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How do I beat Wats ( the maville gym leader )?

What is the best level and pokemon to use on him?

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Level 25 is okay. Also use ground, rock, fire, and dont use flying, water or grass.

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soulhacker_2009 answered:

If u started out with mudkip then u will hav no problem in this gym(infact any gym)
mudkip evolves at lvl 16 into marshtomp(water-GROUND).it is immune to electric and learns mudshot upon evolution from mudkip. u can also catch a geodude at the dewford cave and evolve at lvl 25 to graveller and trade it to golem. by then it will have magnitude and rock blast which u can use on all of wattson's pokemon for super effective damage.
u can also teach rollout to it by talking to the movetutor outside the gym(the fat man).

The best lvl to be against this gym will be 28-30.
use ground type pokemon or those which are immune to electric(u can even use rock type)
dont take water or flying type pkmn else u willbe called the biggest idiot
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Elementalninjam answered:

Well, any Poke with a level comparable to his and at least a few attacks that get a Super Effective hit on his Pokes will work wonders.
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italy0666 answered:

just get a couple pokemon that have ground type attacks, I beat him with a leveled up sandshrew with tm dig taught to it lol, just hit him fast his team are made of electic and steel type, that means fire, ground, fighting are super effective, just for steel.. no poison attacks... won't even affect them
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Snoopy44291 answered:

If you picked Torchic or Mudkip all will be fine, but if you picked treecko you have troubles like the ones I had. I had to train my Treecko to evolve in a Grovyle and that didnt worked so I trained my Nuzleaf to meke it resistent enought to use Bide and survive, all the others of the team worked hard too but they werent my principals. At the end, my Grovyle and Nuzleaf were Lv. 27 and 30 respectively. The thing its that you must train hard and look for the weakneses, your weaknesses and the enemy weaknesses.
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silverkyogre answered:

Its all about the starter cause if you made treecko turn into grovyle it will realy work because grass is sometimes super effective aganst his pokemon but when you pick mudkip turns into marshtomp its a win if you ask me and torchic turns into combusken its only strong against his magnemite and magneton keep trying .
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cyborg_2021 answered:

Get Mudkip as your starting pokemon. Catch a Shroomish and evolve it 2 Breloom. Use Mach Punch to Steel type and Mud shot to pure electric types.
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RRodriguez13 answered:

Well Dude His Real Name IS Watson The MAllvile Gym Leader I Think That You got to Use a Advantage I think That An advantage Of electric Type is Ground I dont Know.
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aquatorrent answered:

If you want to beat electrode, all types (altough water) doesn't matter. But if it's Magneton, use fire(torchic can do it, altough it's the same level). The problem is Manctric(i choose Mudkip and i don't evolve it, so it only have a mud slap. I think at that time i win by lucky, okay, the best thing i can think is use Mightyena and use swagger-crunch combo, of couse 10 lever higher than opponent or have a great number of healing items to keep him/hernot die) f you choose Mudkip and already evolve it to Marshtomp, use Mud Shot. All electric moves can't hit him/her because he/she already become a GROUND type and a ground type can't be hit by electric. If you choose treecko, it's fine. You have an absorb if you life aroun10's and altough every moves don't effective, foe also get the same thing! electric types don't effective to grass. So, a high level Grovyle can beat him, i think(Note that when i use Treecko-I played both Ruby and Emerald now- it's easy to beat Wattson than i use Mudkip so you should make it better!)
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__Fierce_Link__ answered:

Ok, overall, this is the best pokemon to beat him with: A Lv.33 Hariyama (Evolved form of Makuhita).
With this superb fighting pokemon, you can use Fighting-Attacks that will easily kill the Magnemite Bros. With the Riachu, it may be even easier. So really, just have 2 super potions or so and a Lv. 33 Hariyama that knows Vital Throw or Cross Chop or any other fighting attack. That will win you that 3rd badge, easy.
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ncdaniel answered:

I would say that any pokemon level 25 or higher is a reasonable level. Also, Marshstomp will easily defeat wattson if it knows mudshot. (which it learns at level 16). Marshstomp is also part ground type, so Wattson's electrical attacks will have no effect against you.Two other pokemon would be useful at this time as well, especially a fire type such as torkoal. Hope this helps.
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Bluefire_97 answered:

If u have grovyle than teach it rock smash if u dont use marshtomp's mudshot or cumbuskin's double kick even though double kick attacks twice u should start with mudkip because its super effective against all of his pokemon and they cant use most of their attacks on him nbecause he's ground if u chose treeko train alot and get strong pokemon same with torchic but u wont need to train as much the team i had wen i was against him was:

marshtomp lv25
loudred lv20
aron lv20
i like training my pokemon 5 lns each and then switch i got loudred for an exploud [get at lv40] aron for lairon[ get at lv35] aggron[get at lv44 or 45]
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