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When can I trade with Leaf green?

I know Leaf green and Emerald can trade pokemon, but when?
Like, do they both need to have beaten the game, or just one?
Or do I need the national dex on either?


MetaKnight39 answered:

U can trade at any time by using the wireless adapter
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ki104po answered:

Once both games are able to use the connection center, above the poke center, then thay will be able to trade, battle, and mix records.
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soulhacker_2009 answered:

u need to complete the ruby-sapphire quest of the leafgreen game to be able to trade with other regions like hoenn. u will also need the national dex on both the games where u are trading. plus u also need to have beaten the E-4 at least once(duh its obvious)
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soulhacker_2009 answered:

P.S. u can link up your games with wireless adapter or a GBA link cable
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amp888 answered:

In LG, you need to beat the Elite 4, fix the Network Machine on One Island by finding the Ruby and Sapphire (ingame items), and catch at least 60 pokemon to get the National Dex. In Emerald you need to beat the Elite Four, then Birch will give you the National Dex. Then you should be able to trade.
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