Question from Topher65

How do I beat Liza and Tate?

I have a lot of trouble doing this.This is my party.

Blaziken lv44
Moves:Double Kick, Peck, Slash, and Blaze Kick

Gardevoir lv34
Moves:Psychic, Double Team, Confusion, Imprison

Sharpedo lv32
Moves:Focus Energy, Surf, Crunch, Screech

Skarmory lv31
Moves:Air Cutter, Fly, Swift, Fury Attack

lilleep lv27
Moves:Ingrain, Giga Drain, Acid, Secret Power

Please help with any suggetions! thnx!

Accepted Answer

SmokeRulz answered:

Your problem is your Pokemon are way too underleveled. All of their Pokemon are over level 40, and you only have Blaziken that high, and Blaziken will get wiped out in that place. You need to go level the rest of them up promptly by 10-15 levels. Once you do, Sharpedo and Lileep alone can wreck that Gym, since 3 of their 4 Pokemon are weak to Water & Grass, and you can just Crunch Xatu to death.
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lol54321 answered:

i never had a problem in this gym. Since all of my pokemon here are about lvl 48. I just use Walrein and spam Surf. Gardevoir using imprison so they won't use Psychic and Gardevoir Thunderbolt/ Walrein Ice Beam to destroy Xatu.

The battle was like this:
Go Gardevoir and Walrein. Go Claydol and Xatu.
Gardevoir used Imprison, Xatu used Calm Mind, Walrein used Ice Beam, Xatu fainted, Go Solrock, Claydol used Earthquake (he needs 6 hits to kill any of my pokemon!), Gardevoir used Thunderbolt at Solrock, Walrein used Surf, Solrock fainted, Go Lunatone, Earthquake again, Gardevoir used Thunderbolt, Walrein used Surf. Double Kill! I won o.0
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flyboy27 answered:

The problem of your Pokemon is they are way under the required level. Blaziken gets OHKO by a Psychic or Earthquake so avoid using him(unless he knows Hidden Power Ice). First, catch a Spheal and train it to a Walrein which knows Surf and Ice Beam. Walrein and Sharpedo should be leveled up because those two won't have problem if you level them. Keep Crunch if it learns any other moves. Mightyena is not advised for this match.
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farrtyes answered:

Your problem is that u have low level pokemon, but u have pretty good moves to beat some of Liza's and Tate's pokemon. They have a Lunatone and a Solrock, and u can use Blaziken's double kick or Sharpedo's surf. Xatu, and others wil be beaten by andy dark moves. Hope this helps.
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Blaziken_rjcf answered:

First get a water Pokemon and start training the ones you have to lv40 or something. Then use Blaziken and another high-leveled Pokemon to get rid of the first two Pokemon in their team. After that use water type moves to get rid of Lunatone and Solrock.
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need2playgba answered:

I've never had a problem with them but that's cuz my Blazikin wuz at level 58. Your pokemon need to get leveled more. i'd recomend givin some pokemon to the DAYCARE to level them. Also using EXP. SHARE. That's what helped me out a lot.
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razamatar15 answered:

easy solution. level sharpedo. He can crush that gym by himself. see if you can revisit any of the other gyms.
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game_demon_80 answered:

You pokemon are a too low level i did it with lvl 40s if u cant do that then catch some ghost pokemon which can be located at mount pyre lvl ranging from about 23 to 32 or near lily cove where all the shuppets are lvls ranging 19 to 28
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ChrisPerez001 answered:

Mightyena and Sableye are the best combo team to keep
If you want Mightyena to learn crunch prevent evolution by pressing B when it tries and somewhere in the 30's it learns Crunch(I think)
Sharpedo's level is too low, try raising its level to 40-45 and then try to use surf and crunch
^Same for Skarmory level him 40-45 and teach him Steel Wing ( Which i think it is only taught through TM and breeding(Correct me if i'm wrong)
And finally level Lillep to level 40 in which it will evolve to Cradilly( Keep using Giga Drain)
Have maybe 5 revives and 4 Hyper potions beacuse thats all you'll need
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Draikonack answered:

