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How do you beat Dome Ace Tucker and Pike Queen Lucy?

My butt is kicked by Milotic and Swampert?


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Other pokemon that can be useful?

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rc183 answered:

Grass-types are very useful against both of these pokemon, especially Sunflora, since Sunflora's Special Defense is incredibly high, making counterattacks difficult.

Be careful with Milotic; it knows Mirror Coat. If you have a Sunflora that is the same level as her Milotic, one Solarbeam will take Milotic out.

To obtain a Sunflora, catch a Sunkern at the Safari Zone Expansion Project and use a Sun Stone on it.
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mistertrev14 answered:

For milotic use an electric type and a grass type for swampert
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tkobartleby answered:

Lucy is pretty easy.

When i beat her, i had a Lapras, Jolteon, and Aggron.

Use psychic to take out Seviper.
Shuckle was tricky, but it couldn't use toxic on Aggron, and sandstorm didn't work on him either. A couple iron tails went right past his ridiculous defense.
Milotic went down with a couple thunderbolts.

A psychic type, a steel type, and an electric type. then you'll be all set for her.
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Im_Awsome answered:

Rock Slide
Iron Tail
Iron Defense

Leaf Blade
Brick Break

Ice punch
Rock Slide
Scary Face
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Im_Awsome answered:

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ravoria answered:

Lucy could not possibly be easier. Lanturn is the best way to deal with milotic, and it can 2hko her last pokemon. Use a fast psychic or ground type to kill her seviper first, then when it died bring out lanturn.

There is a very simple way to defeat tucker: calm mind. Send out pretty much anything that can learn it (i use latios). He will continuously use counter, so after 6 Cms just ohko swampbert and then whatever comes next. Good luck
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Oho_Jee answered:

Any Grass pokemon with leech seed. Leech seed will take there health and give it to you through the battle. I have won several battles with that.
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butterball12 answered:

get a pokemon with destiny bond and let milotic/swampert kill it. That way you din't have to worry about their (frontierbrain pokemon) stats. Thats what I did and it worked.
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