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I can't find Relicanth in Sootopolis?

I've been searching for 3 days in the underwater right by Sootopolis and can't find anything other then a stupid Chinchou and Clampearl. What else can i do.?

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Arkmenhah answered:

The best place i i know to catch a Relicanth is near Lilycove. When going to open sea, there will be 2 swimmers. A bit to the southeast of them, there will be a dive spot. Dive in there and search. If you think getting to fight Relicanth is hard, try fighting a Keckleon on a patch of grass near Lilycove...
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Caasi11 answered:

There's no other way to get a Relicanth other by trading with a friend. All I can tell you is to not give up; the encounter rate for Clampearl is 65%, Chinchou 35%, and Relcanth is only a measly 5%!

If you think that the waters around Sotopolis are against you, try Route 124. Its the same encounter rate, but it can't hurt, right? >_>
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Feratrox answered:

Just keep trying, sometime you'll get lucky, and then use a dive ball on it after weakening him, it'll get him for sure. it's not the rarest case, trying to find duskulls on mt pyre will be a true nightmare! patience is the key, my friend.
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Snoopy44291 answered:

3 days!!!!! It took me a couple of hours.Use the flute that makes pokemon appear more often, you will make the process faster.Let the first pokemon in your party hold a smoke ball (in case that the other pokemon is stronger than yours), and when you find the relicant throw it a dive ball, but they are not easy to catch.
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3strongman answered:

I found one and i had to search for a few minutes.I guess i just got lucky. And when i tryed to catch it it broke free of an ultra ball!!! so use timer balls instead you have to buy a lot of them.Because you have to use them in a row so they get stronger each time
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shinra_co answered:

Hey, I used sweet scent a half-dozen times or so, and then wandered in the grass; First pokemon I found wandering was relicanth. I had also used the white flute a few times first, so I don't know if that helped....
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O1928 answered:

Ok Just Be Paitent
It's The Same Way I Found Me Seedot
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lol54321 answered:

I caught mine wandering about looking for hidden items lol
But 5% isnt imposibble try to find a seedot at route 102, only 3%!
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game_demon_80 answered:

U gotta go to route 124 or 126 then u need dive there may be a couple dive spots but you'll find it and dont get angry relicanth is rare u will also find clamperls and chinchou just swim around in seaweed

good luck!
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