Question from SamusTheHedge

Can i still catch Kyogre and Groudon on a dry internal battery?

Or is that a time based event?


Kitazaki_san answered:

You should be able to catch them, assuming you haven't already caught them already.
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Canadian_Ginger answered:

yes SamusTheHedge it is possible to catch them if your internal battery has run dry, unlike plenty of other things that is not time based.
once you beat the elite for you can talk to the weather institute and talk to the guy upstairs and he'll say about a flood or drought in a place. its only suppose to last one hour and i'm not sure if it does, however as i said at the start, you can.
you can catch 7 of the possible 9 or 10 without having gone to a nintendo event..

i'm currently playing Emerald on an emulator and have caught them both.
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ghostpok answered:

Yes you can. Just go to weather institute and talk to the scientist he will tell you about rainfall or drought in a particular route. Just go there and search for them.
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