring (D)
        Fimbulvetr (D)
        Dragonshield (S)
        Elixir (S)

Bring Tana on this chapter, only she can recruit Syrene. There are 3 civilian
you have to protected. You can send some units to defend them there, or you can
rescue them to safer place.
There's shop and armory here. The shop is standard, but the armory is superb.
It sells all the kind of killing armory. Anyway, I've always love the killing
weapons, because the critical rate is very high. Bring the silver card if you
want to shopping. Hah.
The enemies here is quite the same, wyvern rider, druid, one or two sage,
several heroes, and fighters. One thing though, don't kill Lyon until all the
reinforcements come, the experiences maybe useful for your units. But, its up
to your choice.

] Lyon, Necromancer Lv 14 HP 44/44     [
] Fenrir, nosferatu                    [
]                                      [
] Mag 22       Def 17      Aid 6       [
] Spd 13       Res 19                  [
] Skl 11       Mov 6                   [
] Lck  4       Con 7                   [
His stats is pretty impressive but not that impressive. You can kill him in
many ways. But, magic is not take many damage on him and he does take a lot of
damage on your unit. Using a character with a high speed so that he/she always
can 'miss' or with a high resistance and great strength is another option.

Chapter 18: Two Faces of Evil                                         (EEPC18)
Objective : Defeat Enemy
New character : none
Items : none

Now, this is very very enjoyable battle. Just kill the eggs before those
hatches. You don't need any tips here, I guess. One tips, be careful not to
stand on the path with a flame on it, your character will be take some damage
if you do that. Unless assassin, thief, and rogue because of their skill. Ok,
second tips then, there are 'stones' here, so remember what I sayin' on the
previous chapter.
Except the 'stone' and 'flame', this is the battle you should enjoy. Have fun!

] Gorgon Lv 15 Hp 44/44                [
] Demon Surge, Stone                   [
]                                      [
] Mag 18       Def 10      Aid 10      [
] Spd 14       Res 19                  [
] Skl 11       Mov 6                   [
] Lck  3       Con 11                  [
This boss is very easy to kill. One shot can kill her. Again, just be careful
with her 'stone'.

Chapter 19 : Last Hope                                                (EEPC19)
Objective : Survive 13 turns
New character : none
Items : Fortify (C)
        5000 gold (C)
        Speedwing (C)
        Fenrir (C)
        Runesword (C)
        Aura (D)

It's supposed to be hard, I thought. It was actually, when I play with Eirika.
I make a big mistake then. When I play with Ephraim, I don't make that mistake
again. And it makes this chapter a lot more easier.
What I'm trying to say is don't send your not-so-strong units down ( at the
palace entrance ). Why? Because there are so many strong-already-promoted
enemies. Paladin, swordmaster, fighter, etc, etc. Be sure that if you choose
the wrong person to send, he/she will get killed soon. Just put the best units!
Nah, how about the rest? You can send them up. There are enemies too, but not
too many so your units can handle them without get killed.
And, also bring thief or rogue or assassin. There are 6 chests here. 3 on each
side of the area. So, bring 2 rogue if you can.
There's a secret shop too. So if you wanna buy something or just window
shopping, don't forget to come. You can't visit secret shop after the chapter
end, except until you finish the game

WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW    Legends : W = Wall; S= Stair, X= Secret Shop
                      SS    T= Throne
                      SS    ( Sorry for the ugly map, it's the best a can do,
        WWWWWWWWWWWWWSS      hah...)
       WW           WW
    W             WWWW

] Riev Bishop Lv 16 Hp 49/49           [
] Aura                                 [
]                                      [
] Mag 14       Def 16      Aid 6       [
] Spd 21       Res 18                  [
] Skl 19       Mov 6                   [
] Lck  9       Con 7                   [
Kill Riev without magic because he has a high resistance. But, if you want to
use magic, you can do it with Luna. Luna can negates enemy resistance.
Otherwise, I recommend to use your weapon wielders.

