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Asked: 6 years ago

What a e-cards and how do i get them and use them?

A lot of things require e-cards so what are they

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From: xfir 6 years ago

no1. They dont REQUIRE it.
no2. You need a e -reader. (It looks kind of funny.)
no3. To use the e- reader you need e-cards.(duh)

Hope this helps. ; )

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Rare berries, battling trainers in a house in the city w/ the 7th gym and the Eon ticket which allows you to get the other Lati. I've only seen them on E-bay.

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Outside of Japan, Emerald and FR/LG cannot use E-Cards

In Ru/Sa there are Three types of Cards

1) The Enigma Berries, You can only have one type at a time, If you Scan a New Enigma Berry Card all of the Existing ones will become that Type, They Cannot be traded while attached to Pokemon.

2) eBattle Cards, will add the last Trainer Card scanned into the House in Mossdeep where you can have a Battle Tower Type Battle. Additionally any Cards Scanned that the Team Consists of All Lv50 Pokemon or All Lv100 Pokemon will be added to the Battle Tower Roster in the appropriate Level Set until they show up, then they would need to be rescanned

3) The Eon Ticket, Allows you to travel to the Southern Island and Battle the Lati@s not Encountered Roaming in your Game

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