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How do I duplicate items?

I keep seeing, through all the pokemon games that have come out, that you were able to duplicate items by doing something without using cheat codes. Is it still possible or have they fixed it since the earilier ones? And if it is still possible how do i do it?


RaikouTGC answered:

Try this
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JinRaziel123_ answered:

Use the Clone glitch, just let the pokemon hold the item you want......
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Firemaster5 answered:

You can give them items with and clone them. This glitch requires you to go to the Battle Tower. First test this with an unimportant Pokemon and no item just in case it is mixed up. Deposit some Pokemon and give the clonee the item in the Battle Towers PC. Save. Withdraw said Pokemon or more (up to 5 at a time) go to the lady on the right (multi-link) enter lv. 50 or open (I heard to pick two that aren't being cloned but whatever). She'll ask you if you want to save the game. Say yes. It will pause then the first prompt asking you if you want to save the game will appear. Turn of the game and load your save. *note*make sure the prompt loads before you power off. You should be in front of the lady with the subjects in your party AND your PC.
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