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Where can I find TM Dragon Claw?

I'm going to teach it to my Flygon, when my Vibrava evolves. Because Flygon will only learn one Dragon move, and that is Dragonbreath. And I want my future Flygon knows 2 or more Dragon moves. Please help me......where can I find that TM?

Accepted Answer

ChrisPerez001 answered:

In Meteor Falls
1)Up the waterfall
2)Go into the room
3)Go to the only ladder you see
^Optional(Just including TM23(Iron Tail) go to the southeast hand corner there should be a ladder take it and the TM is right in front of you
4)Go to the northeast side of the cave take the ladder
5)Go up the stairs(If you haven't battled the old couple and dragon trainer then you will)
6)Jump 4 of the mudd things EXCEPT FOR THE LAST ONE
7)Take that ladder
8)Then surf
9)There should be a giant hole in the wall go through it and there should be TM02(Dragon Claw)
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