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Why does the game keep telling me that the game has been erased due to corruption or damage when the credits end?

I've beaten The Elite 4 AND the champion for three times and I still cannot progress any further... Whenever the help says "Beat the elite four", do I have to beat the Elite 4 only? Please... I want Groudon and Kyogre!!! -Sucking on thumb-


RaikouTGC answered:

Because you are either playing on a ROM with the Save type set wrong or you are playing on a counterfeit Cart
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neolight43 answered:

My friend told me that this is a glitch that usually happens after you beat the champion. I also encountered this problem and he told me how to avoid it. Beat the Champion BEFORE hour 22 of your game time or AFTER hour 88 of your game time. DO NOT FIGHT THE CHAMPION between Hour 22 and Hour 88, if it is 88:01 it is safe to fight the champion and avoid this problem. I'm not really sure if this works but it worked for him, he marathoned the game and finished it on Hour 20 and no glitches occurred according to him.
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pokemaniac1212 answered:

I've seem to have got around the problem some how, heres what happened. Like some of you I
had problems continuing the game after I beat the Elite 4, I tried some of the suggestions
but when I switched over to save as 128k it still saved as 64k, this should help you fix
this and continue the game. After the save in the Hall of Fame, a message came up saying
the Save File is corrupted and his been erased. But luckily I saved a VBA state just
before it Saved, I hope you have to or this will not work. Anyway if you have, heres what
to do; Go to the folder of the rom, delete the SAV file, Start up VBA (I use 1.8.0 beta)
go to Options > Emulator > Real Time Clock, this resolves the time based events
problem. Now go to Options > Emulator > Save Type > Flash 128k, mine was set on
64k before. | Now load the Pokemon Emerald (U) Rom, there should be no error messages at
the start since you got rid of the SAV file in that folder. Start a new game. At the point
where you have freedom to move around Hit Start and save the game, and then hit CTRL + R
to Reset. Check your folder where the rom is located again and confirm that the SAV file
is now 128k and not 64k. Now load your VBA state (Again, mine was set just before it saves
in the Hall of Fame), let it everything happen as normal, after the ending credits hit
CTRL + R on your keyboard to Reset (if it doesn't do so itself after 'THE END' screen - a
commen problem experienced in VBA Ver. 1.8.0 BETA), go to the folder of your rom again to
confirm that the SAV file is still 128k. Now when the Main Screen comes up a message
saying "The save file is corrupted, the previous one will be loaded" that isn't exactly
what it says but its something like that. And thats it, you will be upstairs in your
bedroom. Go down stairs to find out your the new Champion. When your outside Save the
game, reset your emulator and there will be no error messages, this may sound weird but it
actually did work, somehow. This Has Nothing To Do With Using The IPS Patch People Are
Talking About, I Haven't Used It Myself.

This answer is not mine I only saw this and read this.. I have tried this already and it worked. credits to the person who solved and answered that.. i own nothing , just wanted to help :D
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Yamato-kun answered:

neolight43 says may right (hehe, i'm in Pokemon League but i hate Elite Four, so i just waiting), use A-Save to make the time before 22, or up to 88.
Yo, sorry for my bad english.
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