Question from gelopicio

How can I beat Flannery?

My team:

Marshtomp lv. 27- Tackle, Bide, Mud Shot, Water Gun
Swellow lv. 26- Peck, Wing Attack, Double Team, Quick Attack
Kirlia lv. 26- Confusion, Calm Mind, Psychic, Teleport
Breloom lv. 26- Mach Punch, Mega Drain, Headbutt, Leech Seed
Torkoal lv. 26- Ember, Fire Spin, Body Slam, Smokescreen

I'm always having trouble with her Torkoal, I can always beat all of her team, except Torkoal, it keeps beating me up with Overheat and Attract, my Marshtomp is the only one who is supper effective against it, but my Marshtomp is a boy, and her Torkoal is a girl.

Accepted Answer

EpicPokeTrainer answered:

I would use marshstomp to kill everything and then get ur torkoal to spam smokescrean on her torkoal, then if possible switch to your breloom and leech seed it then get ur marshstomp to finish her off.

i hope this helped :)
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poolsharkmark answered:

Well a good idea would be to get some more water and/or ground pokemon, ans also try getting a baltoy, it's a ground/psychic type, i think, it doesn't have a gender, and if im not mistaken, it learns a ground move or 2, so it might be of some help
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RaikouTGC answered:

@poolsharkmark; Baltoy is unobtainable until after you have Flannery's Badge.

Water Types, and Geodude/Graveller are your best bet

Water types are slim at this point in the Game aside from your Your Starter, the following are available in Grass Areas you can get to: Wingull, Lotad (which is half Water/Grass so not good Defensively), and Maril. And then you can Evolve them

If you got the Old Rod in Dewford you can Fish For Magikarp and Tentacool in any body of water
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poolsharkmark answered:

I thought u could get baltoy in the desert in route 111?
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RaikouTGC answered:

Yes you can, but only in the desert section of the Route, you need the Go Goggles to enter that area, and you do not get them from your rival until after you defeat Flannery
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poolsharkmark answered:

Oh, ok, i forgot about that, thnx 4 remindin me man
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