Chapter 20 : Darkling Woods                                            (EEPC20)
Objective : Seize Gate
New Character : none
Items : Vulnerary (D)
        2 Antitoxin (D)
        Steel Sword (D)
        Lancereaver (D)
        Axereaver (D)
        Killing Edge (D)
        Swordslayer (D)
        2 Elixir (D)
        Steel Blade (D)
        Spear (D)
        Longbow (D)

Almost over, but not yet. This is not an esay battle after all, but better than
the previous. There are enemies everywhere. Monsters, actually. I, personally,
think that monsters is more easy than regular enemies. But, its not make this
less easy too.
First, you have to send your army up, because the left path is block by thicket
that makes your team cannot move fast, except for the fliers, 'course. Then,
you can split your party into 2 groups, one group to left, one group down. Oh
yeah, the bosses location is on the down area, and one of the bosses is moving,
so watch your step there.

] Riev Bishop Lv 17 Hp 49/49           [
] Aura                                 [
]                                      [
] Mag 14       Def 16      Aid 6       [
] Spd 21       Res 18                  [
] Skl 19       Mov 6                   [
] Lck  9       Con 7                   [

] Morva, mankete lv 18 HP 62/62        [
] Wretched Air                         [
]                                      [
] Mag 26       Def 24      Aid 24      [
] Spd 20       Res 18                  [
] Skl 13       Mov 3                   [
] Lck  7       Con 25                  [
I don't understand about one thing about Riev. In chapter 19, his level was 16,
and his stats is just the same as lv 17 Riev. Maybe, his stats doesn't change a
bit, eh.
Back to business. Riev, you already know how to kill him right? The only
different thing from Riev -as I already told- is he is moving now. Other than
that, nope. So just kill him again, like you already did.
About Morva, his mag is very high, defense and resistance too. How to beat him?
Not, too hard actually. Just send your units with bunch of HP, defense, and
strength. Using a silver or critical weapons can help too. Or send a healer too.
But, you can use Ephraim too( again.. ) with his Sieglinde. You can try Eirika
with one of the Sacres Weapon, but it more risky because she doesn't has a
great defense.

Final Chapter : Sacred Stones                                          (EEPFIN)
Objective : Defeat Boss
New Character : none
Items : Angelic Robe (C)
        Master Seal (C)

There are 2 chests here, so bring your rogue or assassin, if you want. The
enemy will drop door key and chest key, so you don't have to bring them if you
don't want to.
Final chapter, at last. Again, it contains only monsters. Actually, I'm a
little bit tired with monsters. But, whatever. No other thing that
unusual,really. A lot of gorgons, meaning a lot of stones too. Baels, Maelduins,
Wights, and Gwyllgis. The only different is there are 2 draco zombies in this
chapter. Their look-a-like manakete with a higher HP and lower stats. But,
since you -hopefully- take only the strongest to this chapter, you'll find no
problem with them.

] Lyon, necromancer, lvl 18 hp 75/75   [
] Naglfar                              [
]                                      [
] Mag 29       Def 26      Aid 6       [
] Spd 19       Res 29                  [
] Skl 15       Mov 6                   [
] Lck  9       Con 7                   [
You already killed him once, and you can kill him again. Send your best unit to
kill him. Heal if necessary. He dies, and...

] Fomortiis, Demon King LV20 HP 120/120[
] Demon light, Ravager, Nightmare      [
]                                      [
] Mag 33       Def 35      Aid 24      [
] Spd 30       Res 40                  [
] Skl 18       Mov 2                   [
] Lck 20       Con 25                  [
Wow, that's a great stats! I want that stats for my unit :), except for the mov,
of course. Beat him is simple. I just use the Renais's to kill him using their
sacred weapons.
At the enemies turn, several enemies will show up. Don't worry about them,
you'll kill the demon king before they blink.
Congrat's, you beat the game!

