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How do i beat the 7th gym leader?

I tried 4 times but i keep losing please help.This is my team Blaziken lv.48 (dig,slash,double kick ,blaze kick.) hariyama lv.35 (tackle,rock smash,vital throw,fake out.) vigorth lv. 34 (cut,aerial ace,strength,thunder bolt,) mightyena lv26 (tackle,howl,sand attack,bite.) swellow lv33 (fly,wing attack,secret power,quick attack.) lombre lv.26 (surf,fake out,absorb,nature power)

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Thank you i'l try.


SmokeRulz answered:

For one thing, level up. A lot. Their Pokemon are levels 41-42, so you are WAY behind. You can't rely on your Blaziken the whole game. Rock, Psychic, and Flying attacks completely waste it, so it's useless in this gym. You need to power up the rest of your team to be equal to your Blaziken, or else you have no hope at surviving the 8th Gym or the Elite Four.

As for how to beat them, use Mightyena and Lombre. Particularly: Use Bite, Surf, and Absorb/Mega Drain/Giga Drain. These moves will completely waste every Pokemon that those two have. They're probably the easiest gym leaders in the game because of this.
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Sonichoney answered:

You should do what the other guy said but I have a few tips to add. 1. Don't be scared to use alot of items! (So what if you used alot of revival herbs and revives! It's the win that counts!) 2.You could catch a sealo and level it up to 36-42 it's good cause it learns ice and water moves! Which are excellent for this battle!( You can find one by surfing north of mossdeep in a cave.)3. Don't give up it took me 8 times to beat them in my first file and I had a Blazeiken!
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dark_snowstorm answered:

Just like Smoke Rulz said, first thing is level up. My team at that time are at lvl ~50 and my starter at ~60. Maybe i win just because my high level poke, but i have a few tips for defeating this gym. Because its type is phsych you go with pokemon that learns dark, bug, or ghost-type move. So, choose a pokemon that fulfill that criteria and level it up until it learns the desired move. Such as flygon, shuppet, absol, mightyena, etc.

Hope this will help u.
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Joshua8101 answered:

Friendly tip: NO FIGHTING, FLYING FIRE OR GROUND!!!! Have some goo dark/bug Pokemon. JUST WATCH OUT FOR SOLROCK'S SOLARBEAM!!! My suggestion: Catch Sableye or Poochyena
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Voic3box answered:

I just finished a 45 minute battle with those evil twins... The only reason why i won was beause of my lvl 38 Gardevoir and the move Imprison. If you have a psychic pokemon that knows imprison and psychic, using imprison will render the move "psychic" useless for the twins. Now you can use any pokemon you want and the worst they can do is use "sunny day" and other non damage psychic moves.
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MasterOfStrings answered:

I bring azumarril and flygon(crunch) ... Azumarril can learned ice beam(get it at game corner) it can kill xatu and claydol.. And teach it surf to knock down both of solrock and claydol.. And shoal cave (just little above mossdeep) you can find good ice/water pokemon spheal, or use super rod south of mossdeep to get high hp water pokemon wailmer
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aseitve answered:

Get a gardevoir with skill copy so it can be resist to earthquake and teach it shadowball thats what i did
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