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Where can i find the three regi's

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From: Orphen89 6 years ago

Before you can capture the Regis, you must first activate them. You will need a few things: A Relicanth, a Wailord, and access to the moves Dig, Surf, Flash, and Rock Smash. Once you do, follow these steps:

Go west of Pacifidlog Town and after travelling through several rapids you should find a spot where you can dive. Once underwater, head into the cavern nearby, go to the northern part of the room and use the move Dig. A doorway should open - head through and in this room put Wailord first in your party and Relicanth last in your party. You should then feel an earthquake, signalling that the doors containing the Regis have been opened.

To find Regice, travel to Route 105 - there should be a cave on a small island. Once you enter, go to the northern part of the room (where the braille is) and walk around the room in a clockwise direction. Once you finish one lap, a door will open to Regice.

To find Regirock, go to the desert and head south, where there will be a small cave near the Ruin Maniac. Once you enter, again head directly north, then take two steps to your left, two steps down, and then use the move Rock Smash. A new doorway will open to Regirock.

To find Registeel, go to Route 120 (west of Lilycove City), enter the cave at the far west end of the route and go to the middle of the room. Once you use the move Flash, the doorway will open to Registeel.

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i cant remember i havent caught em in ages sorry try searching the forum (Board tab)

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