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Where does eevee appear in this game?

I just want to find out how to get eevee in emerald so I can complete the pokedex.

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Thank you for all the helpful info.

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poketrainerjake answered:

Sorry, but you cannot get it on any hoenn games. on the bright side, it means that you do not need it to complete the hoenn pokedex.
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MetaKnight39 answered:

Well it's only on firered so u have to trade
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orangeumbreon23 answered:

You have to trade w/ someone who has an Eevee on a copy of their Fire Red or Leaf Green.
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poketrainerjake answered:

I know a website that can help you. It has helped me a load if you need to look for a pokemon, go to
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amp888 answered:

You have to trade for it. Trade over any of the Eeveelutions from Colosseum/XD, then breed it with a ditto (catch Dittos in the cave behind Fossil Maniacs house, Fallarbor Town, Emerald only). Then you will have Eevee.
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KreScenT03 answered:

no, you can only get eevee in FR/LG
you cant get eevee in emerald w/o using any cheat devises,

use this code to catch eevee in the wild:
master code (note:must be on)
B749822B CE9BFAC1
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

and the eevee code:
3F63F9C8 5DCC780C

when both code are on just walk on a grass
and after a while, eevee should appear
(note:this code are gameshark codes)
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