I also had trouble with this Gym. Alright, first, your Pokemon are underleveled. Train em close or to Level 40. Pack some Super Potions/ Hyper Potions/Revives. Use Sharpedo to Surf Lunatone, Solrock, and Claydol. For Xatu, Crunch him. Yes, you need your Sharpedo. Use your other Pokemon as Tanks, and if Sharpedo has low HP, switch him out and use whatever you need to use. Repeat it. Good luck and hope I helped!
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ravoria answered:

This is definitely the most annoying gym. Imprison will help a lot, but if you want a good last resort just team up on the claydol and kill him in turn one, then use a wobbufet with mirror coat and sharpedo.
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stranger094 answered:

First, level up all pokemon 10-15 levels, but mainly level up Sharpedo and Lileep because they can be very effective at beating Solrock and Lunatone. You could also teach Gardevior some new moves and if you add a Castform to your party that would also help. It may take a few tries, but you will eventually deafeat them.
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Deefrenzy41 answered:

First catch a Sharpedo need super rod found in this city teach sharpedo surf crunch rain dance choose last

Sharpedo use crunch on gardevoir, gardevor fainted from lack of defence use rain dance then surf knocked out claydol and solrock or lunaton then use surf or crunch on the last one i won with Sharpedo lv 42 and a Tropius lv 43 Hope i helped u = )
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Olivia_av answered:

Use Sharpedo, and use Crunch.
If he faints, use Blaziken's Blaze Kick, and I think you should train more!
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silverkyogre answered:

Use gardevoir and sharpedo first if they both faint use blaziken and skarmory if they also faint your on your on
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pokemon022799 answered:

To defeat Tate and Liza, you will need dark type pokemon. And level up your pokemon to the high 40s and your blaziken to the high 50s and your lileep to the high 40s and teach your blaziken the attack overheat and use overheat to dum claydol and make sure your blaziken is holding a dire hit. And when your lileeps level is high, use any strong grass attacks on solrock. Get an electric type, rock, or ice for xatu. Get another dark type I suggest Absol capturerable near fortree city. And use crunch or bite on lunatone.
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Oho_Jee answered:

Try catching Poocheyna and raising it to a high level. Then teach it Bite. Or teach your pokemon Ghost/Dark type moves. Bite is very good because if your strong enough and fast enough your opponent flinches and doesn't move.
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Aquamarine2512 answered:

Use Dark Moves like Crunch, Bite or Shadowball. Don't bother using Blaziken, it only needs a Psychic to faint easily
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Aquamarine2512 answered:

Xatu is way too easy: use a Dark or Electric
Lunatone and Solrock: Shadowball, Surf or Night Shade would work
And don't tell me you even defeated Winona with that team of yours.I must train to lvl 50 to defeat her.Teach Gardevoir Shadowball or Night Shade. It will come in handy later.My Gardevoir had these move: Thunderbolt, Psychic, Shadowball and Shock wave.
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Pshychodoblez answered:

I have been trying again and again and it just wont work for me.... I am being smashed out every single time. Hate the Pshych gym! Can any one plz say whats wrong??

My pokemons are

Skarmory lvl. 39
Aerial Ace/Steel Wing/Swift/Fly

Absol lvl. 29
Quick Attack/Blizzard/Bite/Sandstorm

Grovyle lvl. 31
Pound/Pursuit/Leaf Blade/Quick Attack

Kadabra lvl. 40
Recover/Psych/Psy Beam/Flash

Lairon lvl. 40
Iron Tail/Metal Claw/Cut/Headbutt

Mightyena lvl. 27
Bite/Roar/Odor Sleuth/Swagger

Plz help! xD
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Acridmurder answered:

actually i only used three pokemons and the other three i sacrificed them :b...i used blaziken double kick on lunatone and solrock....then used surf from my wailmer on claydol...and the i used thunderbolt by pikachu on xatu :B

blaziken: 45
pikachu:25 :B

and the sacrifice pokemons:
linone, absol:25
pss...i know i know i was cruel :B...but it worked
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