Question from Ultidude

Asked: 4 years ago

Common pokemon that can use flash?

I'm at the cave near dewport and I really can't find any pokemon that can learn flash. Where do I find one?

Accepted Answer

From: MHereticM 4 years ago

Ralts and abra are available to you at this point

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Take your pick

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Honestly, you really don't need flash...just feel about through the cave. It's a useless move in battle, and it can't be deleted til' you reach Lilycove City, so if you do use it give it to a crappy pokemon.

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LOTAD! go to petalburg city and catch a lotad over in the same grass that wally caught his raltz. you can teach flash to him there.

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Abra works. So does Sableye.

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Some grass pokemon, Electric ( One thing for sure... ), some ghost pokemon, some psychic pokemon. If these aren't exactly " accurate ", DON'T PUSH MY BUTTONS and I won't push yours...

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