Leveling Up                                                             (LVUP)
On chapter 9, a new building called Tower of Valni will appear on the map. This
place, basically, is an awesome place to level up. You'll start at the first
floor. You can enter the next floor after clearing the current floor. As you
advanced, the monsters will be more difficult to beat.
I recommend bringing 1 or 2 units to every floor, so you can level up quickly.
Make sure you bring enough weapon to clear the map because Eirika ( or Ephraim)
is the only one who has access to the supply. There are chests on some map too
so bring chest key or someone who can open the chests when necessary. You can
check the map but you can't save the battle preparation!
Oh, and one more thing, if you decide you don't wanna proceed to the next floor,
the next time you enter the tower you'll be back on the first floor.
On chapter 19, a similar building called Lagdow Ruins will appear on the map.
Basically, it's the same with Tower of Valni but it's more difficult.
Other way to level up is by battling monsters. These monsters will appear n the
map as red dots. Press A to battle it. 'Skirmish'
These battles aren't part of the story. You can choose to battle it or not. I
suggest to fight about 3 monsters area, otherwise your party might overpowered
the enemies on the main quest.

Support                                                                (SUPRT)
Maybe some people never use the support command because they don't know what's
the use of it.
Well, the first is t give some stats boost. When 2 characters who has certain
support level are fighting in the battlefield, they will got stat boost on that
battle. This will only work when both of them are on the battlefield.
The other use is to know a character's background. When they support each other,
there's a short ( or long ) conversation, which will give you more
explanation's about the character's background.
The other thing about support level is that when 2 characters support level
reach A level, some of them will have special endings. Again, it's only some
not all. The character's with the closest background relationship usually have
special endings.
To support, put 2 characters next to each other. They will need to be next to
each other for several turns. The character's with the closest background
relationship, such as Ephraim and Tana, will be easier and therefore need less
turn, than say Duesell and Cormag, before the support command appear.
After several turns, a new support command will appear, select it and watch the
conversation. After that, the support level will increase to C. Then to B. Then
to A.
Another important thing about support is that you can only get 1 conversation
for each pair on one battle. For example, if you get a support conversation for
Ephraim-Eirika at turn 8, you can't get another one at that battle even though
you wait until turn 100. Not to worry, though, as it still count so at the
beginning at the next battle, a support command will appear immediately.
Oh yeah, your characters only got 5 chance to support. Each support level is
mark as 1 grade. Meaning, your character only got 1 opportunity to has A
support level conversation and 1 B level support conversation. Or 1 A support
level and 2 C's level support. Or 2 B's level support and 1 C support level.

PROMOTION ITEMS                                                         (PRIT)
Ephraim        - Solar Brace  - Great Lord
Eirika         - Lunar Brace  - Great Lord
Pupil          - none         - Mage / Shaman -
Journeyman     - none         - Fighter / Pirate
Recruit        - none         - cavalier / knight
Shaman         - Guiding Ring - Druid / Summoner
Mage           - Guiding Ring - Sage / Mage knight
Priest         - Guiding Ring - Bishop / Sage
Monk           - Guiding Ring - Sage / Bishop
Cleric         - Guiding Ring - Valkyrie / Bishop
Troubadour     - Guiding Ring - Valkyrie / Mage Knight
Cavalier       - Knight Crest - Paladin / Great Knight
Knight         - Knight Crest - General / Great Knight
Mercenary      - Hero Crest   - Hero / Ranger
Myrmidon       - Hero Crest   - Swordmaster / Assassin
Fighter        - Hero Crest   - Warrior / Hero
Thief          - Ocean Seal   - Rogue / Assassin
Pirate         - Ocean Seal   - Berserker / Warrior
Pegasus Knight - Elysian Whip - Falcon Knight
Wyvern Rider   - Elysian Whip - Wyvern Lord / Wyvern Knight
Archer         - Orion's Bolt - Sniper / Ranger
Manakete       -    none      - none
Dancer         -    none      - none

Note : Master Seal is promotion item for all classes except Eirika & Ephraim.

