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Where can I find hm 2 (fly) ?

I need help finding it

cr4zyyxm4n provided additional details:

ok I got hm 2 and how can I use it to fly to places?

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GameFreakMania answered:

First, teach it to a Pokemon; you must have done this before with a different HM if you're this far into the game.

After that, pause, go to your list of party Pokemon, and select the one that you taught Fly. The word "FLY" should appear in blue somewhere on the list that pops up; select that, and you'll be taken to a map of Hoenn. Red areas are those that you've visited before; you can only fly to these areas. Just move the white box over one of these areas and press A.
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BigTheBrat answered:

On Route 119, your rival will give it to you after battling him/her on the way to Fortree City after solving the problem at the Weather institute.
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silverkyogre answered:

U can get it by battling may near the wheather center go trghough the bridge then you ll see your rival on a bike your rival will battle u after winning your rival will give u the hm fly.

PS.u can find the wheather center at the route 119.
PSS. u can use fly 2 fly to towns you alredy visited but not routes your pokemon will get confused flying through routes towns only.
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GameFreakMania answered:

P.S. You can only fly to towns, cities, and the Battle Frontier. However, there are two separate landing locations for Ever Grande; one before Victory Road, and one in front of the Elite 4.
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