Question from dboone0202

Why won't my pokemon listen to me?

My Mew won't listen to me!I don't know why.I've got all the gym badges!!!

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pokemon022799 answered:

Dont use any cheats to get mew cause in lv. 100 it will never ever obey you.
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PKMN_lyker answered:

If you use a cheat to get mew,it won't obey you anymore at lvl 100...
hope this helps...^_^
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RaikouTGC answered:

Mew and Deoxys have obediance bits, if you hacked it without this bit set it will never ever obey. No matter how many Badges or if you are the OT
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PKMN_lyker answered:

See like what I have told you...I know it is like High Level or something...
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Oho_Jee answered:

I think you can use the soothe bell.
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Topher65 answered:

You need more gym badges
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