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Does feebas have to be on level 50 to evolve?

My feebas already has most of its beauty up i just have to give her one more block. And she will have maxed beauty

ladydeath678 provided additional details:

Oh :-( . The only reason i asked is beacause in the book it said just to max the beauty then level up. And my feebas is on level 18.

ladydeath678 provided additional details:

But then i would have to get a whole bunch of heart scales and have it learn the moves that i miised wouldnt i?Feebas only learns 3 moves. tackle flail and splash.

Accepted Answer

flyboy27 answered:

Well no and really, Max Feebas beauty and level it but I suggest levelling it at level 50 because that is awesome.
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Firewing502 answered:

Yes, it is lust like other pokemon.
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Wyrlwynd answered:

Feebas will evolve at ANY level as long as you have met the Beauty requirement...
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