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What is the best water type pokemon in emerald?

What is the best water type pokemon in emerald?I chose torchic so what water type can i use?

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Outlaw265 answered:

It really depends on your opinion, and also what sort of strategy you want really. However, I recommend either a Wailord (good defensively), a Milotic (seriously hard to catch), a Walrein (I believe that is Water/Ice) or obviously Kyogre (legendary) if you can get him.

If you are early on in the game you could catch a Wailmer or a Marril. They should keep you going until you encounter better water types or you evolve your Wailmer into a Wailord.
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SasparillaJ answered:

I've always been partial to Azumarill with Huge power or Starmie. Milotec is also good, but a pain in the neck to get.
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poolsharkmark answered:

These are, in my opinion, the best water type pokemon in the game: gyarados, lanturn, wailord, walrein, whiscash, milotic, and kyogre
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faiezhijaz answered:

kyogre and wailorD
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