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Asked: 4 years ago


I don't know where to learn thunderpunch but I know you have to go to a move tutor. Where is he/she?

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From: Distant_Rainbow 4 years ago

The Thunderpunch Tutor resides in the Battle Frontier, which you can access after beating the Elite Four.

Once you go there, go to the upper-left corner to find a small house of sorts. Enter to find two old ladies, who are Move Tutors. One of them teaches Thunderpunch, as well as a variety of other moves.

However, these Move Tutors are special: you can use their services an infinite number of times and they can teach many different moves, but you have to pay them BP in return. BP is the currency of the Battle Frontier, which can be earned only by entering the Battle Frontier's challenges and beating them.

So to actually teach your Pokemon Thunderpunch, you'll have to go through the Battle Frontier's challenges to earn enough BP(48 for Thunderpunch) to pay the Tutor.

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