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Where to find a snorunt?

Where do you find snorunt please tell me. My friend let me borrow his Pokemon Emerald and i really want to catch one to migrate to Pokemon Diamond. Please someone hurry. I have to give Emerald back to my friend friday.

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I went to the Shoal Cave and since you said you only found Snorunt on the first floor i kept looking but im not sure what to do. Do I surf on the water and find Snorunt there. Or do I look on the ground. Or do I fish for him, and if I fish witch rod do I use. The old rod, good rod, or the super rod.

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Also I tried the super rod and every time I got a Wailmer.

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gamingmaster12 answered:

You have to go to Shoal Cave when there is NO water, so fishing rods are out of question.
You have to get in a room full of ice, and there if you run around, Snorunt has a chance of appearing, along with Spheal and Zubat. This icy room can be accessed by moving a boulder with strength, I think, from a room where there is a Karate Guy who talks about focus band.

Hope it helped... though by now you might have had to already give Emerald back...
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undertakerjoey answered:

It's north of mossdeep city inside shoal cave I've only been able to find it on the lower level
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aquatorrent answered:

Yeah, that's the place. Shoal Cave lower floor. You must search it again and again until you get...
On the upper floor there's not a Snorunt appear, right? So, it's on the lower floor
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3strongman answered:

Shoal cave at low tide.You can tell when there isn't water all around the man
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3strongman answered:

It rare with all the other pokemon around
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Blademaster_Kai answered:

It's found on the bottom floor (Ice-covered Floor) where you find the Nevermeltice, as an uncommon appearance.
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Bluefire_97 answered:

Wen shoal cave is ice go to the end
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darkcat1 answered:

It's shoal cave in the ice area ^^
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