WEAPONS                                                                   (WEA)
I'm not gonna put the weapon list here. I'm just gonna give the information
about what weapon / magic that a class can use.

Class              Weapon                   Magic        Other
Ephraim            Lance                      -           -
Eirika             Sword                      -           -
Pupil                -                      Anima         -
Recruit            Lance                      -           -
Journeyman          Axe                       -           -
Shaman               -                       Dark         -
Mage                 -                      Anima         -
Priest               -                      Light         -
Monk                 -                      Light         -
Cleric               -                      Light         -
Troubadour           -                      Light         -
Cavalier          Lance & Sword                -          -
Knight              Lance                      -          -
Mercenary           Sword                      -          -
Myrmidon            Sword                      -          -
Fighter              Axe                       -          -
Thief               Sword                      -          -
Pirate               Axe                       -          -
Pegasus Knight      Lance                      -          -
Wyvern Rider        Lance                      -          -
Archer               Bow                       -          -
Manakete                                               Dragon Stone
Dancer                -                        -          -

Class               Weapon                   Magic
Ephraim             Lance                      -
Eirika              Sword                      -
Druid                 -                   Staff, dark, anima
Summoner              -                   Staff, dark
Sage                  -                   Staff, anima, light
Mage Knight           -                   Staff, Anima
Bishop                -                   Staff, Light
Valkyrie              -                   Staff, Light
Paladin          Lance, Sword                  -
Great Knight     Lance, Sword, Axe             -
General          Lance, Sword, Axe             -
Hero               Sword, Axe                  -
Ranger             Sword, Bow                  -
Swordmaster          Sword                     -
Warrior              Axe                       -
Berserker            Axe                       -
Rogue                Sword                     -
Assassin             Sword                     -
Falcon Knight    Lance, Sword                  -
Wyvern Lord          Lance                     -
Wyvern Knight    Lance, Sword                  -
Sniper               Bow                       -
Ranger           Sword, Bow                    -

Armory                                                                 (AORY)
1. Bethroen
Steel sword   30    600
Iron Blade    35    980
Iron Lance    45    360
Steel Lance   30    480
Javelin       20    400
Iron Axe      45    270
Hammer        20    800
Steel Axe     30    360
Hand Axe      20    300
Iron Bow      45    540
Steel Bow     30    720
Short Bow     22   1760

2. Serafew
Iron Sword    46    460
Slim Sword    30    480
Steel Sword   30    600
Iron Lance    45    360
Slim Lance    30    450
Steel Lance   30    480
Iron Axe      45    270
Steel Axe     30    360
Iron Bow      45    540
Steel Bow     30    720

Iron Sword    46    460
Slim Sword    30    480
Iron Lance    45    360
Slim Lance    30    450
Javelin       20    400
Iron Axe      45    270
Steel Axe     30    360
Hand Axe      20    300

4.Port Kiris
Steel Sword   30    600
Iron Blade    35    980
Iron Lance    45    360
Steel Lance   30    480
Iron Axe      45    270
Steel Axe     30    360
Hammer        20    800
Hand Axe      20    300
Iron Bow      45    540
Steel Bow     30    720
Short Bow     22   1760

5. Narube River
Slim Sword    30    480
Steel Sword   30    600
Killing Edge  20   1300
Slim Lance    30    450
Steel Lance   30    480
Killer Lance  20   1200
Steel Axe     30    360
Hand Axe      20    300
Killer Axe    20   1000
Steel Bow     30    720
Longbow       20   2000
Killer Bow    20   1400

