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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can i found the gym leader for 4th badge?

HI!!!! I dont know where i could found the gym leader that have the th badge ???? Can u help me where i can found the gym leader plzz!!!!!thank you!!!! email me at

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From: Maurith 6 years ago

If you're struggling to get to Lavaridge Town, you must take the Gondola on the route north-west of Mauville (where you got the 3rd badge). This gondola takes you up to Mt Chimney where there will be a scene and some battles with Team Magma/Aqua. After that head down Jagged Pass and you come out East of Lavaridge town.

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You find the Gym Leader Flannery in the Lavaridge Gym. The gym is like Sabrina's gym in RBY in that you need to step on something to transport you to other rooms of the gym. Just step on the Water Spouts on the Floor in the Gym to reach Flannery.

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You have to step on the water spouts in a certain order to get to her. And all answers are supposed to be here, we're not supposed to e-mail them to you. It defeats the purpose.

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you can find the 4th badge in Petalburg City

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Dude it's simple. First meet Team Magma and the goons will no longer block the Cable Car. Then you go to Mt. Chimney then go out. Then you will find yourself in Lavaridge Town and the leader is Flannery. She uses Fire types. Hope this helped.

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in Lavaridge town.

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You have to go to the cable car up Mt. Chimney. The cable car is found on route 112. Go down the Jagged Pass to get to Lavaridge. When you get down the Jagged Pass on the left should be Lavaridge. In Lavaridge you will find the fourth gym leader Flannery, who uses the fire type.

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