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What can I do after the Elite Four?


I beat the Elite Four, and now I'm bored. What stuff can I do BESIDES The Battle Frontier. List things that I can do that have nothing to do with The Battle Frontier(boring and gives you only one battle point after many fights).

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Oh, I didn't know that about the Battle Frontier, perhaps I will try again ^^

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JDawgSA93 answered:

I know how boring the Battle Frontier can get after getting 1 battle point for every battle. Lame. So i suggest that you make an awesome secret base, master every contest and get the paintings for the museum, find that really hard to get feebas that I hear is only found in 6 random spaces that change with the trendy phrase while fishing, complete your pokedex(funner to do before you come close to beating the champion), get Johto starters(only after you finish your Hoenn pokedex and you only get one), find a pikachu in the safari with a light ball item and learn volt tackle, and look for shiny pokemon. Or do more at the Battle Frontier. Hope thats helpful.
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chaocross answered:

Apparently you two only tried the Battle Tower, Battle Dome, Battle Arena, or Battle Pike only one time. The points increase in those areas after a certain number of completions. Frontier Brains also give significant amounts of BP if you beat them. Battle Palace gives 4 points, Battle Factory gives 3, and the Battle Pyramid gives 3 or 4 (can't remember) per completion at the first run through. Once you get 2 Symbols you can gamble BP to get some decent amounts in relatively short time, provided you win. Granted, grinding through the Frontier before getting to place bets to get a Punch or Rock Slide isn't much fun...

As far as other things to do, go find the real Champion in Meteor Falls. Contests, shiny and Feebas hunting (if you value your sanity do not hunt for shiny Feebas), Volt Tackle Pichu, the Regis, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza can be obtained if you didn't get them pre-E4. The Lati@s is also roaming if you didn't get it yet. I have yet to find Mirage Island, but apparently it's full of Wynaut and a Liechi Berry.

You can't fill the Pokedex without a Game Shark or Action Replay. Secret bases are only useful if you've mixed records with someone.
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