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Similar, yet very different from FE7A Friendly Cactus10/10
Why are you reading this tagline?!?!? Go to you nearest store, and pick this up NOW. Jeese.bobber20510/10
If it Ain't Broke, Don't Fix it?buruburu18/10
Pure Strategy Goodness in every bite.canas1239/10
Fire Emblem: The Sacred StonesCharCol9710/10
Equal to the original in diffrent ways.cheatcommandos810/10
It's everything from the first game... Except Better!EBunleashed9/10
Strategy Finally takes form on the GBAGrimm7478/10
An Emblem of Great FunHades_Warrior9/10
A very, very good game, worth buying.iammaxhailme8/10
Not great, not horrible... But good.Icycl38/10
North America's second solid installment of the seriesjudep9/10
A must-buy GBA game for any strategy fan.KamikazeHindu10/10
An extremely polished SRPG that plays out very well on the small screenLegatoBluesommers9/10
A great part in the Fire Emblem LegendMageGeneral_Erk10/10
Great, But Doesn't Capture the Magic of The FirstMaroon5fanboy259/10
Solid, but a bit of a letdown.Mechsaurian7/10
Just what we want!methedemon10/10
What a fantastic sequel.....Peekuhchew90909/10
Great All AroundPhoenix60008/10
Another great Fire Emblem game.PS2Joey10/10
Great Game, except for one, annoying, exception.Robodudezero9/10
*CRUNCH* You shattered my Sacred Stone!TakaRagranok8/10
The first English Fire Emblem in which you can grind. DON'T.tehufn8/10
I don't get how Nintendo can come out with such a great game as FE7, and ruin it with this.timdrumming4/10
Better then most RPGs and most definetely the best RPG on the GBAWario and Fox10/10
If only we had done this sooner...there would be perfectionxcamel249/10

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