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How do I get a battle with a pokemon using the fishing rod?

I know how to use it to fish, but I cast it in and everytime, it says "The fish got away?" I've tried pressing a combination of buttons, but nothing seems to work. Sorry if I sound like an idiot; I'm not used to the GBA controls. I started out with HeartGold; so it's all so different for me. Please help!


Dexthe answered:

When you fish, it will show a few dots and then either say " Oh! A bite!" or " Not even a nibble..."
If it says " Oh! A bite!" You must quickly press A.If you don't, it will say " The fish got away.."
If the next message says " ....." means you're still not fast enough, and you have to wait for another " Oh! A bite!" and press A to try again.
If the next message says " A Pokemon's on the hook!" means you can battle the pokemon.
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iceseus answered:

It depends what rod you have. There is a old, good and (if i remember) super. When you use old, it only does the dots once and it catches weak pokemon. When you use the good rod, it can do the dots around 3 times and catches average pokemon. if you use super rod, then it can do the dots around 5-6 times.If you have The good or super rod. then you're gonna have to keep a close eye on it when you press A( only if it says Oh a bite!).
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