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Where can I find another firestone?

I need a camerupt.

silverkyogre provided additional details:

I found one red shard and traded it but i cant find another one.

silverkyogre provided additional details:

So wat kind of pokemon has red shard?

silverkyogre provided additional details:

So i can get a ninetalis with fire stone?

Accepted Answer

Vivisqeq answered:

Corsola hold Red Shards, and you have a 5% chance of getting one with a Corsola, however, a Fire Stone isn't required to get a Camerupt, Numel evolves into Camerupt at level 33 without the need for a Fire Stone.

Corsola, Red Shard (5%) > Fire Stone
Clamperl, Blue Shard (5%) > Water Stone
Relicanth, Green Shard (5%) > Leaf Stone
Chinchou, Yellow Shard (5%) > Thunder Stone
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ki104po answered:

Numel evolves naturally at level 33, Corsola can be found that have red shards, and all the pokemon that need fire stones to evolve, that I know of, are Vulpix to Ninetales, Growithe to Arcanine, and Eevee to Flareon.
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