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Battle Arena Body judgement?

Alright I battled a Milotic with my Metagross during a last round. Metagross did not lose ANY HP. No HP were lost by MY pokemon. Metagross kept meteor mashing the milotic but it kept recovering. In the end, Metagross got an "X" for the body judgement even though it had full HP while milotic had 1/2 it's points. WTH did this happen?? This has happened twice in row, beaten by the same pokemon. Can someone shine some light here?

Josh_shing provided additional details:

At the end of the three rounds in the battle arena, the ref judges you on mind, skill, and body. I lost the whole winnin streak soley on the body judging.

Blademaster_Kai asked for clarification:

It could possibly be that 1/2 the Milotic's HP is a little more than your Metagross's HP. Exactly how much HP does it have?


5cool20 answered:

Whats a body judgement
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pokemonlover01 answered:

Maybe it's because you had low PP for that one move otherwise idk
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Wraxend answered:

Body is determined by which Pokemon has the highest HP remaining.
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soulhacker_2009 answered:

Body judgment is based on how much HP each of the battling pokemon have from the start of the battle. It may be so that 1/2 the Milotic's HP was way greater than whole of your Metagross' HP. This has to be the case else the body Judgment would have gone against your way

Milotic with a benificial nature will have 394 HP at lvl 100. Maybe this is where u lagged or may be some other glitch in the game
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shadowrazr98 answered:

Body is determined by how much Health you have at the beginning in comparison to how much you have at the end.
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Iwanagi answered:

It wouldn't matter how much the max hp is, cuz it's dependent on the amount of hp left at the end of the fight. I think the game determines that by the bar. . It should have been a draw. So most likely a glitch
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ravoria answered:

I know my judgements glitch on occasion, but did milotic have full hp going into the battle? If it was already at half or lower, it would probably win.
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