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How do I beat steven?

Ok i found him in meteor falls so what the strategy to beat him and what pokemon should i ise against him?

silverkyogre provided additional details:

Um guys i didnt pick torchic i picled mudkip but illl try breloom ok.

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Beelzemon789 answered:

The pokemon I used to beat Steven was Blaziken. Of course, that was pkmn Ruby. Anyway, I used Blaze Kick on Skarmory and Metagross. Then I used Sky Uppercut on Aggron,Armaldo,and Claydol. As for Cradily, I used Aerial Ace.

An easier way to beat Claydol, use a dark type move, like Crunch.

Good luck
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MetaKnight39 answered:

Well he has mostly all bug metal pokemon,bring Level 100 fire type pokemon like Blaziken and buy a lot of revival herbs at lavender town in the shop next to the fire type gym leader.
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MetaKnight39 answered:

He is very strong, he has like lv 70-90 pokemon and he is hard so bring a fighting and fire type, he has cradily metagross armaldo aggron and two more that i cant remember.
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MetaKnight39 answered:

Claydol and Skarmory most are steel so bring some fire fighting dark type and you'll do fine.
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