6. Rausten Court
Silver Sword  20   1500
Silver Blade  15   1800
Killing Edge  20   1300
Lancereaver   15   1800
Silver Lance  20   1200
Killer Lance  20   1200
Axereaver     15   1950
Silver Axe    20   1000
Killer Axe    20   1000
Swordreaver   15   2100
Silver Bow    20   1600
Killer Bow    20   1400
Short Bow     22   1760
Longbow       20   2000

Shop                                                                     (SHP)
1. Bethroen
Fire      40     560
Thunder   35     700
Lightning 35     630
Shine     30     900
Flux      45     900
Heal      30     600
Mend      20    1000
Unlock    10    1500
Chest Key  1     300
Vulnerary  3     300
Elixir     3    3000
Antitoxin  3     450
Torch      5     500

2. Taizel
Thunder    35     700
Elfire     30    1200
Shine      30     900
Flux       45     900
Luna       30    4200
Heal       30     600
Mend       20    1000
Restore    10    2000
Vulnerary   3     300
Pure Water  3     900

3. Serafew
Heal       30     600
Torch      10    1000
Restore    10    2000
Fire       40     560
Lightning  35     630
Vulnerary   3     300

4. Jehanna Hall
Thunder    35     700
Elfire     30    1200
Lightning  35     630
Shine      30     900
Divine     25    2500
Flux       45     900
Luna       30    4200
Mend       20    1000
Restore    10    2000
Barrier    15    2250
Vulnerary   3     300
Elixir      3    3000
Pure water  3     900
Antitoxin   3     450

5. Caer Pelyn
Thunder    35     700
Elfire     30    1200
Shine      30     900
Flux       45     900
Luna       30    4200
Heal       30     600
Mend       20    1000
Restore    10    2000
Vulnerary   3     300
Pure Water  3     900
Antitoxin   3     450

6. Port Kiris
Fire       40     560
Thunder    35     700
Lightning  35     630
Shine      30     900
Flux       45     900
Heal       30     600
Mend       20    1000
Unlock     10    1500
Chest Key   1     300
Vulnerary   3     300
Elixir      3    3000
Antitoxin   3     450
Torch       5     500

7. Rausten Court
Thunder    35     700
Elfire     30    1200
Shine      30     900
Divine     25    2500
Flux       45     900
Luna       30    4200
Mend       20    1000
Recover    10    2250
Restore    10    2000
Vulnerary   3     300
Elixir      3    3000
Antitoxin   3     450
Pure Water  3     900

8. Narube River
Thunder    35     700
Elfire     30    1200
Shine      30     900
Divine     25    2500
Flux       45     900
Luna       30    4200
Mend       20    1000
Recover    10    2250
Elixir      3    3000
Pure Water  3     900
Antitoxin   3     450

Secret Shop                                                            (SECOP)
1. Grado Keep
Lancereaver      15     1800
Swordreaver      15     2100
Axereaver        15     1950
Killer Bow       20     1400
Brave Sword      30     7500
Purge             5     3000
Bolting           5     2500
Eclipse           5     4000
Silence           3     1200
Recover          15     1125
Angelic Robe      1     8000
Energy Ring       1     8000
Talisman          1     8000
Lock pick        15     1200
Hero Crest        1    10000
Knight Crest      1    10000
Orion's Bolt      1    10000
Elysian Whip      1    10000
Guiding Ring      1    10000
Ocean Seal        1    10000

2. Jehanna Hall
Lancereaver      15     1800
Swordreaver      15     2100
Axereaver        15     1950
Killer Bow       20     1400
Brave Lance      30     7500
Purge             5     3000
Bolting           5     2500
Fenrir           20     9000
Fortify           8     8000
Recover          15     1125
Angelic Robe      1     8000
Energy Ring       1     8000
Body Ring         1     8000
Lock pick        15     1200
Hero Crest        1    10000
Knight Crest      1    10000
Orion's Bolt      1    10000
Elysian Whip      1    10000
Guiding Ring      1    10000
Ocean Seal        1    10000

