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What is a good moveset for Golduck? I need help beating the Master of the Battle Pike....

The Master of the Battle Pike, Lucy, has Seviper which is weak to Psychic attacks, but I need a good Psychic move for Golduck besides Psychic 'cause he wont learn it, or a good psychic pokemon. Any Ideas?

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Distant_Rainbow answered:

Golduck CAN learn Psychic, but only by an Egg Move in this gen. If you've already trained him up, well, you have to give up Psychic, or start training another Golduck from scratch. Sadly, Psychic is Golduck's only decent Psychic attacking move in this gen as far as I know; Confusion's too weak for the Battle Frontier.

Seviper can be taken care of with a different Pokemon with Psychic and high Sp. Atk stats, or an Earthquake user, so I recommend thinking of an alternative Pokemon to take him down.

If you want a good Psychic Pokemon, I recommend Alakazam or Gardevoir, they're pretty good.
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ravoria answered:

You never said whether you were talking about the gold or silver battle, but Im fairly sure you're never going to drag a golduk through 140 rooms, so I'll assume its silver.
just catch a chincou, evolve it into lanturn, and take it into that battle. Seviper is a weak pokemon, it doesn't take a lot to kill him. Just go crazy with pretty much anything. Lanturn slays her next 2 pokemon, more than likely in one hit. If you really need something specific, try dugtrio with CB
I'm pretty sure golduck can learn psychic through the TM which you can buy in the game conrer. Just use battle points to get vitamens, sell them, buy coins, buy the TM.
If you are actually on gold, starmie with psychic, surf, and thunderbolt (again, use the game corner) will win the whole battle by itself.
hope this helps.
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Aquamarine2512 answered:

You can start raising a new Psychic pokemon, because now you'll have plenty of time. I prefer Gardevoir. It's very rare, and it can learn Electric , Ghost typee moves too. It'll be in handy against a lot of pokemon
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