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How can i find latios/latias easily? 6
What do you say to WALDA on Rustboro city? 1
How do I open the Sootopolis city gym? & how do I get up the waterfall and go to ever grande city? 8
Where can I find Aurara Ticket/Mystic Ticket/Old Sea chart??! 8
What do you do once you beat team magma and awaken Groudon? 5
Where can i found the gym leader for 4th badge? 7
GAMESHARK Warp Codes? 2
What can I do after the Elite Four? 2
Why does it tell me, The internal battery has run dry, the game can be played.? 8
How do I get to sootopolis city? 12
Recent Questions Answers
Missing Pokemon? 1
How do I free up offsets in an Emerald rom hack? 1
Which move to forget? 3
Gameshark code makes app quit, how do i stop this and still catch the pokemon i want ? 0
Im stuck at the Elite 4 and i need some info on how to beat them, could I get some tips? 0
I need a good flash cart for gba? 0
What pokemon should I add to my team to cover my weaknesses? 1
Go-Locke for Pokemon Emerald (or ANY pokemon game, really)? 2
Is my team good enough to fight the elite four? 1
How do I use Action Replay for my fire red? In 2016 1
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Unresolved Questions Answers
The aurora ticket and old sea map doesn't work, how can i use this? Only the eon and mystic ticket is working. 9
What are the best pokemon and moves for contests(cute,beauty,etc.)? 4
Where can I find old rod? 9
What's the best team? ANYONE!? 5
Can I get a "Shiny" code for the Gameshark? 3
How do I use a Save file from gamefaqs to work on my VBA? 2
Wat is the daycare center trick? 5
Can I Catch 'em all? 3
What level does marshtomp evolve? 8
What is the code to encounter alakazam through gameshark for emerald? 2

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