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Where can I find a water stone ?

I need it so I can evolve a few pokemons.

dmcfan102 asked for clarification:

I cant find the tm item theif

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GameFreakMania answered:

There are LOADS of hidden items around Route 124, and most of them are Shards. Find a Blue Shard (you'll most likely need Dive) and trade it to the "Hunter" in the house on said Route for a Water Stone.

If all else fails, get a strong Pokemon with Thief and look for Clamperl underwater. It has a 5% chance of holding a Blue Shard.
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silverkyogre answered:

U can i find blue shard at the sea use dive on dive spots known as the black parts and dive use your itemfinder all the time when u find a blue shard give it to the treasure hunter near mossdeep city then trade him the blue shard he will give u a water stone.
hope this helps!
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aquatorrent answered:

find blue shard(i forgot from what pokemon so check out spoonman FAQ how to get it). After you get it, go to the Hunter House near Mossdeep City and trade it with water stone.
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