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How do I get to Pacifidlog Town in Pokemon Emerald?

I managed to find Sootopolis City, but the gym is closed, and every website I ask keeps telling me to go to either Pacifidlog Town or Sky Pillar, but I haven't even beaten Team Aqua for the other sleeping Pokemon (I can't find my way through the underwater cave). Can someone give me a quick walk-through or tell me how to get to these locations?

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BTW, this is after I got the Seventh Badge.

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Outlaw265 answered:

First you must get to the seafloor cavern, it is on route 128, if you look on the pokenav map it is 3 squares left from the bottom of ever grande city. It is hard to find your way through but you will get there eventually, just always go through the doors in front of you, not the ones leading backwards towards where you came from. Once you've done that you go to sootopolis and watch the pokemon fight. Now go to Pacifidlog. Its on route 131-132. You can only get there from the east, not from Slateport. Then head back onto route 131 and stick to the north of the rocks, there will eventually be a gap in the wall which leads to Sky Pillar. Then the Sootopolis gym door will open for you to beat Juan. DONE!!!!!
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FyrFyter22 answered:

Start outside Sootopolis
West to
South to
South to
West to
West to
Sky Pillar is North, Pacifidlog is the next area West
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pokemon022799 answered:

Surf south of Sootopolis City then when you get to Route 128 head only west until you get to Pacifidlog.
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