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Where can I find old rod?

I need a pokemon to surf?

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Dewford, But if you have already beat Norman you can't get back there without Surf.

If you have a Zigzagoon, Linoone, Makuhita, or Hariyama they can be taught surf

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Talk to the lone fisherman in Dewford and he'll ask you something. Choose the top answer and he will hand over the Old Rod to you.

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Dewford town.

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Dewford town. There's a fisherman beside the Dewford Gym.

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Talk to the fisherman by the dewford gym and when he askes you if you have an itch to fish say yes,or do what RaikouTGC sayd and if you've beaten norman teach its to Zigzagoon, Linoone, Makuhita, or Hariyama.

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Go to dewford town. Talk to the guy standing right side of the Gym.
TALK TO HIM AND SAY YES and you will get the ' OLD ROD' which can be used from key item in bag. You will encounter magikarp , Tentacool & Feebas using this rod

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you need to defeat your player's dad Norman after defeating 4 gyms then you will get HM surf from wally's dad you can teach it to Zigzagoon you can get it in route 101,102 and 103

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Go to dewfort gym and go to the guy right beside the gym he gives you old rod after talking to him

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