3. Rausten Court
Shamsir          20     1200
Spear            15     9000
Battle Axe       20     1000
Brave Axe        30     7500
Brave Bow        30     7500
Fimbulvetr       20     6000
Aura             20     8000
Physic           15     3750
Angelic Robe      1     8000
Energy Ring       1     8000
Secret Book       1     8000
Speedwing         1     8000
Goddes Icon       1     8000
Dragonshield      1     8000
Hero Crest        1    10000
Knight Crest      1    10000
Orion's Bolt      1    10000
Elysian Whip      1    10000
Guiding Ring      1    10000
Ocean Seal        1    10000

Death Quotes                                                            (DEQU)
Players                (DEQUP)
Amelia : I... I did well, didn't i?
Artur : The rest...is up to you
Colm : To think of it... Me...In this place...Neimi
Cormag : Blast! My brother would never have gone out like this...
Duessell : This... This is nothing!
Dozla : Ha Ha Ha! I couldn't have asked for a better ending!
Eirika : " Brother.. I'm sorry "
Ephraim : Forgive me, Eirika.
Ewan : I'm sorry, Teacher... I never--
Forde : Ah, Prince Ephraim... It... It was fun while it lasted.
Franz : I'm sorry General Seth...
Garcia : I have no regrets. This was always my fate.
Gerik : If you live in the battlefield, you know this day will come...
Gilliam : I was prepared...for anything...
Innes : I won't give up... Not here... Not in this place... I'll keep going,
even if
I have to crawl...
Joshua : I...I guess my luck finally ran out...heh.
Knoll : In this darkness, I will find peace.
Kyle : Prince Ephraim! Lead us to glory...
L'arachel : This will never do! I find it hard to say, but I must beg you to
Lute : I... I don't want to die..
Marisa : I lost...
Moulder : I'm sorry. I believe this is as far as I can go...
Myrrh : ... I'm so sorry... I can't help you any longer.
Natasha : I can't let myself die here...Someone has to hear my tale.
          My fate is irrelevant... The world must have...light.
Neimi : Yoy were right Colm...I'm a klutz. Sorry...
Rennac : Great. This is just what I needed...
Ross : I'm...a warrior to the very end
Saleh : I'm sorry, Grandmother... My duty...
Seth : Urgh...My apologies. I must withdraw.
Syrene : So this is the end ...Vanessa...
Tana : I've long been prepared for this day... Too long...
Tethys : The dark rider I foresaw... He was coming for me...
Vanessa : Please...forgive me...

Boss                          (DEQUB)
O'Neill : What? How?
Bone : Urrgh... Blast...
Breguet : Tis...This can't be... I...
Bazba : I'm the...mighty...Bazba... This...ain't-
Monster : NA
Saar : Emperor Vigarde... Glory to His...Majesty...
Zonta : L-Lord Tirado...
It can't be... Were we...merely pawns?
Novala : Aah... Is This...the end? No fame? No ...glory-
Murray : Lord Tirado...
Tirado : Very...impressive... However... I expect you'll wish you'd died here
on my
steel. Lord Valter is...not as merciful as I...
Binks : Th-that stinkin' Pablo... He...lied to me...
Pablo : Urrgh...N-no... I cannot die when there is such wealthy to be had... Re-
retreat! Mercenaries, to me!
Monster : NA
Monster : NA
Aias : Very...impressive. You've pierced the battle formations I'd perfected...
one's ever done that. Renai's tactician has earned my highest regard.
Carlyle : Queen Ismaire...
Caellach : Bla...Blast... a bit more, and...a crown...would have been...mine...
Orson : Monica...
Monster : NA
Gorgon : NA
Riev : Heh heh heh... Even if you defeat me, you're too late to stop it. The
one true demon...will rise...
Morva : NA
Lyon : Ha... Ha ha... HAAA HAHAHAHA!

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4. Nintendo
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6. Felix Wang for corrections about chapter 9 & 10 Ephraim

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